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Found 72 results

  1. So Aether Resort was released a few days back, and from what I can tell, several people enjoy this new mode. Even if I admit to not playing Heroes for over a year (more due to limited phone space than anything else), I am curious what buildings and activities people would like to added in the future.
  2. I commented on this in the main 4/4 Feh Channel thread, but it's already getting buried in all the buzz about the summoning change and will probably go unnoticed. At the end when Feh drifts off to sleep as per usual, she utters what sounds to me like "May 13th." It may have just been nothing but sleepy gibberish, but if she did in fact utter this date of May 13th, I have to wonder what this could mean. Could some FE-related event be occurring on that date? It's not the FE Expo, that's this month, right?
  3. So, on the thread for the most recent Special Heroes Focus, there was some discussion on how previous Heroes can be handled. I always thought that there would be some Special Heroes that would be brought down a notch in rarity next time their time of the year comes around. So, for all first-time seasonal focuses from March 2017-February 2018 (possibly the other seasonal focuses until the second Trick or Defeat! focus), what should their new rarities be and why? Personally, I am thinking that, until the first Trick or Defeat! focus, all seasonal units can be brought down to 3-4* or 4-5* rarity. First Trick or Defeat! on, at least one unit will remain 5* exclusive, while the others drop to 4-5* rarity. Which heroes get this sort of demotion will be up to us.
  4. Deleted Save Data

    this morning i had to delete fire emblem heroes from my phone and when i re downloaded it and linked my nintendo account again, it didn’t load my save data and restarted the game. The account was linked when i deleted the game so does anyone know if there is anyway to recover my lost data? Should i just call Nintendo tech support or anything like that?
  5. Ishtar: Spring Goddess

    Ishtar: Spring Goddess "The heir to Mjölnir, she carries the blood of the royal family of Friege. Left Friege to enjoy a spring festival. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War."
  6. Secondary Weapon Triangle Poll

    Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  7. Ayra, One Year Later

    By today, Arya have been in the game for over a year since her infamous introduction. Is she still the best? I would say currently she still up there for the top units in Heroes, but not the best. Over a year stronger dragons and armor units took some her crown. She still tear apart most units in the game with her power specials. In the red sword category Karla and LegMarth can give her a run for me money. Unique Specials: In the past year only two other characters got a unique specials that being certain legendary (Fjorm, Ike, and Marth). So I believe the devs knew how tricky that is to implement and instead the route of giving more personal skills. Surprise debut/new character on a separate banner: The only other character than was introduced on a different banner was Rhajat for the voting gauntlet, unlike Ayra the trailer directly stated that she was on a different banner. Overall while her launch was an experimentation of how powerful can a unit be at that time and how will the players react to it. I still hope that that was a one time thing.
  8. By far the most important version of threads inspired by GrandeRampel I bring you that most ignored, least beloved of IS's fire emblems in the eyes of FEH, Thracia 776. With a grand total of 8 characters in Heroes attributed to Thracia, with 3 of them featured prominently in Genealogy (Leaf, Nanna, and Finn) and two alts bloating the count one could even argue there are only really 3 truly Thracian characters in heroes. Now it is time to defy the odds and dream big, worry not about how realistic the banners be (realism leaves when we imagine a Thracia banner even occurs) shot for the stars and create whatever wild and crazy banners you fancy. The rules: 3-4 in the banner itself plus TT and GHB, No alts for pete's sake Let me start with three amusing Banners: The Father-Daughter Banner with: Dagda, Tania, Galzus and Mareeta, with Sara as TT and Manfloy as GHB (yeah I know Manfloy is Sara grandfather not father, close enough) The unique weapons banner: Orsin and the Pugi, Tina and the Thief Staff, Dean and the Dragon Lance, Asvel and the Grafcalibur with Fergus and the Beo Sword as TT and Reidric and the Lopto sword as GHB Plus the Memeiest banner of all: the Marty Party, Ronan the Mage Killer, Shanam the sham, with five star Xavier as the TT's 50,000 pt prize, and Kempf as the the memeiest GHB...IN AMERICA
  9. Retooled Units

    Time to time in Heroes I have noticed that some units may have been intended to serve a different purpose than in the game. The default Nino, had a red tome despise being a green unit in game. Maybe she was supposed to be red, but that ruined the mage distribution for each color? Or the inclusion of colored archers to promote later archers and LegLyn. More frequently I have noticed that the seasonal armor units may not been originally intended to be armor units. Since the armor units at launch had bigger sprites than infantry with them including shields and other large equipment. Now maid Kagero is considered armor, despite looking the same as the other maids in the game. The same can be said to other units in the game. For the future I'm sure it will continue to make more niche units for players.
  10. Inspired by GrandeRampel's Genealogy topic (which you can find here: CLICK ME!), I decided to do this one since Blazing Blade (that is, FE 7) is my favorite game in the series. No, I don't think BB should be the next banner on the 23rd or November 9th, there's a couple other games that should get a banner first, such as Binding Blade, Thracia, or Tellius. But for whenever we do get another Blazing Blade banner, who do you think should be on it? Rules: -Assume 3 characters on the banner, 1 GHB, and 1 TT -No alts -I realize it might be difficult coming up with much of a themed banner given the characters that still have to be added to the game, but please try to be at least semi-realistic I think the next batch of Blazing Blade heroes should be Isadora, Heath, and Renault on the banner, Vaida as the GHB, and Harken as the TT unit. There are a great many prominent characters still not in the game, such as Nils, Pent, and Nergal, but I feel like all of them are for sure gonna get into the game sooner rather than later. So, I want them to dig a bit deeper into the cast. Isadora would be a sword cavalry unit and the star of the banner, the female they buff up to draw attention to the banner. Heath would be a lance wyvern unit and possible co-star due to lack of lance wyverns in the regular summoning pool, and Renault would be a colorless staff unit and the most likely to demote. These three are together because Isadora and Heath are recruited on the same chapter, and Renault is connected to Isadora through some surprisingly deep support conversations. Vaida could fit as the GHB unit due to her connection to Heath, and it sort of fits with her character in BB as she started out as an enemy in the story before reluctantly joining you. She'd also likely be another lance wyvern. Harken is obviously connected to Isadora as the two are lovers, and he could slide into the TT slot without much fuss thanks to there already being so many infantry sword units in the regular summoning pool already.
  11. Make Heroes-style characters of SF users!

    Got this idea from @XRay on the Create-A-Hero thread. Make yourself into a Heroes-style character (stats, skills, etc.) and mention who you want to do it next. Examples (users: me, @Jyosua, @Purple Mage, and @Pengaius: Jyosua's up first. Next up is Pengaius. Next up, we have Purple Mage. Last and probably least-Me!
  12. Stepping out of the shadows

    Hey there everybody! I've been something of a long time lurker on Serenes, but I figured I should Introduce myself! I stream a TON of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, particularly with a focus on silly Rom Hacking. You might recognize me from my association with Mangs, for whom I am a scriptreader/editor for his character spotlight videos. Drop on by my discord for a general good time, and to get updates on when I'm streaming! we also have a nsfw section. Enjoy if u wish XD MODEDIT: we have our own discord, don't advertise yours LUNAEDIT: oops, sorry about that. MODEDIT: no worries cheers, welcome to sf
  13. Tier 4 Skills

    With cyl 2 there is the introduction of Tier 4 skills with Celica's death blow 4. I feel that will be unable to be passed down to others. And may set a trend of already strong skills even more broken. Bold Fighter 4, or Wrath 4 anyone? Balance wise I find it difficult to pull it off well. What do you think?
  14. Ideas For Book 3

    With book 2 soon to be concluding, what are some new addition you want to be added in the next large part of the game? I want is : Generic beast units, so later animal changers can be in the game Moving/shifting levels Level hazards A new villain that isn't just an evil conquer. What do you want?
  15. Create the Unit

    I've seen a lot of people talking about units they want in the game but not necessarily how they'd like to see them built. So I figured I'd make a thread about how you would build them! I didnt see a thread like this already made but if there was please let me know? So I'll start. Queen's Guard: Lucia Naturally she'd be a red infantry sword, with lower HP and defense than Mia. Where she'd shine is her above average speed and resistance, making her a rather rare sword mage killer as she'd be capable of avoiding being doubled and her high res means mages would have a hard time one-rounding her. Her generally lackluster attack from in her base game is offset by a high magic stat, so those would be balanced to give her a decent attack stat in Heroes. I'm not really sure what weapon to give her, but she may start out with a Wo Dao+ or something similar, mostly because I'm not sure if she should get a personal weapon. Her special would be Astra Skill A: Death Blow or Spd/Res Bond Skill B: Desperation or Dull Ranged Skill C: Queen's Guard - if a flier ally within two spaces is attacked, grants ally Atk, Spd, Def, and Res +3 Bear in mind that this is just for fun and so they don't have to be perfect. I just thought it would be enjoyable to see everyone's ideas :)
  16. I'm really need a Co-Host to assist me in my Fire Emblem Heroes. I need someone who has a workable schedule(somewhere around in afternoons and evenings in EST), can offer helpful advice in my Heroes videos for my YouTube channel, and is good at staying on a topic when a topic has been struck. Plz reply back ASAP if interested
  17. Colored Bows

    In the 2.4 patch notes, there is a mention of later adding colored bows into the game. I can understand why, there can be only so much variation in the archer design before it becomes repetitive. Also it allows future archers to stand out from the previous year characters. Making legendary bows like Yewfelle, Double Bow, and Rienfleche not complete directly against BLyn's Mulagir I wonder what will determine the color of certain heroes, and then Noire can be in the game?
  18. Hey, so I have a friend who plays this game non stop, all the time, always on it, and he's spent at least 200 dollars on orbs at this point. He's even said he wants to stop but he just can't. Any ideas?
  19. So... I was right?!

    Okay, so with Grima being out as a unit in FE Heroes, I got him and got his quote as well at LV40. ANd my god, what a quote this is: "You are a curious one... You willingly come to chat with me? The fell dragon? Alone? You know full well how I detest humans. They have no qualms asking for divine assistance when it meets their fickle needs... But how quick they are to shun their benefactors once they get what they desire. They become arrogant and make the same mistakes repeatedly, incapable of learning the folly of their ways. They claim their actions are for the good of others, but that's merely a show of self-indulgence. Humans are selfish. And the ugliness of mankind has turned me repulsive. It's the world that wants me to be evil. And yet you claim to need me here? Enough of your lies, worm. How dare you look at me with such a gaze. Do not dare pity me!" So a while back on an FE subreddit, I posted this: And I cannot believe that I was actually right. Grima truly does hate the world because of humanity being evil. Yes, some texts about how he is created is different, but overall, the Grimleal act in that Grima is meant to punish the world, and Grima is doing just that. Humans are evil and want him to be, so he will gladly do so. Like... WHAT?! It was just my thought about what Grima could be. What he represents... BUT I'M RIGHT?! ... I just... What?
  20. The Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit has their own 5*+10 user compendium page, so hey, why not the SF community too? This is totally not just a way for me to say "Hey look at my first ever 5*+10 I recently finished" (it is). Whether you busted your bank account wide open or saved 220,000+ Feathers over several months (or a mix of both), everyone wants to show off their completed units some way or another. Much like the format in the above link, I'll have units listed in alphabetical order as they show up and a link to the image of the completed unit next to your username. Don't feel discouraged to post your own completed Bartre just because someone already has done before you. Please host your screenshots on Imgur if possible. I'm not sure how secure/reliable images attached through the forum posts are. I'll use the username you are currently posting with, unless you request otherwise. I will update at least once a day, if not more. And with that, let's begin: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Alfonse (Hares at the Fair) 1. Chrom-ulent Alm 1. Ozil 2. Xenomata Amelia 1. Ice Dragon 2. Hawk King Ares 1. Landmaster 2. TheTuckingFypo 3. Lord Quan Arthur 1. Sarfiaholic Arvis 1. Chrom-ulent Athena 1. Jingle Jangle 2. Stroud Ayra 1. Ice Dragon Azura 1. LordFrigid Azura (Happy New Year!) 1. Birdy Barst 1. Momentai~ Berkut 1. Lord_Grima Beruka 1. Frenzify 2. L'arachel 3. Rygalla 4. Forblaze 5. DevLink 6. GrandeRampel Black Knight 1. Venmi 2. Zelgius Caeda 1. LordFrigid 2. Hawk King 3. DLNarshen 4. Chrom-ulent 5. Jingle Jangle 6. Baldrick 7. Namero 8. mampfoid Caeda (Bridal Blessings) 1. Ice Dragon Cain 1. Johann Camilla 1. Frenzify 2. Zelgius 3. Jingle Jangle 4. Tenniel 5. Stroud 6. Chrom-ulent 7. Xenovia Camilla (Happy New Year!) 1. Tenniel Camilla (Spring Festival) 1. Ice Dragon Catria 1. ZeroFinal 2. DevLink 3. NSSKG151 4. nirvanafan 5. Astellius Catria (Hares at the Fair) 1. ZeroFinal 2. Ice Dragon 3. Chrom-ulent Cecilia 1. Tenzen12 2. Leif 3. Humanoid 4. Vaximillian 5. Fire Emblem Fan 6. Raven Celica 1. SilvertheShadow 2. LordFrigid 3. Xenomata 4. Rezzy Celica (Arrival of the Brave) 1. Wanda Cherche 1. Callisto 2. Hawk King 3. mampfoid 4. Astellius 5. kirauza343 6. omegaxis1 7. Florete 8. Maaka 9. Caeldori Chrom 1. Okigen 2. AbsoluteZer0Nova Chrom (The Branded King) 1. Reddazrael 2. Ozil Clair 1. Euklyd 2. Kaden Clarine 1. Johann Cordelia 1. Maaka 2. Ice Dragon 3. LuxSpes 4. shayminskyforme88 5. Tybrosion 6. Alexmender 7. mampfoid 8. SatsumaFSoysoy Cordelia (Bridal Blessings) 1. Ice Dragon Cordelia (Summer's Arrival) 1. ZeroFinal Corrin (Female) 1. Infinite Dreams 2. Callisto 3. Astellius Corrin (Male) 1. silverserpent 2. Jingle Jangle 3. wizzard of soz 4. Namero 5. Lord_Grima Corrin (Female) (Nohrian Summer) 1. Ice Dragon Corrin (Female) (Adrift) 1. Xenomata Deidre 1. Stroud Dorcas 1. Galaco Draug 1. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi 2. Integrity Effie 1. Ice Dragon 2. Jave 3. Raven 4. Carthieu 5. Namero Eir 1. Xenomata Eirika 1. LordFrigid 2. Alexmender 3. Usana 4. SatsumaFSoysoy 5. ZeroFinal 6. Poimagic Eldigan 1. Ice Dragon 2. Zhu Qiao Elincia 1. Xenomata Elise 1. Ice Dragon Eliwood 1. Reddazrael 2. SSbardock84 3. Kaden 4. Tenzen12 Epraim 1. AbsoluteZer0Nova 2. Ice Dragon Ephraim (Gifts of Winter) 1. Xenomata Est 1. Astellius 2. Rezzy Fae 1. Nowi's Husband 2. Ice Dragon 3. Kaoxt 4. MonkeyCheez3K 5. Maaka 6. pullofthebush 7. SatsumaFSoysoy 8. Mau 9. daisy jane Felicia 1. Fei Mao 2. Skfoos 3. Johann 4. Tybrosion Fir 1. Astellius 2. DefaultBeep Fjorm 1. Ice Dragon 2. Hawk King 3. Chrom-ulent Fjorm (New Year's of Fire and Ice) 1. Xenomata Florina 1. Kon 2. Maaka Frederick 1. Mr.Pepsi 2. Anacybele 3. Johann Gaius 1. Emerson Garon 1. Maaka Gordin 1. ChibiToastExplosion Gunnthrá 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Ice Dragon Gwendolyn 1. Ice Dragon 2. Esme 3. Namero 4. Chrom-ulent Hana 1. Apples Hardin (Fallen Heroes) 1. Ice Dragon Hawkeye 1. Okigen 2. Johann Hector 1. Ozil Hector (Marquess of Ostia) 1. Ice Dragon Henry 1. Junkhead Hinoka 1. Ice Dragon 2. Hinoka 3. Tarilaan Hinoka (Wings of Fate) 1. Xenomata Ike 1. Kaoxt 2. AbsoluteZer0Nova Ike (Brave Heroes) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Kaoxt 3. Infinite Dreams 4. mothmanex 5. Javi Blizz 6. DarkLordIvy 7. Venmi 8. Namero Ike (Vanguard Legend) 1. Kaoxt 2. Ice Dragon Jakob (Trick or Defeat!) 1. Ice Dragon Jeorge 1. InvdrZim13 2. ruruo Julia 1. AbsoluteZer0Nova 2. silverserpent 3. Xenomata Kagero 1. SatsumaFSoysoy 2. Xenovia Karla 1. Ice Dragon Katarina 1. LordFrigid Kaze 1. NSSKG151 2. Anacybele 3. ruruo Klein 1. YingofDarkness 2. Tybrosion 3. Mau Kliff 1. Xenomata Lachesis 1. Landmaster Laegjarn 1. Ice Dragon L'Arachel 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Rezzy 3. Ice Dragon 4. Stercus 5. YouSquiddinMe 6. Kirie Laslow 1. Infinite Dreams Legion 1. thecrimsonnflash Leif 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Xenomata Lene 1. Chrom-ulent Leon 1. Hawk King 2. Rafiel's Aria 3. eclipse Lewyn 1. Xenomata Lilina 1. LordFrigid 2. Chrom-ulent 3. Humanoid 4. Jave 5. Garlyle Lilina (Love Abounds) 1. Shiro Linde (A Sketchy Summer) 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Xenomata Loki 1. Zelgius Lon'qu 1. Forblaze 2. wizzard of soz 3. Landmaster Lucina 1. Ice Dragon 2. Birdy Lucina (Brave Heroes) 1. Chrom-ulent Lucina (Glorious Archer) 1. Ice Dragon Lucius 1. Rafiel's Aria 2. Xenomata Lukas 1. Hawk King 2. Rafiel's Aria 3. Zeo Lute 1. Chrom-ulent Lyn 1. Ice Dragon Lyn (Brave Heroes) 1. Kaoxt 2. Ice Dragon 3. Hawk King 4. XRay 5. Reddazrael 6. Roflolxp54 7. Chrom-ulent 8. Namero Lyn (Bridal Blessings) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Kaoxt Lyn (Lady of the Wind) 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Ice Dragon Lyn (Love Abounds) 1. Fire Emblem Fan 2. Roflolxp54 Mae 1. Ice Dragon 2. Rafiel's Aria Marth 1. LordFrigid 2. Fire Emblem Fan 3. Diovani Bressan 4. Baldrick 5. Namero 6. Syllabear 7. TheSilentChloey 8. omegaxis1 Marth (Enigmatic Blade) 1. mampfoid 2. Glennstavos 3. Javi Blizz 4. Namero 5. SetsumaFSoysoy 6. omegaxis1 7. Humanoid Marth (Hero-King) 1. Ice Dragon Mathilda 1. Parrhesia Matthew 1. Zeo Merric 1. Rafiel's Aria Micaiah 1. Birdy 2. Hawk King 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Zelgius 5. Kirie 6. Venmi Michalis 1. ruruo Minerva 1. Ice Dragon Morgan (Female) 1. Leocanta 2. LordFrigid Morgan (Male) 1. Reddazrael 2. Rafiel's Aria 3. Chrom-ulent Myrrh 1. Ice Dragon 2. Tenniel 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Namero Myrrh (The Land's Bounty) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Xenomata Naesala 1. LordFrigid Nanna 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Xenomata Narshen 1. DLNarshen Navarre 1. Thor Odinson Niles 1. Vanil 2. MagicCanonBalls Ninian 1. Ice Dragon Ninian (Bridal Bloom) 1. Ice Dragon Nino 1. Raven 2. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi 3. Ae†her 4. Jave 5. Nowi's Husband 6. LuxSpes 7. Fire Emblem Fan 8. Arcanite 9. Humanoid 10. Zeo Nino (Scattered Fangs) 1. Raven Nowi 1. Nowi's Husband 2. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi 3. Kaoxt 4. Ice Dragon 5. Hawk King 6. LuxSpes 7. Maaka 8. Sophie 9. riccochet 10. Raven 11. NSSKG151 12. Florete 13. SatsumaFSoysoy 14. Namero 15. Necrofantasia 16. omegaxis1 17. Nowi Nowi (Trick or Defeat!) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Nowi's Husband Oboro 1. Tarilaan 2. Xenomata Odin 1. Kaden Olivia 1. Monkeycheez3K 2. Kaoxt 3. Mercenary on the Winds 4. nirvanafan Olivia (Performing Arts) 1. silverserpent Olivia (Ylissean Travelers) 1. Chrom-ulent Ophelia 1. Xenomata 2. Emerson Oscar 1. Venmi Owain 1. Xenomata Palla 1. Soledai 2. Astellius 3. Humanoid Palla (Regal Rabbits) 1. Xenomata Peri 1. Ice Dragon 2. Jingle Jangle Priscilla 1. Birdy 2. Ice Dragon 3. Florete Quan 1. Zhu Qiao Raven 1. Rafiel's Aria 2. Raven 3. Raltis Rebecca 1. Fire Emblem Fan 2. Noise Reinhardt 1. Roflolxp54 2. Infinite Dreams 3. Kaoxt 4. XRay 5. Rezzy 6. Thor Odinson 7. Raven 8. NSSKG151 9. Enbiei 10. Necrofantasia 11. Astellius 12. omegaxis1 13. Etheus Reinhardt (World of Thracia) 1. Chrom-ulent Robin (Female) (Fell Vessel) 1. Reddazrael 2. Ice Dragon 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Namero Robin (Male) 1. Ice Dragon 2. AbsoluteZer0Nova 3. Folt 4. Ledrert 5. omegaxis1 Robin (Male) (Fallen Heroes) 1. Ice Dragon Roy 1. ZeroFinal 2. Fire Emblem Fan 3. Glaceon Mage 4. Javi Blizz 5. Enbiei 6. Sasori 7. ILikeKirbys Saizo 1. Esme Sakura 1. Hawk King 2. Nanima 3. Tybrosion Sakura (Trick or Defeat!) 1. Ice Dragon Sanaki 1. Ice Dragon Selena 1. The Tipper of Scales Seliph 1. Birdy 2. DarkLordIvy 3. Rezzy 4. Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Serra 1. Hawk King Seth 1. silverserpent Shanna 1. DLNarshen 2. Frosty 3. Wanda Sharena (Hares at the Fair) 1. Chrom-ulent Sheena 1. stroud 2. Ice Dragon 3. ChickenBits 4. Wanda 5. Johann 6. Syllabear Shigure 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Vanil Shiro 1. Birdy Sigurd 1. Hawk King 2. Chrom-ulent 3. Ice Dragon 4. Zhu Qiao Soleil 1. Ice Dragon 2. Tybrosion 3. Xenomata 4. Stercus 5. Maaka 6. daisy jane 7. Caeldori Sophia 1. LordFrigid 2. Ice Dragon Soren 1. Ciarre 2. DarkLordIvy 3. Kon 4. Venmi 5. roymbrog 6. riccochet 7. Kaden 8. Rezzy 9. Chrom-ulent 10. Namero Sothe 1. Birdy 2. Chrom-ulent 3. Maaka Subaki 1. Khid Surtr 1. Namero Tailtiu 1. Ice Dragon 2. NSSKG151 Tana 1. LordFrigid Tharja 1. Ice Dragon 2. Birdy 3. Jingle Jangle 4. Wanda Tharja (Bridal Bloom) 1. Chrom-ulent Tiki (Adult) 1. Florete 2. Ice Dragon 3. Astellius 4. Raven 5. DLNarshen 6. Jave 7. NSSKG151 8. Humanoid 9. Xenovia 10. Etheus 11. Tybrosion 12. Namero 13. omegaxis1 Tiki (Adult) (Ylissean Summer) 1. Ice Dragon Tiki (Young) 1. Ice Dragon Tiki (Young) (Legendary Dragon) 1. Ice Dragon Titania 1. Rezzy 2. Animefan8451 3. Kon 4. Venmi 5. Chrom-ulent 6. DarkLordIvy 7. Thor Odinson Ursula 1. Johann Valter 1. Opdepov Xander (Spring Festival) 1. Chrom-ulent Zelgius 1. Zelgius 2. Momentai~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  21. With the introduction of Vanguard Ike as an legendary hero, the floodgates are open for others to have the same treatment. For me, I would consider some being a legendary hero if they have a massive influence over the plots of their game or have a high authority in game. Some of the ideas for future candidates I had are, Hero King Marth: by the end of Mystery, he had become the leader of the United Kingdom of Archanea, quite a feat. Knight Lord Seliph: He had avenged his father death, stopped the Grannvale empire, and put an end of the Loptyr Cult. Athos: He is one of the Eight Legends in Elibe, and has the stats to back it up Dheginsea: King of Goldoa, and one of Ashera's Three Heroes. Sephiran/Lehran: Bird Jesus that caused majority of events in Tellius. Light Priestess Micaiah: Where she is empowed by Yune The main trio of the Blazing Blade Great Lord Chrom Hero/Conqueror Alm Master Lord Roy
  22. Basically, I was passing an idea around with a couple of friends talking about making little animated skits (not really animated, more like slideshow drawings sorta) and voice acting fanmade supports between different characters in Heroes for YouTube. For example, here's a support I wrote of Eirika and Lyon upon meeting in Heroes. Every once in a while, we could find some voice actors who would be willing to voice new characters, and have an artist who'd be willing to work on animating them. I know it's hard work animating, so I figured it would only be an occasional thing, and something for FE fans to enjoy. I myself am a professional voice actor, and I know that there are others out there who will work for free to get their names out. If anyone wants to help out, then feel free to either reply or PM me.
  23. In this list, I’ve taken it upon myself to rank, in no particular order, 20 of the best, and 10 of the worst voice acting performances/choices for previously voiceless characters making their English voiced debut in Fire Emblem Heroes. Some ground rules for this list: - No characters who have appeared with an English voice in any other game. - Seasonal units do not count. - No voice actor may appear more than once. - A voice simply being “good” or “bad” won’t cut it. There needs to be something about the voice and how it compares to the quality of work the actor is known for. A certain degree of effort, or lack thereof, is required. - If a character from the Tellius games has a different actor than they did back in their original games, they may be included. - This is based on opinion, so you are more than welcome to disagree with me. BEST: 1. Sigurd - Grant George: George’s iconic voice and unique intonations made him the absolute perfect choice for Sigurd. He sounds noble and regal, just like he should. 2. Hector - Patrick Seitz: One of my personal favorites, FE voice director Patrick Seitz nails anything he casts himself into. Hector is no exception. 3. Jeorge - Mick Wingert: This one was a toss-up between Jeorge and Arden, but Jeorge took it due to having more consistency. Clearly Wingert has no problems adapting his incredible range. 4. Michalis - David Vincent: The good ol’ voice of Robin proves he can do more as Michalis. He truly sounds villainous in every line he has, and that’s a good thing for a warrior of his caliber. 5. Cain - Taliesin Jaffe (credited: T. Axelrod): Hearing Jaffe’s energy come out of Cain is a true joy. It reminds me of Owain/Odin, in a way, and that’s never a bad thing. Cain is easily one of my very favorites. 6. Eirika - Kira Buckland: Surpassing her brother in the VA department, Eirika’s voice is widely considered to be one of the very best the game has to offer. Buckland’s voice oozes with kindness and respect, which couldn’t be more fitting for Eirika. 7. Seliph - Christian La Monte: I honestly have no idea who Christian La Monte is, but I cannot deny his skill as a voice actor. Seliph and Roderick’s voices sound like freshly-opened butter, and I must give him the credit he deserves. 8. Julia - Cassandra Lee Morris: Seliph’s younger half-sister also proves to have a respectable voice. She sounds quiet and serene, but clear and with conviction, just as I would expect from the lady who voiced Morgana. 9. Black Knight - Robert Clotworthy: My favorite character in the game has been blessed with divine armor, a holy sword, and a god-like voice. Though I haven’t heard much of Clotworthy’s work, personally, I cannot deny I would be willing to hear more after this exemplary performance. 10. Maria - Wendee Lee: Despite having voiced Lyn three different times, I still hold true to the belief that FE Heroes’ Director Wendee Lee’s best voice is Maria. She captures her pure-hearted innocence and youthful energy so well. 11. Arvis - Xander Mobus: The award for my personal favorite voice in the whole game goes to Mobus’ Arvis. It’s just amazing in every way. Who knew the Smash Bros. Announcer could sound so evil? 12. Klein - Edward Bosco: Speaking of Xander Mobus, his best friend Edward Bosco did a fantastic job as Klein, perfectly capturing his respectful mannerisms and noble characteristics. 13. Hawkeye - Jamieson Price (credited: Taylor Henry): Smooth and serene at one moment, powerful and angry the next, Price’s range is explored entirely through one character as Hawkeye proves the breadth of his personality. 14. Nino - Sarah Blandy: Though the same could be said for Fae and Midori, I adored the childlike, youthful energy found in Blandy’s voice as Nino. It’s no surprise that her “I’ll do my best!” has won the hearts of so many players. 15. Lucius - Michael Sinterniklaas: Capturing a feminine disposition is no easy feat, but Sinterniklaas did so without any problem. I would consider his best role to be Lucius over Takumi and Niles, without a doubt. 16. Ninian - Brianna Knickerbocker: Gentle and caring, just like Sakura. But still different and unique enough to be easily identified with the icy dragon girl. Knickerbocker’s role as Ninian is a treat for the ears. 17. Priscilla - Marcella Lentz-Pope: Contrary to her prior roles as the determined Corrin and Scarlet, Lentz-Pope now finds herself voicing the serene Eturian noble Priscilla. Fortunately, she nails it. 18. Valter - Imari Williams: It’s weird to think that the guy who voiced the gentle Benny in Fates now voices the crazed Moonstone general Valter. Regardless, he does so very well, perfectly capturing his bloodlust and crazed obsession with battle. 19. Lute - Brina Palencia: Moreso than her performance as Ayra, Palencia’s role as Lute was spot-on. She sounds deadpan, confident, and somewhat narcissistic, which fits her character perfectly. 20. Dorcas - Kirk Thornton (uncredited): I am very saddened that Thornton doesn’t get to be properly credited for his fantastic performance as Dorcas. His lines referring the old 2003 commercial are too hilarious to ignore, and his tone in general is exactly as I would expect from the depressed family man. WORST: 1. Lachesis - Cristina Valenzuela: This one is one of my least favorites, personally. While Valenzuela has had many good roles in the FE series, like Athena and Tatiana, her role as Lachesis is definitely not one of them. 2. Karel - Bryce Papenbrook: Despite his fantastic performance as Oscar, Papenbrook has found himself knocked down a peg when it comes to Karel. I wouldn’t fault him on it, though; it was most likely just a bad casting choice. 3. Nephenee - Julie Ann Taylor: I like Taylor’s roles as much as the next guy, but her role as Nephenee could’ve used some work. She lacked her shy presence, and her accent didn’t feel natural. 4. Eliwood - Yuri Lowenthal: He sounds exactly like Marth; there was no discernable difference to me whatsoever. Even Merric sounded more distinct. 5. Lilina - Julie Kwieler: Lilina to me is one of the very worst. Her insanely high-pitched, squeaky voice wouldn’t sound good on anybody, much nonetheless on Hector’s adorable daughter. 6. Ephraim - Greg Chun: Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Chun’s voice. His performance as Lukas still makes my heart melt. But Ephraim didn’t feel quite right, at least to me. 7. Rebecca - Hunter Mackenzie Austin: This one felt like a loss of potential more than anything else. While not necessarily bad, I do wish she had a little more personality, especially for a girl described as “helpful and bright”. 8. Gwendolyn - Cherami Leigh: Gwendolyn sounds exactly like Caeda, and without any of the personality to go with it. This caused Gwendolyn to become generally forgettable, which should never be said for an FE character that made it into Heroes. 9. Mist - Sarah Williams: After the misery we were put through listening to Mist’s awful voice in the Tellius games, I was hoping for something better. Unfortunately, Williams’ voice for Mist was not a good replacement, making her sound squeaky and too young. 10. Gordin - Max Mittelman: I simply didn’t feel as though Mittelman’s voice was a good fit. It often sounded like an awkward blend of Gray and Kaden, and didn’t quite sit right with me. Well, that’s my list, and the explanations behind them. I worked hard on it, so I’m eager to hear what you all think. Any suggestions or comments are very much appreciated. Thanks for reading! - KoolioKenneth