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Found 78 results

  1. I'm taking all sorts of suggestions, nothing is beyond reason for this build. I've been thinking I should either try to actually make him viable or at the very least, make people angry when they see all the expensive skills I've given him. Right now he's just a magic sponge with speed debuffs, but I'm considering giving him a Pain staff and Savage Blow... just cause I can lol.
  2. IS hasn't exactly made the most popular decisions and it's caused many players to quit FEH. Some people still remain around in spite of that, myself included. What's everyone's mindsets to continue playing?
  3. Deleted Save Data

    this morning i had to delete fire emblem heroes from my phone and when i re downloaded it and linked my nintendo account again, it didn’t load my save data and restarted the game. The account was linked when i deleted the game so does anyone know if there is anyway to recover my lost data? Should i just call Nintendo tech support or anything like that?
  4. This is a topic I thought of a bit after posting my Modes You Would Like To See In-Game thread. What changes would you make to current gamemodes of FEH? Note: Try to avoid things that have been discussed through and into the ground. Things like BST (kind of. If you have a really interesting alternative ranking and matchmaking system, feel free to discuss it), Mythic Heroes in AR, or banning units like Surtr and Veronica from PVP.
  5. At the moment the only interesting game I have on my phone is Heroes. I figured I’d be fine going out with just my phone today, but no. I’m not feeling motivated to do tap battle nor Arena. I’m out of Aether (and that mode’s more stressing than fun sometimes). TT+ is meh and VG has time between each battle. Also, I just really, really don’t want to grind through the abundance of TT stratum quests. Anyway, the point. What do you think IS could add to the game as a mode that’s accessible (Doesn’t cost Stamina (or at least much stamina) nor has long time intervals between sessions), more laid back than the competitive modes, and replayable without getting dull very fast? Or just talk about your dream mode that you would personally play over and over. Either works I’m part bored, part curious what everyone else can come up with, and part fishing for ideas to send into support. Regardless I thought it’d be an interesting topic for discussion and for getting creative
  6. Charlotte, Money Maiden

    Charlotte, The Banshee Stats HP: 43/46/49 Atk: 33/36/39 Spd: 29/32/35 Def: 21/24/28 Res: 16/19/22 Introduction Staying true to her Fates counterpart, her stats have a very "Fighter" class-like appeal to them. The way you see it, is generally how she's going to play out. And while 32 Spd is pretty much the definition of average, she does have room to play with it without being heavily detrimental. Packing 36 Atk, it may come of no surprise that she's basically entitled to a Brave > Death Blow setup. It's simple, straightforward and tends to get the job done. Even with this modern meta, I find she's one of the few that holds that kind of setup- and I might even say it stays up to date, with the latest addition of skills like Death Blow 4, Special Spiral, Odd Atk Wave, etc. One of her other small nichés is her fairly high HP. She can consistently Panic Ploy a lot of characters (maybe even some Armoured units) or go for Infantry Pulse team support- or both, actually. Preferential IVs
  7. Hello and Please Help Me

    Hi, this is my first account on these forums and I lurked here from time to time. I consider myself an intermediate Fire Emblem fan, I am neither a newbie or an experienced veteran. A while ago a classmate of mine suggested I try Fire Emblem Awakening and that is what I did. That game was the first Fire Emblem title I played. I then played other games in the series such as Birthright, the GBA titles, FE4, and a little bit of FE5. I did play a little of the first chapters in FE2 and FE3 but I did not really dive into them very much. Now for the help part. You see, I installed the MEmu android emulator so that I can play Fire Emblem Heroes on my laptop. I do have the game running well on my phone. I wanted to play the game on my laptop for convenience and recording reasons. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, here are some specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.3 GHz RAM: 6 GB (5.89 GB usable) System Type: 64-bit Operating System I used this thread linked below to guide me in installing MEmu: I have followed the steps carefully and correctly and am successful for the most part. I successfully installed MEmu and FEH. The only issue is that when I try to launch FEH, it fails to do so and shows a message saying "unfortunately, Fire Emblem Heroes has stopped." Here below are some of the settings I set for MEmu: CPU: 1 Memory: 1000 Resolution: 1024 * 576 (191dpi) Graphic Rending: Compatible Mode (OpenGL) Nav Bar Position: Hide I am not sure what is causing this issue. I don't think it is because my laptop is too weak nor there is not enough RAM, I can't think of anything else to do besides asking for help and suggestions. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this and for help/suggestions in advance.
  8. Ironman Heroes?

    So I have an idea for a let's idea. Tell me if you think it's a good one. So the premise is that you play fire emblem heroes and every time a unit dies, you have to send them home. To keep content consistent I thought about playing through book one on lunatic difficulty, Then go for a tier 20 arena run with the rules in play. Tell me if it sounds interesting
  9. Marth: Altean Prince

    Marth: Altean Prince The mascot of the Fire Emblem series, Marth himself, is frankly one of the best support and utility units in the entirety of Heroes. In terms of healing capabilities as a non-staff unit, sheer quantity of passive boosts (or field buffs, as they're known), and availability/ease of use, the Archanean Hero-King of Legend is second to none, providing all of this in a single package on top of dragon-effective damage to boot. He's also notable for being the best healer unit in the upper eschelons of Arena scores, since staff units inherently possess a lower BST than a melee infantry, making Marth the best and highest-scoring healing and support unit when merged to completion. While he may not pack Alm or Chrom's raw power or Lucina's powerful sweeping capabilities, Marth can safely lay claim to a niche all his own thanks to the numerous boons he can grant his allies, being both common and extremely easy to build with no exceptionally rare skills required, and the ease of use with which he can provide assistance for any team composition. 5* Level 40 Stats: HP: 37 / 41 / 44 Atk: 28 / 31 / 34 Spd: 31 / 34 / 37 Def: 25 / 29 / 32 Res: 20 / 23 / 26 BST: 157~158 Default Skills: Weapon: Falchion Assist: Pivot Special: -- A-Skill: -- B-Skill: Escape Route 3 C-Skill: Spur Speed 3 The Lodestar (utility support) **Optimal Build** General use, Arena modes, Chain modes, Assault modes Other Options: Marth's competent defenses and balanced stats make him a decent unit when built for dedicated combat, though there are other sword units available who can outcompete him in this field with little substantial effort. He can still definitely be good when built for combat, though his sole and primary claim to fame is his support utility via Falchion's unique refine. (if folks deem it necessary, I can run calcs for some combat builds for him too, but for now was planning to just stick with this)
  10. Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn

    Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn Having been introduced into Fire Emblem Heroes with both her Thani tome and general stat line from Radiant Dawn intact, Micaiah quickly made herself one of the strongest TT/GHB/Chain unit in the game. Having bonuses against horse and armour units at her disposal along with fantastic attack, Micaiah is able to tear through even heavily inflated stats with ease. As well she comes tied with the 2nd highest possible Res in the game for base stats, if not the highest in the game period thanks to Thani's additional +3 Res, meaning that she's both a fantastic magic tank and Ploy user. On top of all of this, she's the only unit in the game thus far with a unique Support skill, meaning she is the infantry mage with the highest available score value for arena play. All in all, Micaiah is an excellent 5* unit to invest into, even with sub-par IVs. I speak from experience as somebody who's only Micaiah is -Attack, but still rips through Inferno difficulty enemies. 5* Level 4 Stats: HP: 32/35/39 Atk: 32/35/38 Spd: 24/28/31 Def: 14/18/21 Res: 32/35/38 Total: 150 ~152 IV Recommendations: Single Player Content - If your focus for Micaiah is strictly single player content, you want +Attack or +Res for sure. +Attack allows her to squeeze out additional effective damage against inflated units which can make or break critical kills for GHBs. +Res allows her more easily handle enemy mages and dragons, or allow her Res to hit over 41 with her tome factored in: enough that she may be able to successfully use Ploys against even inflated enemy mages. For the bane, -Def or -Spd is the way to go: even with Thani chipping in some protection against arrows and daggers her physical defence is too low to rely on her ability to take a physical hit when not on a defensive tile. On top of that, due to her low speed most single player opponents will easily double her, even some of the armoured units. Because of this, -Spd also works. An alternative is to aim for +Speed/-Def: Micaiah has one build that can take advantage of +Spd and it may push her just far enough to not be doubled. Arena Content - Because we want to take full advantage of Micaiah's naturally higher score, we want to avoid -Spd or -Def if at all possible. While both banes are ideal in terms of her stat spread, both are superbanes. This makes -HP her optimal bane: while it does hurt her magic bulk it doesn't hurt her ability to use ploys and its making no noticeable impact on her already flimsy physical bulk. +Attack or +Res when paired with this bane is ideal. If these are unobtainable, +HP/-Def or Neutral are perfectly serviceable: both keep her arena score in tact and the former adds to her magical bulk. If one doesn't intend to have Micaiah use Ploys, -Res is a perfectly acceptable bane as 32 Res along with an additional 3 from Thani is more than enough for most enemy mages. Just keep in mind that enemy dragons are most likely hitting her def with their ranged counterattacks, so in most situations Micaiah cannot tackle them regardless of her IV layout outside of Adult Tiki and possibly Young Tiki. Default Skills: Weapon: Thani - Grants Res+3. Effective against armored and cavalry foes. Against armored and cavalry foes using bow, dagger, magic, or staff, damage from first attack received by unit during combat reduced by 30%. Assist: Sacrifice - Converts penalties on target into bonuses. Restores target's HP = unit's current HP -1. Unit's HP reduced by amount restored. Special: [-] Passive A: Distant Defence Passive B: Guard Passive C: Drive Attack Priestess Of Dawn (Budget Build) -General Use, Any IV General of Daein (Offensive Nuke) -Arena Offense, Inferno Difficulties, +Atk IV Queen of Daein (Defensive Build) -Single Player content, Arena Defence, Inferno Difficulties, Chain, +Def/+Res IVs Godslayer (Anti-Dragon/Close Counter Build) -Arena Offence, +Res Yune's Chaos (Life and Death Build) -General Use, +Spd IV This was my first write up like this, so I appreciate any and all feedback you may have to offer. However I do believe that I've brought options for almost every IV to the table, as well as shown off how flexible Micaiah is in terms of both single player and arena content.
  11. That's a weird title but I didn't know what to put that wouldn't be a paragraph by itself, my bad! Anyway, for those who don't know, Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee are console games that hybridise OG!Pokemon and Pokemon GO mechanics into a simpler core title (I also just realised that was a palindrome), with Game Freak also announcing a "proper" entry next year that's more in-line with standard Pokemon. Now that we know Three Houses exists, would you be (more) accepting of FE17 skewing closer to FE Heroes? P.S. I was planning this post back when this subforum was still titled "FE Switch," so if this is better suited for a general discussion forum please feel free to move it, dear mods!
  12. Canas: Seeker of Knowledge A long-awaited character who finally found his way into the ranks of Heroes, Canas proves to have capabilities quite eerily similar to those of his great-nephew, Raigh... which is to say, rather generic and lackluster, differing only from Raigh in the stats department by possessing 1 less Defense and 4 more Resistance. Fortunately, Canas is at least given a more usable base kit and comes available at 5* rarity, which almost makes up for the IV flexibility that he lacks compared to Raigh. Fortunately, there are ways to put both his kit and his stat spread to use with tangible benefits, and if nothing else, he marks a turn in his weapon's accessibility for those who are tired of waiting for Katarina to return to a focus banner. 5* Level 40 Stats: HP: 36 Atk: 32 Spd: 29 Def: 21 Res: 33 BST: 151 Default Skills: Weapon: Raudrowl+ Assist: Reciprocal Aid Special: -- A-Skill: HP/Res+2 B-Skill: -- C-Skill: Res Tactic 3 Scholarly Slayer (enemy phase / range tank) General use, Arena Offense, Chain Modes Fangs of Academia (anti-Cavalry) General use, Arena Offense/Defense
  13. Raven: Peerless Fighter

    Raven: Peerless Fighter A fairly unique standout among Axe infantry, Raven is distinctive for his excellent offensive stats and unique access to an extremely powerful weapon & refinement combination, making him perhaps the strongest axe infantry of the lot-- and on top of this, he is rather easy and economical to build, requiring only Divine Dew for his refinement, a handful of skills from units available at 4* or below, and the feathers to upgrade them when necessary. With a good IV, he is almost certainly bound to be worth the effort and investment it takes to build him. 5* Level 40 stats: HP: 37 / 41/ 44 Atk: 31 / 34 / 37 Spd: 32 / 35 / 38 Def: 22 / 25 / 29 Res: 19 / 22 / 25 Total: 156~158 Default skills: Weapon: Brave Axe+ -> Basilikos Assist: -- Special: Sol Passive A: Defiant Spd 3 Passive B: -- Passive C: Threaten Def 3 The Cleaner (Galeforce offense) **Optimal Build**, General Use, Arena Offense, Chain modes The Avenger (Wrath+some enemy phase) **High Investment**, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes (depending on skills)
  14. EDIT: So I decided I'll use this thread for all my photoshopped FEH memes. A Depiction of Wrys (AKA My Masterpiece) Just something I worked on for some time as a joke I wanted to share. This was my first piece on this thread. According to FE memedom, Wrys is a god. The rest speaks for itself. Everything is photoshopped. I think the original piece of art was done by Michaelangelo maybe? The rest is photoshopped from Intelligent System's Fire Emblem Heroes. Created in Sketch on the iOS. EDIT: Yes, the original work - I think it was called "The Creation of Adam" - from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was indeed painted by Michaelangelo. In hindsight, I like to think the hand reaching in from the bottom left belongs to Kellam. We all know he's in Heroes after all... Somewhere.... Voting Guantlet Fated Battles. Sigurd vs Arvis (AKA "Charvis") You all know your Arvis roasting Sigurd memes. For those who missed it, Sigurd beat Arvis. I had made a bet to a friend prior that if Sigurd won, I would make this. Glad it happened. XD Found the original image googling "barbecue grill chef" or something. The salt came from googling salt shaker. The rest in this image are all sprites from Intelligent System's Fire Emblem Heroes taken from the Feh Wiki, I think. Credit to thenumberonebacon for the nickname "Charvis." Again, made in Sketch on iOS. Celica casts Rag n' a Rock (AKA "Mila Bless you") A visual pun I've had in mind for a while. I also considered doing a pun with the movie "Thor Ragnarock" but figured I didn't want to do the same joke twice and just stick to the cleverer pun. The base image image of Celica is from Intelligent System's Fire Emblem Heroes taken from Gamepress. Credit to thenumberonebacon for the alt title "Mila Bless You." I found the rock googling "rock transparent background" and the rag by googling "kitchen cloth transparent." Again, made in Sketch on iOS. "How do you like the taste?" (AKA "Chef Walhart of Valm's Kitchen") Titled and inspired by one of Walhart's special trigger dialogue lines. Regrets: Not including Walhart grocery bags in the background and not having Sigurd in the fire. Granted I've already done a Sigurd joke here, and that's more Arvis's thing I used Google to find images of a cooking pot transparent, a laddle, a lobster, an apron, a chef's hat, and this Walhart (art by Intelligent Systems). Everything was, again, thrown together in sketch on iOS High Deliverer (AKA Robin Weeds Out the Competition) The moment I first saw Robin's Epithet I wanted to make a joke about it. I don't normally appreciate drug related jokes, but I had to make an exception for these very clever puns. Regret: Missed opportunity to name the weapon "Blunt Force" XD I used and the feh stuff github unit builder to create this. I also did some googling to find the blunt, dank shades, leaf, and image of Robin (made by Intelligent Systems).
  15. Kagero: Honorable Ninja

    Kagero: Honorable Ninja Though she was once top dog among dagger units (and still is, in a sense... if one counts her Spring incarnation) for her powerful weapon and high Attack as a dagger-wielder, Kagero has long since fallen from relevance in the metagame at large, owing not only to the ever-growing abundance of strong non-infantry units introduced to the game or appearing in arena matches, but also to the introduction of stronger dagger units such as her aforementioned alt, as well as Sothe and New Year Takumi. Though her stat build isn't quite up to snuff in comparison to these newer daggers, she still boasts the second highest Atk of all dagger units, and while this makes her a good dedicated slayer of infantry or mages with certain skill builds, due to the changing shape of the meta those wishing to use her more broadly would be well advised to branch out and build her to strike a wider, more general swath of targets... Level 40 stats: HP: 28 / 31 / 34 Atk: 32 / 35 / 38 Spd: 29 / 32 / 35 Def: 19 / 22 / 25 Res: 24 / 28 / 31 Total: 147 ~ 148 Default skills: Weapon: Poison Dagger+ Assist: -- Special: Reprisal Passive A: Warding Blow 3 Passive B: Daggerbreaker 3 Passive C: -- Classic Ninja (speed-focused / general offense) General use, Arena offense, chain modes Selective Assassin (mage/infantry slayer) Challenge maps / specific PvE
  16. Does anyone else imagine we might get Zacharias someday, no, not Bruno. Zacharias the lance wielder. Yes the two characters are one and the same, but I've kind of been hoping to see him in his Zacharias alias specifically someday, maybe as a Tempest Trial reward resulting from tempest-weirdness (since it bends time and space), with Zacharias wearing the Askran armor donned by Alfonse, Anna, and Sharena and wielding a lance. Opinions on this?
  17. This is an idea I've had to myself for a while but haven't really gotten too far into detail on, but now seems to be the best time to share it with the new banner announcement XD I've had an idea for some time about how a few of the Awakening DLC characters could be great in the game as most have special things about them. I've largely held off due to the whole Fateswakening focus last year and negative feedback on said focus, but now it seems more plausible to me. What I have in mind is the following: Unexpected Heroes Banner (Title not necessarily final): Aversa- Red Tome Flier Most people wanted Aversa in the game as a non-seasonal, permanent tome flier. We do have Morgan have now, which I feel makes it more of a possibility Gangrel- Sword Infantry Gangrel would have the Levin Sword. I'm not sure whether or not it should be a personal weapon or not. I imagine it would target resistance (only resistance) and attack at a range of 1 but also allow Gangrel to use melee only skills such as wrath and sacred cowl and also not have to worry about tomebreakers or, ironically, Falchion. His weapon would also allow distant counter. Emmeryn- Staff Infantry Originally I hadn't thought of including Emmeryn until I saw a skill of Izana of Fates called Peace Bringer "Allies and enemies within a 2 tile radius receive 2 less damage" (from the Fire Emblem Wikia). I imagine this skill could be adjusted to fit with Heroes' other skills and to better fit the meta. I could have given Emmeryn a tome, but I chose not to as I felt that staves fit her personality better. I haven't decided what she should have, but I'm thinking a personal staff would make a lot of sense. Maybe something along the lines of how Fear+ or Candlelight+ work? I'm not sure yet. GHB: Walhart- Axe Cavalier I had the idea of Walhart being the best way to finish the weapons triangle of DC Melee GHB Calvary weapon triangle we have in Xander and Camus. His personal weapon would be Wolfberg and he'd have the conqueror skill, BUT I'm thinking it should probably have a different effect than in Awakening. Haven't decided, but I'm thinking it should either involve damage reduction or damage increase against certain types of units. Tempest Trials- Challenger from the Tempest: Priam- Sword Infantry At the time I was thinking of this, I thought everyone getting a F2P Ike would be cool. This was before a Hero Rises was a thing and we all got V'Ike. I still Priam could have his own uses though. Priam also didn't get much screen time or backstory in his source game, and Heroes could go deeper into his story like it has for some other characters. Originally, I had in mind to have Priam as a Grand Hero Battle, but at a friend's suggestion, I decided to put him in the TT. The final map can be a callback to the epic battle against him in Awakening. His personal weapon would be Ragnell, but worn down like the one seen in Awakening (I kind of wish DC units had a different animation for attacking at a distance just so we could have an animation of him throwing Ragnell at enemies XD) I also feel having Priam come out of the tempest himself in search for new people to contest his strength against is just fitting. Especially as it's how he was introduced in Awakening, sort of. *Yen'fay is also in consideration for somewhere, wielding Amatsu with built in DC. I'm planning on editing this post at a later time to include skills and stats. The latter may take more time as custom banners is something I'm just trying out for the first time. I'd like feedback and ideas as well as discussion on the viability or possibility this might happen. If you have any ideas or opinions on this hypothetical banner, just reply below. Do you see this as a potential addition to Heroes somewhere down the line? Characters so far: Emmeryn Gangrel
  18. Hey, so I have a friend who plays this game non stop, all the time, always on it, and he's spent at least 200 dollars on orbs at this point. He's even said he wants to stop but he just can't. Any ideas?
  19. Hey folks, lurker for a long time here, and also with gaming media. I wrote a story and published it this morning, focusing on the one-year anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, and how despite the game being well-designed, generated fairly little attention with mainstream games media. Even after earning over $300 milliion in revenue from the game, it's just kind of fallen off the map, despite being one of the best mobile games in years and earning a DICE Game of the Year (mobile) award. In the piece, I compared this game to various other mobile games like Puzzle and Dragons, Brave Frontier, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and how Heroes stands above them in a quality and design standpoint. What do you guys think of the game, its overall direction, and what it's done thus far? Any egregious decisions that stand out to you? Piece is here if you're interested, and looking forward to mingling with this community a bit more!
  20. How Should I Build My Merric?

    So i was thinking of building my Merric I 5 stared him and his IVs are Spd+ HP- which is perfect and i got all of his skills so i was wondering How should i Build him? also he's going to be in my Mystery of the Emblem team with Marth, Linde and Gordin
  21. Camilla: Holiday Traveler For whatever reason, no one ever seems to talk about New Years' Camilla, which is rather surprising, considering just how much power she can pack given her high stats and access to flier boosts. So you thought Elincia was the sovereign of the skies, the queen of the quads, the only sword flier of the lot to matter? (Though Caeda is finally at item as well at long last...) Well, Camilla and her massive... BST would like a word with that notion. Whereas Elincia has the unparalleled player phase game with Amiti and Caeda has excellent utility with Wing Sword's effective damage and high Res for ploys, Camilla can both take hits (something the other two can't boast much of) and dish them out-- and just happens to be able to hit a speed that lets her come damn close to Elincia's numbers on offense to boot. It's a shame poor Hinoka wasn't invited to the Hoshidan new year festivities, because the eastern kingdom has a new queen of the skies. Level 40 stats: HP: 36 / 40 / 43 Atk: 30 / 33 / 36 Spd: 32 / 35 / 38 Def: 28 / 31 / 34 Res: 20 / 23 / 27 Total: 161~163 Default skills: Weapon: Kadomatsu+ Assist: -- Special: Draconic Aura Passive A: Spd/Def Bond 3 Passive B: -- Passive C: Ward Fliers Draconic Myrmidon (Slaying Edge offense) *Optimal Build* General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Sword of the Sun (Wo Dao healtank) General Use, Chain modes, Special Maps Decoration Defiler (budget) General Use, Chain modes Other Options: Brave Sword - Sure, she can do it. Why would you bother when Elincia exists though, unless you reeeeeally want to and you reeeeally can't pull Elincia? If Camilla is -Spd or +Atk, she makes for a perfectly passable bulky brave user, so she at least has more survivability than Elincia on enemy phase-- most of the time that won't matter, but you never know? Firesweep Sword - Elincia actually outperforms her at this one too, ironically. Not a bad choice for her, but when her defense is actually pretty good, why give up her good enemy phase? It's a decent (if expensive) option for -Def natures at least. Distant Counter + Iote's Shield - she CAN do it on a Slaying Edge set, but there are other anti-Bow options for flier teams that are not only better, but easier to build.
  22. Myrrh: Great Dragon

    Myrrh: Great Dragon Arguably the cutest Manakete yet to arrive in the world of Heroes proves also to be debatably the strongest, not only breaking ground as an unprecedented Dragon-Flier hybrid, but also possessing a fantastically well-built stat spread as well as a legendary breath weapon that capitalizes on her strengths and even serves to cover her sole weakness of low Speed by making her Defense a prerequisite threshold to double her-- doubling her is very difficult to do, and as a result of her beefy defenses as well as a stellar attack, she is very difficult to kill in a single round without being killed in reply, with high-defense red units and dragon-slaying weapons like Falchion and Naga being the main tools to do so. There's no need for her to do everything herself, of course, and with teammates to handle these threats, Myrrh stands ready to knock'em dead in spite of the revival and newfound powers of the various Falchions. Even so, the dignified little dragon firmly establishes herself as a threat to be reckoned with, dragon-slaying swords or no. At what she's built to do, she's undeniably a monster. Level 40 stats: HP: 39 / 42 / 45 Atk: 30 / 33 / 36 Spd: 22 / 25 / 29 Def: 32 / 36 / 39 Res: 28 / 31 / 34 Total: 166 ~ 168 Default skills: Weapon: Great Flame Assist: — Special: Bonfire Passive A: Fury 3 Passive B: — Passive C: Hone Dragons Great-Distance Flame (Distant Counter) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Heavy Bonding (Heavy Blade / Atk-focused) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Ironwings (dedicated physical tank) General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Other Options: Renewal and Vantage are both excellent budget options for Myrrh that synergize well with Fury and can be used alongside the Quick Riposte seal. Distant Defense can provide some additional assistance for the DC build or even for a melee build that wants to be able to tank Rein and other blue mages better, though it's generally not as useful as any of the alternatives she can pack in either her A-slot or her Seal slot. Fierce Stance is an option for the Heavy Blade build and pairs great with Vantage, but not only is it rarer than Atk/Def Bond3 (since the latter is a F2P skill), it provides only a minimal increase to Atk at the cost of 5 Defense, which helps her doubling threshold out a lot against neutral and WTA-weak attackers. Guidance is an excellent skill for Dragon Emblem teams if her Seal slot can be spared for it.
  23. Lucius: The Light

    Imagine that, his FE7 art has him with a book.. Lucius: The Light Since healer builds don't tend to have a whole lot of variation, it's safe to say that Lucius is honestly a fairly typical healer, with some of his noteworthy qualities being his high Atk for a healer (tying with Elise and Lachesis and beat only by Genny), a high Res beaten only by Wrys letting him double as a Res tank if necessary, and the fact that he comes equipped with Pain+ and Miracle from the get-go, making him fairly economical to build. He also packs a higher Speed and HP than Genny, making his survivability against magic units substantially better than hers and establishing him as a good middle ground of tanking and attacking between Genny and Wrys in terms of staff infantry. All things said, his stats are optimized rather nicely, giving him a lot of utility. Level 40 stats: HP: 34 / 37 / 41 Atk: 29 / 32 / 35 Spd: 26 / 30 / 33 Def: 10 / 13 / 17 Res: 32 / 35 / 38 Total: 146~148 Default skills: Weapon: Pain+ Assist: Martyr+ Special: Miracle Passive A: HP+5 Passive B: -- Passive C: -- Radiant Razer (AoE attacker + high-investment healer) *Optimal Build* General Use, Arena Offense/Defense, Chain modes Saintly Soul (AoE Attacker + budget healer) General Use, Arena Offense, Chain modes Brutal Bishop (high-investment attacker) *High Investment* General Use, Arena Offense, Chain modes Other Options: Warding Stance and Distant Defense are powerful options for making Lucius into a strong Res tank, however, both are quite rare and high-budget skills, and it's normally more practical to simply boost Lucius' Attack in order to increase his healing efficacy anyway. Breaker skills can offer him some degree of offensive or defensive specialization, keeping tome units from doubling him or allowing him to more easily kill speedy melee units like swords, but it's rarely worth using over staff-specific skills or even simply Wings of Mercy. Updated 2/8/18 with offensive build, other options, and added mention of Wings of Mercy to budget healer build
  24. Henry: Twisted Mind

    Henry: Twisted Mind Joining the trifecta as the Red member of the of peculiarly-built, typically-not-effective mages that includes Odin and Merric, Henry brings to the table the highest combination of HP and Def sported by any ranged infantry (and tied with Winter Tharja for those stats among all ranged units), trading for them the Spd, Res, and least fortunately Atk, the stats widely considered to be essential for mages. Henry is not without his uses though, and he has several things going for him in his default kit; Raudrraven, Ignis, and G Tomebreaker are all useful skills that only need Triangle Adept added to the mix for Henry to be an effective green mage-killer, making him a cost-effective budget option, and his stellar HP stat lets him abuse skills typically unseen on most mages, such as Panic Ploy and Infantry Pulse. Though he might lack a decent Attack stat like Boey has, he's just as capable of running effective close-counter sets as well as anti-grey builds with his native weapon. Despite his uses as a budget Raven user, he does need quite a lot of investment to live up to his full potential, as these strangely-statted units often do, but once he's there he has the capability of being delightfully adequate. Fortunately, two of the rarest skills required for his success (Raudrowl+ and Close Counter) have since become F2P-available, making him easier to build than ever. Level 40 stats: HP: 42 / 45 / 48 Atk: 20 / 23 / 26 Spd: 19 / 22 / 25 Def: 29 / 32 / 35 Res: 22 / 25 / 29 Total: 156~157 Default skills: Weapon: Raudrraven+ Assist: -- Special: Ignis Passive A: Defiant Defense 3 Passive B: G Tomebreaker 3 Passive C: -- Giving a Hoot (Close Counter) *Optimal Build* *High Investment* General Use, Arena Offense, Chain modes Caws for Alarm (Budget/Raudrraven) General Use, Arena Offense, Chain modes