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Found 94 results

  1. A contest focused on narrative delivery and integration, as opposed to the other similar contests, which focus only on level design. it's a play on my name. A common problem I've noticed in our community is the tendency to simply overlook or in the worst cases stomp on would-be developers who pour their effort into writing up big walls for their game, trying to sell its concept on some ambitious plan that's likely beyond their ability. Sure, maybe it is out of their league, but this also encompasses people who really may in truth be good writers, maybe in truth could make their game, if they had support and exposure, neither of which our community is exactly willing to provide. And it just doesn't help that it's all-around extremely hard to sell a game on story. The goal of this contest is not to have groundbreaking gameplay or a gorgeous set of assets, it's to deliver a cohesive, enticing narrative over the course of three chapters. Yes, three. A beginning, middle, and end. It simply makes more sense that way, and allows people to practice actual proper Fire Emblem design, too. FE isn't played in a vacuum, after all, your decisions have consequences. Single-chapter games take away from this factor. The absolute goal of this contest is just to give people a chance to make a name for themselves doing something closer to their forte, and it is my hope that it will serve as, as Circles puts it, an "incubation chamber" for fledgeling games that have otherwise struggled to get off the ground. Contestants will be judged primarily on narrative delivery, with auxiliary components such as graphics and gameplay regarded as a clearly-noted bonus. The use of "narrative" over "story" here is important: Narrative is the more inclusive term, it refers to things like lore, the world, and any part of the general idea of "story" that is told not through words. Games have a crucial leaning on overall narrative over just storytelling, because so much of the game will speak without saying anything at all. Thus, narrative integration with gameplay is judged most critically among a submission's components. Please read the rules carefully and feel free to ask for clarification if something is not clear. I will gladly answer any questions. Best of luck to all involved! Stay confident and know that renown is not out of your reach! Remember, the deadline is December 12th! You have 3 months, one for each chapter. Make them count! A Discord Server is available for all interested to communicate, discuss ideas, and/or seek help. ...also please, SF, please for the love of god do something about your posting thing. I had to rewrite this thing three times because it kept getting entirely deleted when I tried to undo, and there is no redo. please don't ever make me have to do that again. ;;
  2. Art by Avraxas Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring Read this for all the information you need to know OR you can watch the announcement video!
  3. Looking for a PME hacker for FE6

    I was hoping to find a ROM hacker who is knowledgeable on FE6 ROM hacking because I have a PME that I want to create. If it was just basic edits, then I would have no problem. But some of these edits have custom palette's, name change's, etc. So, if your able to, plz respond to this thread to assist me with this PME so I can get it underway. I really want this PME to become a real thing.
  4. I've recently started a project on FE8, and have gotten to the point of changing palettes, but whenever I try to change Eirika's palette, everyone else's resets. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Since Eirika has a generic palette I am switching hers with Hayden's, so maybe thats the problem?
  5. hi folks, I'm gonna teach you how to insert portraits into FE4 so here's a step by step guide, pay attention class 1. First thing you need is a portrait, and the size of Jugdral saga portraits are 48x64. For this tutorial I'll use a picture of my furry kitten OC, Lamia. EDIT: Consult this post later on in this topic about a palette fix required for portraits as a very important first step: 2. In order to format it correctly for insertion and to make the mouth movement accurate, this is what it needs to look like: It's much the same as GBA portrait insertion, although that's automated now Here's a guideline to where the mouth is replaced: Follow these above examples in order to prepare it for inserting. Once you have it correctly set up, save the portrait as a .BMP image type, as a later step requires it. 3. Download this makeshift ROM file (don't worry it's not an actual game, just a placeholder thing to help portrait setup): The above ROM is set to be just the right size to fit your portrait. Grab your favorite SNES graphics editor (YY-CHR, Tile Layer Pro, etcetera) and check for the Import Bitmap feature, choosing your portrait. The editor should be set to SNES, 4BPP. Once it's in, make sure you actually DO have 16 colors, and that the FIRST color in the palette is the background (black in this image). Don't worry about correcting the colors in the editor, since you'll need to adjust the palette of it in the ROM itself. If all 16 colors are registered but the background is using the wrong color (this happens to me in TLP), save it as an SMC and use YY-CHR's color-swapper tool for a quick fix. If you have trouble getting all 16 colors in (like, one or two are missing) then convert the BMP to a 16-color format with something like a GIF editor/animator like GIF Movie Gear. It will save BMP files to the minimum amount of colors, while preserving said colors unlike MSPaint. Once you have it set up, save your portrait as an SMC file (SNES ROM). This will make it ready to compress. 4. Speaking of the compressor, this is what you need: Contained within is a compressor for FE4 (and also FE3 but I don't have data on that) along with a readme. You don't need to have your portrait in the same folder as the program. If you have your SMC file of your portrait ready, all you have to do is drag your portrait's ROM onto the 'old' or 'new' FE4 compressor. I think the only difference really is that the newer one uses slightly less space, but I kept both of them in the zip in case of errors and whatnot. This will create a yourrom.BIN in the same folder as the file you dragged onto it. This BIN contains your compressed portrait data. 5. Refer to this data I stole from the FE4Binary collection: This contains all of the addresses of portrait data in the (headered) ROM. The numbers counting up are the reference, which is then used in the Portrait Pointer Editor in Nightmare. 00 is Sigurd, for example. The first address is the location of the compressed data. Sigurd's portrait is at A67B5. Now, open your portrait's BIN file in your hex editor of choice and copy all of the data. Find a portrait you want to replace (Sigurd in this guide), make sure you don't overwrite the next portrait, and replace one portrait's data with your own. Now, save the ROM, and open it up in your emulator to check if it loaded properly. 6. If you're successful, now's the time to change the palette. The second number in the portrait data list is the palette; Sigurd's is at CAA00. With this, all you have to do is figure out what is colored by what, and change it to the appropriate 256-color byte pair. Each single color uses 2 bytes. I personally use GBA Color Picker in order to match the colors as close as I can. To make a certain color in the palette more visible, I recommend setting one color to FF00, which turns it into a bright red, making it way easier to detect and find out what color it needs to be. Additionally, make sure that when adding your colors, the two bytes are switched around in the ROM. 7. After toiling around with that, along with all the testing and reloading, you should slowly see your portrait come to life within the game itself. 8. Eureka! Enjoy your inserted portrait.
  6. I'm trying to make a battle animation of a sprite I made for the tactician. I have the sprite sheet already made and now I'm in the process of putting it in the game to animate it. My issue is the FeAdv wont let me. I've been reading the Ultimate Tutorial by blazer which tells me I need 16 colors or less and a script with commands. In the tutorial Blazer kindly gave all the commands for you to copy and paste between the dash lines which I did. Blazer said to test out the standing frame first so put that in the game before you make any others. This is what I have been trying to do. I went over that Pdf constantly over 5 times trying to figure what I'm doing wrong and I'm at a complete loss here. Now on to my problem when I'm in the animation creator on FeAdv I load the script then press save to file. I get an error and I try again and again. Then I try something else I insert my standing frame and woo I finally get some progress guessing I was suppose to do that anyway right? >.< Then I load the script and click save to file and then I get Error incomplete animation! I tried it over and over going over my work seeing if I did anything wrong. I went through the check list blazer put and everything is correct as far as I can see. So can someone please help me out here? I'm really new at this to so forgive me for being a noob. UPDATE: Down in the replies I have added the script and screenshots so if anybody has the time I would really appreciate the help thank you in advance.
  7. Putting Midis into FE8 Rom

    Alright. I've just ripped some FE11 and FE12 Midis and .sf2's directly from the game. What are some steps I need to take to put them into Sacred Stones? (I hope this isn't too vague) I have the Sappy program, and HxD, and have applied the 12 instrument patch, but I could use some tips from here on out.
  8. Hey there. New to this forum, but not the Fire Emblem community. I have been lurking in the shadows and now I am back to enjoy the lovely land of rom hacking. But, I am taking a break from learning the ropes to indulge myself in a nice PME run. Here are the rules: NOTHING from the PME of more well known FE community members/Youtubers. (IE: Lords always being dancers from Mangs or anything Amelia-is-bad Meme that also is a Mangs thing. Not that I am some whiny Amelia fanboy. I want to use every character at least twice in the run, and I want it to pertain to me. Not riding on the coat tails of someone more well known. That would be a huge disservice to Mangs and how awesome he is.) I would like to have promotions be a singular branch. I feel it would be more challenging and also ... the multi promotion shit was always useless in FE 8 due to how one class was always overshadowed by a better class. As an avid lover of the Halberdier class in FE 9&10 I would love to have at least one soldier. Maaaaaagic is liiiiife. (Jesus that was cringey) Previous characters from other FE games or Characters from future games are allowed. I will allow one original character in the game as long as it isn't to ... Mary-Sue-like. Have at it, boys!
  9. Now, i'm fully expecting most peoples are gonna say FEditor+Nightmare, so i'm more interested in how many peoples don't use that method.
  10. So i have changed the names of Eirika, Seth, Gilliam and Franza and this happened. does someone knows why this happened?
  11. I made a simple editor that allows changing class, stats and inventory of a unit which can be found here: You need to use FEST to decompress the save as I have not added it in the code. Instructions: Dump save file using a save manager (e.g. JKSVM) Make a back up just in case Use FEST to decompress the save file to get "Chapter_dec" file. Run program, Click File -> Open, select the decompressed file and edit stuff Once finished, Click File -> Save and compress the file using FEAST Note: Item changing will work best if each unit has an item. You can only edit a unit's item if they are holding something. Sometimes if a unit is not holding an item it accesses the item of the unit below them (not going to break your save file) You need the DLC loaded to access dlc items/classes Max stats of the unit does not scale with the class as I don't have data for it, so max stats is the max stats (Cipher characters' max stats are just placeholders) Thats All!, I am not very good at coding so feedback would be appreciated.
  12. So, I'm trying to change a characters starting class in FE7 (Renualt) I had figured out how to people that join on the map. I can't figure out how to do it when they join through a house. I'm using nightmare for this.
  13. Hiya! Since FEITS hasn't been updated in quite a while, and the creator wasn't interested in adding localized names, I did it myself. It's called FEFTS (Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator) and is a fork of FEITS. Download link: Here's the changelog from FEITS: Optimized PNGs to save a bit of memory and hopefully boot a bit faster. Changed default conversation to something absurd (Selkie/Chrom) to better show the benefits of the program. Changed name to "Fire Emblem Fates Text Simulator". Localized Reference Guide, and stored locally. Created a changelog. Further improvements to overall system stability, system security, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience
  14. A couple years ago, I began working on a hack in which Guinevere was implemented as a fully playable character and can be played as for whenever she is with Roy, (So really everywhere but the Western Isles) but to be fully content, I have to add boss conversations. Somehow, I managed to create a boss conversation between her and Narcian about a year ago, and I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do it again. Not having her talk to Zephiel upon initiating combat with him would leave a bad taste in my mouth. And yeah, I know it could be argued that Guinevere fighting against Bern more actively is wholly against her character, but my Guinevere is a bit different from the canon one. (: I have a good amount of experience with Event Assembler, Mappy, Zahlman's Song Editor (lol), Nightmare 2.0, and FEditor, but I'm not sure where to begin anymore. I've gotten event editing down to a science (again, aside from boss conversations) and I know how to edit the text WITHIN the pre-existing boss conversations (ex. I can make Lilina talk Legance's ear off...) I just don't know how to create new boss conversations anymore. I want to finish this project, if only for my own personal satisfaction, though I do plan on publishing it upon completion. So, to reiterate, I'm hoping to add new, unique, boss conversations, but can't remember how to do that. I didn't want to have to ask, but i've about given up on the project and don't want to let it die quite yet. If anyone knows how to insert a new boss conversation somewhere in FE6, that would be a tremendous help. Thanks sooo much! Any little bit of knowledge helps. (:
  15. HELP with Nightmare GBA

    In Nightmare, you can give certain units the ability to dance using the class and character editor. However, whenever I dance with said character, the game freezes and never loads out of the battle screen. Suggestions?
  16. GBA Hacking Starter Pack

    I've decided to shove most of the starting tools you might want for starting GBA emblem hacking into a single folder. I did my best to leave tutorials for everything in there. Enjoy! Starter Contains: Feditor, Tiled + Tile Sets, Nightmare + Modules, FE7 Tutorial Killer, Tutorial links on how to use the programs. Enjoy!!!
  17. TL;DR: Save editing is indeed possible for Shadows of Valentia, but it's a little more complicated than that. So as we all know, SoV just recently was released in Japan, and was leaked even before the official JP release. Not much research has been done into saves, but theoretically, if it's anything like Fates, a save editor should be simple, right? Wrong. For some reason, IS decided to switch up the way saves were written, making them generally a headache to decipher. Here is what has been figured out about the saves so far: Items: Character Editing: To be added later Post any save editing discoveries you've made here as well!
  18. FE7 Text Hacking Help pleaseSolved

    Hello ^-^ I'm new here so bare with me if I make any mistakes. Before I explain the problem I just wanted to add that I read the rules and I looked very hard to put this post in the right place. I saw what looked like new post on this forum so I figured it was safe to post my problem here. Anyhoo to my problem which makes me want to throw my laptop in anger off my balcony. I've been hacking Fire Emblem Blazing Sword to make it the way I want it. Everything is going fine except for the text editing .I read the ultimate tutorial by Blazer, watched countless videos and read tons of threads. So I'm not just going blank into this. I have all of the required tools FEeditor,nightmare,Nups,Evential,EventAssembler,HexEditor etc. I have absolutely no problem with any right now except for one program and that is FEeditor. I can not get it to work with me. Everytime I changed one tiny little word the whole entire game would freeze and not work at all. Then I learned that when using a clean fresh rom that has never been text edited you must open it save it on gba emulator, and then open FEeditor open the rom in the program don't do anything in the program just save the rom close it following with the program then play rom. After that you were free to edit texts all you want. This did not work for me the words would be haywire everywhere in the game then freeze. Every script I tried to alter I made sure it was within the character limit, and then I would apply and save rom constantly. I also tried telling FEeditor to save the stuff to 00D0000-00E0000 and then I actually one time got it to work, but I found typos and grammar mistakes so I went to edit them in FEeditor. The background picture was a tiny bit distorted to but I don't really care about that. It did not work after that one time. Right now I am trying to make a script on text 0815 but FEeditor keeps switching the place of the script to 00001. So where Yes[.][X] is supposed to be it will put my whole entire script on where only the word yes should be and messes up my entire rom. I always put apply after every sentence and I put replace all as well. Only when I press save it switches my script from text 0815 to 0001. Why is this stupid thing switching my script to the very first part of the game? How can I make it stop? Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post I just needed to put everything in detail so you know everything and know exactly what to tell me.
  19. Hi I was hoping someone could help me with my face sprite. It's of my tactician in Blazing Sword I made her already but I'm having some issues with her in the game because of the positions. I tried so very hard to do this without requesting, but I got so frustrated with it I can't even think about it to much or I'll break my laptop lol. Most of the work is done for you so it won't be to much trouble. I just need someone to make her look good in the game. I kept getting her face to look longer, or it was very clear that her face was changing pictures to create an animation. I'l include the face sprite in here so you can fix her. Thank you so much :).
  20. I'm having problems patching TRS, and I think it may have to do with the ripping process. According to the readme linked here, I'm to I bought a Japanese copy of the game, but, no matter what I use to rip the game, I get a file that is about 580 MB or smaller. I've tried ImgBurn—which is what I normally use for PS1 games—and CD Clone, and I've tried ripping the game to various formats (.bin, .iso, etc.). The game itself runs fine on my PSP and on ePSXe, but whenever I patch it, it either remains in Japanese (on PSP) or crashes the emulator (ePSXe). Any idea what may be wrong? The people at the forums said that I might have a different version of the game. Is this the problem? Tl;dr: When I rip TRS, it's too small a file (~580 MB) to patch according to the readme for the newest patch. Can anyone diagnose why the file ends up being too small and/or offer a solution so I can play the game? Thanks in advance.
  21. Extra Standing map sprites

    Recently i got interested in ROM hacking thanks to all the utilities that the FE Community has to offer, But sometimes even those guides and tools are a bit unclear to me, i've been trying to add a new class into FE7, A promotion for soldier, i got it all working, Moving sprites, Names, Descriptions, Animations, but the problem is with standing sprites, all the tutorials i see about inserting map sprites they always say to override an existing one, i'm not replacing any unit so.. There's a way to add a standing map animation without replacing or changing the pointers of an existing one?
  22. Tiled Error "Unassigned Tile" Help

    Cannot figure out why this error is appearing and ill link screenshots of each layer and its properties and if anyone can figure this out you'll be a lifesaver, thanks!
  23. Roy Promotion Change

    Hey so Fire emblem 6 is one of if not my favorite Fire Emblem game but, having Roy promote at chapter 22 is terrible. Honestly I've had it up to here with babying this kid. So I was wondering how I could change the chapter where he promotes.
  24. I looked around and didnt find any question like this, but if it has been asked and i just missed it, feel free to link me to the thread or just ignore this (ill find it eventually.) Anyway, I was wondering if getting units from another route (I have birthright, so I mean getting Einherjars of Conquest-exclusives from another castle/logbook and then using FEFTwiddler to uncheck the Einherjar and Recruited boxes, making them a legit, supportable unit) will shadowban you if you go online with them/update your castle with them? If so, is it a permanent shadowban or just until you delete the unit from your game? Again, sorry if this is stupid or has already been asked before. Thank you!
  25. Hi there. A few weeks back, I documented the growth rate cipher for Fire Emblem Awakening. Apparently, FE12's growth rate cipher was also undocumented. Let's fix that :) As an example, I will be using Marth's growth rates. Note: Much of this is copy/pasted from my awakening growth document, but this was documented by loading FE12 in No$GBA's debugger. Also note: decrypt_class_growth(classdata_ptr, enciphered_growth_rate, growth_rate_index) is at 0x2049418 when FE12 is in RAM. decrypt_unit_growth(unitdata_ptr, enciphered_growth_rate, growth_rate_index) is at 0x2049280 when FE12 is in RAM. Unit Growth Rates Growth rate data is stored, enciphered, as a sequence of 8 bytes, in the usual stat ordering (HP, Str, Mag, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def, Res). Marth's growth rates for example, are the highly inscrutable `D1 E3 6C E1 F6 2E 15 49 98`. The conversion process is both simple, and fairly complex. To lookup the growth rate for the stat at index N (zero-indexing), we perform the calculation INDEX = (ENCIPHERED[N]- (0x57 * ((CHARACTER_ID ^ 0x3E) - 3 * N) ^ 0xF5)) & 0xFF; GROWTH_RATE = LOOKUP_TABLE[INDEX]; Where LOOKUP_TABLE is the following lookup table, found at 0xF408 in FE12Data.bin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kay, there's basically no chance that was clear. So let's do the calculations, to make it a bit clearer. Suppose we want the HP growth rate. That's stat 0. Enciphered[0] is 0xD1, and Marth's character ID is 0, so we calculate INDEX = (0xD1 - (0x57 * ((0 ^ 0x3E) - 3 * 0) ^ 0xF5)) & 0xFF = 0xEA. The value in the lookup table at index 0xEA is 0x32, or 50 -- Marth's base HP growth rate. Suppose we want the Lck growth rate. That's stat 5. Enciphered[5] is 0x2E, and Marth's character ID is 0, so we calculate INDEX = (0x2E - (0x57 * ((0 ^ 0x3E) - 3 * 5) ^ 0xF5)) & 0xFF = 0x22. The value in the lookup table at index 0x22 is 0x50, or 80 -- Marth's base Lck growth rate. Class Growth Rates As with unit growth rate data, class growth rate data is stored, again enciphered as a sequence of 8 bytes in the usual ordering. Marth's base class is Lord, which has enciphered growth rate `32 C7 C4 B3 D8 46 21 06`. The conversion process for class growth rates proceeds much like the unit growth rate -- the formula is just different. We perform the calculation: INDEX = (ENCIPHERED[N]- (0xB3 * ((CLASS_ID ^ 0x9D) - 7 * N) ^ 0xDB)) & 0xFF; GROWTH_RATE = LOOKUP_TABLE[INDEX]; Where LOOKUP_TABLE is the same as it was for unit growth rates. Again, walking through the calculations for Lord: Suppose we want the HP growth rate. That's stat 0. Enciphered[0] is 0x32, and Lord's class ID is 0, so we calculate INDEX = (0x32 - (0xB3 * ((0 ^ 0x9D) - 7 * 0) ^ 0xDB)) & 0xFF = 0x16. The value in the lookup table at index 0x16 is 0x28, or 40 -- Lord's base HP growth rate. Suppose we want the Lck growth rate. That's stat 5. Enciphered[5] is 0x46, and Lord's class ID is 0, so we calculate INDEX = (0x46 - (0xB3 * ((0 ^ 0x9D) - 7 * 5) ^ 0xDB)) & 0xFF = 0xB1. The value in the lookup table at index 0xB1 is 0x00, or 0 -- Lord's base Lck growth rate. Hope this is clear, feel free to ask any clarifying questions, and have fun playing around with growth rates!