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Found 3 results

  1. Emblem Chronicle VII

    Hiya! I'm Zane. You might know me from my FE5 Menu Translation. Although work on the menu translation has essentially ceased, I've been steadily working on a project that uses it as its base. So, I'd like to introduce Emblem Chronicle VII (henceforth called ECVII): ECVII is essentially a demake of FE7 within FE5. It's a proof-of-concept, learning tool, and showcase all in one. I'm currently planning on making all of Hector mode, skipping Lyn mode. This release has two chapters. This isn't 1-to-1, however. I'm not looking to write Elibe fanfiction, but this won't ever be a cut/paste job from 7 to 5. Classes, enemies, maps, and dialogue, along with some other things, will likely be changed. Unit stats, skills, and classes are not final. This is partially due to the WIP nature of the hack, but is mainly just me figuring out how to play with FE5. Have some screenshots: Here's a patch: ECVII [12-1-17] This is for an unheadered, unedited FE5 ROM. I'm not responsible for anything past chapter 2. Please don't ask me why it's vanilla. I'd also like to reiterate that essentially none of this is final--if you have a suggestion, I'd like to hear it. If you've got a complaint about stats/levels, be thankful that they'll be getting smoothed out later. I'd like to thank everyone involved--I certainly couldn't do it without you: There are plenty of bugs in the current build. If you find one not listed here, let me know. I'll probably be releasing more tools, doc, and whatnot sometime soon. More info, plans, and screenshots are likely to be appended to this post shortly.
  2. Hello everyone! And as my co-host has put it, welcome to this year's FEE3! Videos are going to start going up on his channel, and I will be putting the links to them in this opening post as they come. We've got videos for twenty entries this year, and they will be uploaded throughout the week until Sunday! You've got plenty of content coming down the pipe, and feel free to talk about it all here, there, wherever you want. We hope you enjoy what we have to show, and have a great time watching. Videos/Streams Introduction: Fire Emblem 7x: Immortal Sword: Void's Blitzarre Trailer: Void's Blitzarre Adventure: FE5 Menu Translation: The Blazing Stones: Fire Emblem Extinguished Blade: Fire Emblem RedFE: Fire Emblem Izarck's Quest: Fire Emblem Weapon Reversal: Morp's Quest and FE8 Tech Demo: Sweet Basil's FE7: Heaven's Armory: FE3 Book 2 on GBA: Fire Emblem Kaga Mode: Fire Emblem Chronicle VII: Fire Emblem Serpents Entwined: Fire Emblem The Blade's Legacy: Staff of Ages: You Can (not) Ban: Elibean Nights: FE10 Radiant Dawn Redux: Previous FEE3s: 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
  3. Just letting you guys know that planning for this year's FEE3 has been in the works already. I'll tell you guys what I know right now. - FEE3 2016 will probably take place at the beginning of October, with the due dates likely being in September like last year.This provide submitters with like... a lot of time to get their shit done. We absolutely cannot postpone FEE3 again. Just get your stuff together and don't procrastinate. - The event will be hosted on my channel, and Mangs and Melissa (Snake mom) will be playing through the submissions alongside me. Mangs and I will be doing video LPs, and Melissa will be offering to both do normal LPs and streams. - It is up to the hacker to decide how they want their work showcased. If they don't care, we will just decide among ourselves. - Make a Fun Chapter 2 (hosted by me) will also be featured for FEE3 this year. So single chapter hackers can get some big time spotlight too! - Tangerine will help us promote the event this year through the website. The details aren't exactly ironed out yet, though. Videos/Streams -Videos this year will not exceed 30 minutes. And this year we're going to take the event much slower and upload maximum 2 videos a day. -In terms of streams, the stream will be condensed into 30 minute videos as well, with the full stream being archived on Melissa's own youtube channel if you want to see the full thing. If you want a stream, then you'll need to submit your thing probably earlier than if you were just wanting a normal video LP, since Melissa might need more time to edit and condense the stream into 30 minutes, so be prepared for that I guess. -You can still submit tech demos and trailers and stuff, obvously! --- I think that's all? If you have any questions ask away.