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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, just found out that the newer FE Cipher card sleeves have holofoil illustrations. (Didn't know because all I have are B01 sleeves and... I believe those are matte sleeves?) Anyone know starting from which sleeve the holofoil was introduced? Want to grab a couple but can't tell if they are holo or not through online photos.
  2. Hello! I just wanted to announce that I'm currently developing a Fire Emblem Cipher app that will allow you to build decks and play agaisnt others online on your phone. I am the only person developing it but progress is going well, I'll post updates as the app develops, don't really have a release date just yet. Let me know if you'd like to be a part of a testing team though! I'm currently looking for people to test out the app to find bugs and also for general feedback. (I'll do an update post with a discord invite to a tester server so stay tuned) Heres some screenshots!(the app is in early stage and is subject to change, feel free to give feedback and suggestions) Credits to Reikenan for the current playmat (It's worth mentioning that its not the final playmat, I'm just using it for showcasing the app right now) Features that are already done: 1.Card controls (might require tweaking)--> touch and hold to move, touch for a menu with options to pop up around the card.(options done so fare are card tap, flip, highlight and display information) 2.Deckbuilder card searcher, including filters, and the ability to do searches by filters alone. Tester Discord invite link:
  3. Who are Alice and Valjean?

    I saw these two names on the Crossroads booster pack character list on Fire Emblem wiki. I don't know whether they're fake or legitimate. Here's a link to the page: Link
  4. Anyone know where to get those (official FE0) dual art display cases that they are selling in Japan? Or does anyone know where to get something similar?
  5. Series 8 Tharja Synergies

    Okay, so while I'm waiting on my set 8 boxes to come in, I've been reading up on how the game works, and deck building tutorials and basics and such, and I'm hoping to eventually get a few local friends of mine in on building decks and just doing some casual games together. What I kind of want to try is build a deck that will either use Tharja (specifically Dark Knight from Series 8) as my main character. I know that I'll definitely need a bunch of support cards, but...past that I'm really not sure what card abilities work really well with her abilities, or what cards would help to make her viable as an MC. Specifically, I feel like I want to try and do something that will play off of or exploit the "Spiteful Flame" ability: "Select a card from your opponent's hand and reveal it. If the revealed card has a deployment cost of 3 or less, send that card to your opponent's Retreat Area." Offhand, can anyone think of cards that would synergize well with this or...ways of going about building a deck that might allow me to make use of this card? I figure like in general this means that I can more or less force out cards onto the field, reduce my opponent's hand, pick off weaker units with more powerful ones, but...I really don't know how to make that happen or how to go from there. Ideally, suggestions from Series 8 or cards from Series 8 would be great, but I'm definitely willing to invest or look into other series if there's something that would work well. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  6. Hi everyone - New to the forum, and I have a handful of questions. Since this is my first time trading/selling cards, I'm a little confused as to how it works - especially from my geographical location. So, first question: I live in Hong Kong, so will I have to pay shipping costs and not OP? I have a number of cipher cards that I recently acquired from my trip to Japan, and snagged a number of shiny duplicates/etc. I actually wasn't aware of the booster sets until I had splurged on a good 10 packs, so then that happened. So if I want to trade/sell some cards, do I accept payment in USD/or does OP convert it to HKD or vice versa - or does the forum use microtransaction only? If so, I'm out of luck since I'm a broke college student lol. Also - where do I go if I'm looking for a certain bunch of cards (Hinoka, Effie, etc)? Do I post a new reply in the Trading/Selling board? Sorry for the barrage of questions - thank you :)
  7. Who is the best lord in FE Cipher

    Hey guys! I thought i would ask what your favorite lords are. It can be either how good they are or personal preference. I personally run a straight black deck (Nohr) with F!Corrin and it works pretty well. SR F!Corrin can wipe the board which i find very entertaining. With the new series coming up, what do you guys think? Will Sigurd trump the rest? Or will the classics take the lead once more?
  8. Hello! I was curious about a rule within the card game. Is it possible to play both female and male Corrin/Kamui? Or do I always need to pick one or the other?
  9. Anything special about the marker cards besides the fact that they have no text? Thinking of collecting them but they're kind of expensive. Are they holo?
  10. I know most of you guys buy the booster boxes online but I've heard of rare cases of local stores (outside of Japan) carrying FE0. If anybody here knows of such a store, let me know and I'll try to make a master list on this thread. Just say, "Name of Store - City, State (if applicable), Country." __________________________________________________________________________ - Store: Desu-Nation - Los Angeles/Temple City, California. USA. Prices: Starter Decks: $25 Booster Packs: $5 Booster Boxes: $75 Cipher Sleeves: Price varies, but they are roughly near the $20 range. (source: Amethyst) __________________________________________________________________________ -Store: Fortress Greenhills - San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Prices: Starter Decks: 1,000 Pesos Booster Packs: 250 Pesos Booster Boxes: 3,600 Pesos Cipher Sleeves: 400-600 Pesos (source: SlashZX)
  11. Which promos are holos?

    Which promos are holos? I originally thought that all promos weren't holos but I recently saw a photo of the "FE IF Special Edition Promos" and the Marth one in that pack looked like a holo... (Right?). I also know that the Male Robin Promo and Marth V-Jump Promo are holos... (Right?) Can someone with more experiences with the promos confirm and answer my question? Thanks!
  12. So I saw some preview pictures of the starter decks and booster box pack art and just wanted to share them. Edit [27/07/2015]: Ok! So we have more information about the cards now. I just thought that I might add those details here for those who are curious. Hoshido Starter Pack - 1,300 Yen (w/out tax) Comes with a download code for a '25th Anniversary Heroes' 3DS theme. Nohr Starter Pack - 1,300 Yen (w/out tax) Comes with a download code for '25th Anniversary Heroines' 3DS theme. Booster Packs - "Soulful Flames of Light and Dark" (Originally I put "Holy Fire of Light and Darkness") - 350 yen (w/out tax) Booster Box comes with a Series 3 (Radiant Dawn) Promotional Card and 2 limited edition card sleeves. Source:
  13. Hello everyone! I've acquired a few of the Fire Emblem Cipher Awakening decks (which also include a download code for "Marth wo nanoru kenshi Lucina" to be redeemed in Fire Emblem If, the Japanese version) I'd like to give these spare packs away, so I thought I'd set up a thread here - please let me know if this is wrong / inappropriate. Rules - I'll choose three people at random based on their post number (i.e.: the number in the top right of their post within this thread) using a random number generator; - The closing date is 18th July 2015 @ 12pm (GMT); - This is absolutely free: I will cover the shipping costs; - If the deck is lost in the post I'm afraid I won't be able to offer a replacement; - Please do not spam this thread with posts: I'd like this to be fair to everyone and positive for the community, I love these forums (long time lurker, recent account holder); - My decision is final. Good luck! Edit This competition is over, the winners are: Kirie acriem Sokloeum Congratulations, PMs have been sent!
  14. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    So, since the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG has officially released as of today, a lot of us will be either looking for some cards to finish off our decks/collections, or maybe there are some cards that we don't need and want to sell/trade them away. Basically, I'd say post what you're looking for and what you have for trade/sale, and then communicate via PMs on shipping, payment, etc. We can have a "ranking", where each time you have a successful trade or sale with a person, you give them +1; that way others can see who are the reliable sellers/traders. This ranking will simply be kept updated on the first post of this thread, so I'll be managing it. Obviously, if you trade with a person, you'll have to be comfortable with giving each other your addresses (by private messages, of course). Other than that; happy trading! -------------------------------------------------------------------- RATINGS: (last updated: 13 December) +144 Sokloeum +103 totafan888 +75 Omegaweapon +62 yunjaelove +59 LucinaofYlisse +57 ChibiToastExplosion +54 Aquantis +54 oh.glory +53 Wobblinghood +50 Kirie +46 LunartailSteffi +43 Chuy +41 Sjon1904 +34 Marcuz +33 viewtifulkye +33 Foodies +28 Frayed Hero +23 Dv_US +22 Freyja +22 Together We Ride +22 Skedar +22 Ineednoname +22 wumples +21 AyvuirRed (Ayvuir) +20 Draxal +20 TheVinceKnight +17 Mallow +16 fruits_punchsamurai +14 Zenakku +14 DifferentFight +14 MaskedMarth +12 Fuujin +12 lokiedokie +13 Shizuun +13 insignia +11 DATbee +11 Ether (a.k.a. Satin. Dark Lord of Fabric) +11 Kyokko +10 Judorunner +9 itzjaytea +9 Amielleon +9 Rusty_winnebago +8 Tambu +8 Eyester +8 Vikeo +8 ell +8 Yaen +8 Trymer +8 Charmedx3 +8 Ching +7 Reikenan +7 ozman147 +7 Cipher Hunter +6 Astralunasol +6 slyfox152spaz +5 FaranRenais +5 FoliFF +5 mothmanex +5 Motts +5 Gonzak +4 negi25 +4 Wolt +4 Zukonima +4 LatiosG +4 ghlegend8 +4 nekogami92 +3 Microwaveit +3 Flipperflap +3 kenmasters7977 +3 DaisukeRei +3 Shinkai Shoujo +3 Hakkari +3 Naturesshadow +3 Mason +3 OriginalProf +3 PrinceofIris +3 laCruel +3 sangyuplee +3 ManNamedDan +3 fapplecider +3 341 +3 whase +3 Zero +2 Oyuson +2 hayate07 +2 Ruby +2 Gigz +2 Vay +2 Poledoo +2 L95 +2 Dapperlace +2 negi25 +2 DonDon +2 Barkly +2 eyester +2 Amethyst +2 Astray Zero +2 daiyj201 +2 s07195 +2 lightremnant +2 ShadowDrifter +2 BPM316 +2 EternalLuciel +2 ChippZ +2 Roflolxp52 +2 KKtelo +2 Oscarsome +2 redshirtontherock +2 SalShich10N +2 TheBlackKnightRules +2 Backer +1 DLNarshen +1 Mox +1 kurokzg +1 jibunrashiku +1 VincentASM +1 CaitlynMellark +1 daisyj201 +1 Coopa +1 audiotronica +1 Musisshin +1 Sanakitty +1 best_vi_earth +1 Gigz +1 demonspartanx20 +1 crono +1 iWonder +1 heyboyletsdestiny +1 Pokemutant +1 DLNarshen +1 KP Joey +1 Lenh +1 Lyroxxia +1 InfinitySoul +1 Leonarbow +1 Kamikam70 +1 luyairis +1 galajo +1 Cipher +1 puastar +1 Kwakado +1 Zoelius +1 Damosel +1 dude620 +1 phoenixmiko +1 SquareCube +1 Yorozya +1 LodestarRoy +1 Gulcasa766 +1 Dylan Corona +1 Alto +1 LeahFoxDen +1 Chromusuke +1 Templa23 +1 helloard3n +1 Kradeelav +1 ttna +1 Tuvillo +1 Azmco +1 TDD25 +1 Bellrose +1 Morinth +1 Bitprodigy +1 Vespinae -------------------------------------------------------
  15. I was finally able to finish translation work on all 120 known Series 1 Cipher cards. I have divided the series into easier to handle chunks below; the complete google doc is still available for referencing as well. Please let me know if you spot any errors, or things that you think might could be worded or handled better. This is a tentative work and I greatly appreciate any feedback or criticisms you might have with it, so please don't hesitate to let me know what you think! This project needs some fresh eyes, so I apologize in advance for how raw it is. As always, I will continue to endeavor on making the translations better as well as improving the organization and usability of this compendium! Series 1 Starter Deck Exclusives Series 1 Promo Cards Series 1 Booster Cards -Shadow Dragon #001-050 -Awakening #051-100 Series 1 Complete Compendium
  16. (I hope a thread like this is ok to post. It's exciting to see that Cipher of all projects is getting an official Twitter to share details, and I hope more stuff than is already known get's posted. Either way it looks like we'll get more official card designs and details out of this!) On May 22nd Ryota Kawade, the producer for Fire Emblem Cipher, has started officially sharing details and a few "behind-the-scenes" thoughts regarding the new Fire Emblem TCG "Fire Emblem Cipher". This thread aims to share these minor details and other information provided via the Twitter account and future website updates until the TCG's release on June 25th without disrupting the rules/card translation thread that is more focused on the detailed specific information as well as wiki discussion at this point. Cipher Twitter account: Official Cipher Website: ******* Most Recent Updates - @FECipherENG Check inside the spoiler tag for old updates!