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Found 406 results

  1. I thought this would be a fun thing to do. So basically you rate the Fire Emblem soundtrack posted above you from whatever scale you want, preferably 1-10, and then you post your favorite soundtrack from any of the Fire Emblem games. Avoid posting excessively long videos or loops unless its the only way to post the song. Of course I will post first:
  2. Oh boy, here we go. Path of Radiance was a game in this series that I always really liked, but due to my poor handling of CDs as a kid I never had the chance to play through it fully beyond that first time years ago. Finally, I had the chance to play it again to refresh myself, and thought, "Wait, wasn't there supposed to be a super difficult Japanese exclusive mode never seen in the West?" Enter: Maniac Mode. In this first part, I do the first 3 maps of the game and we start to get a look at some of our units. Already I can feel some of the difficulty increase, but it's nothing too crazy just yet. On I side note, since I'm playing this in part to see if this game holds up after not touching it since 2005/2006, I have to say that I really like the strong sense of characterization your units get right off the bat. It's pretty coo'. I can't believe that I forgot to mention this, but if anyone interested in this wants to see a particular unit then go for it. I almost made this into a PMU, but like I say I haven't played this in years so I wanted to be able to at least use some units that would be guaranteed to be good. Pick Some of My Units doesn't have as nice a ring to it, but there ya go. I'll do me best to raise any requested character within reason. Except Boyd. Okay, yes, even Boyd. Full Playlist Individual Chapters/Parts
  3. What's your least favorite character in the whole series itself? Personally, my least favorite is most likely Peri (FE FATES)
  4. Hello Serenesforest, and welcome to Rex Glacies’ first (of sorts; depending on what is being referred to as “first”) playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones! The Sacred Stones is, I believe, well liked in the fandom; it is largely regarded as one of the better stories in the series, and hails one of the most tragic and well rounded villains in Fire Emblem. My experience with it is also kinda unique. After finishing Awakening a couple of years ago, I wanted to know more about Fire Emblem, which led me to watch a walkthrough of The Sacred Stones. Fairly recently as well, I emulated the game on my computer, but I only got so far before the “legally ambiguous” nature of the emulator caught up with me, and I deleted it (I also got stuck, and my computer was slow). So, what that means is that this isn’t a blind playthough - I know most of what will happen. However, I will still try to keep things spoiler free as I play through the story. I have been debating as to whether I should do a playthrough of this game or Shadows of Valentia. I decided on this one because I know this game better, chapters might be easier to organize than Shadows of Valentia’s “Acts,” and, since this is on the Wii U, I’ll be able to take more pictures. I also got Sacred Stones as a My Nintendo discount and don't yet have Shadows of Valentia. Also of note: this is the first time I’ve done a playthrough like this, so feedback, criticism, and suggestions are all welcome and encouraged. Anyway, enough backstory! To the game itself! ... Next post!
  5. So, what are your thoughts of his main presence, role in the games?
  6. What is FE Shards of Destiny Fire Emblem: Sanctus Sanguis is a FE7 Rom Hack made by Me and Atilla The following is what is expected to be present in the hack. New Story New Characters New And Old Items New Maps New Music(Possibly) CGs(Hopefully) New Mugs Returning Characters Intense Difficulty New Sprites Introduction More Info??? Currently development has yet to be started, due to my belief that story elements are the most important of any Fire Emblem game. As such, I will be often switching between Story Development and game development to not be behind for my planned release. I may possibly submit this Rom Hack into FEE3 2017. A Sample of the Story and Gameplay? A trailer? Who knows?? I'll also post updates on this current post, like Character Showings, Story Elements, and Possible Screenshots of How the Game is looking! Need Any Help? Help Is always appreciated. I will be looking for helpers in order to get this project done. if you are a fellow rom hacker, I would love your help and advice! PM me if you're interested in helping. We don't need a lot of help, just enough to help this project get moving for FEE3 2017! Anyways, Thank you for Reading this Post and we hope you're excited for this great and upcoming project! Questions? Comments? Let me know down below! ill try to answer ASAP and to the best of my ability! UPDATE #1 I've Started on Working on the Prologue of the Rom Hack. I have all three Starting Characters ready and some Text that includes plot have been inserted. I will be showing down below What the Main Character Looks like.
  7. NOTE: This is an old release. Please get v2.1 Here it is; The beta release of a project that took way too many stressful days to complete... It unintentionally re-balances most of the units in FE6... "FIRE EMBLEM: THE BINDING BLADE" CANONIZATION PROJECT now in public beta ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introduction This is a project I've been working on for the past few days; adding FE4-like generation mechanics to FE6. Now, because I don't feel like frankensteining two GBA roms together, a few days ago I asked /r/FireEmblem to give me their favorite FE7 pairings (that lead to children in FE6). After calculating growths and base stats using the awakening formulae, I inserted those changed stats into the game via Nightmare. In addition to this, I gave all returning units from FE7 their FE7 growths, so now Bartre is more usable and Karel is a shining turd (sorry karel fans). I also took a leif from the FE4 inheritance book, and gave all children characters an item or weapon from their parents' inventory (Geese also gets a Killer Axe from Geitz). With these introduction thoughts out of the way, here are the pairings that /r/FireEmblem gave me; ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pairings Eliwood x Ninian Hector x Farina Rath x Lyn (Lyn is only possible mother for Sue) Nino x Erk (Jaffar Soon™) Rebecca x Lowen Hawkeye x ??? Bartre x Karla (already canon) Pent x Louise (already canon) Canas x ??? Harken x Isadora (May or may not be implemented) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELEASE (OPEN BETA) Patch: Binding Blade Canonization Patch Note: Please apply this patch on top of a ROM that has already been patched with the latest translation, failing to do so will result in error while trying to access certain content. Excel Document Reflecting Changed Stats and Growths: Word Document Reflecting Changed Factors: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know of any bugs or errors, as this is my first hack. Also, if someone requests it, I will change the other Manga weapons to reflect fan-favorite FE7 characters. Gant's Lance is now Lowen's Pike and appears in Wolt's starting inventory, so the ones left are the Staff and the Sword. Thank you, and enjoy! Also, the reason this is in beta is because I had some problems with editing starting stats before, and I need conformation that the children characters after the first chapter turned out the way I wanted to. Please compare the starting stats of changed units with the excel sheet linked above. COMING SOON: Adjusted pairings (Nino x Jaffar), but using Erk's magic growth because fuck that 15% Name patch to match with Heroes. Will release a separate patch with just the name changes. Binding Blade Canonization Patch
  8. So I have a question, are there canon genders for the avatars in awakening and fates. If so what are they because I am so confused mostly about the fates canon.
  9. Hey folks! So here, I'll be linking my new Youtube Fire Emblem series. Tentatively called "Support Science" It's pretty straightforward. It's a review/top list/critical analysis of my favorite supports for any particular character in Fire Emblem. The first video is about Azura! Take a look!
  10. So I have a question, are there canon genders for the avatars in both awakening and fates? If so what are they I am so confused.
  11. So I have a question, are there canon genders for the avatars in both awakening and fates? If so what are they I am so confused.
  12. So I have a question, are there canon genders for the avatars in both awakening and fates? If so what are they I am so confused.
  13. I've been wondering if the dialogue choices in this game even matter, since Fire Emblem Awakening had some choices but only the last one mattered. In the game the dialogue choices make me think that there's a hidden romance system, so i'm wondering if the choices have any effect on the story besides the dialogue.
  14. I went and made a thing where virtually all of the non-dummied out classes exist alongside one another and added a few third tier classes that didn't exist before (I also ended up finishing the stat caps and growth rates for the 0th and 1st tier classes). If you guys think I did good enough then that's cool; I just wanted to show off something that you guys could talk about for the time being. The files are attached below. 0thTierClasses.txt 1stTierClasses.txt OriginalNameClasses.txt
  15. Why is Idun not a playable character on FE6 and if she was one why didn't her dragonstone sound Right
  16. Art by Avraxas Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring Read this for all the information you need to know OR you can watch the announcement video!
  17. What should the themes or central theme be in Fire Emblem Switch? As a fan of Mike Babcock, a hockey coach who makes excellent soundbites, I want a theme where doing good things and good things happen to you. If you work hard and perform well, good luck happens to you. I'll say more on this idea later
  18. So I'm at the point in the story after Draug is defeated, so Class Change was just introduced. I'm pretty confused with how this works. So as in Fire Emblem games, you use a master seal to become an advanced class, but then in order to re-class, you would use a Second Seal (as in Awakening), so do the Second Seals exist in this game? The reason I ask is because in Awakening I liked to use the Master Seal to make them into the secondary advanced class first, and then they're primary advanced class (for example, making Sumia or Cordelia go become a Dark Flier 1st to get Galeforce, and then later reclass into Falcon Knight). So is this concept still relevant in Tokyo Mirage Sessions? Since this game seems to have a lot more grinding, it's seems like a difficult choice. I thought I would make Itsuki a Great Lord, since that's what Chrom should be, but then after reading the description as Great Lord is described as a support unit, and conqueror is more of an attack unit, which I think Itsuki is better suited for, now I'm confused. I'm assuming re-classing would open up new weapon options (since that's the way you get skills) depending on which class you pick, so I'd like to know what's the optimal choice here (with all characters). When I get to the final boss, I like to have the best possible skills and be at the highest level I can be (or close to anyway), and say if I want to only have one playthrough, can I unlock everything in one go?
  19. So I just got my hands on a way to play GBA version FE7? I don't know what number it is but it is the GBA version, I'm extremely excited but I was just wondering if there were any tips and/or tricks to not screwing up since the units die and stay dead in the older games.
  20. General Thread Update: -OP to be reworked... 6/26/16 -Polls down, thanks for the feedback! :) 6/7/16 -Feedback polls up 5/27/16 So yeah. Working on a concept called Fire Emblem: Book of Exiles.These were the previous plans... they still apply but with some tweaks. [spoiler=Old General Plan]Plan is to release the eventual patches in a three finalized patch format. So as three "books." Book 1: Exile's Journey. Basically intro, a couple chapters for each Lord to give an overview of the situation and overall plot. Book 2: Exiles' Odyssey. Main game, three Lord chapters playable in any order. Book 3: Exiled Legacy. Finale, fourth Lord unlocked. Finale where all the Lords come together once all Lord tales complete. The Lords/Protagonists are: Quinton. Raynah. Saelamendron. And 'Winter"... A royal knight on patrol. A mercenary swordswoman. A wandering prince... And a mysterious mage. All their journeys will lead them together and to their destinies as recorded in the Book of Exiles. It will feature an original storyline, additional and newly balanced classes, and gameplay. All portraits used will be custom-made, with several new animations and battle sprite reskins. First beta hopefully released in a years time or so. ...and that's the basic outline at the moment. :) ----- [spoiler=GENERAL FAQ] What will be in the Beta/Teaser patch? -Beta patch will include 1 chapter each for the four respective Lords, and an introductory prologue chapter to the world itself. Where do you get your mugs, sprites, etc? -I am a Sprite Artist more so than game designer, and have been since 2006, with a total of at least 4 years of total spriting, design and artwork experience factoring in times in which I stepped back from the hobby... So I would not claim to be the best by any means, but I feel I can do a lil bit of everything somewhat competently. Wow! Character mug A/Battle sprite B/Animation C looks great! Can I use it in my hack or base something off of it? -After having done spriting for so many years and feeling a desire to see my work helpful and actively being used, I would be very flattered if you wanted to utilize some of my stuff. I would ask with the mugs used, that they remain unique to this project, along with the Lord sprites. So please do not use one of my art pieces and call it something else. That said, any of my public domain pieces like non-Lord battle and overworld sprites can be freely used if it is marked Public Domain/Open Source/Free Use. all I would ask for would be a mention/some credit and to be informed of the project/usage. I would love to see what others can come up with! :D Same goes for edits to any of the public domain sprites of mine in this project. Please just let me know, would love to help someone else develop something great! ;) Please note the credits for info on public and private domain artwork used in this Back, as not all works will be mine to share publically without permission of the original creator. You suck, your sprites suck, your story sucks, your jokes suck, why do you suck so much? -Vacuum cleaners. *rimshot* but yeah, that wasn't a question as much as an attack. Hopefully you will be have fun with what I come up with here, if not it you have some suggestions, critique, advice, comments... Go right ahead. I am a big boy, I can handle criticism, as long as it is not turned into some form of personal attack. But I hope you enjoy this work, and would love to hear ways to improve it! :D Cool stuff... Can I help in any way? Sure! Any help, advice, or tweaks with gameplay, hacking, story, sprites would be very much appreciated, and I will make sure to credit you for your assistance. ----- Anyways thanks for reading. Hope you were intrigued. Please lemme know what you think or any comments or questions you may have. As I often say in my spriting thread thank you for any and all feedback! All comments, criticism, critiques, critical thinking, streams of consciousness and cookies are very much appreciated. ;)
  21. Hi all, im a new member, i like fire emblem franchise and content related to it i recently join serenes because i wanted to be part of this community, the problem is amm,,,, i dont know what to do and how this site works i was wondering if someone was able to give me info about and stuff i need to know.thanks..
  22. Hi there! So a while back, I met some guys interested in making a hack. Together, we thought up the storyline, the characters, and most of the maps. While it's not done yet (meaning we don't at least have a patch ready), I would like to draw it to your attention. ​What is it about? ​​​Do you remember FE4 and how it was split up into two generations? Our hack is very similar to that. In the first generation, you follow Griffith, who has escaped his home country while it was being invaded, and his journey to try and challenge the Empire. In the second generation, you will follow Aurelio as he finishes what his father started and head off to challenge the Empire....too. Progress As far as I know, we are mostly done with the development. However, right now, I'm waiting for someone to install my Internet ;-;. Don't worry, as soon as I do have it, we'll begin giving you some updates and, probably soon, a patch. I'm hoping that we will have a public beta ready before the next FEE3. If you have any questions like the stories, gameplay, characters, etc., just post them here. Thank you for your time.
  23. So I just finished the game including Thabes, so proud of myself. Took a little bit of grinding and finally did it, my final party was alm, celica, mathilda, delthea, faye, python, est, clair, and a lopped x3 Dread fighter gray and saber. Surprisingly enough it was saber who landed the final blow on grima. Loved the game and everything in it. Never realized how good python was cause I don't really use archers much.
  24. So after beating the game and viewing the last memory prism, I have a question. Did mila and duma come to valentia from archanea or through the dragon gate?
  25. I'm not gonna start right off with the story because there are a few disclaimers I'm gonna say first. Because everything needs disclaimers right? So this is being written to be made into like an actual fire emblem game but sense I have a hard time trying to make roms and have never made one because my attention span is really short. So I'll be posting all the dialog from the chapters and eventually support logs when i get around to it. \/ Story \/ I would appreciate feedback in this topic also I made all the class in skill stuff but I think I'll post those later.