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Found 226 results

  1. Bael Map Sprites?

    Does anyone know where I can find the map sprites for the spiders from FE8? I found the battle sprites just fine but I can't find the map sprites for the life of me. I've checked the sites suggested in the Spriter's Resource topic and couldn't find them, and google was no help, so I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. So I've been on a quest to play other FE games lately (The only fe games I've played are Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, and Fates. Am currently playing Genealogy of The Holy War.) I figured I'd download Thracia 776 in advance so I could play it immediately after finishing Genealogy, but getting it to work has just been.. tedious... The game ends up having characters speaking in wingdings (not really but they speak in swords, weird letters, and icons), the map becomes glitchy, or sometimes the game just refuses to work (one case the game was just a black screen, the other was just the game freezing after making a new game). Can someone tell me how to do this correctly, or maybe just link me to a pre-translated rom? I am using John SNES emulator lite for the android, just in case the info helps.
  3. Hello, Been a while, but I need some help. For some reason only 1 of my characters can trade with someone. I've hacked up to chapter 3- Bandits of Borgo. Im thought it was a tutorial lock, but im making sure everyone plays on hard mode. Any and all advice is helpful as I started hacking with the new FEBuilder tool maybe a week ago, so im really bad. Thanks Alot -Ashton
  4. Captcha driving me insane

    So I can't post this wall of text post I have to talk about my 5 chapter ROM hack demo. Every time I try, I get blocked by this captcha thing, and then it makes me go back to the post editing screen, re-title, re-tag, and resubmit, only to go to the captcha screen again. It repeats ad nausuem. I have a bunch of tabs up, I tried replying to a different thread, I pulled up Facebook to see if that would change if it thought I was a bot, but nothing is working. Any ideas?
  5. My friend joined recently and can't post anything

    As the title says, my friend @Byliyth recently joined the site and and he can't post anything. Pls help
  6. Well, I am gonna say it, I speak spanish, so please, if you talk that language, answer me with it, now the important thing: I am going to develop a new Fire Emblem 8 hack, and I need some help with it, specially with the sprites, I mean, I will make it with a friend of mine, but I need someone that can and wish to help me with it, because none of us have the pacience or the skill to do the sprites we need, so please... If some of you could help us, it would be nice. Thank you.
  7. need some help

    I'm a semi-professional writer and i was looking to hone my skills by writing a story and some dialogue for a Rom Hack trouble is I know jack about coding or design, if anyone's interested hit me up The Concept of the hack is that the main character is kidnapped and enslaved by a group reminicent of the roman empire and has to raise a rebelion to free the people of this nation as well as regain connections with his culture, I intend to create two new classes: Slave Driver and Hunter (One uses a whip the other uses a rifle, trying to figure out how to add new weapons and classes in FE editor) one character is a religios figure, and a christ allegory (I'm sorry if this offends anybody, I just like the idea of a character who explores the concept of redemption and empathy in the face of adversity) The villain is a King class (I intended to import and modify Zepheils model) and his primary guard are Paladins and Heros and soldiers as I feel they represent the Roman Legion best, the main characters are mostly archers monks and barbarians as they represent the gaelic and celtic people subjigated by the romans (I'd like to make it clear that this is not historical fiction it merely uses historical peoples and cultures as a basis for it's setting, as many Fire Emblems do
  8. so i've been trying to figure out the "Find cheats" feature on VBA, and I'm using sealed sword but i can't widdle it down because I'm an idiot
  9. The Last Promise: Help!

    So I'm 8 chapters in and I still haven't been able to access support convos, I know this hack has them, just try as I might i can't view them threw regular means
  10. Anyone can help spriting?

    So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  11. Help with music edits

    I was wondering if anyone had music from golden sun that was compatible with sappy since sappy usually doesn't take golden sun music.
  12. help with rom patching?

    Every time i try to patch a working Japanese FE4 ROM it seems like it works, but when i try to load the patched file it no longer works. any advice would be helpful, thanks.. (or just link me a recently patched ROM that would be cool too)
  13. Exactly what it says on the tin, I just reached chapter 9 (Eirika's route) and Garcia, Franz, Vanessa and Colm are ALL DEAD. And keep in mind that this is on NORMAL DIFFICULTY. I'm not even on Hard mode and I'm struggling this bad. I also promoted Ross into a Fighter but since Chapter 9 has a huge water area I'm regretting it. Kyle is promoted too and he's a Paladin. I got the Orion's bolt, and I'm probably going to use it on Neimi. But the point is, I made some REALLY bad decisions within the past TWO DAYS. And just when you thought it couldn't get worse... I forgot to put Ephraim's stuff in the supply convoy before he set out for Grado. Ugh, will my stupidity never end? The good news is, I have enough units to outsource them, but my point still stands. DEATH LIST Garcia: killed by Joshua while I was attempting to recruit said myrmidon Franz: Ballista... critical? Vanessa: Poor command decision left her in archer range Colm: While trying to get him to the western chest room in Chapter 8, an Archer was firing at Eirika. I thought she could serve as an ample distraction for Colm to sneak by. Didn't work.
  14. A ''Hi'' and a question.

    First of all, hi! I'm new here! Please forgive my mistakes in English, English is not my main language and ... google translator fails from time to time. That being said, I'll ask my little question: What class do you think is the ''main'' of all the villagers of FE2 / FE15? I'm doing a little rom hack on FE8 with the little porpus on being a little remake / remaster (I do not really remember the difference from them right now), but I do not promise it will be good or even finished. Note: You can also choose classes that are not present in the Villager promotion, such as an Axe user. I really do not think I'm going to need any more help besides that, since I'm already familiar with hacking tools and such. That's all, thanks for any advice I might receive!
  15. How can I completely skip the overworld scenes for all chapters? If I try to use the "without world map" thing at the end of chapter 2 chapter 3 won't load I'll just get a black screen. And when I try to delete the world map events it gets me stuck in an infinite loop of either dialogue or going back to the prologue PLEASE HELP!
  16. I don't know how many of you know this, but I've been trying - and failing - to write my own fantasy novel. I've been stuck with writer's block and world-building disease for quite a while now and I've finally decided to give actually writing the thing a shot. I've had several ideas that lead absolutely nowhere really fast - some of my early drafts are only two pages long, while one lasted a hundred pages before I realized I was basically writing a crossover between Fire Emblem and Fate / Stay Night, which was about the point I just gave up on writing for a few years and I am just now getting back into it, actually. I haven't really written anything yet, though, because I am stumped on how to write a good opening chapter that serves as an introduction into the world and the characters but isn't all just exposition and no substance. Any tips and / or pointers from you guys would be very much appreciated. If this is the wrong section for this kind of question, I apologize.
  17. I'm really need a Co-Host to assist me in my Fire Emblem Heroes. I need someone who has a workable schedule(somewhere around in afternoons and evenings in EST), can offer helpful advice in my Heroes videos for my YouTube channel, and is good at staying on a topic when a topic has been struck. Plz reply back ASAP if interested
  18. S-Ranking HHM ... probably gone wrong?

    Ok, for those who have more experience in Ranked Runs than me I offer you this ... problem. I kinda wanted to do another run through Blazing Sword after ~3 years from my last run. In my hubris I decided to do S-Rank HHM + LHM while recruiting every single character. This resulted into the mess, I'm in right now. My roster looks like this at Chapter 28: Name: LVL HP STR SKL SPD LUK DEF RES Weapon Ranks Notes Lyn 17.78 27 15 14 20 14 3 6 A Sword Kent 17.45 34 11 16 16 4 7 5 C Sword, B Lance Sain 17.15 35 16 10 8 8 8 7 C Sword, B Lance Florina 17.13 36 14 11 16 17 6 7 A Lance 1x Angelic Robe Will 3.0 21 7 6 5 7 5 0 D Bow Dorcas 3.0 30 7 7 6 3 3 0 C Axe Erk 16.18 28 14 8 16 6 5 10 A Anima Serra 15.34 23 8 8 14 18 4 14 A Staff Rath 8.0 25 8 9 11 6 7 2 C Bow Matthew 14.42 28 5 7 18 9 4 0 B Sword Lucius 15.93 23 14 9 16 5 1 12 B Light Hector 20 38 16 14 10 8 16 5 A Axe Oswin 16.12 35 17 12 8 5 15 4 A Lance Eliwood 15.45 30 13 10 15 13 9 3 A Sword Marcus -/8.71 34 17 19 12 10 11 10 A Sword, A Lance, S Axe Lowen 15.26 35 8 11 10 10 11 4 C Sword, B Lance Bartre 10/4.61 41 18 13 8 10 11 9 A Axe, E Bow Rebecca 11.44 23 7 13 12 7 3 4 C Bow Guy 14.97 32 9 19 19 9 9 5 A Sword Priscilla 20 23 15 12 16 21 6 16 A Staff Raven 15.92 38 14 19 19 8 8 3 A Sword Canas 8.0 21 10 9 8 7 5 8 B Dark Dart 15.38 39 18 9 12 4 6 2 A Axe Fiora 17.59 28 11 20 20 9 6 12 A Lance Legault 18.58 32 10 16 20 16 11 6 C Sword Ninian 15.77 25 0 2 23 21 7 15 - Isadora -/1.55 28 13 12 16 10 8 6 A Sword, B Lance, D Axe Heath 18.28 40 17 14 16 10 17 3 A Lance Hawkeye -/8.80 53 19 15 12 15 14 11 S Axe Geitz -/7.49 49 21 15 14 13 12 6 A Axe, B Bow Farina 17.27 26 12 14 17 13 10 14 A Lance Louise -/4.12 28 12 14 17 16 9 12 A Bow Pent -/8.02 33 19 21 17 14 13 16 S Anima, A Staff Harken -/9.07 43 23 22 18 12 16 11 B Sword, B Axe As you can probably see, with the exception of Bartre (who needs to be x/5 for Karla) none of my units are promoted and Florina got her Robe from LHM (so basically free). I didn't use a single booster or promotion item yet. However if you look at my current rankings. Tactics **** (234/328 Turns) Survival***** (0 deaths) Funds **** EXP ***** Combat ***** I visited Linus' and Kenneth's map. With the exception of 19xx every Gaiden chapter was visited and the Silver card was stolen. As you can see I'm probably a bit hard pressed for Tactics. I know that you can cheese the later maps with Warp but the bigger problem are funds and EXP. Since I intended to do full recruitment I had to sell some stuff (mostly Blue and Red Gems) to scratch myself the Gold for Farina but that also left me with a scarce inventory. I forgot to buy extra weapons in Linus chapter and my barracks are kinda full due to conserving the money items. Also I have little experience with rankings in general. I don't know if I did well with sharing my EXP among all the units. I had to leave out Dorcas because most of the spare EXP went into Bartre and Will was simply unsalvageable (somehow got a Lvl. during his return). I didn't use Canas at all because his weapons are kinda expensive. Rath was used in his re-recruitment chapter but unfortunately I didn't had any opportunity to use him more. This is probably the part where FE7 starts to take itself a bit more seriously, so I don't think I should try to train that underleveled units anymore. In fact I should probably think about a more permanent line-up. Since this game has good pre-promotes Marcus, Hawkeye, Geitz, Pent, Harken and Vaida seem like no-brainer to me. The problem is the rest. I think promoting Kent with a Knight Crest is better than using Isadora with a Robe since he has higher stats and better growths. The same goes for Heath who has absurdly good stats for some reason. That should be enough for promotions, right? I don't think I can further strain my Funds rank. So ... how do you think, I'm doing? Is it still doable to S-Rank this run or should I just drop it? I think I can save my Tactics rank if I skip 32x but everything else seems pretty bleak. It doesn't help that I forgot to re-stock my weapons during Linus' chapter so I'm kinda lacking in Javelins and Hand Axes (which in turn could ruin my Combat rank, aaaaaaa).
  19. So I'm on Duma's Gate on Celica's path (Act IV) and I have not been able to beat it. Any tips? Here's my team btw: Celica: Lvl 8 Princess w/Silver Sword Mae: Lvl 5 Priestess w/Blessed Ring Boey: Lvl 8 Sage w/Rion Shield Genny: Lvl 8 Saint w/Fugue Shield Saber: Lvl 4 Dread Fighter w/Blessed Sword Valbar: Lvl 1 Baron w/ Blessed Lance Leon: Lvl 3 Bow Knight w/Silver Bow Kamui: Lvl 1 Dread Fighter w/Steel Sword Palla: Lvl 4 Falcon Knight w/Steel Lance Catria: Lvl 4 Falcon Knight w/Silver Lance Atlas: Lvl 3 Gold Knight w/Iron Lance Jesse: Lvl 4 Dread Fighter w/Brave Sword Est: Lvl 2 Falcon Knight w/Leather Shield Deen: Lvl 2 Dread Fighter w/Iron Sword Conrad: Lvl 7 Paladin w/ Javelin
  20. Hey guys, I don't usually like to make requests and things like this, but does anyone have a European/Australian/PAL Special Edition Fire Emblem Fates Poster (the one with the map of Nohr and Hoshido) that they would be willing to send/sell to me? I've gone through a really messy and long break up lately and my partner refuses to give back my personal items, including the poster he was going to make a frame for. He is angry so now he will probably throw it out or destroy it. The poster is the only item I can replace from the break up and I still would like one to keep my limited edition whole. I can buy the poster from you and pay for postage as well if that helps. Any other advice for sourcing this poster would be helpful, thank you.
  21. Help Finding Something?

    Hello! So one of my friends is really into DC and Injustice and he has trouble finding people who share his interests to talk with. I recommended a place like here because I love Serenes but neither of us know anywhere he can join that's like here with like fans. So I come to all of you to ask if you can hopefully help me out? I know it would make him happy! Thank you very much!
  22. The problem I'm having with this map is approaching. I tried to get Nuibaba to cast herself down to 1 HP with her Medusa spell, but ran into difficulties with a Bow Knight who could kill whoever took Medusa, and the fact that the Arcanists that surround her can heal. I've tried circling around the mansion to enter from the back, but I don't have an effective way to deal with the Arcanists as no one can tank Mire nor Death that well, even with the Hexlock shield. Also hurting this is that Nuibaba also covers that entrance with her insane 1-7 range. How should I go about this map?
  23. So um, I was trying to patch a Thracia ROM earlier, and I had tested it beforehand to make sure it played fine and didn't have any problems. After I had done that, I applied the patch (It was the NP patch on an NP ROM) after the opening story scroll ends I just get a black screen and the title doesn't load. Does anyone know why this is occuring?
  24. Hiya, new to FE Hacking here and some things wrong with my game. Everything was fine but I changed a couple of things and now... this has happened. If I go and attack an enemy the tiles get screwed up and turn Rainbow coloured. If I step on any of the other blue tiles outside my normal range, the game crashes After the second turn when reinforcements arrive, the game also crashes.**** It also seems to have changed one of my text conversations for some reason to this: "[MoveFarFarLeft][.][0xB8][OpenFarFarLeft][0xBC][OpenFarFarLeft]<[OpenMidRight][0xA4][X]" This is the code for the game, the only thing I changed was the ending event which used to be: "Ending_event: End_Game ENUN ENDA" **** After I changed this the game stopped crashing at those points but I can still move around the map in the same way for some reason, it just wont crash. I knew that was wrong but changing it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem #define DISABLE_TUTORIALS #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x06,Pointers) ORG 0xD80000 Pointers: POIN Turn_events POIN Character_events POIN Location_events POIN Misc_events POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Bad Bad Bad Bad POIN Good Good Good Good POIN Opening_event Ending_event Good: UNIT Batta Brigand Batta Level(2, Ally, 0) [1,0] [1,3] [0x2A] NoAI UNIT Carjiga Brigand 0x00 Level(1, NPC, 0) [0,5] [2,3] [IronAxe] NoAI UNIT NomadTroopers: UNIT 0xC8 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [11,7] [IronBow, SteelSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0xC8 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [11,6] [10,7] [SteelBow, IronSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT LausSoldier: UNIT 0x78 Soldier Batta Level(1, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [11,0] [Javelin, IronLance] [0x00,0x03,0x00,0x20] UNIT GloryBoys: UNIT 0x5F 0x28 0x00 Level(2, Enemy, 0) [5,5] [6,6] [0x01, HandAxe] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x62 0x0E 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [5,5] [6,5] [0x01] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT Bad: UNIT Guy NomadTrooper_F 0x00 Level(2, Enemy, 0) [13,9] [13,9] [IronSword, ShortBow] [0x00,0x03,0x00,0x20] UNIT NomadTroopersSouth: UNIT 0xE6 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [6,9] [6,9] [IronBow, SteelSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0xE6 NomadTrooper 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [6,9] [7,9] [SteelBow, IronSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT YoungRider: UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [0,6] [0,4] [IronBow] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [0,6] [0,5] [IronBow] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [0,6] [0,6] [IronBow] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT TheCavalry: UNIT Glass Mercenary Batta Level(3, NPC, 0) [0,4] [0,4] [IronSword] NoAI UNIT 0xD6 Bishop Batta Level(1, NPC, 0) [0,5] [0,5] [Lightning] [0x0E,0x04,0x00,0x00] UNIT FirstGuards: UNIT 0x7C Fighter 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [10,0] [SteelAxe, Heal] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x7D Myrmidon 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [10,1] [IronSword, Vulnerary] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] UNIT 0x50 Swordmaster 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [12,0] [11,1] [SlimSword,Runesword] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT FirstWaveUnit: UNIT 0x9B Myrmidon 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [13,7] [11,9] [IronSword] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x9B Mercenary 0x00 Level(5, Enemy, 0) [13,7] [11,8] [IronBlade] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x9B Myrmidon 0x00 Level(4, Enemy, 0) [13,7] [12,8] [IronSword] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Archer 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [14,8] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Mage_F 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [11,6] [Fire] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Mage 0x00 Level(3, Enemy, 0) [12,6] [10,6] [Fire] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [13,5] [12,2] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad_F 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [13,5] [12,4] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT 0x67 Nomad 0x00 Level(1, Enemy, 0) [13,5] [14,3] [IronBow] [0x00,0x03,0x09,0x00] UNIT Turn_events: TurnEventPlayer(0x0,Opening_event,1) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,FirstGuardsArrive,2) TurnEventNPC(0x12,CavalryArrives,2,0) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,FirstWave, 3) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,MagePursue, 4) TurnEventPlayer(0x0,NomadSpawn, 5) TurnEventPlayer(0x14,LausMove, 4) TurnEventEnemy(0x0,SwordsmanGo, 7} End_MAIN SwordsmanGo: CHAI 0x9B [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] ENUN ENDA NomadSpawn: LOU1 NomadTroopersSouth ENUN LOU1 YoungRider ENUN ENDA LausMove: TEX1 0x822 REMA TurnNPC(0x78) ENUN MOVE 0x78 [7,2] ENUN ENDA MagePursue: CHAI [13,3] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] CHAI [13,4] [0x00,0x02,0x02,0x00] ENUN ENDA FirstGuardsArrive: LOU1 FirstGuards ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81B REMA MOVE [11,1] [12,5] ENUN LOU1 LausSoldier ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81C REMA MOVE [0x78] [10,2] ENUN ENDA FirstWave: MOVE [12,5] [13,8] ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81D REMA MOVE [13,8] [12,7] ENUN LOU1 NomadTroopers ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81E REMA LOU1 FirstWaveUnit ENUN TEX1 0x81F REMA MOVE [10,7] [14,6] MOVE [11,7] [14,5] ENUN DISA [14,6] DISA [14,5] ENUN TEX1 0x820 REMA MOVE [12,2] [9,0] MOVE [12,4] [11,0] MOVE [14,3] [12,0] ENUN DISA [9,0] DISA [11,0] DISA [12,0] TEX1 0x821 REMA MOVE [11,6] [13,3] MOVE [10,6] [13,4] MOVE [10,8] [9,7] MOVE [11,8] [10,7] MOVE [12,8] [10,8] MOVE [14,8] [14,5] ENUN ENDA LausTalk: FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 MUSC 0x42 TEX1 0x823 REMA TurnAlly(0x78) ENUN ENDA Character_events: CharacterEventBothWays(0x07,LausTalk,Batta,0x78) End_MAIN CavalryArrives: LOU1 TheCavalry ENUN MUSC 0x44 FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x819 REMA MOVENEXTTO Glass Batta MOVENEXTTO 0xD6 Batta ENUN MUSC 0x42 FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x81A REMA TurnAlly(Glass) TurnAlly(0xD6) ENUN ENDA Location_events: End_MAIN Misc_events: CauseGameOverIfLordDies End_MAIN TrapData: End_MAIN Opening_event: OOBB LOU1 Bad ENUN LOU1 Good ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C MUSC 0x3F FADU 10 TEX1 0x815 REMA MUSC 0x32 LOU1 GloryBoys ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x816 REMA MOVE [6,6] [4,2] ENUN FADI 10 BACG 0x1C FADU 10 TEX1 0x817 REMA MOVE [2,3] [1,2] ENUN DISA [1,2] TEX1 0x818 REMA MOVE [1,3] [0,5] ENUN ENDA Ending_event: End_MAIN // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset Pls help me pls idk wat to do thank you
  25. Okay so I’m writing a fanfic on the future kids and their life in the future and how they ended up traveling through time. I’m having trouble coming up with pairings for this fic. I mean I’m already using ChromxSumia because canon but I cannot decide on who I want male robin to be with. For obvious reasons whoever ends up being robin’s kid and Morgan’s sibling is very important to this story. Like I can’t decide between RobinxCordelia, RobinxLissa, or RobinxOlivia. I’m probably thinking too much in to this cause it’s just a fanfic but eh. Like I love all those pairings but I can only use one. As for other pairings feel free to make any suggestions you wish.