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Found 28 results

  1. Haven't seen the thread started yet so here we go~ The map isn't super hard, took a few tries but got Abyssal~ Go ahead and start sharing your clears! Map (Abyssal)
  2. Feh Channel Out Now

    Free orbs incoming. For the first time it isn't a stream but a video.
  3. Didn't see a thread yet so here we go, Elincia and Nephenee~ This was a tricky little map~ Hit and Run Axe Pegasus with Elincia's Flier Formation was super cheeky~ Nevertheless, got it done with some simple skill changes~ Wanted to debut Hostile Elise here and my new +ATK JEORGE~ Elise needed the Axebreaker to double the Axe Flier thanks to the Spd Tactic, Ophelia's Sturdy Blow and +Def Boon really saves her here and Jeorge needed the Rally Atk+ to one shot the Dagger (ssoooo nice having him without an Atk Bane now)~ Wanna see how everyone else faired! Enemy Stats: INFERNAL
  4. IS hasn't exactly made the most popular decisions and it's caused many players to quit FEH. Some people still remain around in spite of that, myself included. What's everyone's mindsets to continue playing?
  5. Deleted Save Data

    this morning i had to delete fire emblem heroes from my phone and when i re downloaded it and linked my nintendo account again, it didn’t load my save data and restarted the game. The account was linked when i deleted the game so does anyone know if there is anyway to recover my lost data? Should i just call Nintendo tech support or anything like that?
  6. This is a topic I thought of a bit after posting my Modes You Would Like To See In-Game thread. What changes would you make to current gamemodes of FEH? Note: Try to avoid things that have been discussed through and into the ground. Things like BST (kind of. If you have a really interesting alternative ranking and matchmaking system, feel free to discuss it), Mythic Heroes in AR, or banning units like Surtr and Veronica from PVP.
  7. At the moment the only interesting game I have on my phone is Heroes. I figured I’d be fine going out with just my phone today, but no. I’m not feeling motivated to do tap battle nor Arena. I’m out of Aether (and that mode’s more stressing than fun sometimes). TT+ is meh and VG has time between each battle. Also, I just really, really don’t want to grind through the abundance of TT stratum quests. Anyway, the point. What do you think IS could add to the game as a mode that’s accessible (Doesn’t cost Stamina (or at least much stamina) nor has long time intervals between sessions), more laid back than the competitive modes, and replayable without getting dull very fast? Or just talk about your dream mode that you would personally play over and over. Either works I’m part bored, part curious what everyone else can come up with, and part fishing for ideas to send into support. Regardless I thought it’d be an interesting topic for discussion and for getting creative
  8. Ishtar: Spring Goddess

    Ishtar: Spring Goddess "The heir to Mjölnir, she carries the blood of the royal family of Friege. Left Friege to enjoy a spring festival. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War."
  9. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Who could it be this time?
  10. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Book 3 boys!
  11. Ideas for weapon refines

    Weapon refines have been a great way to insert life into heroes, from Incredibly Interesting effects to plus 10 damage on special trigger. Me personally would want to have ghb units receive refinery next as most of them have been out shined as time pasted and as seeing as Arvis is my favourite ghb unit I'm gonna be using him as an example. I personal would like him to get adds de-duff on the opponent to damage dealt but that but might be a bit self carrying so maybe instead it can be adds total de-buff to special but I'm not the biggest fan of that or maybe half of de-buff to damage dealt, but I'm just throwing ideas out atm. anyway what's your guys ideas for weapon refines?
  12. No one's made a thread yet so here were are~ Well this is a tricky map. Lots of reinforcements and not a lot of space. Go ahead and share your clears and strategies~ Map: Enemy Stats: INFERNAL ABYSSAL
  13. Character Ideas

    Ok so I feel that some of the most recent heroes, stat wise, are very similar. For example I find that Ayra and Karla have very similar stats and many other heroes fall under High speed and atack mud mediocre defense and resistance or armored units with high defense but low speed. I would love if IS out of no where just starts adding characters but with more obscure stats. Like maybe we get Dozla with a base defense of 55 and 30 res but horrible attack and speed so it's almost impossible to hurt him but he does barley any damage. Or a character with below twenty defenses and meh speed but AMAZING attack so its all babout doing as much damage from the first atack. Idk I think it would be fun thought?
  14. So I pulled 2 Sylvias at once and I can't find her IVs anywhere so could somebody tell me what her IVs are, what she'll be at level 40 and which would you recommend here are their stats, both have the barrier blade equipped Sylvia 1: Hp 15 Atk 19 Spd 8 Def 4 Res 7 Sylvia 2: Hp 16 Atk 20 Spd 8 Def 4 Res 5
  15. Heroes Basics

    So I have had a friend of mine start playing FEH and a few questions came up about the game. I know that there is a thread on questions everyone has's a bit long to sift through to see some of the questions so I figured I'd give the bare bones of the game that most newbies will need to start with. Any other questions should refer to the question thread of course since this is a brief guide only. If I've missed anything please feel free to let me know Summoning First summon of a banner is always free. The rest cost orbs and every summon is completely random. Painfully random Certain heroes appear in special maps as a reward for completing the maps. Special maps have a regular rotation so be sure to check back daily in some cases as you might find the heroes you want are there and could save you some orbs. Favourite Heroes When you first start FEH you need to be aware that by default the game automatically favourites heroes 4 stars and above. If you do not want that you will need to go to settings and remove default favourite. Once you've done that you'll have to go back to the allies menu to select your favourite characters and favourite them manually. That's all I had, if anyone feels that there is more shoot me a PM or ask away on the Question Thread. ETA: Or add to this thread if you like.
  16. Hey guys !

    Hello, I'm glad to be here ! I'm a great fan of FE series and I like a lot the work of this site ! So, I decided to sign up here for help if I can. I've played at ALL FE games (excepted 1,2 and 3 but I've played at their remakes so it's the same thing lol). My Favourite FE is Path of Radiance, Ranulf top tier ! My pseudo is a popular French joke, you have it ? I hope we will get along well ! Have a nice day
  17. I'm thinking of buliding a Linus with Basiliskos with life and death effect, fury 3, desperation 3 with a +3 speed seal. It'd bump up his attack to a scary 61 with 44 speed and with the fury 3 penalty linus would activate desperation 3 quicker. On paper this looks to me like a insane offensive unit but the question is, is this is a good idea? I'm not 100% sure.
  18. I can't decide :/ They all seem so good for me, I kinda want Epharim but I already have Legendary Hector who is probably better than him, I want Hector but at the same I'd prefer a blue unit with more res and I'd want Veronica but already have a few 5* staff users. Can you help me out on this one?
  19. Does anyone have build ideas or should I just try for another one? I don't have her maxed yet but this would be her level 40 stats HP: 37 Attack: 46 Speed: 27 Defense: 19 Resistance: 33
  20. Team Help

    Hey, I'm not very good at making team composition and I needed help making a multipurpose team, and a team for Chain Challenge. Sorry for the bother, and if I am, I'm terribly sorry.
  21. FEH Database iOS

    Demo video Hi all, I've made a FEH database app on iOS. I've learned swift for about a month and last week it got approved in App Store, during last weekend I refined it a bit and I want to share with you guys. Most tap-able stuff in this app are shown in deep blue color, you can tap a hero, tap a skill this hero has, see other heroes who has the same skill, tap that hero... Weapons have more filters now! You can check them by type(sword, axe, bow etc.) or by max level only, and use previous filters (tap search bar to show) to see max level weapons, special, assist, a, b, c. New seal data added, with minor database incorrect data fixed, simply tap “update database” from menu to update data. Seals are available in unit builder, if you don’t put any note on a unit, seal information will automatically shows in unit box. Unit box sort by “class” has been moved to right menu, now iOS 10 users can use it too! Changed some animation so deleting unit and change sort rule looks better. Unit rating now only show 1 unit arena score, to get an estimate of your team simply add 4 units’ rating up. I’m working on a team builder which can help organize arena assault teams and show arena score automatically. *Every view can access left menu by swiping to right anywhere, and access right menu by swiping to left anywhere despite unit box. Unit box takes swipe to left on screen for deleting units, to access menus you can either tap menu button or swipe from edge (like calling control centre). *Combat simulator is harder than I thought to implement, I’m still reading Andy’s code and trying to figure out how to make it on iOS... *I’m too noob to read crash reports, Apple provides a report says 1 crash happens during 100 usages of this app. Please contact me with some detail (like what did you tap or do before crash, your iOS version and device model), this will help me a lot on improving the app (in app tap “report issue” or email me [email protected]). Besides if any of you guys are interested for testing combat simulator, feel free to leave me your email :) Link:
  22. Question. I'll spoiler my thoughts as not to influence
  23. Hello! After the remake of Echoes, I can't wait to play Geneology of the Holy War and Tharcia 776. Cipher card releases indicate 776 could be next!! Valentina was a bloody good job & I'ld love to see more OCs (Oh man, Berkut!! That hot jerk.) Previous cosplays: Fir Kurome (Akame ga Kiru) Ryuko (Kill la Kill) Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon) Rana Lichen (Freezing) Next cosplay target is Mareeta. Hot swordswomen are my muse. Fir, her "yummy mummy" Karla, Athena, Marisa, Say' ri, Lyn, Sakura reclassed as Samuria!! (She is so good). They can all be found in my final boss battle team. Currently playing New Mystery of the Fire Emblem fan translation and of course FE Heroes. S Ranked with Reinhardt, he's such a good killer, aren't you my boy? But who do I 5* next?? Nice to meet y'all! Cat xx
  24. September event Schedule

    Well here it is people the FEH events in September. Seems BK's GHB isin't here so we need to wait another month for him sadly. 2 tempest trials and bound hero battles looks.. intresting. And confirmation that new units are coming the 15th due to the log in bonus, and the new update is coming Thursday. Go speculate your thoughts now!