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Found 1 result

  1. So by this time, the game has been out for six hours in my region, and I've been playing it for pretty much that whole duration. I wanted to know what everyone's first impressions are having played a little bit of the game. How do you feel about the gameplay, story, music, supports... whatever? If you have any spoilery thoughts, post them in spoiler tags, as this isn't meant to be a predominantly spoiler discussion. Also, feel free to tell people where you are at in the game, though again try not to spoil much. I think location names should be fine (like Zofia castle or South Zofia 2), and maybe associate that location with whichever Act you're in. I myself have only just gotten through the end of the Deliverance Hideout in Act 1, so I'm not too far in the game for the amount of time I've been playing; then again, I've been playing on Hard, so enemies take longer to chew through. I'll post my thoughts a little later, probably after I've gotten through a bit of Celica's path. But the long and short of it is that I've been enjoying the game well enough.