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Found 482 results

  1. Fire Emblem Fan Game Collaboration

    Hey everyone, thinking of wanting to start a brand new fan game from the GBA era, but I’m not that good at it, group collaboration anyone?
  2. Marc's Precious - Revenge

    Download: Marc's Precious - Revenge v1.0 What the heck is this? This is Marc's Precious: Revenge, a ROM hack of Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones. It was made by EvilEggoWaffle and MarkyJoe1990 as a response to the ending of FdRStar's Ragefest IV Submission, titled Marc's Precious. What is Ragefest? It's a Fire Emblem hacking contest hosted by me, MarkyJoe1990. The goal is to make a difficult, but enjoyable Fire Emblem chapter. You can watch my playthrough of every submission here, or you can play them for yourself here. What does this hack have? 2 custom chapters, with new story, characters, and level design.
  3. Favorite Heroes: Ike, Lucina, Hector, Marth, and Alm. Favorite Side Heroes: Leo, Takumi, Inigo/Laslow, Florina, Soren, Amelia, Rutger, Ryoma, Caeda, Saber, Gray, Tobin, Kliff, Raven, Sakura, Clarine, Clair, Henry, Python and Lilina. Favorite Villains: King Zephiel, and Lord Berkut. Despised Heroes: Corrin, Kris and Ephraim. Despised Side Heroes: Faye, Tharja, Lowen, Shinon, Astrid, Cath, Meg, Rennac, Innes, Naesala, Rhajat, Asugi, Laurent, Azama, Severa/Selena, and Delthea. Despised Villains: Validar, Grima, Garon, Iago, Hans, and Anankos. Those are my new favorites, and least favorites. What are yours?
  4. Almost every Fire Emblem title has a leading Male and Female protagonist. So as the title suggests, Which Female protagonist is your favourite and why. Since I don't know anything pre Binding blade so I have no idea if they have female protagonists thus didn't include them in the poll. Caeda and Lilina aren't Protagonists so they aren't included either.
  5. Basically there is no new news quite yet about Fire Emblem Switch 2018, False Leakers actually are speculating that the new game will have some stuff that they might like, but I don't care, I have my own predictions on Fire Emblem Switch. Multiple paths with different goals. This is a feature I would like, if you choose do one goal you go one route, if you choose to do another you go to an alternate route, just like in Binding Blade, certain conditions needs to be reached, and the Stronghold must be seized, it would be like in one chapter, if you Route the Enemy, you'll go to one route, but if you defend a stronghold, you go to the alternate route, it would be like different stories to make the game more interesting. Better Villains. Echoes had great villains, and Berkut was no exception, but in Awakening, and Fates, the villains in those games sucked, Validar, Grima, Garon, Iago, Hans, and Anankos were pretty bland villains, so if a better villain has a great purpose, then it will be a great story, and one of the best villains in the entire series. Multiple Endings. The previous games had the exact same ending, I am not counting any character endings, I'm counting story endings, but Binding Blade had different endings, and if they do Multiple Endings, then it will be a great addition to the game, and I hope none of the endings have wasted potential, it will depend on how well you do in the story, in all 3 Stories of Fates, you get the exact same ending. Longer and Better Story. Radiant Dawn had a very long story, split into 4 parts, and the game was hard as hell, having the story longer will make it more enjoyable, heck if they can make Fire Emblem Switch longer than a Final Fantasy Game, I want it will take a lot of time and effort, to make it the absolute best story in the series. Better Characters. Basically Echoes had my favorite cast of characters, we got Gray, Kliff, Mae, Lukas, Saber, but some the protagonists in Awakening and Fates were bad, Corrin was by far one of the worst protagonists in the entire series. If they manage to pull off a great protagonist just like they did with Ike, Marth, Alm, Lucina, and Hector, then it would be awesome. 3rd Tier Classes. It was a great addition to add 3rd Tier Classes in Echoes, and Radiant Dawn, Radiant Dawn had a bigger cast, and a lot of 3rd Tier Classes, while Echoes had the Gold Knight, Dread Fighter, and Bow Knight classes, but the Overclass DLC actually broke the game, with the Guru, Yasha, Harrier, etc. So returning 3rd Tier Classes would be great. I can't say for sure, but it's just my opinion. What are your theories about Fire Emblem Switch?
  6. RIP the original model-ripping thread. We hardly knew ye. So for the past month, I've been looking out for some 3D models of the characters in FEW so that I could possibly port them to XPS and do some graphics stuff with them. Anyway, I literally just stumbled upon some pictures posted by Deviant Art user DSX8 - a Smash 4 modder - which show some of the characters from FEW ripped from the game. But then I learned they actually have the Broken Armor models of certain characters who don't yet have access to them in-game. Namely Anna, Lissa, Lyn, and Tiki so far. It's not too uncommon for devs to leave scraps of their works-in-progress within game files, so it isn't a huge revelation that some characters already have these models. But still, I thought some would be interested to see these. Since I don't know if I have permission to repost the pictures (don't know why I wouldn't be allowed though, but I don't wanna take chances), I'll post links to the respective pictures instead. Anna Lissa Lyn Tiki They also have some other characters - Ryoma, Oboro, Hinoka, and Camilla - ripped from the game as well as Hinoka as an alternate skin of Marth in Smash 4. As far as I know, the models aren't actually available to the public, though DSX8 did say at one point that they'll probably be made available soon via the Model Resource (they estimated it would take about 2 weeks - a prediction made about 3-5 days ago). And once they are made available, it is very likely that they'll get ported to other things, such as XPS, SFM, or Garry's Mod. Feel free to discuss or gawk at the fact that the broken armor models are missing heads. EDIT: I'll just provide links below in the spoiler, as well as any future relevant links.
  7. I went with Gray being a Mercenary, Tobin being an Archer, Kliff being a Mage, Faye being a Cleric, and Atlas being a Mercenary/Cavalier. Well what are the best options?
  8. I need some good skills on my rhajat pls im playing on birthright and have little access to the really good skills like shurikenbreaker and vengence so if anyone had a Rhajat with such skills feel free to put your castle address here (I just restarted I dont have much to offer but a pretty decent takumi build)
  9. I never even got Deen, because he is the worst between him and Sonya, in order to get Sonya I had to give up on Deen, so with Jesse, Saber, and Kamui, which classes should they be once they become villagers?
  10. OK, since the success of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, people have seen that Both stories of Mystery of the Emblem, War of Shadows, and War of Heroes have been remade, and everyone is speculating that Genealogy of the Holy War is going to be remade next, but the Director of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Kenta Nakanishi wants to remake Binding Blade next, Binding Blade was fan translated, and wasn't very good, but an official release of a Binding Blade remake will make up for it's mistakes, so here's how I would like the game to be like. The Gameplay. The GBA trilogy had amazing gameplay, but out of the 3 Blazing Sword had the best map layouts, the only issue I have with Sacred Stones' map layouts is that it had too many advantages, and the maps were far too easy, except for the final maps of the game, Binding Blade, had a bit of a poor map layout, honestly since it is going to follow the same maps of Binding Blade, I think this will be left unchanged unfortunately. The Difficulty. The Hard mode can be unlocked if you complete the game once, and some units get bonuses, in Hard Mode, but if Intelligent Systems manage to put Normal, and Hard Mode on it on the 1st gameplay, and once Hard Mode is completed, Lunatic Mode will be available, and considering that New Mystery of the Emblem carried out the Casual Mode for new players to enjoy, it will be added on here, but Rutger, Sin, Milady, and Percival get hard mode bonuses, I consider Casual Mode, and Normal Mode to be treated as Easy Mode. Seperate Paths. In Chapter 9, you are given the choice between 2 villages to rescue, depending on your choice, it alters the next 2 chapters, if you get Larum, then you'll pick up Echidna, and a better Gonzales, for more effort to train, and a late promotion, if you get Elffin, then you'll get Bartre, and a worse Gonzales, for an early promotion, and less effort to train, also after you get through Retaking the Capital, or Pinnacle of Light, depending on how you level up Shanna, Thea, Sue, and Sin, if Shanna and Thea's levels are higher, you go to Ilia, and if Sue and Sin's levels are higher, you go to Sacae, depending on your choice between Larum, and Elffin, one becomes a playable character while the other is resigned to Fortune Telling, and depending on your choice, one Divine Weapon will be obtained on your own while the other is obtained by the Elimine church and you get either Juno, or Dayan, if you choose to go to Ilia, you get Juno, and Maltet, if you choose to go to Sacae, you get Dayan and Murgleis, I think that it would be interesting to get both of them on your own, 1st you go to Ilia, then you go to Sacae, or there should be multiple conditions of victory to decide which path you should take, like Route the Enemy, you go one route, and the other route, you Defend a Stronghold, or Seize one. The characters. You know what's a load of shit? Thieves cannot promote into Assassins in Binding Blade, and Assassins are rare enemies, the only notable ones are Jerme, Gecko, Jamil, and Porcus, and if you count the Master Ninjas, the only notable one is Kotaro, returning the Assassin Class can help Chad be a better assassin than most of the Assassins in the series, the only ones he might not surpass in the series, are Jaffar, and Matthew, and Astolfo a slightly better unit, and all around Cath Sucks, plus some of the characters were pretty shitty, Sophia, Gwendolyn, Treck, Cath, etc. and some of the characters had no personality, Roy is nowhere worse as Kris, and Corrin, having no personality, and shitty growth rates, But there were great units such as Lilina, Milady, Clarine, Percival, Raigh, Rutger, Dieck, it would be good to fix some of the bad characters' stats and the Child Units, by adding Blazing Sword in the Remake, putting in the Parent System, making Roy's growth rates better, Lilina easier to train, Wolt a better unit, etc. And I'm wondering what happened to Lyn, maybe she died, or maybe she disappeared, and who is she married to, Eliwood is less likely because Eliwood's supports and some evidence shows that he married Ninian, Lyn Marrying Kent on the other hand, not likely, but the only possible husbands for Lyn are Hector, and Rath, making her the mother of either Lilina or Sue, but unfortunately, if they reveal who Lyn's real husband is, then it will effect the entire fanbase, a flame war will begin, then again, they might have Lyn remain single, Lyn never made an appearance in Binding Blade, so we are unsure what happened to her during the events of Binding Blade, however there are other characters that appeared as playable characters in Binding Blade, those being Marcus, Bartre, and Karel, so why not bring back older characters like Matthew and Raven, I was glad they didn't remove the support system in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, supports show the characters their full personalities, but Zephiel is one of the most well written villains in the series. Weapon Forging. Weapon Forging is an iconic addition to Fire Emblem, it 1st appeared in Path of Radiance, then continued on in the later games, so it would be nice to have Weapon Forging, those who don't know about Weapon Forging, it is a thing where you upgrade weapons, having their strength, critical rate, and accuracy increased, if Intelligent Systems can, they can decrease some weapon weight, so that units with low constitution, and speed can wield heavier weapons, plus the Divine Weapons were breakable in Binding Blade, which was a load of bullshit, but if they make them unbreakable it will be better. Trial Maps. The Trial Maps were added after reaching a certain condition in completing Binding Blade, some of them even needs you to download them, but adding them as DLC can make the Trial Maps available right away, the old maps will not require you to pay for them, but adding in new maps will. That's all I have right now, what are your thoughts? If they manage to remake Binding Blade, then it would be known as Fire Emblem Echoes: Legends of Elibe, or something like that.
  11. This is the feedback for my new story: Link to Fire Emblem: The Grimleal's return: A few things to keep in mind: I am NOT confirming any ships whatsoever, there's a few that you can probably guess but they will not be mentionned directly in this story. The chapters will be written like if they would be written in a video game Robin is female because I want her too. Robin could also be male, it has no effect on the story. This story is not an explanation of what happened before what is shown on the Awakening Drama CD. In fact I would say it's something entirely different, basically of how I would see everything that happened before they go back to the future. Have a good read and post if you find any mistakes!
  12. Prologue: Aftermath Despite everything that happened previously; Robin never could have guess how long the conflict would last. The war against Walhart the Conqueror alone lasted two painfully long years. There were various factors that caused this length of time to pass. Having to transport the army by boat initially then waiting for the self same fleet to return with reinforcements and more supplies was another. They also had to be very careful about moving in Valm as well as the risk of ambush was high and Robin didn't want to walk into any traps. When they finally returned to Ylisse; it was quickly discovered that they had been tricked by the King of Plegia, Validar. Originally Validar had wanted to invite them to the Capitol of Plegia so that he could steal the Fire Emblem. However due to the fact that the war on Valm lasted longer than he anticipated Validar changed his plans and invaded Ylisse with soldiers that he'd safeguarded. He had them infiltrate the Ylisseans and it took the Shepherds an entire year to get rid of the soldiers. It was clear to Chrom what had to be done and he ordered through Robin a full scale invasion on Plegia. This new war lasted a further two years leading up to a final confrontation at the Dragon's table. Robin figuring it was safer to keep the Shepherds out of the Dragon's Table ordered them to wait for her and Chrom to deal with Validar. She did not want to risk anyone being injured by Risen which had become a common name for the strange beasts that had been attacking Ylisse and the surrounding nations. Surprisingly enough for both Robin and Chrom, Validar did not pull much of a fight against them. But of course Robin wasn't born yesterday, she expected some kind of dirty tricks up the Sorcerer's sleeve like the one that he pulled off back at the Plegia castle. Chrom made a terrible mistake of not paying attention at the worst moment possible when the Sorcerer casted another spell as his last resort. Robin just had enough time to push him out of the way before the spell hits her instead. Fortunately, she didn't die but a few seconds after, she was feeling weird. Her vision was getting strange and she had a hard time hearing Chrom. Before that both realized it, Robin stabbed Chrom in the chest with thunder magic ''This is not your... your fault...'' said weakely Chrom holding his chest, who hasn't realize that Robin was posseded. ''Promise me you will escape from this place. Please now...go.'' he felt on the ground. Despite Validar being dead, Robin could still hear the Sorcerer's laugh. Grima had successfully posseded Robin. The Exalt was on the ground with his legendary sword near him. Grima grinned using his vessel. ''One child of Naga death.'' said the fell dragon, Robin's voice was now distorded because Grima. He had the perfect plan to kill the little girl using the host body as a way to fool the humans. He was about to go outside when he felt someone stabbing him in the back. He turned his head only to see Chrom, who was still alive somehow, using all his remaing strength to impale Grima with the Falchion. He then crumbled on the ground near the fell Dragon. ''I... love you... Lu...cina.'' said Chrom before his eyes turn into lifeless eyes. Grima removed the sword from his body and tossed it aside like a twig, the blow wasn't deadly due to the sword not being blessed by the Awakening. But it was still a wound and it hurts A LOT because his host was human after all. ''Tsh.'' Grima knew it wouldn't even leave a scar once this wound fully heals. It will only delays his inevitable victory and gives the last child of Naga a few more years to breath. Hopefully he would have time to kill her before she has a chance to be at an age to reproduce, not that would matter anyway. He warped to the castle and sealed himself inside a secret chamber so he can begin his recovery using magic. He had no servants to give tasks or feed upon. For now, the Risen will be on their own. The Shepherds managed to hold their ground although a few had to retreat due to severe wounds. But the worst was when they went inside once they realized that neither Chrom or Robin have returned. This is where they made the gruesome discovery. The Shepherds won another battle and resolved another conflict but they paid a high price for this day: their leader was dead and their tactician was missing in action. Chrom's funeral was quiet for the most part; Lucina however was almost screaming at the top of her lungs with grief. Her mother held the child into her chest in an attempt to soothe her but Lucina was inconsolable. Joining the poor little girl was Lissa, Frederick and all of the Shepherds. A funeral who reminded them of Basilio's who died during the Valm conflict. A few days after, Lissa was crowned new Exalt of Ylisse. That event wasn't as cheerful as it should be since the mourning that was still very well present in everyone's mind. The members of the Shepherds who weren't from Ylisse went back to live in their native land: Flavia now ruled alone in Ferox, Virion, who was previouslly a duke, had become a King since him and Cherche helped the people of Valm during a great time of needs. Finally, Tharja was crowned Queen of Plegia with Henry as her right hand. A few days after Lissa's crowning, Frederick was summon to the throne room. The place infested with a very sad atmosphere, Frederick could only wait as he waits for the Council to make their decision. Lucina was playing with her only friend, her cousin Owain while her mother was watching over them. The only thing that was lighting the mood up was Lissa's new outfit, an outfit similiar to Emmeryn's. Her cleric princess outfit was not fitting of her new position. ''Your Highness.'' all the men of the Council turned to Lissa. She alone could apply any decisions, the Council could only suggest solutions and punishements for the Exalt. ''We highly suggest that you remove Frederick from his role as an Exalt's guardien.'' Lucina's mother gasped. ''But Chancellor...'' said Lissa to the man who spoke to her. ''It wasn't Frederick's fault if Robin--'' ''With all due respect, your Highness.'' interrupted the Chancellor. ''I understand clearly your bond and your trust over this man. However, a guardien who fails to protect the Exalt is in our opinion, a fail guardien.'' the man said before adding. ''What's more he had an unique second chance with your brother and yet he has fail once more.'' Lissa groaned in the inside, how harshly of him to speak of Frederick like he was an incompetent. The Knight did many things for her siblings and herself over the years. ''However...'' he continued. ''We would be fools to simply discard his experience. For this reason, I suggest that he keeps his high position in the Shepherd and that he also continues to train the new recruits. And if your Highness could choose another member of the Shepherds as your Guardien if you prefer.'' ''And perhaps Frederick could also become the princess's mentor.'' suggested a member behind the Chancellor. ''But--'' Lissa insisted, it wasn't fair for him at all! ''Lissa wait!'' suddently said Frederick who was silent the whole time. ''I understand how you feel and trust me, I feel it even more. However if the Council wishs to put the blame on me, then for your sake, Lucina's, Owain's and Ylisse's, I'll accept it. What's more those suggestions do not seem so bad at first glance.'' he smiled, he didn't want Lissa to go through a diffucult decision like this one when she just started out as the new Exalt. Lissa hesitated, she knew it was still wrong despite Frederick's resignation. But... she also knew it was for the best. ''Alright Frederick, if you are so sure it's alright than I'll accept those suggestions... I'll also decide who shall be my new guardien soon.'' she decided which made the joy of the Council and made Lucina's mother sighs in frustration while the two childs wonder what is going on. ... A few years later, a enormous group of Risen attacked the capital and the surrounding villages. The Shepherds did everything in their power to stop the multiple assaults, they managed to do so after a few months. However, not only did many soldiers died for their country, many members of the Shepherds suffered the same fate. One of them being Lucina's mother. Upon this day, the princess was now raised by her aunt Lissa and Frederick. ... More years later, Lucina is almost an adult. The princess has a much serious personality than when she was a child, however she still kept her kindness toward others. On Lucina's hair was a tiara, a gift that her mother gave her when she was little and has also become the memento of her mother. Apparently this tiara was once the Hero King Marth's. Her hair was bouncing on her shoulders as she was training with Frederick outside in the back garden. Frederick had trained Lucina to the sword since the day he has become her mentor. Her father had already showed her how to use a sword, Frederick was only helping her improve. Lucina never knew why she had to train until she asked Frederick the question one day, he responded: ''For self-defense''. She trains so often that she almost no longer wears dress (dress that are most of the time not of her taste since dress of her taste are ''very... unique'' according to her aunt), she wears most of the time her training gear: a simple light armor that protect her shoulders, chest, hips and part of her legs. She also has a blue cape that is red in the inside. The two of them were sparring until Frederick sees that Lucina is getting tired. ''A breather, Lucina?'' ''I could use one...'' Lucina dropped her training sword before asking. ''Frederick, do you think one day I'll be equal to my father?'' ''One day you will Lucina, one day you will.'' said certaintly Frederick who almost expected the question. The years had given a few grey hairs but the Great Knight is still in good shape. He looked at the stables briefly, his horse was sadly no longer here to entertain him with her calm look. ''Shall we continue?'' asked Frederick after a moment. ''Yes.'' said Lucina as she picks up the training sword. Frederick is now a bit farway from her. ''Come to me and strike me with your strongest blow!'' Lucina grunted before quickly running up to him and striking him with her sword. ''Remember...'' reminded Frederick. ''Melees weapons all have an advantage and weakness. My axe is weak against your sword for example.'' Lucina did not answer, she was too busy striking him. After a few minutes, Frederick called it for a day. ''Very good Lucina, you are doing good progress. Perhaps soon enough I won't have to hold back anymore.'' said the Great Knight proudly. Lucina sighed in relief, her arms and legs were ''burning'' from the inside. But she felt good despite being a little bit exausted. Not too far away, a short blonde woman is looking at them in her shiny outfit.
  13. Awakening and Fates get a lot of slack in terms of its story telling and writing which I agree the writing has lost quality over the years. I want to know what most of the community see as the golden standard for a good Fe story?
  14. I personally like Alm's route better. I just really hate Desert Maps, and Swamp Maps. And I just like Alm better. Plus keeping Celica's army alive is a pain.
  15. Your favorite games.

    My favorites in the Fire Emblem series are. GBA: Elibe Saga. 2 Smash Characters: Telius Saga. 3DS: Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. (Finally playing it, and enjoying it so far.) Spinoff saga: Warriors. Past Titles: Genealogy of the Holy War.
  16. Hey There!

    Hey there everyone! My name is Lucas and I've been around Serenes Forest for a while, typically just using it as a resource for the games, as well as a resource for finding other Fire Emblem related content, but now I figure is as good a time as any to start trying to be a part of the community in some way, shape, or form. As for a little bit about me, I'm a 24 year old Canadian currently living in the U.K. trying to give my career a kick start and have a little fun while I'm here. As for my Fire Emblem experience, I'm by no means a total expert in the intricacies of the games, but I enjoy them nonetheless and I'd say I'm at least somewhat tactically savvy. My first Fire Emblem game was FE7 from back in middle school, which still remains my favourite installment to date. Not to say I haven't enjoyed the others. I also really like the Tellius games and Echoes. And Heroes, for a different kind of gameplay. I like to challenge myself with different kinds of challenges, but usually ones that get me to use characters that I wouldn't normally use or leave out ones that I would. I'm not one to jump straight into Lunatic mode. Maybe one day lol. I also like to write and have an Awakening fanfiction on the go which I've kind of lost a bit of motivation to continue but hopefully posting on the appropriate forum for that will spark my creative juices again. Look out for it. Hope to hear from some of you on here soon. Lucas
  17. I was watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King recently, and this idea came to me; despite not being true domestic animals, War Elephants were a very powerful force to reckon with in ancient and medieval warfare. With me being a FE fan, I thought that maybe if it could work, a War Elephant would be a very interesting unit-they would effectively be mobile fortresses. Here's how I think they would work: because they are so massive, War Elephants would take up 4 spaces, and on their back they would have a unit wielding a lance, an archer unit, and a unit that throws Spears. I think it would be very disappointing and a missed opportunity if the Elephant itself wasn't used as an enemy, so it would use it's tusks that are attached with swords as a move which is either sword-type or lance type (since they are long like Lances), but I would say sword-type because I think a long pole weapon would be the best kind of melee weapon if you were faced against one of these. The War Elephant's stats would be very high HP, Atk, and Def, decent luck (maybe a high luck stat if Elephants are considered good luck in some cultures), okay resistance, good skill, but low speed. It would move either 5-7 spaces. If you take the Elephant down, you could also take its riders down with it, but this should be very hard to do because of how much help they give it. The War Elephant would also function as a movable high ground, which gives all projectile enemies on top of it at least 1 additional space that their projectile would cover; this means that an enemy with a Spear would cover up to at least 3 spaces, and an enemy unit with a Longbow (because they would have to appear in late-game anyway) would cover up to at least 4 spaces. The Lance wielder would always dual-attack with the War Elephant (another reason why I think that a War Elephant's attack should function as sword-type). If you try to hit it from a distance, you'd also have to deal with the Spear-thrower and Sniper who are highly likely to dual-attack you. I am thinking that because of how powerful they are meant to be, War Elephants should be enemy-only units. The first War Elephant you'd meet would probably be only one as a boss or with the boss riding it, but very late in the game the enemy army could have many War Elephants supported by infantry. In ancient and medieval warfare, the sight of War Elephants was enough to terrify an enemy army and lower morale, they could take on a whole bunch of an enemies soldiers at the same time, so I'd like War Elephants in FE to give the player that feeling of a very intimidating giant walking fortress that they'd really have to strategize in order to take down. However, since Elephants are intelligent animals, they could work where you might be able to recruit an Elephant rider and have the Elephant as a character with some personality (esp. in the supports with their rider), and plus, wouldn't it just be totally satisfying to rampage on your enemy with a gigantic beast and have a mobile fortress of your own?
  18. Destruction of the fire emblem

    What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
  19. This is just stupid.

    Seriously, Sakura being the final boss of Conquest is just very fucking lame. (I don't own this image, don't sue me.)
  20. Roy as a Manakete.

    So let me get this straight, so if Eliwood marries Ninian (Which I believe that he did.) then Roy would be part dragon, wouldn't it be just awesome or completely crazy that Roy can be a Manakete, like Morgan can be if Male Robin marries either Nowi, Nah, or Tiki? I know it is just a silly question, but I'm a little confused about the situation.
  21. NOTE: I will post the builds at a later time. for now, I have stats and a long description. Siegbert: Future King Siegbert has managed to extract himself from his Father's shadow and stand on his own 4 legs, trading away the defensive, Distant Counter Siegfriedfor an offensive, Swift Sparrow 2 Dark Greatsword. Compared to his father Xander has slightly lower defense and Resistance, and significantly reduced health, but slightly increases his Attack and shoots his speed through the roof, being the fastest cavalier to date. His massive power lets him break through and kill nearly every Red unit lacking Wary Fighter, whereas a special proc from Draconic Aura or Dragon Fang let him bust through a significant portion of blue units. With Swift Sparrow 2 in his A slot, he reaches 58/43 Atk/Spd offenses at neutral, allowing him to double any unit with less than 38 base speed. Most importantly however, he is mounted, capable of initating with the range of an infantry mage/archer to improve his offensive niche, and grabbing Hone Cavalry for a mind-blowing 64/49 initiation offense, allowing him to kill just about anyone who isn't wielding Swordbreaker/Wary Fighter, or an incredibly bulky blue. He pays for it however with painfully mediocre HP for a melee unit, and an utterly destructive resistance stat, with only Fredrick's 14 losing to his 15. His mediocre health may let him easily activate Desperation, but his awful Res results in a magic user needing a mere 34 magic to 2HKO him, or 43 for Green mages, a stat every single optimized magic tome reaches. This makes it dangerous for him to rest in the range of any Blade-Tome user when in Desperation range, and the range of Blue Mages, Blue and even Red Dragons are simply off limits to him at all times as he can never reliably take hits from any of them except an unbuffed Blarblade Odin, and he cannot kill either Adult nor Young Tiki on initiation without dying to Quick Riposte. Siegbert is only summonable at 5-stars. However, he has a boosted BST that brings his stats to the level of a lower-BST Infantry unit. Similarly to Sigurd, this gives him a boost in Arena, as he has both that and an exclusive weapon to boost his weighting to that of any usual legendary infantry such as Lucina or Seliph. Overall Pros/Cons Base Kit Builds (Heavily WIP) Legend Bold = Reccomended for build Italics = Distinctly Suboptimal yet possible for build Underlined Bold = Necessary for build Desperate Move (General Offense) Usage: General-Use, Deadly Initiator (Aim to initiate combat, risking life for more likely kills), Endurance(Becomes significantly more capable of killing as time goes on) Our Other Boy (Galeforce Offense) Usage: Arena Offense(Excelling either at point score or at killing meta units) , Safe Initiator (Aim to initiate combat, surviving the fallout almost assuredly alive), Penny Pincher (Budget Offense) Usage: Extremely Cheap (3-4* inherits only, <= 3 inherited units) Deadly Initiator (Aim to initiate combat, risking life for more likely kills)
  22. Hello there! From what I see, the scramble pack lets characters interact in more exciting ways by entering the DLC maps. If this is true, what would be the best way to try out as many interactions as possible without having to start fresh save files? Many thanks!
  23. Lord: Lucina (Awakening.) Paladin: Seth (Sacred Stones.) Great Knight: Fredrick (Awakening.) Sniper: Takumi (Fates.) General: Amelia (Sacred Stones.) Falcon Knight: Florina (Blazing Sword.) Hero: Inigo/Laslow (Awakening/Fates.) Warrior: Garcia (Sacred Stones.) Sage/Onmyoji: Lilina (Binding Blade.) Bishop: Natasha (Sacred Stones.) Assassin: Matthew (Blazing Sword.) Swordmaster: Ryoma (Fates.) Valkyrie/Mage Knight/Strategist: Clarine (Binding Blade.) Bow Knight/Nomadic Trooper: Rath (Blazing Sword.) Berserker: Gonzales (Binding Blade.) Wyvern Lord: Milady (Binding Blade.) Sorcerer/Druid: Henry (Awakening.) Halberdier/Spear Master: Nephinee (Telius Series.) Rouge/Trickster/Adventurer: Sothe (Telius Series.) Dark Knight: Leo (Fates.) Master Ninja: Kaze (Fates.) War Monk/War Cleric: Lissa (Awakening.) Manakete: Tiki (Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem/Awakening.) Other Shapeshifters: Tibarn (Telius games.) Decided to shorten it, because it would take up so much time, and probably fill up the whole comment. What are some of your favorites?
  24. This is a program that will generate a text document with randomized class changes for all of the characters in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Fe 11 instructions 1. Unzip the file 2. Open the dist folder 3. Run the ShadowDragonRandomizer.exe 4. Your randomized list will be Characters.txt in the same folder Post any feedback in the comments below
  25. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    The feeling of having a Genealogy of the Holy War remake could be potentially be a possibility, and the Elibe Saga remake I always wanted, could copy some of the elements Genealogy of the Holy War offered, making the growth rates better than before, and have the units more useful, and not have them easily killed. That would have Roy's shit growths better, and more of the child units more powerful, and I'm hoping that it won't be forced to be like Awakening again, having the Child units being playable at the same time as the parent units, and having an avatar to have "Waifus or Husbandos." and I also want them to make the Legendary Weapons unbreakable, let's wait for Fire Emblem Switch 1st, to see if it is an official installment or a remake, then we'll see if we get a Genealogy of the Holy War remake, and an Elibe Saga remake.