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Found 383 results

  1. So i was wondering, is it possible to get both Sonya and Deen in a single playthrough? Cause i though i heard in gaiden either one would join you later, but if not, then whatever
  2. As some of you may already have seen, I asked for some tips for an FE7 Ironman playthrough on here that I was planning to do on YouTube, and here it is! Part 1: Lyn Mode - Prologue: Rules: ► Standard Ironman rules: no resets, no restarts, no do-overs. If someone dies, they're dead forever. ► LORDS CLAUSE: If a Lord dies, I'll restart the chapter and the game will continue, but a character will be chosen to be sacrificed in their place - choices will be included in a poll on here, YouTube and Twitter so that you viewers can decide who that should be. ► You're free to discuss anything but please no spoilers for Fire Emblem Conquest or Revelations - I've pretty much finished Birthright, but I've still not started the other two! As I'm starting from a fresh game on the Wii U Virtual Console, I'll be playing on Lyn Easy Mode (the forced tutorial) and Eliwood Normal Mode, and I'll be following the story but have battle animations turned off until Eliwood's Mode (unless requested otherwise by popular demand). I'm planning to record videos on a chapter by chapter basis, but for longer chapters I'll split them up into Part 1, Part 2 etc. if they're going to be longer than 30 minutes. I should hopefully have videos uploaded on a daily to every-two-days basis (it depends on what our channel's schedule is like, we're currently playing through the Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel DLC as well). Hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am! Archive of episodes:
  3. Uh well after all the time spent on it finally, finally I feel it is ready and completed. The final version of my Fire Emblem hack project. I call it Fire Emblem 4: Overpowered. As the name suggests things are overpowered in this hack in fact everything is player characters and enemies especially everything is inflated in some way affectively becoming broken. Now the concept of my hack may turn a few of you off due to it`s nature but my earlier version actually had some people actually love the overpowered characters and stuff. So I hope more will feel the same with this final one. This is my first ever hack and it really isn`t supposed to be all that serious a project if it was I would have done something much large scale than this. This hack is pretty much for a few laughs as some of the edits I did are crazy as heck this is pretty much fire emblem on crack or something haha Sigurd`s hair is even purple in this. This hack was largely done out of my love of Holy Weapons I always loved how epic it was in FE4 when you fought against someone like Ishtar or someone and you would face them down with a holy weapon or your own and that epic white flash would come across the screen for both of you. I`ll make a short list of changes in this hack here the rest you can see in the readme file I have included with the patch please do read the readme there is vital info inside that needs to be known and I address a few things about the hack in there too. Also another note about this hack it can be patched to english with an english I tested it by downloading an english patch from here it works. Because I have had many people constantly ask me is there an english patch for this hack so yes you can patch over it again and turn it english everything remains intact in the hack. Patch Download: *Almost everyone has a holy weapon enemies included there are also fake holy weapons in here most are strong silver weapons or magic spells that give the same bonuses but have inferior attack power and accuracy. *Almost every deleted or unused skill or item are brought back here everything from the Silence Sword to Darkness Sword skill and Holy Sword. Ah and the Great Arch is revived here too basically the strongest Ballista type enemy that just never made it in the final release of the original game don`t know why. I woulda have included the charm staff and thief staff too but those are impossible since they just lock the thing up and freeze it. *Substitute characters don`t suck anymore. They are actually worth using however still inferior in ways to the regular children. they have inferior skill sets most of them and in this game skills are vital especially stuff like awareness and charisma. Awareness is a godsend in this hack because a lot of weapons now do extra damage to certain classes or enemies have the critical skill which is insta death so pay attention to special skills. *More love options. Altenna can now be paired up and Yuria can too no more relying on the jealousy system you can pair her up normally. The substitute units can also be paired with literally anyone yes even sibling pairups so yep sums that up. *Oddly colored maps yeah remember how I said this is like if fire emblem is on crack or something I think the colors of some of the maps I did shows that for sure don`t be shocked at weird colored water and stuff. *you can now do the triangle attack there are 2 sets Fin, Ethlin & Cuan and then there is Celice, Leaf & Aless *Almost everyone can class change so keep an eye for that. Even pre promoted units like Cuan or Hannibal can change classes. Also Diadora can class change too no longer is she locked to Shaman. Speaking of Diadora you can now sell her Circlet. *Almost every Holy Weapon can be sold and passed around. Most all Holy weapons are merely A rank weapons now. The only ones I left locked are Naga and Loptousu because they are both way too OP even for this game standards to just be passed around. So be careful with Loptousu as you only get 1 from a village and the person must have major Lopto blood to use if not you are screwed as ya can`t sell it in the shop. If you are curious to what village it`s the village on chapter 9 that has Loptousu your gonna want that. But keep it away from Tyrfing and Naga yes Tyrfing negates Lopto`s affects so only 2 threats and well..critical hits those will do it. Anyway I think that about sums up this hack again be sure to check the readme file and hope some of you actually enjoy this little silly project. I`ll leave a few screen shots and video footage of the gameplay so you can see how it plays out as I am also recording gameplay of it to show it off.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm back with another interview. This time it's Kyle McCarley, the voice of Alm in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia as well as Fire Emblem Heroes. He also did Soren's voice for Heroes. He gave some incredibly in depth answers about the process of auditioning and recording for Echoes and Heroes. He also had some really cool insights about Alm's character that he does without getting into any spoilers. I had a blast conducting it and hope you enjoy it too.
  5. Is the second wave of DLC out for english yet? Or will it be later today?
  6. What's your least favorite character in the whole series itself? Personally, my least favorite is most likely Peri (FE FATES)
  7. Hey folks! So here, I'll be linking my new Youtube Fire Emblem series. Tentatively called "Support Science" It's pretty straightforward. It's a review/top list/critical analysis of my favorite supports for any particular character in Fire Emblem. The first video is about Azura! Take a look!
  8. Are support conversations limited in the game? I hope not.
  9. Oh boy, here we go. Path of Radiance was a game in this series that I always really liked, but due to my poor handling of CDs as a kid I never had the chance to play through it fully beyond that first time years ago. Finally, I had the chance to play it again to refresh myself, and thought, "Wait, wasn't there supposed to be a super difficult Japanese exclusive mode never seen in the West?" Enter: Maniac Mode. In this first part, I do the first 3 maps of the game and we start to get a look at some of our units. Already I can feel some of the difficulty increase, but it's nothing too crazy just yet. On I side note, since I'm playing this in part to see if this game holds up after not touching it since 2005/2006, I have to say that I really like the strong sense of characterization your units get right off the bat. It's pretty coo'. I can't believe that I forgot to mention this, but if anyone interested in this wants to see a particular unit then go for it. I almost made this into a PMU, but like I say I haven't played this in years so I wanted to be able to at least use some units that would be guaranteed to be good. Pick Some of My Units doesn't have as nice a ring to it, but there ya go. I'll do me best to raise any requested character within reason. Except Boyd. Okay, yes, even Boyd.
  10. Fire Emblem: The Blade's Legacy So, about one year ago, after being a FE fan and lurking these forums for a very long time, I decided to try and make a Fire Emblem hack of my own. The hack's release was nothing short of a trainwreck, so I lost interest in hacking for a long time. However, the hack stuck on my mind, and I finally decided to work on it again and make a second patch, which ironed out some bugs, rebalanced some things, slightly changed some text, and added 5 brand-new chapters! Oh, and I also changed the name of the hack, because Fire Emblem: Spreading Flames was a dumb name. This hack has: custom events, story, maps, names, portraits, chapters, battle palletes and two custom animation made by me. ---------- The story follows an ongoing war where the eastern kingdons of the continent of Rozar band together to defend against Uhanda, a invading country from the Uhandan Desert, which is seen by the Rozarians as a country of barbarians. The story is about the struggles of Zofia, a petty kingdon in Eastern Rozar as it tries to survive the conflict despite all odds. ------Screenshots------ -------Download------- LINK TO THE PATCH The patch goes up to Chapter 8 and contains 12 chapters, including the Prologue, a route split, and two gaiden chapters. Patch it to FE7 btw. -------Credits------ Arch, Blazer and Primefusion for their tutorials Agro, Primefusion and others I can't think of right now for kindly answering my questions circleseverywhere for the Enemy Range Display Hacks Brendor for the str/mag animation fix jjl2357 for the Weapon Rank Display Hack eCut and Skitty of Time for the Female Berzerker animation The Blind Archer for the Halberdier 2.0 animation MarkyJoe1990 and Feaw for the Female Shaman animation A Nintenlord for a few of his patches The creators of FEditor, Event Assembler, GBAGE, FE Recolor, Nightmare Modules, FE Map Creator, BSPallete Assembler, NUPS, etc Probably more people I forgot And Blazer and MarkyJoe1990 for inspiring me to make this hack ------------------ I didn't have anyone else to do playtesting, debugging for me, so any feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated, also, don't expect too much from the story, as I'm a terrible writer and didn't really have a vision while making it.
  11. I just got fire emblem birthright and downloaded conquest, and I have an opportunity to use the dread fighter item on mozu. Should I wait and use a heart seal or use the dread scroll?
  12. So I dont know if you've seen the article or videos about the rts fire emblem planned after radiant dawn. But I thought what if this new game implents or becomes, something akin to what that game was originally going to be. Would you like that type of game, as a sequel to rd, or even part of the fire emblem franchise at all?
  13. General Thread Update: -OP to be reworked... 6/26/16 -Polls down, thanks for the feedback! :) 6/7/16 -Feedback polls up 5/27/16 So yeah. Working on a concept called Fire Emblem: Book of Exiles.These were the previous plans... they still apply but with some tweaks. [spoiler=Old General Plan]Plan is to release the eventual patches in a three finalized patch format. So as three "books." Book 1: Exile's Journey. Basically intro, a couple chapters for each Lord to give an overview of the situation and overall plot. Book 2: Exiles' Odyssey. Main game, three Lord chapters playable in any order. Book 3: Exiled Legacy. Finale, fourth Lord unlocked. Finale where all the Lords come together once all Lord tales complete. The Lords/Protagonists are: Quinton. Raynah. Saelamendron. And 'Winter"... A royal knight on patrol. A mercenary swordswoman. A wandering prince... And a mysterious mage. All their journeys will lead them together and to their destinies as recorded in the Book of Exiles. It will feature an original storyline, additional and newly balanced classes, and gameplay. All portraits used will be custom-made, with several new animations and battle sprite reskins. First beta hopefully released in a years time or so. ...and that's the basic outline at the moment. :) ----- [spoiler=GENERAL FAQ] What will be in the Beta/Teaser patch? -Beta patch will include 1 chapter each for the four respective Lords, and an introductory prologue chapter to the world itself. Where do you get your mugs, sprites, etc? -I am a Sprite Artist more so than game designer, and have been since 2006, with a total of at least 4 years of total spriting, design and artwork experience factoring in times in which I stepped back from the hobby... So I would not claim to be the best by any means, but I feel I can do a lil bit of everything somewhat competently. Wow! Character mug A/Battle sprite B/Animation C looks great! Can I use it in my hack or base something off of it? -After having done spriting for so many years and feeling a desire to see my work helpful and actively being used, I would be very flattered if you wanted to utilize some of my stuff. I would ask with the mugs used, that they remain unique to this project, along with the Lord sprites. So please do not use one of my art pieces and call it something else. That said, any of my public domain pieces like non-Lord battle and overworld sprites can be freely used if it is marked Public Domain/Open Source/Free Use. all I would ask for would be a mention/some credit and to be informed of the project/usage. I would love to see what others can come up with! :D Same goes for edits to any of the public domain sprites of mine in this project. Please just let me know, would love to help someone else develop something great! ;) Please note the credits for info on public and private domain artwork used in this Back, as not all works will be mine to share publically without permission of the original creator. You suck, your sprites suck, your story sucks, your jokes suck, why do you suck so much? -Vacuum cleaners. *rimshot* but yeah, that wasn't a question as much as an attack. Hopefully you will be have fun with what I come up with here, if not it you have some suggestions, critique, advice, comments... Go right ahead. I am a big boy, I can handle criticism, as long as it is not turned into some form of personal attack. But I hope you enjoy this work, and would love to hear ways to improve it! :D Cool stuff... Can I help in any way? Sure! Any help, advice, or tweaks with gameplay, hacking, story, sprites would be very much appreciated, and I will make sure to credit you for your assistance. ----- Anyways thanks for reading. Hope you were intrigued. Please lemme know what you think or any comments or questions you may have. As I often say in my spriting thread thank you for any and all feedback! All comments, criticism, critiques, critical thinking, streams of consciousness and cookies are very much appreciated. ;)
  14. Hi there! So a while back, I met some guys interested in making a hack. Together, we thought up the storyline, the characters, and most of the maps. While it's not done yet (meaning we don't at least have a patch ready), I would like to draw it to your attention. ​What is it about? ​​​Do you remember FE4 and how it was split up into two generations? Our hack is very similar to that. In the first generation, you follow Griffith, who has escaped his home country while it was being invaded, and his journey to try and challenge the Empire. In the second generation, you will follow Aurelio as he finishes what his father started and head off to challenge the Empire....too. Progress As far as I know, we are mostly done with the development. However, right now, I'm waiting for someone to install my Internet ;-;. Don't worry, as soon as I do have it, we'll begin giving you some updates and, probably soon, a patch. I'm hoping that we will have a public beta ready before the next FEE3. If you have any questions like the stories, gameplay, characters, etc., just post them here. Thank you for your time.
  15. So, I posted on here a while back about my Fire Emblem d100 all the way back here and I haven't really posted anything about it since then. So what happened? Well, I ended up doing a major overhaul of the entire system, changing it around (and removing all of the "Fire Emblem" brand name so it can be published as its own thing, but it still mimics the series in regards to game mechanics and stays true to the series in many aspects). I made the QUARTS SRD for the purpose of making it easy to access, easy to read, and most of all easy to use. Before, people needed to download the PDF which was available but required signing up for the sites which had the PDF available. Since not everyone is willing to download the system, I figured it'd be best to consolidate it to a full site and make everything available in one place. I've done about a year or so of testing for this system (combining the testing time of FEd100 and QUARTS together since one lead to another), and ultimately I think the game is at a point where I'm satisfied at...for now. The system as it is now is meant to take aspects from many of the different games in the series. It includes branched promotion, 3rd tier classes, advanced classes (1-30 but don't promote), Shifters (they fill in the Laguz/Manakete/etc. role), the trinity of magic from the GBA games, SS Rank weapons, and recruit classes from FE8. Some of the new additions include the following: alternate rules to change the playstyle of the game, abilities which characters gain that are similar to skills, Stamina Point and Magic Point systems which power some abilities characters gain, many different races to pick from, Gunslingers (matchbox/flintlock guns), roleplay skills such as Athletics and Deception, and a Bestiary with ways to create monsters of each type. I'm looking for opinions from people, and if people actually decide to run it I'd like to know how it went and if people feel the system is similar enough to Fire Emblem for their tastes or if it strays too far. The Roll20 character sheet for the system is here.
  16. Looking for edits for a Fire Emblem 7 ROM. List those edits and I'll pick the best ones and interesting ones. If you want me to change names of weapons or characters or change the portraits of certain characters, I'll have my editor: Chaos Slicer do it (major thanks for helping me btw).Also, the growth rates of enemies will be increased by 20% so keep that in mind when you play HHM.List your edits here or message them personally to me. With the way things have been going so far with this PME, I might make this into a type of ROM Hack. I don't know if I want to call it ZIGLUDO Emblem or Fire Emblem:ZIGLUDO and Hector's Tales HERE IS A LINK TO THE EDITS SO FAR: HERE IS A LINK TO THE DEMO PATCH: PME chapter *Demo Patch for this goes up to New Resolve *Recommended that you play ZIGLUDO or Hector's stories first because Lyn story unit are/is entirely different from ZIGLUDO and Hector's.
  17. I recently got into this fandom, and I seem to be drawn to the characters in non-human classes. I personally like the Manakete (even though I could never be one because I'm male and it seems to be a female only class), but I was wondering which was the most popular.
  18. So i have to ask what is a good unit to counter takumi with he's way to op.
  19. To spice up my love for fire emblem 7, I decided to try out nightmare. I switched Eliwood for Nino, class and everything but I can't seem to sieze the throne. Even if I give the lord ability to nino and her classes. Please help?
  20. So as a fan of the series I should think everyone should have a General something they are proud of by now when collecting merchandise. So my question to you is what do you have that you are prideful of. For me it would be my complete hard copies of path of radiance and radiant dawn.
  21. I was curious to see some opinions of fire emblem 5. I never liked it due to the fact that some characters were almost unusable, and for me, the game is just boring. No character except for the main characters had any characterization, the map design was bad, (in my opinion) and the game was really unbalanced. I liked the crusader scrolls, and this game gets some credit for adding fog of war, but that's all I liked. So why do you like or dislike this game?
  22. I got the idea to do this from this Reddit thread, who borrowed the format from Mekkkah Somehow it ended up with me quoting even my own words gg me, learn to format. Round 1 Result Best Blazing Blade/Sword Middle Fates Revelations Worst You cannot vote for things already placed. Just a general message out there. Round 2 results Best Blazing Blade/Sword Thracia 776 Middle Dark Dragon and the Blade of Light Fates Revelations Worst Round 3 results Best Blazing Blade/Sword Thracia 776 Sacred Stones Middle Gaiden Dark Dragon and the Blade of Light Fates Revelations Worst Vote for 4th Best & 4th Worst. Without using the games already scored. Round 4 Results Best Blazing Blade/Sword Thracia 776 Sacred Stones Genealogy of the Holy War Middle Shadow Dragon Gaiden Dark Dragon and the Blade of Light Fates Revelations Worst
  23. aaaand now you know when Marcus maxes his stats...
  24. So out of general curisoity; we all know that there will be cg cutscenes made by studio khara that will be animated. I actually have been thinking about this for a while and would love to see it happen. If nintendo ever got a good studio to animate it; how many here would like an actual fire emblem anime, if done right I think it could totally work. I think it could furthermore because the glimpses shown of the game cutscenes in the trailers actually look decent and that it could possibly have some potential. Anyway what do you think yay or a big fat no.
  25. ok, I finished the game for the first time( amazing game). but the ending got this weird text( probably because of translation maybe?) afer seizing the final castle and then froze on this screen. Is it a bug or maybe it was a translation bug?