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Found 41 results

  1. A ''Hi'' and a question.

    First of all, hi! I'm new here! Please forgive my mistakes in English, English is not my main language and ... google translator fails from time to time. That being said, I'll ask my little question: What class do you think is the ''main'' of all the villagers of FE2 / FE15? I'm doing a little rom hack on FE8 with the little porpus on being a little remake / remaster (I do not really remember the difference from them right now), but I do not promise it will be good or even finished. Note: You can also choose classes that are not present in the Villager promotion, such as an Axe user. I really do not think I'm going to need any more help besides that, since I'm already familiar with hacking tools and such. That's all, thanks for any advice I might receive!
  2. [FE2] - Text Editing Fire Emblem Gaiden?

    There are at least two different parties I know of, J2E and Artemis, that did the translations for Gaiden. Plus, a user called "Gaiden Guy" once attempted a Name Update patch, and even succeeding in fitting longer names such as "Luthier". Unfortunately, he stopped visiting this site before he actually got done with the patch, so, I'm not sure how to contact him. Anyway, does anyone know where I can find the resources needed to hex edit the script? Table files, offsets, and other such things? Thank you very much, and God bless you! EDIT: Alright, I got my question answered a while ago; since then, I've been hard at work trying to do what Gaiden Guy once attempted. So for those who wish to edit the game as well, here you go!
  3. Hello guys, it has been a while doesn't it? Today I bring you my first go on nightmare modules: A rebalance project on FE:Gaiden You see, some days ago I tried to play this old gem since echoes it's so far away from my hands and I just drop it at the beggining of CH3. Some could say it was the difficulty, but what really brush me in the wrong way was the fact that you need to grind in order to avoid frustration in the near future, and I really hate games with that kind of mindset, so I decided to give it whirl and make it better. The changes in general are: - Growths and base stats/class outside of Alm and Celica have been reworker: Now several characters have an actual chance to get better without the game being a dick with blank lvls in general. The total growths I choose were: *Protagonists: 210% *Unmounted units: 180% *Mounted units: 170% * Mages: 165% *All villagers, Kamui , Saber, Jesse, Sonia and Deen: 160% *Teeta/Zeke: 150% *Mycen/Nomah: 100% All growths try to ensure that every member in your team can contribute when they join while at the same time characters of the same class won't have the same performance - Several weapons were balanced to justify their use long-term: - Some spells got nerfed in the hp cost, might and weight since now most mages have lower hp: - All classes bases were revisited and changed in order to avoid horrible harassment in the later chapter (for example, now bow knight cannot outright destroy anyone in a 13 radium). This also mean other enemies got buff (in the skl department to be precise) to make up for it - I added and new object somewhere and changed places existing ones in the party: - New palettes for both player and enemy units: With this out of the way, here's the file: Gaiden - Mila's Retribution.ips?dl=0 (It should work with artemis english translation) *Gameplay done. There are a few things I would like to do however: - Tweak all potraits ingame so they look as good as Camus Zeke - Maybe learn how edit music so after CH4 and onwards the 2nd player battle theme plays out - Some changes were made midway into the game, so maybe later I will give it a roll again to check things thoroughly If anyone can give me some feedback and suggestions, I would be glad (Edit): Have a look here and marvel to our brand new saviors of Valencia:
  4. Fire Emblem 1-8 on the NES Classic

    If you are one of those special people that managed to buy an NES Classic this past year, then I have some good news for you. In the past few months, applications like Hakchi and RetroArch allow us to put any NES, SNES, GBA, and many more onto our NES. Now it is possible to play Fire Emblem 1 all the way through to 8 on your television. Of course you can always play emulations on your computer, but I've always enjoyed playing NES and SNES on the big screen. The menu music now is the 8 bit FE theme song. I'm thinking about making an entire FE theme for the NES Classic. I hope this thread inspires someone else with a mini to download the FE titles. This tutorial is not mine, but it is the best one out there right now. NOTICE*- The GBA games (FE6, FE7, FE8) require a Wii Pro Controler if you would like to enjoy the full experience. It is still possible to play them, but the NES controller does not have bumpers.
  5. Gaiden opening theme?

    I remember they used a remastered version of gaiden's opening theme in the FE direct reveal trailer.. did they not put it in SoV? I went through the sound test multiple times to find it but couldn't. Man, I was looking forward to that. Am I missing anything, is it somewhere I can't seem to find?
  6. Celica confirmed

    Well, it's confirmed that the next hero batch we're getting is Celica and her crew from Shadows of Valentia. The super lucky draw for today's red heroes is Celica - Thoughts and theories on what her set up may be and who'll come with her?
  7. I've been looking for a good english patch for gaiden, but the ones on the website I get my roms from is.... lacking. Only half of it is properly translated, with the other half being a mish-mash of symbols and gibberish. Does anyone know where I can get a good translation? (I have the japanese rom good to go, I'm just pleading to heaven above I can find a decent translation. If I can't, then oh boy am I ready to suffer). (While we're at it, anyone know a good fe1 rom/translation? I haven't looked for that one yet, but if y'all know a good one hit me up.)
  8. This is probably a long shot since I've had no luck finding it online, but does anyone have a scan of the Gaiden manual or a physical copy of the game?
  9. Gaiden Spell Bits

    So I dissected the "Magic Spell" bytes of the characters into bits and found out each bit corresponds to a spell. For example: 00010011 This example will have the character start with Excalibur, Thunder and Fire, from left to right. If it was 01101100, it would be Aura, Arrow, Angel and Rainarok, from left to right. For the two clerics, it's 00000101, or 0x05. So it should be Fire and Rainarok, right? Nope, I think Clerics have a different list. The first bit on the right is Heal, while third from the right is Nosferatu. Between those two is Physic. I think Angel is the first byte on the left, and its Mage line equivalent is Heal, as both are learnt when promoted, and both Norma and Teeta have the first bit checked. But the first bits checked only works on promoted casters. Using it on Mages will jumble the words up. So let's recap the bits from right to left: Mages: Fire Thunder Rainarok Angel Excalibur Arrow Aura & Heal Clerics: Heal Physic Nosferatu Warp Fortify Illusion Dear Angel Now my question is, is there any way to edit what spells the characters learn? Any way to change promotions? To be honest, I really want to see a spell-casting Alm.
  10. Well looks like Clair took down Silque, but can she take down her brother Clive? It's up to you!
  11. What kind of unlockables/post game content would any of you guys hope to see? Personally, I'm hoping for a port of the OG Gaiden for those curious enough to check it out. I remembered the Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles did something like that with both the original Rondo of Blood and a redubbed Symphony of the Night, and since the original Gaiden never left Japan, they could include that for those curious? It probably won't happen, but it would be an interesting idea. What have you guys got in mind?
  12. Wow, noone voted for Alm; the love for him is real. Anyway, next is Claire and Silque and who wins is up to you!
  13. It was close for a while, but Alm pulled through. Now it's time for him to face off with Silque and who wins is up to you!
  14. Among all the other villagers in the game, Tobin sucks the most in my opinion. I just hope they made him better in the remake because the little bits of artwork we've seen so far of him is so beautiful. Anyway, choose between Tobin and Alm for your favorite.
  15. So it was a tie so I did a coin flip and Alm won; hooray. Anyway, now it's time for him to face Gray; the kind of good but not really villager!
  16. It was a clean sweep for Alm that round, but going up against the greatest villager in FE2 (at least by some people)! Who wins is entirely up to you!
  17. With Echoes coming in about two months, I thought it felt right to create a poll for Gaiden's favorite character. We have Alm and Lukas to start with so vote away!
  18. Most enjoyable way to play Gaiden?

    Vanilla Gaiden: Normal Experience is gained at quite a slow rate, and characters have very low growths. Some characters don't come with any items. Grinding is encouraged. Vanilla Gaiden: Easy Same as Normal, with less grinding and more experience. Very Easy Patch Higher experience gains, higher overall growth rates, every character joins with an item including rare stuff like the Moon Lance. Just looking for what mode to do my 1st PT... And I am leaning towards VE because it severely reduces grinding.
  19. So, I beat Gaiden, and stuff. Overall, I thought the game was interesting and quite fun, you do way more than just "hit things until they die". The overworld map and the two parties were implicated very well, and the dungeon crawling was excellent. Also, the weapon and magic system was pretty awesome and did it way better than Fates imo. A lot of improvements from FE1, like more promotions, stats that can go higher than 20, better character endings, etc. While Gaiden is a cool ass game, there were still terrible design aspects, like the shamans, (Oh, we all hate them) garbage maps, random moments, etc. I hope things will get better when Echoes comes out, as playing Gaiden really pumped up the hype for me.
  20. Hey, I decided to replay Gaiden once more, but with cheat codes this time to see how can I quickly go through the game. The codes seems to work fine for Alm, but it doesn't work for Celica or any of her party. I entered in the character one codes under the name of her party, but they don't work for me. Can someone help me out with this? I'm using a NES emulator on andriod.
  21. Which gameplay do you think is overall more fun? FE1 or Gaiden?
  22. So I feel like playing Gaiden again when I get back from vacation (I'll even put this on my channel, and it'll be for my FE2 run, not sure when the recordings proper will go up but yeah). I need two sets of units. 7 units each, you also pick their class route, go crazy. One pick per person, although if it gets to it I may ask for 2 per person. Alm 1. Robin(Mercenary) 2. Dyute 3. Cliff(Mage) 4. Fols 5. Matilda 6. Leo 7. Python Cecilia 1. Booey 2. Katua 3. Est 4. Sonia 5. JACK ALTAS(Mage) 6. Jenny 7. Saber (Dread->Villager->Mage)
  23. So there was a challenge run concept proposed in this topic the other day requiring you to complete an entire Fire Emblem without recruiting a single character. In most of the Fire Emblem games, this isn't a big deal since your starting party tends to be reasonably strong and viable backups come pouring in as the game progresses, Gaiden is different. Almost none of your roster joins automatically. In fact, aside from a few characters that are mandatory to recruit in order to advance the story, nobody joins automatically at all! All in all, this means we're going to beat the game with a total of 6 characters split between two parties. Pretty crazy, but Gaiden itself is also crazy so maybe it will balance out. Update! The full playlist for a Grey-less version of the run can be viewed here: Chapter 1: We start out pretty strong here. Luka is required to be recruited to advance the story and Gray is blocking the pathway. (Gray can be skipped through a simple exploit though I forgot about this at the time of the run.) This makes the beginning a somewhat standard affair with one exception: the leather shield mercenary. Since I go the mercenary path with Gray, the team has no magic users, so the mercenary mini-boss has to be whittled down repeatedly with weak physical attacks. Luckily, Alm is a pretty cool guy that can take hits, so he can just park on the healing tile while the boss slowly but surely is done in by Alm's barrage of 2-3 damage attacks. After the thundersword is obtained, the chapter is a piece of cake. Gray doubles and one-rounds just about everything and both Alm and Luka can take a hit or two. Lion head bonuses are +3 speed to Luka to help him double in mid-game and +2 def to Alm and +1 def to Gray to help their durability just a bit. Chapter 2: After a relatively easy chapter 1, chapter 2 is some bad times. For mandatory characters, we get our choice between May and Boey. Boey has decent durability later on, but his offense is hot garbage throughout the game so I think May is the pick here. Lion heads are +2 Power for Cellica and +1 speed to May so pirates will go down soundly in one round of combat. The main issue for chapter 2 is the frailty of the units. Neither Celica nor May can really take physical attacks well, so the leather shield has to be obtained very cautiously. The leather shield helps Celica quite a bit, but I still have to take certain maps slowly to avoid her getting swarmed and more or less keep May in the back row behind her at all times. Fortunately, this isn't too difficult largely because the pirate ship chapters are FULL of choke points. Chapter 3: With Luka and Gray promoted to Knight and Hero (Myrmidon), there isn't really anything standing in the way of steamrolling Alm's side of chapter 3. However, Cellica's team needs a LOT of help. So, on the final map, Gray is killed off (surprisingly difficult to do) so he can be brought back in a revival shrine. He's a Demonfighter with a thunder sword at this point in time, so once we get him it's good times. Getting to him is the hard part. Celica's team being undermanned is an even bigger problem in chapter 3. In fact, it's nearly impossible to save Palla and Catria here without a huge amount of luck/rigging. Basically the eastern part of the chapter in impossible with our current team, so we've got to go to the revival shrine. This wouldn't be a huge problem, except that it also happens to house 3 dragonzombies. Celica can take them out with ease, but once again durability is a problem. Not only can the team only take 1-2 hits total from these jerks, Celica lacks the HP to use Angel to kill them all unless she has 25 HP! This meant an extra trip to the graveyard before I get Gray back from the dead. Luckily, having a demon fighter gray solves a lot of problems! He cut through everything with ease, alternating between the lightning sword and darkness sword. He even killed that jerk Geyse in 2 hits! Lots of killing means lots of experience points, so Gray actually gets to level 10 and gets to promote to villager so he can later repromote to archer. As we move into chapter 4. Chapter 4: The first map is a little annoying since becoming a Villager erases Gray's insane Demon Fighter resistance stat, but with some support from Celica with her healing and 5-range magic ring attacks, he gets through it. It's totally worth it, though. Gray is a pretty good archer. Exhibit A: Once he has access to the 5 range steel bow, the whole chapter is basically a joke. The only except are the always-annoying Bigls. I actually have to rig some turns so they multiply less. One or two turns of them multiplying by 5 or 6 renders the map unbeatable since Gray can't kill them as fast as they multiply. The same goes for Alm's side, as he gets a promotion and a silver bow at this time, so after a map of slight growing pains, him and Luka become a 2 man wrecking squad. Things are even better when Ruka gets the speed ring and Alm gets the Holy Bow in the fear shrine. The HP recovery and stat boosts from those items make Alm and Luka nearly invincible. They even find a super-rare Dragonshield as Alm lays wastes to easily a hundred dragon zombies. Not too useful hear, but with a 1/2000 drop rate, a cool souvenir for sure! As usual, the biggest pain here is Rudolph. He hits hard and has huge defenses, so I just have Alm go in alone with a Speed Ring for the massive defensive advantage (prevents Alm from being doubled as well as granting him massive avoid thanks to automatic 40 speed). Alm only does 4x2 damage per round, but with the critical hits mixed in, is enough to slowly take Rudolph down to finish Alm's side of the chapter. Afterwards, we get Maisen, our last mandatory character. Wheeeee! Chapter 5: Maisen gets the Dragonshield, meaning that Alm's squad now effectively has 3 invincible units. Maisen doesn't hit hard or fast, but his movement is good which makes him a formidable meatwall or magekiller during certain moments. Alm mainly cleans house by himself, though. The only noteworthy battle of chapter 5 is of course the finale itself. Gray is a bowknight now and proves to be a valuable asset in escorting Celica upwards. He one-rounds just about everything with 1-5 range, including those obnoxious Bigls! He takes a bit of damage when trying to clear some of the witches near Doma, but his monstrous HP stat lets him tank a lot of them despite his Res stat of 2 and no clerics or healing tiles to bail him out. Celica herself is also surprisingly strong. She has great speed, reasonable defenses thanks to loads of lion's head bonuses, and a good magic arsenal made better with the overpowered magic ring for 5 range attacking. She holds her own better than she has in any other run I've done with her, so getting her to Alm and Doma for some game winning healing+100% crit support with Alm isn't too much of a problem. Anyway, it was kind of crazy run, but aside for a few maps that were dumb, this was definitely more of just a novelty run than a challenge run. Like in most Fire Emblem games, it pays off in Gaiden to have a small number of really overpowered units. Maybe next time I will try it without Gray... For those wanting pics, I didn't take a whole lot of this one, but I went back and took a few of my final battle squad. Enjoy! [spoiler=pics or it didn't happen] Alm (Falchion equipped) and Luka (Quick Ring Equipped) Maisen (Dragon Shield Equipped) and Celica (Magic Ring Equipped) May (Magic Ring Equipped) and Gray (Silver Bow Equipped) Also for those seeing May's stats and wondering if she was useless for the finale, she actually contributed a little bit! The Magic Ring with its 5 range solves a lot of problems, so despite her horrible stats and 4 move, she got in some decent damage with Aura (~20 per hit) and the Bigls for other characters to finish off. Not too shabby, but nowhere near as insane as Gray on the right heheh.
  24. Heya! I was wondering if there was any documentation out there for FE1/FE2 hacking. I haven't seen any resources whatsoever available for either of those games, and I'm sorta interested in tinkering with them. Anything would be helpful!