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Found 1 result

  1. Mafia Headquarters V4

    If you're new, read this thread first. In order to join a game, post in the respective sign-up thread. Once the game starts, you will receive a PM by the host with details regarding your abilities and winconditon. When joining a game, make sure to read the rules before doing so and only join when you expect to be reasonably active. Blacklist (The following users are banned from playing): Baldrick (by request) The official Serenes Forest Mafia IRC! Server: darkmyst Channel: #sforestmafia Ops: Strider/timaeusTestified/Reinfleche (Founder, owner), Paperblade (administrator, part-owner), Snike, Prims, Kaoz People may request to be ops for the duration of their games. Important: Do not impersonate other users on IRC. We will ban you for it. If you don't have an IRC client, you can use this applet, type in a nickname that is recognizable, and type in #sforestmafia as the channel. This can be used to communicate for Outside Contact, or OC, games, and is generally a pretty reliable method to get into contact with someone. The Search topic thing for individual users! (thank you Prims){TOPIC_ID}&search_author={USERNAME}Replace {TOPIC_ID} with the topic number Replace {USERNAME} with the CURRENT displayname of any give user This gives each and every post made by USERNAME in that topic in isolation. Hosting a game Anyone may host games here. Be aware that we have a queue, though, so don't just make a topic and hope to start a game the next week. It is also recommended that you play a couple games before hosting one yourself. In order to be put on the queue, games are required to be completely finished, so Role PMs, rules etc. have to be written out. If you host a game for the first time, you are required to get it checked by an experienced host before it gets put on the queue. Just contact any of the users on the list below. This process is also recommended for generally inexperienced hosts or if your previous game had issues. [spoiler=Checker List] If a name is written in italics, that user is currently inactive in this section. You may still ask them to check your game, but they may not respond or decline. NOC BBM eclipse Haze Kaoz Kay/San Manix Paperblade Prims Radiant Dragon SB Tables OC eclipse Haze Kaoz Kay/San Life Paperblade Radiant Dragon Tables You may apply to be on this list or recommend others. There are two queues, one for large games (16+ players) and one for small games (15- players), only one game of each queue may run at the same time. You may post sign-ups once your game is at the top of the respective queue and the current game in that category is about to end. If you're not sure whether you're supposed to put up your thread, ask here first. The complete rules for hosting a game and the current queues and ideas lists can be found here. Games that took place on IRC have a dedicated thread here.