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Found 4 results

  1. [FE11] Way to Give Stat Bonuses to Weapons?

    I'm using Nightmare to hack Shadow Dragon; but it doesn't seem as though there's an option to give stuff like the Falchion stat bonuses like what most other games do with their divine weapons. Does anyone know of a way to do this, that feature just not in Shadow Dragon? Thanks for your time, and God bless you.
  2. The Birth of a Falcommie

    For years, I thought it was a joke. "It can't be that great," I told myself. "It would be popular if it was that great." But after spending a year on a Fire Emblem forum where the "Trails of" series is more popular than Fire Emblem, I finally gave in. And I emerged... a Falcommie. So I just finished Trails in the Sky FC and I'm going to start on SC after my vacation. You guys were right. I shouldn't have resisted. I now know what I was missing out on. I will now join your ranks and incessantly sing the praises of Aidos all throughout the forums.
  3. GFE1R [Generic FE1 Remake]

    PROJECT DISCORD: What is this? GFE1R, or Generic FE1 Remake, is a remake of the first Fire Emblem, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of light, aiming to give the game more of a gba feeling. it also features a working tactician system(Screenshots coming later), A halfbody system, skills, and in the future a game modifiers screen which will allow you to modify your game experience(example: making the classes randomized.) Screen Gallery If I want to make a halfbody, how do I make it conform to the format, and how do I submit it? First of all, here is the halfbody hackbox. it is very similar to the normal hackbox, except the yellowgreen-ish part of the hackbox is for the second palette. the body part is allowed to have a second 16 colors(15+bg) palette, for convenience. Here is an example mug. as for how to submit a halfbody, either post it here on the thread when completed, or join the discord and post it there. posting on both is reccomended, though.
  4. ^Basically the topic; what are the craziest instances of the RNG screwing with you that you've seen? Lemee start things off: This is my first time playing FE6. Somehow, I don't think Lugh is supposed to have 11 defense at level 12 (see: 15% defense growth, 3 base defense). I'm sure I've had other equally ridiculous cases of weird RNG, but this one is super fresh on my mind because it's in progress. You guys got anything?