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Found 541 results

  1. Fire Emblem S rank run Chapter 13x

    Here's chapter 13x. That was simple enough. No need for rushing, since no matter what one does, that's 8 more turns to the count. Current turn count stands at 26. Great growths all around as well, so all in all, this was the best outcome possible with only a few exceptions: Marcus got a typical Marcus level, kind of meh. Serra is going well. Rebecca doesn't disapoint Hector being Hector Couldn't care less about Dorcas, but I will put it here anyway Matthew is going places Eliwood wins the contest for biggest growths Same as Marcus, kind of meh. Oswin could be better, but hey, DEF, so isn't bad at least. The strategy involves using Matthew to rescue the village, rather than Marcus, thus leaving him some free time to tank the enemies up north. Guy assists him by getting rid of any obstacles. from there, it was simple, and even got Rebecca to kill the boss, instead of wasting it on Marcus. Is this supposed to be normal? For some reason, the menu is red. Don't remember this happening on my other S rank playthrough
  2. Fire Emblem S rank run Chapter 13

    Since I was informed that people weren't getting aware of my run. I decided to make my topic to be chapter based rather than having the whole run in a single topic. For this chapter, I was aiming for 8 turns, but I ended up with 7. It's possible to do so in 5, but that requires too much rushing and RNG manipulation, and 5 spare turns is already more than good enough, since if combined with ones I've got in the previous chapter, that already negates chapter 11's 0 turn requirements, and there's plenty of turn gold mines in the future to exploit. One of which, requires Eliwood and Hector to level some. It's a pity that Marcus had to get that boss kill, but It would have been too risky to have Hector attack, specially since I got some good level ups. Also saved both villages. Some would abadon the villagers to their fate, but that's just wrong, so I had Oswin save the eastern village.
  3. 1. Fire Emblem 2. Final Fantasy 3. Legend of Zelda 4. Grand Theft auto 5. RPG Maker 6. Dark Souls 7. Skyrim 8. Terraria 9. Durr Lang Raiser 10. Chrono Triggered
  4. I was planning to run through the series on the most difficult modes, but after some thought I realized that I just won't enjoy playing many of them. FE9 Maniac Mode is an absolute slog through far too many enemies and little challenge, FE11 H5 is too difficult and limiting for me to enjoy casually, FE12 Lunatic(+/R) is more of the difficulty in FE11, FE13 Lunatic(+) is again too limiting for me to enjoy casually, & FE14 CQ Lunatic is again crushingly difficult for casual play. Which hard modes do you like, which do you dislike, and why do you like/dislike them?
  5. FE 6 Level Up Animation Error

    Hey all, so I've been modding Fire Emblem 6 and everything is going as I've planned expect one thing. When a character levels up, instead of an arrow pointing up with a 1 next to it, the 1 is some glitchy looking blob. Anyone have any idea what I did do make this happen and how I can fix it?
  6. Both have time travel plots, both have an experiment gone wrong, both have some one travelling in time to warn their father of a dark future, and both Trunks and Lucina wield swords!
  7. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Hello there, I've began a playthrough of Blazing Sword, my goal is to achieve a S ranking for this run, doing so, while making sure to play the game as effectively as I possibly can, meaning that efficiency won't be the main priority in this run. If I can finish the game with only a couple turns to spare, that is my ideal goal. I have made my calculations and assuming things go smoothly, then I should be able to do this run under the 299 turns that I predicted to be my turn limit based on those calculations I've made: Chapter 11: (7 turns) Chapter 12: 8 turns = 8-7 = 1 Chapter 13: 12 turns = 1+ 12 = 13 Chapter 13x: 8 turns = 13 + 8 = 21 Chapter 14: 10 turns = 21 + 10 = 31 Chapter 15: (8 turns) 31 – 8 = 23 Chapter 16: 7 turns 23 + 7 = 30 Chapter 17: 18 turns 30 +18 = 48 Chapter 17x: 10 turns 48 + 10 = 58 Chapter 18: 11 turns 58 + 11 = 69 Chapter 19: 10 turns 69 + 10 = 79 Chapter 19x: 10 turns 79 + 10 = 89 Chapter 19xx: (7 turns) 89 – 7 = 82 Chapter 20: 16 turns 82 + 16 = 98 Chapter 21: 9 turns 98 + 9= 107 Chapter 22: 11 turns 107 + 11 = 118 Chapter 23: 9 turns 118 + 9 = 127 Chapter 23x: 25 turns 127 + 25 = 152 Chapter 24 Linus: 22 turns 152 + 22 = 174 Chapter 25: (8 turns) 174 – 8 = 166 Chapter 26: 12 turns 166 + 12 = 178 Chapter 27: 25 turns 178 + 25 = 203 Chapter 28: 16 turns 203 + 16 = 219 Chapter 28x: 28 turns 219 + 28 = 247 Chapter 29: 20 turns 247 + 20 = 267 Chapter 30: (8 turns) 267 – 8 = 259 Chapter 31: 12 turns 259 + 12 = 271 Chapter 31x: 6 turns 271 + 6 = 277 Chapter 32: 15 turns 277 + 15 = 292 Chapter 32x: (3 turns) 292 – 3 = 289 Chapter Final: 10 turns 289 + 10 = 299 In parenthesis assumes a minimum count number for the 0 turn chapters based on what might be possible for me to do. With this, I have a solid idea on which chapters I should rush and which I shouldn't bother and just aim for a close number. Thus allowing me to achieve a run that isn't more efficient than it needs to be for the rank. I hope with this playthrough to teach people how to get an S rank whitout caring much for LTC. Anyway to get rid of the black background? I pasted this from discord, and it seems it copied the color as well.
  8. So a passing thought what if fire emblem characters could be summoned as Servants to fight in the holy grail war of the fate franchise. Like what classification would each character fit into? what would their noble phantasms be? what do you guys think.
  9. Fire Emblem Board Game

    First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this topic so I am putting it here. I know it isn't a ROM hack or a fan game, but I feel it still falls under Fan Projects. Once I have some progress to show, I'll begin to post some pictures!
  10. LADIES AND FRICKS! MY NAME IS VICETRONIC! And TODAY, I bring you a picture of a parent complaining about a Fire Emblem Fates character! You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and from what ive heard, this isn't the only angry parent complaining about Fire Emblem, so if we're not careful, Fire Emblem could die from money loss!
  11. And I don't mean just the obvious ones that are globally amazing from the beginning nor am I talking about manaketes and such. I was speaking with a friend the other day about our past conquest run, and I discovered he thinks Charlotte is a very bad unit. That kind of shocked me, because in my conquest run Charlotte was such a beast, she was so great I would sometimes throw her in the middle of a group of enemies and she would not only survive with good hp still, but would kill more than half of them, thanks to some crazy good hp, str, spd and crit rate she had. We both played conquest in classic hard, which has less enemies than lunatic mode but definitely more than normal mode. And I didn't have any dlc for lvl grinding. I was very surprised he thought she was so bad. So I was wondering which units from any FE game have you guys ever had that unexpectedly became some of your best and also some of your favorites?
  12. I'm not even gonna pretend I don't still watch the trailer a few times per week, I'm that obssessive when it comes to Fire Emblem. But I just watched the trailer again and this time I noticed something new! So, when Byleth (who I believe is the avatar given that you can choose what Edelgard should train in the trailer and she follows his orders in the map and stuff) does a critical at the end of the trailer, you can see he doesn't even open his mouth or attemps to show an expression or anything even though he's doing a critical. Look: Like it's already weird he doesn't at least change his expression, even the most serious characters in awafates do it, and Byleth is not just whatever unit. But the thing is he never opens his mouth, meaning he doesn't say anything during the critical. He also doesn't talk here: That's kinda like in MyCastle from Fates but it still looks weird when looking at the rest of the trailer and at Byleth's never-changing expression through the whole of it. So, I think we'll be getting a silent avatar! And similar to Mark! What do you think?!
  13. Both are dictators, both are WAY too young to rule a country, both own ridiculously strong armies, and both have propaganda that makes their citizens hate a certain race/religion!
  14. Poll : Fire Emblem's features

    Just choose what you like....
  15. I want to write your FE scripts!

    Hi all, I'm a somewhat frustrated screenwriter looking to try her hand at game writing, and this seems like the right corner of the internet to do that. The Fire Emblem community is incredibly passionate, but one of the most common complaints about these games is that the text boxes are long/exposition heavy, dialog sounds stilted, characters fail to grow, and interesting plot threads are introduced and then immediately dropped. This isn't because people are "bad" at writing, it's because they don't understand that storycraft is its own art-form which requires its own skillset. My goal here isn't to breathe life into some "epic" I've been dreaming up since I rode tricycles; it's to help other people build scripts and stories worthy of the countless hours they're spending on custom classes, new sprites, and revamped weapon systems. So, if you're the kind of person who loves building maps but never knows what to do with the text boxes, give me a shout. I have writing samples of varying size and genre, and I really do want to write your scripts. <3
  16. My Intro

    I am SHSLTryfingCombusken. AKA the Brother from Strink Family. I usually play Fire Emblem (Sacred Stones and Awakening for the most part), so I joined the forest.
  17. 1. Guns: Stuff like Machine guns and sniper riflea 2. Explosives You can bomb your enemies instead of placing landmines like in Fire Emblem 7 3. Flails Has awful accuracy but high might and the brave effect 4. Cudgels Like staves but are weapons And the most important one: 5. Whips: NOW WATCH ME WHIP, NOW WATCH ME NAE NAE.
  18. 1. Dwarf Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underground 2. Mermaid Emblem/Water Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underwater 3. Bird Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in the sky 4. CDC Emblem: A fire emblem game but instead of fighting bad guys, you fight a deadly disease outbreak 5. Internal Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place inside someone 6. Micro Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in a continent that's so small, that you can't even see it 7. Modern Emblem A fire emblem game that takes place in modern times 8. Twilit Emblem: "YOU TAKE THE MOON AND YOU TAKE THE SUN, YOU TAKE EVERYTHING THAT SEEMS LIKE FUN!" 9. Chrono Emblem: A fire emblem game that focuses on time travel (Not Awakening, I mean a fire emblem game that ONLY focuses on time travel) And the most important one: 10. Dank Emblem: A fire emblem game where a kingdom of modern memes like Ugandan Knuckles and Dat Boi fight against the kingdom of old memes like Vegeta and Weegee
  19. Massive Spies attacking your Castle!

    While in the middle of battle, when the start of player's turn, a witch-class generik messenger teleported to the Lord and reported that "My Castle" has been surrounded by massive numbers of enemies. The castle's defenders has been very outnumbered as the report. The Lord and the allied force are unable to retreat from the crucial battle, so the Lord forced to gave orders to the messenger. You are the Lord! Choose wisely! note: Special poll for everyone who seek extra difficulties on Fire Emblem installments. If not strong enough for this poll, then no need to push yourselves!
  20. Favorite Dancer (refresher unit)

    The dancer class is iconic of the Fire Emblem series and I was wondering that, even though they're numerous units with the ability to refresh a unit, if anyone had a favorite(s) that they wanted to share and converse about. Guidelines: Give some sort of explanation as to your pick, it doesn't have to be long. Reasons can range from gameplay performance, aesthetic, availability or just overall appearance and personality. Be respectful
  21. 1. Osmose: Absorbs an enemy's weapon durability 2. Ultima: 20 Might, Ignores defense but has a measly 40 hit 3. Reraise: Automatically revives a unit the next time they die 4. Libra: Reveals the enemy growths of an enemy unit And the most important one: 5. Banish: Dark Magic that banishes an enemy to the Outrealms, preventing them from being revived
  22. Harem / Reverse-Harem

    You are the powerful avatar who aren't satisfied by just have only one S-rank Support. The Lord worries about this since it may potentially affects the morale the troops but can do nothing againts it. So, in order to control the avatar (you), the Lord restricting the avatar to have only one S-rank Support for each type of the class-ranks (excluding the Lord, Bard/Dancer, Songstress, and the frigid Assassin). ********************************************** Please tell your "tales" about you (the avatar) and your "lovers"... Example : Dark Knight, Dark Falcon, Maid, and General decided to contesting their cooking skills for determines who are the best one for avatar about dishes. The avatar still has the meetings with the Lord and the King. When they argued while awaits the avatar, Taguel ate all of the dishes without knew those dishes were for their love-contest.
  23. The ranged-weapons (not magic tomes or staves) in Fire Emblems are commonly use bows. Even crossbows also was existed in RD. In Fates, daggers or shurikens also mainly considered as ranged-weapons even able to used for attack on range 1. The law of weapon-triangle always applied. The sword-axe-lance-sword triangle will always exist. The magic tome triangle anima-light-dark-anima also was existed before, and so many players still missing the magic triangle plays. Now, what about the ranged-weapon triangle? We just have a simple idea about the completions of the weapon triangle types, including it will make the Fire Emblem has able to developing more various or returning old classes in their future installments. The crossbows might be able to treated as a different weapon-type later, so the weapon triangle might perhaps would became bow-crossbow-dagger-bow (which might made the Sniper class has two different weapon proficiencies : bow and crossbow. And it would be great if Ranger class would be applied so well and returned beside GBA's spellcaster classes. Bow Knight - bow and sword. Ranger - crossbow and sword). The effectiveness : it's a common knowledge those bows are effective againts fliers, and daggers has low damage output. Let them be that way. The different is, just make the crossbows not effective againts fliers (since it basically designed only for shooting straight forward at the max.angle) but instead just make them effective againts cavalries. Let the daggers damage outputs basically low but just make them effective againts infantries. It's for balancing wise, beside, some historical records said that the cavalry troops might be effective to charging the legions of archers, but different story when they facing the lines of crossbowmen. And about the daggers, despise they were used on battlefields or not, were almost never used againts targets which still on horseback since it would be much less effective. Armor-class might be exception because they were basically different class than other infantries even they also fights on their feet. They already had their own weaknesses, beside, logically, throwing daggers againts Armor-class would be never effective (daggers here treated as ranged weapon). Maybe someone has talk about these topics before. But still, we believes that anyone here have better opinion than us, and please just share with us.... Thank you before and best regards.
  24. Click to look at Fódlan! Ok, so, here's the map of Fódlan(?), right. So, this continent goes on right? Click to look at the surroundings of Fódlan! And to the east there's a continent named Palmica. I might be crazy, but doesn't Palmica look strangely like... Click here to look at FE 10 Tellius Map! But reversed, I guess. What is "Palmica" Could easily be Begnion and Daein, with the southern Islands being those islands that we see below Palmica(don't judge my spelling okay, reading what the map says is difficult). Leicester in the east of Fódlan is slightly brighter than the rest of the map suggesting a desert, and then in the Tellius Saga they clearly state that there is a desert to the east. I mean it's kind of a long shot, and there would have to be a reason for Tellius to be flipped on Fódlan's map(it could be as easy as it's simply just perspective). Or, I might just be crazy. But, I've been thinking about this like all day. (All of the links except the surrounding Fódlan one should just be Serenes Forest links so they should really not be harmful)
  25. This is just my take on it from what I gathered with the trailer! The description says this is a country ruled by the church of Seiros, who was the woman who received a gift by the goddess, meaning the kingdom is a theocracy. First, it seems a lot of people think the lady at the beginning with the dragon crown is the goddess herself, but if you take a look at her clothes, you'll notice they're identical to the ones Seiros is wearing on the painting: Meaning the lady is actually the descendant of Seiros or Seiros herself, and that along with the crown means she's the queen ruling over this kingdom, since, as the description says, the kingdom is ruled by the church of Seiros. Now this queen is clearly at war with some other people with some barbaric designs; one of them even tried to attack her and a soldier stopped him. It can be assumed some are not happy with the church ruling over them, which is of course to be expected. But what I noticed through the trailer is that our three key characters (Edelgarde, Claude and Dimitri) are also shown fighting against the kingdom. Dimitri and Claude are shown fighting against an unit called "Kingdom soldier", whose design correspond with the same one who was defending the queen. Edelgarde, on the other hand, is seen fighting against Mercedes, whose clothes look to me kind of like that of a nun, and her overall design fits better that of the church than that of the enemies with their barbaric designs: Then we have Edelgarde talking about what a horrible world it was, and she says: "some believe the crests, tokens of the goddess' power, are necessary to maintain order. But they're wrong. The crests are to blame." Meaning she doesn't agree with the church at least partially. She would later warn her teacher that if they're to follow "this path", one misstep would take them to ruin. And speaking about the teacher. His name is Byleth, which is another name for Beleth, the king of Hell, who had a vast knowledge and the ability to command legions, which agrees with him both being a teacher and a tactician, so it's not a coincidence. But the fact it comes from a demon lord makes it ideal for him to be the one going against the church and the goddess it serves. Byleth can be seen fighting against a kingdom soldier too, with a design also seen before: So what I want to make clear is that, maybe not at the beginning, but at some point, our three key characters will be on the same side, fighting the church, so it's not like Fates in which you choose sides, and it will not be a war against the houses, but against the church. Also, since Edelgard represents Spring (according to the japanese title, which is Four Seasons), it will probably start with her, then we'll get Claude (Autumn) at our side and lastly, Dimitri (Winter). As for the queen, I don't mean to say she's evil. Maybe she's wrong, or waiting for something, it's happened in past games. But it did striked me as weird that she, who looks so benevolent, like Elice or Emmeryn or something, shows no sign of sadness or pain while watching the massacre unfolding around her, her face doesn't even show seriousness or severity, nothing. It doesn't mean much now, just that it's weird. Sorry for the links instead of the images, and for any grammatical errors, since English is not my first language. And well... that's my take. If all of this was already discussed somewhere, I'm sorry, I get lost easily! If not, I would love to talk about it, your own thoughts and theories, I just want to talk about this game so bad haha. Thank you for reading!