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Found 3 results

  1. December 28th, 962. 2:10 PM. Madrigal. Velvet's estimate proved sound. It took just seventy hours from departing Uvara Forest to reach the great gates of Madrigal. After Aria's departure for Grunan in which she wished the group the best and hoped to meet them again, both Itzal and Ulysses left in the midst of the night- Velvet expressed annoyance at having paid him quite loudly. Titan's capital is home to the largest permanent population of any city on the continent. Within the high walls, the Imperial Palace looms above the city, an empty throne at its apex. At every turn, there seemed to be Knights posted, scrutinizing travelers and keeping watch over building entrances. A sense of paranoia was easy to notice without much effort. Still, the rest of the city was constantly bustling, with a variety of different tourist attractions, shops, and visitors from all across the continent. As well as its population, Madrigal occupies the greatest area on the continent of any city by a substantial amount, so there was plenty of ground to cover. Resupplying in any of the stores was an available option, as is searching for information- or for the less diligent, there's plenty to sightsee in the capital. "Well, there's lots to do here, isn't there now? The library or the square could have plenty of people to talk to. But with how much we've traveled, we should be spending the night here at least," Velvet started. "And I want to do some restocking, too. There's a nice inn, the Clementine, that's rather affordable. I'll pay for the first night- consider it a favor for the extra gold I took. If we stay longer than that, we'll discuss it. But I think about eight is a nice, round time to be there to meet and discuss anything interesting that is discovered." She paused for only about a second before resuming, "excellent, no disagreements. I'll be off then, follow if you have anything important to discuss, and good luck if not! Good bye!" She started off to take a left at the first street, before reconsidering and heading right. It is the tenth day of the Golden Age. The current 7 party members (Kaya, Joviana, Telmara, Aaron, Kolmar, Raz, and Mikhaila) as well as Velvet may post. -- Spreadsheet, with Madrigal.
  2. The Golden Age. Act 1: Discoveries.

    December 19th, 962. 1 PM. A quarter mile from Vespen, Tauvos, Balor. Nine days ago, rumors of a rediscovered treasure trove in the Tauvos region began to spread- and after the mysterious light about Koerm some weeks back, the signs of change seemed to be coming. Some suspected that even one of the lost Seven Gifts could be among the treasure. The greatest issue with the rumor was how unspecific it was. Tauvos was the largest region on the continent, so "a treasure in the region" could mean almost anything. Still, there were a few primary suspected locations. A mining area near Mount Troy, the highest of the western mountains, was once quite prosperous, and most considered it the best chance. There were also rumors of an enchanted maze of trees within the eastern woods- such magic could prevent any but the clever from escaping with the treasure. The last guess with substance was that it was closer to the far east, where the Vrain River once was before a change of landscape left it in only the Tigen region and Ibis province- and formerly a quite populous area as well. In and around the city of Vespen, the largest in Tauvos, people agreed that a lone traveler would likely have too much difficulty to find anything on their own. As such, a gathering of potentially interested adventurers to seek the treasure was organized in order to form groups to work together with. And on the 19th, it turned out there were quite a lot of interested adventurers. Such was the draw that even a rumor, the slightest chance at one of the Gifts would bring so many towards them. A few hundred people stood in an otherwise mostly uneventful location. A small notch in the road noted where the meeting place was, though for the most part, people would have noticed it for the crowd rather than the land itself. Some groups had already set off in their direction of choice, yet plenty still remained to join up with others in search of treasure. For many, this was the chance of a lifetime. And for nine, this was a chance at true greatness. A small group of three had already started to assemble- Kaya, Raz, and Aaron- and setting off after gathering more allies was only a matter of time, and they certainly had a large group to choose from. It is the first day of the Golden Age. The starting party (Kaya, Joviana, Telmara, Aaron, Kolmar, Itzal, Raz, Naylen, and Mikhaila) may begin posting. Kaya/Raz/Aaron have already met- any other subgroups are up to the players (or nonexistent, should it so happen). -- Spreadsheet.
  3. Hello. I am Reinfleche, your host. Golden Age is a Fire Emblem roleplay, based on parts of Fire Emblem: Wretched Whispers (FEWW), a previous one I hosted. This is something of a reboot of FEWW, featuring most of the combat/ map mechanics there while expanding on what I think is a better developed setting, as well as some adjustments to the previous stat system. Inspiration is drawn from a lot of the other roleplays here as well to try and fine tune everything for a smoother experience- and there are some similar or transferred characters from FEWW as well. The world is generally a lot more open. Other than a few major characters and a baseline for the first few maps, I will be trying to avoid over-planning, which was a big problem in WW. Much is up to the players, as is the case in a more traditional roleplay environment. This time around there are no strict co-mods. scorri will be helping out with maps a bit and I will probably be checking a few of my crazier ideas with SB, but otherwise I plan on handling all NPCs (or at least most of them) and enemies to make the modding a bit less scattered. Please read the OP before signing up. I am not looking for full characters yet, as that will come after. Introduction: The World of Titan The People The Elder Dragons (and Seven Gifts) Signing up So that is that! List your preferences, and have at it.