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Found 514 results

  1. Funny Thing

    So this just came out today and I figured everyone here would appreciate it. Thought I would share it since it got a few laughs out of me.
  2. Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade added explosives, Fire Emblem Fates added Tanks, and 50 shades of Valentia added elephant tanks from the Halo series, as well as lasers, so should Fire Emblem Switch go a step further and add firearms into the Fire Emblem series? Or better yet, robots and flying fortress's?
  3. I'm really need a Co-Host to assist me in my Fire Emblem Heroes. I need someone who has a workable schedule(somewhere around in afternoons and evenings in EST), can offer helpful advice in my Heroes videos for my YouTube channel, and is good at staying on a topic when a topic has been struck. Plz reply back ASAP if interested
  4. Discord Server----> Download: Patch to Fe8 (U) So let's start. I'm recreating Fire Emblem 4's second generation, aka the best Fe game in the franchise into the GBA format. I had this idea a lot of time ago, but I only got real interest after I saw circles skill system. This is going to be an adaptation, so it means that while I'll try to make it as close to the source, I'm still gonna change something, as well as set the children's parents on stone.(No it's not just for convenience, some of the added plot to the game will also happen because of sad pairings) As well as some other adjustments and adding characters from thracia game. Substitute characters(Rodolban, Radney, etc) appears as cameos or references, some of them actually will play a bigger role(Azaello I'm looking at you) as well as both Johan/Johalva being playable.(But it won't be the same method from the original, only Johan you'll have to use Larcei, Johalva will join by another form that you'll see later. I'll also set different capter goals, not only seize missions like the original game. As well as adding inside maps for chapters(instead of seizing castle gate, seizing castle throne.) I'm well aware that fe4 gives you only 1 axe user(excluding Hanibal), so in order to avoid that, I added both the brothers and Orsin, so then you get 3 axe users. And if you promote Ulster to hero you'll have 4 axe users. Not forgeting promoted Leif Master Lord that can use everything. More than enough. As for Elder Magic, I've added in Salem to the cast, as he's from Thracia game. Though he won't just come with Leif, Nanna and Finn like Orsin and Eyvel will come, you'll get him another way. Okay, to set this apart from concepts, here's proof that I'm not just words, even though I'm quite a new name around. Credits: Sprites: Atey Yang Kai. Mikey Seregon(?) Ink Battle Sprites: Seliph(Eliwood slash) by Spud Long Hair Cleric by Me(Yang Kai) Julia by me(Yang Kai) Arch Knight by eCut Kitty of Time Bow and Sword Armor vy The Blind Archer Map sprites: Seliph by me(Yang Kai) Sword Armor by ?(uncredited) Sword Cavalier by ?(uncredited) Other stuff: Crazycolorz for creating bildfiles method. Nintenlord for Event Assembler. BwdYeti for BS palette editor Circles and everyone that created the skill system. Kirb for the Skill profile. Copy paste from credits folder: Credits: Circleseverywhere Monkeybard & Black Mage for most of the skill icons Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark for skills Primefusion for the test map Special Thanks: Blazer's ultimate Tutorial and Arch's eventing guide. I learnt to hack Fire Emblem 7 by these and having prior knowledge to hacking made my life way easier to learn the new method of hacking. And for FeU
  5. What if in Fire Emblem Switch, if you attack a regular enemy/miniboss, it plays out like your standard Fire Emblem battles, but when you attack a boss, it plays out like a turn based JRPG similar to Final Fantasy?
  6. Both are evil, Both have the exact same hair, both have a deep hatred towards the main protagonist, and one big reason is too spoilery for me to mention!
  7. Input needed for ambitious fan game

    So I have little programming and coding knowledge but ive always been willing to learn and teach myself many things, like I taught myself art. But I have a super ambitious project that I will go through any hoop to create. I want to make a single player fan game with an original story that mashes up all the stories throughout the series. The main character will likely be an OC. but the most ambitious part is I want to make a system that allows you to get most heroes throughout the series. Sounds impossible I know, but im willing to dedicate all my free time to this. My question to you guys is a simple one. What programs should I do this in, the gameplay doesn't even need to be like fire emblem, but just have fire emblem skinned over it. and if anyone is willing to help me with this who has more knowledge Id love it. Ive wanted something like this for a long time but it doesent exist, and if no one else does it, I want to do it myself. Any suggestions please. (PS I have played every game in the series and know the stories all fairly well) Thanks guys!
  8. Hello guys! I found a lot of information regarding the raw growth rate stats but had trouble finding any comparative data, thus decided to try to form my own charts. I have thus far inputted all the growth rates and then formed an average and compared each character's growth rates to the average. I totalled them all up and this allows some really good comparisons: I will work on a proper document with even more info like this including charts and graphs, so stay tuned! If you would like to help just DM me :) I have many plans and will probs do this for each game! The excel document should be ready soon with ordering too! If this all exists already please tell me, but thus far I haven't found anything like it! Name HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Total Alm 16 8 13 7 2 15 1 63 Lukas 6 -12 -2 -13 -3 10 0 -13 Gray 1 -2 -12 -8 -8 -10 -2 -40 Tobin -4 -12 8 -13 -3 -5 -2 -30 Kliff -9 -12 3 22 -13 5 -2 -5 Silque 1 -2 -7 -8 27 5 0 17 Clair -9 -2 13 32 17 -5 0 47 Clive 11 -2 -7 -13 -8 -5 0 -23 Forsyth -4 -2 -12 2 7 -5 1 -12 Python 1 -2 -17 17 -13 -10 2 -21 Luthier 6 -12 33 2 17 0 0 47 Mathilda -4 8 3 17 12 5 2 44 Delthea -14 28 -7 17 7 -15 2 19 Tatiana -14 8 3 2 2 -5 2 -1 Zeke 16 3 13 17 7 10 -1 66 Mycen -24 -32 -32 -28 -28 -25 1 -167 Faye -4 -2 -12 -8 -3 5 1 -22 Celica 6 18 8 12 12 0 2 59 Mae -9 18 -7 2 7 -5 0 7 Boey 11 3 13 -8 -8 10 -1 21 Genny -14 18 8 -8 2 -15 3 -5 Saber 16 -7 -12 -3 -8 10 -2 -5 Valbar 16 -2 -2 -8 -8 15 -1 11 Kamui 6 -2 -12 2 -8 -5 -2 -20 Leon 1 -12 8 -8 -3 -5 2 -16 Palla 6 18 8 -8 -8 10 -1 26 Catria -4 -2 3 17 -3 0 0 12 Atlas 1 8 -12 -13 -8 -10 -2 -35 Jesse -4 -7 -2 7 22 -5 -2 10 Sonya -4 3 8 -3 -3 5 2 9 Deen 16 3 -7 2 -18 5 -2 0 Est -9 13 8 2 22 15 1 53 Nomah -29 -22 -17 -23 -23 -25 -1 -139 Conrad 6 -12 18 7 7 15 6 48
  9. Since everyone is making these lists after Fire Emblem Switch is taking FOREVER to even have a trailer, I guess I'll have a go at it. 1. More fanservice, I'm not talking about fates style fanservice, I'm talking about full on High School DxD/Dororon Enma Kun remake style fanservice 2. New classes such as: - Gladiator - Gunner - Playboy Bunny - Terror Knight And more 3. We need a silent protagonist 4. Infernal mode, and permanent removal of Phoenix Mode And the most important thing: 5. 4th tier promotions!
  10. I got this crazy idea for a crossover between Fire Emblem and Capcom's Ace Attorney series. Various FE characters are reimagined as crime dramady characters, some as witnesses or suspects, others as attorneys, be they heroic or sinister. Spearheading the heroic attorneys is none other than Owain Dark, cutting through contradictions and dispelling deception with all the flair of a master attorney. The weapon triangle concept of Fire Emblem is represented by a sort of rock-paper-scissors of Law, Emotion, and Logic, used both for investigation and interrogation as well as court room persecution and defense. Many of the cases involve the local national treasure, the Fire Emblem, whether it's the theft of the five stones set within it or a custody battle over ownership of the Emblem itself.
  11. After quietly awaiting the old thread to fade from the first page so that I could sort of rebrand the discussion to focus more on the real nitty gritty of the project (the actual release of the models and their application elsewhere), it has finally come time to make my move. For those unfamiliar, there has been a project in the works from Deviant Art and VG Resource users kurokairaku, SciresM, and Demonslayerx8 to extract and release all the characters' 3D models for use in other platforms such as VR Chat, GMod, XPS, MMD, and Super Smash Bros. 4 (in its rapidly decreasing relevance). This has been going on since December, and I had been quietly following it like Tharja would Robin. Now every weekend, you can expect at least one character's model to be released. There have already been a number released, so there's already quite a bit to work with. They will be posted on both the VG Resource thread and kurokairaku's DA account, so be sure to follow either one (or this thread, if you don't feel like exploring beyond this site, as I'll try to keep it up to date) if you want to keep up to date on this. If you have requests, I'd recommend contacting either kuro or DSX8 on Deviant Art, because the VGR prohibits users from making requests unless they're regular, active members. Below, I'll list the characters whose models have been released, and those names will link to their respective posts on Deviant Art (Note: "BA" stands for "Broken Armor", and it'll be noted which Broken Armors have been released if the character has more than one): Feel free to discuss this; maybe even link to places where these character models have been ported to other platforms. I will probably do some 3D model posing. At the very least, I think I'll port some of the models to XPS. And maybe, if I really feel like it, rig them into GTA: San Andreas, as I probably still have leftover knowledge from my early days of porting models to that game. Anything else is beyond my current expertise/interest.
  12. Create a Class

    I didn't see this kind of thread anywhere, so I decided to create one of my own! Please list class name, weapons, if it is base or promoted, movement/type, good and bad stats, and any unique abilities. Class Name: Spirit Rider Type: Promoted Flying Weapons: Swords, Lances Good Stats: Skl, Spd, Lck Bad Stats: Str, Mag, Def Unique abilities: All crits triple Str (Or Mag, if using magical weapon) and then target the foes Def (or Res), instead of tripling damage
  13. Now that the DLC is out, let's have a place where we can actually talk about it and our experiences. Post here about anything regarding the latest DLC pack.
  14. Inspired by Godhand ''Saddest Death Quote'' topic, a little game for everyone. Make a death quote yourself and share it here. Mine: Hehe... In the end, my death... meant as much as my life..... no...thing...
  15. New Smash Bros Characters.

    What Fire Emblem Character do you want in Smash Bros?
  16. There's something that has been bothering for quite a long time, why does so many people hate Kris, the MU of New Mystery of The Emblem. Some say that is because he takes all the spotlight from Marth, I mean sure, sometimes I think he becomes too much of a hero for a deuteragonist, but still, I never saw him as such. Considering the fact that the MU customization began with him (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken doesn't count, I'm sure you know why), of course there would be flaws, but it just seems that he's too much hated, he may not be the best MU and absolutely not the best character, but still he ain't the worse either. What do you guys think?
  17. who is the best unit

    This is just something I came up with to see what answers would come. Personally, I just wanted to start a flame war, but, y'know. Comment below whoever you think is the best unit in the series! I think it's Seth (Sacred Stones).
  18. NOTE: This post is prone to edit over time as additional content is considered. Over at Zelda Universe I've posted this idea for a Zelda/Fire Emblem mashup. Basically you take Fire Emblem's core gameplay and classes and mix them with Zelda's world and races. The game has three major modes: Campaign Battle invading armies to protect Hyrule in story-based campaigns! The core war strategy game and story. Adventure Explore Hyrule's landscape looking for materials and treasure! This is roughly analogous to Hyrule Warriors' Adventure Maps. Basically, this is where the Zelda series' signature exploration and puzzle-solving gameplay comes in. There are still enemy units to battle, but it's less of two armies fighting and more of a party of scouts skirmishing with enemy camps. Your party consists of 1-6 units, which can come from either your army or generic units. My Village Build and customize your own village to gain food, weapons, and other useful items! Materials found in Adventure Mode are used here to construct buildings which provide you with a variety of useful items and services. A Smithy for example produces weapons while a Farm produces Wheat or Rice. This would serve a similar role to My Castle from Fates. Tribes Hyrule Wars has three major races (Hylians, Sheikah, Gerudo), three secondary races (Gorons, Zora, and Rito), and monster units (like Moblins and Stalfos). The major three races are called so because the majority of the playable units belong to one of them, while the secondary races have fewer but more specialized units. Monster Units are the primary enemies in the game, and function similar to playable units (many of them use the same kinds of weapons) but with some nuances. Each of the six playable tribes feature a host of classes from which their units draw by default; through the Spouse/Friendship system, they can gain access to classes belonging to other tribes. Hylian Fighter Mercenary Archer Knight Cavalier Sky Knight Druid Cleric Troubadour Wolfkin Sheikah Samurai Shrine Guard Scout Ninja Diviner Monk Keaton Gerudo Thief Desert Fighter Desert Guard Bow Rider Desert Mage Wyvern Rider Dragonkin Dancer Zora River Guard Medic Water Mage Goron Bladesmith Mountaineer Geomancer Rito Hawkeye Aerie Guard Shaman Link himself starts as a Champion, which of course uses Swords, and promotes into a Legend, which adds Bows. His secondary class is determined by the player upon starting the game. Zelda starts as a Princess, which uses Bows, and promotes into a Queen which adds Staves. Her secondary class would likely be Sky Knight or Cleric. Incidentally, Champion and Prince/Princess as classes both have gender differences: female Champions start with Bows rather than Swords and gain Swords upon promotion, while a male Prince wields Swords in place of Bows and promotes into King which, like Queen, adds Staves. Weapons The game makes use of a modified weapon triangle, where each color now has melee, missile, and magic weapons. Swords, Axes, and Lances correspond to red, green, and blue as before, but now Tomes are split into Earth/Fire, Wind/Lightning, and Water/Ice magic, while Bombs join Bows and Daggers as the ranged equivalents. Staves and Stones return as colorless, though I'm looking at the possibility of Stones becoming a singular category. As a sidenote about Magic, I understand that for a long time the FE series has featured Fire, Wind, and Lightning as a trio when it isn't Light, Dark, and Anima, and that ice and water magic is usually grouped with wind. I don't know if they were making a conscious effort to avoid the classic Fire Ice Lightning trio, but I find that for Hyrule Wars breaking tradition here works fine as it fits the tribe-class-weapon algorithm. Light and Dark weapons exist as subcategories; Light Weapons tend to be a little weaker on average but offer positive bonuses like boosted damage against certain monster types or passive HP recovery. Light weapon icons feature an aura or glow. Dark weapons tend to be stronger or nastier than normal but have negative side effects such as stat reduction or gradual HP loss. Dark weapon icons have a shadowy aura. Each tribe leans towards certain colors of weapon, though all three colors are available to each tribe. Red - Gerudo and Gorons Green - Hylians and Rito Blue - Sheikah and Zora There exist certain patterns within the various tribes and their class equivalents. For example, each tribe gets one distinct mage class that uses the Tome of their main color (Hylian Druids with Green, Sheikah Diviners with Blue, Gerudo Desert Mages with Red, Goron Geomancers with Red, Zora Water Mages with Blue, and Rito Shamans with Green) and can promote into a Sage class that adds Staves (Hylian Sacred Sages, Sheikah Shrine Sages, Gerudo Desert Sages, Goron Fire Sages, Zora Water Sages, and Rito Forest Sages). The human Mages each can also promote into a class that uses two or more colors of Tome (Hylian Wizards use green and blue, Sheikah Oracles use blue and red, and Gerudo Sorcerers use all three). The nonhuman Mages meanwhile get secondary options that add a type of melee weapon of a complimentary color (Goron Mountain Lords add Axes, Zora River Lords add Swords, and Rito Sky Lords add Lances). The human tribes each get a class that uses weapons of all three colors. Hylians get Great Knight which of course uses Swords, Axes, and Lances, Sheikah get Engineer which uses Bombs, Bows, and Daggers, and Gerudo get the aforementioned Sorcerer which uses red, green, and blue Tomes. Weapon uses return with tweaks. Melee weapons have durability, and no longer vanish when they break; they simply become broken weapons with minimal stats (1 might and no bonus effects). They can be repaired at an Armory. Missile weapons - Bombs, Bows, Daggers - now have ammunition. When the weapon runs out of ammo, you can't use it, but you can reload it. Magical weapons likewise have charges which work very similar to ammunition. Melee weapon uses are only spent if the unit connects, while missile and magical weapons always spend a shot when attacking. Additionally, I would consider introducing Bare Hands as a new special weapon type that can be used by any combat-capable unit with no useable weapon on hand. Bare Hands are colorless, have no statistic benefits whatsoever, and can't critical or trigger special skills. Relationships Like Awakening and Fates, there is a relationship system, though it too receives a few tweaks to accomodate the Gorons. See, Gorons don't reproduce the same way the other five tribes do (as far as we know), so they don't really have a use for marriage. They do however accept outsiders as honorary brothers (and potentially sisters), so that takes the place of marriage for Gorons. They do still have kids and those kids do inherit classes. I'm not sure whether fathers or mothers should be the determinate parents this time; Gerudo kinda require determinate mothers, while Gorons are all male and thus their parents by definition are fathers. Link and Zelda each get a special child in the fashion of Lucina or Morgan in FEA. Link has Linkle as a daughter, while Zelda has a son named Xeldon.
  19. 1. Is Lusamine Ike's descendant while the Aether Foundation is the rebanded Greil Mercenaries? 2. The Master Sword is actually the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda after it got worn out 3. Hardin is actually Joseph Stalin from Real Life, Why? Because they both have the same hair, They both like the color red, And they're both dictators 4. The Falchion is actually Naga's husband imprisoned into a sword 5. Zephiel is actually Cyrus from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, Why? Because they both have similar motives and hairstyles, And they're both misanthropic 6. Brunnya is actually Jupiter Jack from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum because they both look alike 7. Gazzak is actually Kazzak from Hyrule Conquest Birthright and Revolution, Why? Because they both have similar names, And they're both rulers 8. Pokemon Mr black 2 and Mr White 2 foreshadowed Fire Emblem Awakening 9. Fire Emblem is actually a Pokemon AU 10. Lucina is seen staring at a mountain in Fire Emblem Awakening's ending, And it's shaped like a triangle, What else do we know about triangles? They have three sides, What else has three sides? That's right, A dorito, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  20. Hey folks, lurker for a long time here, and also with gaming media. I wrote a story and published it this morning, focusing on the one-year anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, and how despite the game being well-designed, generated fairly little attention with mainstream games media. Even after earning over $300 milliion in revenue from the game, it's just kind of fallen off the map, despite being one of the best mobile games in years and earning a DICE Game of the Year (mobile) award. In the piece, I compared this game to various other mobile games like Puzzle and Dragons, Brave Frontier, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and how Heroes stands above them in a quality and design standpoint. What do you guys think of the game, its overall direction, and what it's done thus far? Any egregious decisions that stand out to you? Piece is here if you're interested, and looking forward to mingling with this community a bit more!
  21. Hello there

    Just thought I would try to get involved with the online fire emblem community I am relatively new to the franchise but not turn based strategy. I have played and completed FE2, FE3, FE7, FE8, FE13, FE14, FE15 I am currently playing FE6 and FE11 and I am very much enjoying them both with FE11 being a very good upgrade over the remake (but college comes first so it may take a while) I really like all the games I have played so far with the exception of FE13 and FE14 (although I much prefer FE14 over FE13). I enjoy fire emblem games as they not only have good strategy and gameplay but they also have characters that often humanise the units giving me more reason to keep them alive than just them being powerful/useful. sorry if grammar or spelling is bad I got bit of track and started to write some less than interesting story about how I discord fire emblem I will leave it at the end ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I first found about fire emblem after trying to find a strategy game for the 3ds and found and bought fire emblem birthright which after finishing it I was interested in the game enough to buy and finish both conquest and revelations but in the end the only thing that kept me playing was the combat (especially in conquest) as I didn't really like the story and a fair few of the characters (still put 300 hours into it though). Afterwards I bought Awakening which I regret getting as I just couldn't get attached to the characters in the game, I cared more for Mustafa when he died than any of the playable caste and I feel it suffers from the same problems as fates where there is just no world building and lots of 1 note characters. However, I then decided to play some of the older games so I picked FE 2 and I really enjoyed playing it due to the very enjoyable maps and combat I like the way it feels like I am making a difference in the land of valentia as I get to fight the treasonous Desaix and push back the invading Rigel soldiers all the way to their capital where the lord of their empire is on alm's route and the fight against the hordes of brigands, zombies and cultists on Celica's route. Furthermore, I really magic system as it made for more interesting strategies as it consumes a number of Hit points with each cast but negates terrain bonuses.
  22. So I've been wanting to play this game again... possibly even LP it to put my own spin on it like I've been doing with Valkyria Chronicles (which actually sorta was a PMU, too, and am... still slowly in the process of doing). Lemme give you the low down. I will be using 14 units besides Marth. I will be using Marth and the fourteen others until endgame, but no one else except when I need to recruit units. The number is, incidentally, based off of the number of units one can take to the final chapter. I am playing a modified version of the game (that I patched myself, mind you) that lets me play the Gaiden chapters without killing troops off like some ritualistic lunatic, so I'll have access to the units gained in those chapters. This also means that I won't get Gotoh, I believe, unless the hack somehow changed that. Because I'm not playing on Normal (I'm playing Savage difficulty, which is somewhere in the middle between Hard and Merciless), I'll be starting only with the traditional team, most of whom I won't even be using I'm not aiming for low turn counts or anything like that, so I'm probably not gonna abuse warp staves to beat the chapters in one turn or whatever. I'm not a meta-gamer. No real limits on forges, but I don't often use the forge anyway because I'm a philistine. I'm not saying that I'll let people pick my weapons or anything; I'm just letting everyone know this. Stat boosters and Anna's shops are fair game. Not like I particularly need all of that stuff too much, but they'll be a failsafe in case one of my allies winds up sucking too much. I will actually use allies in their original classes up until the soonest briefing screen. So for example, I will use Maria as a cleric in the level she joins in, but she will switch to pegasus knight as soon as I get to the next chapter. I'll be using the following units:
  23. 1. An animal rights activist who orders his solders to steal animals from people to set them free 2. A band of thieves who try to steal the Fire Emblem 3. A villain who kills himself shortly before he loses 4. A terrorist organization who wants to make animals the dominant species instead of humans 5. A terrorist organization who wants to destroy emotions 6. A lower ranking enemy General who's secretly the mastermind behind the scenes 7. A mad scientist who wants to create a race of anthropomorphic animals to conquer the world 8. An evil dictator who tries to slaughter a large group of people who believe in a certain religion 9. An evil dictator who has a deep hatred towards the main protagonist 10. An evil dictator who tries to turn useless machines into weapons of mass destruction