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Found 49 results

  1. The Irony

    Have you guys noticed how some people are fans of Soren but at the same time dislike Sothe because his character revolves around Micaiah even though the same could be said of Soren if you replace Micaiah with Ike. Not saying you have to be fans of both characters but that type of reasoning is hypocritical.
  2. O-kaaaaaaaaaaaaaay So, Ike and Micaiah, the Tellian lords. Normally, I ship Ike with Lethe, and Micaiah with one of Pelleas or Edward. OKAY NOW YOU CAN VOTE
  3. Right now on Fire Emblem Heroes we just had a mini tempest focused on Blazing Sword. Lyn was the bonus unit alongside her bros and ninian. Who were also available for the banner. Voting Gauntlet had Lyn as one of the participants. And finally she had her alt CYL costume alongside Ike, Roy and Lucina. Weather you like heroes or not, most of the casual audience is playing the game and Lyn getting this ridiculous amount of attention recently really helped her. Come that second to last day of the mini tempest... Lyn gets confirmed on warriors. If you're playing fire emblem heroes you might know that on the 23rd we start the BIG Tempest of Path of Radiance, with more characters from tellius and Ike taking the spotlight once more. On the 23rd... theres a Character reveal on TGS. With Marth's seiyuu himself present. Add the- live action commercial of Ike vs the Black Knight. And its a recipe for massive Ike hype. IF it really is build up for him. It has come to my understanding that after the Lyn situation, Heroes is really marketing Fire Emblem pretty well for the mainstream audience. Thoughts?
  4. Remove Ike/Replace with Greil

    Okay, I've been messing around with the coding and easily found Greil's codes so to adjust his stats. With enemy controlled hack you can get him after chapter one. If you make it where his exp stays at 99 then he will class change into a ranger (Ike). I've been wanting to code it where Ike is more like a hero class like his father. You can set it up where Greil can seize and use Ragnell, but Ike just can't use axes, but can use fire, wind, and lightning magic. Has anyone found a way to either remove the "lord" title from ike so he can die and give it to someone else,Greil, so you can continue the game or at least get him to use an axe. I know it is minor, but it is really bugging me that Ike can use magic, but not an axe.
  5. CYL TV Spot?

    Wow, I mean wow Apparently this mobile is successful that they can advertise by television. That's nuts!
  6. CYL was supposed to be in summer so they're cutting it pretty close. Also, looks like IS really was trying to bait all our Orbs away before this hit :P As naive as it is to believe this, I wish we could get at least one of these Heroes for free Link:
  7. Hi there, I've been a fire emblem fan for over five years now, and have made my way through just about every entry in the series save gaiden and the tellius games. Now, most of you know that both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are the two most expensive and hard to find games in the series, not to mention that I don't have a WII or a PC capable of running the dolphin emulator. What I do have, however, is a kindle fire HD, that can run SNES and GBA emulators just fine, but is having issues running Dolphin. Well, not dolphin itself, rather Path of Radiance. See, the emulator runs just fine, but for some reason I can't get it to play Path of Radiance, because all I get is a black screen. Could someone help me out with this?
  8. Ike's Dissonance

    *A write up both me and my boyfriend (who isn't on the site,however) worked on together. This is rather long so if the mobs prefer this be posted somewhere else on the forum let me know as I'm still quite new here. Ike, a character loved by many across the Fire Emblem community, who is generally praised for being a common mercenary, and not of noble birth when compared to other lords in the series, has many inherit flaws within his story that are almost never discussed and are generally hand waved without hesitation within the FE community. What those flaws are, I could occasionally express, but never as a cohesive whole until I randomly encountered (this video). In short, the whole idea behind this comes out as one common thread, one painful, out-of-tune note in the Tellius games that centers around Ike, and ends up tainting the wonder of the entire world’s cast: Ike, supposedly just a mercenary, still follows story habits of ‘chosen one’ royalty. Ike makes his first appearance while he is in the middle of a training session with his father, Greil, after a quick lesson with Greil, Ike takes a couple missions, quickly earning his first command. The all so important first impression implants Ike as just a good guy mercenary. He wants what's best for people, is willing to disobey a direct order to do what he believes is right (not inherently wrong, mind you.), and aspires to at least match his father one day, a common idea across many cultures. Ike also comes off as being quite sheltered growing up, due to his lack of knowledge of the laguz or politics surrounding Daein. The writers use this tactic to explain the world’s unfamiliar aspects to the player, painting the player from Ike’s perspective. In other words, the writers made Ike naive so that older more cultured citizens of Tellius could explain the world to Ike, and by extension, the player. This use of perspective does become problematic later, largely in the info scenes of PoR. Ike's next ‘chosen oney’ scene is a memorable and emotional one. Had it been on a 3DS game, we would be making fun of it to this day, however, it’s in PoR, and involves Ike so it’s not a laughing stock. Of course, I’m referring to Greil vs the Black Knight scene. What makes this sequence follow the ‘chosen one’ stereotypes so horridly falls in two major areas. First, and the easy one to blame, the Black Knight’s armor and Ragnell. Magical armor that can only get pierced by divine weaponry stinks of chosen oneness. And of course, later in the game Ike remains the only character allowed to wield that weapon for literally no explained reason, other than for plot convenience. Just like any other ‘chosen one’ hero, they always have some special weapon or ability that only they can use. Fire Emblem employs this frequently in the form of divine weapons, most notably, the Falchion which literally stops being sharp (awakening), or the Royal Sword (SoV/Gaiden), which is too heavy for anyone else to use. In regards to divine weaponry, Sacred Stones stands out as the most generous and free for allowing its characters to use sacred weapons. As the only ones locked to specific characters are our famously memed incest twins. The simple existence of this blessed armor and weaponry defeats the entire purpose of making Ike a common mercenary, unless the point was to make him be this special chosen one destined to save the universe. The second side effect of the Greil v Black Knight scene shows a less hard ‘this is clearly a chosen one story’ and more of an ironic violation of Ike’s inherent values. Ike reluctantly accepts the mantle of leadership of the Greil Mercenaries, despite Titania being the most qualified person to do so. He basically inherits leadership of the mercenary company, much like a Noble son would inherit control of his family's’ house once his father passes. Now, this sort of thing happens in life all the time, after all, the vast majority of wealthy people in the United States, a country famed for the rags to riches dream, descend from wealthy families. However, around this time, Ike expresses distaste for the idea of inheriting positions of power, and to further push the irony, pay attention to who he serves. Princess Elincia, a woman born to the throne of Crimea, who needs his help because Ashnard took over Crimea, and Daein before that, with his own personal ability. The game only offers a tiny moment of pointing out this massive rift in world view later in the plot. (Do take note of how all of the heroes, especially in RD inherit their position from birthright, with the exception being Sothe, who kinda gets there from marriage) A moment to facepalm at, as a blatant chosen one symptom would be, is during Ike’s voyage to Begnion. Along the trip, the characters ram into some reefs and get stuck right next to Goldoan territory. According to that nation’s law, outsiders must be evicted or murdered, however, in true chosen one style, Ike lucks his way into meeting a prince who just so happens to be intrigued by Ike existence, and insists that the dragons offer their aid to help the protagonists out of their predicament. Again, there’s nothing inherently wrong about the concept of this scene. It offers a chance to introduce an important endgame character, Shows Ike being reckless and diplomatically inept, however, in no way would this be a believable part a story about a merc who accomplishes great deeds from their own merit. If nothing else, this would’ve been a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the diplomatic ability of Elincia by having her negotiate a way out of it, yet alas, the focus of the story remains on Ike above all else, so he’s the one who must push the plot forward. Had the game's framing at least been allowed to deviate from Ike’s perspective, then this fantastic journey and moment could happen without taking away Ike earning greatness of his own merit, not because of predestination. Once Ike finally arrives in Begnion, he and Elincia are later given an audience with Empress Sanaki (another heroin earning her position from birthright.) Which first is a bit odd given that Elincia is the person of interest, not Ike. Had this game been given the freedom to shift away from Ike’s perspective on a consistent basis, then a likely outcome is only Elincia earning the ear of Sanaki. However, Ike again needs to drive the plot, and basically throws a temper tantrum that almost gets the Greil mercenaries killed, after Sanaki belittles Elincia and her position. Now Ike’s desire to stand up for Elincia isn’t inherently flawed, and it’s even consistent with his character; however, his actions could have cost him his life and taken away any possible Begnion support. But yet again, the birthright of nobility once again kicks in and Sanaki demonstrates mercy upon her new guests, allowing Ike to escape his blunder with naught but a stern warning. In stories that feature characters who do great things beyond their perceived born abilities, Ike would take some serious punishment here. Look to Roran from the Inheritance (Eragon) books. Roran, when he commits insubordination must suffer a public whipping for his actions. Or even the perfect confucian parable about just a man accomplishing great things: Admiral Yii Sun Shin. Had Yii been in Ike’s shoes after that mistake, Yii would’ve been at least been stripped of command and demoted to a common foot soldier. Yet, again, Ike gets away with naught but a stern warning. This reinforces Ike as someone special, and as a sort of ‘chosen one.’ After a series of interesting investigations that reveal that lesser nobles and self-made men do evil things, Sanaki offers her support to Elincia’s cause, and names Ike general. This moment has recently frustrated me, as there’s a far superior choice. One that would likely happen in a zero to hero type story, as well as one that just makes quite a bit of logical sense after abandoning the need to always center the Tellius universe around Ike: Elincia. Why would she not be named the figurehead to her own army? Sanaki wants to help Elincia be a strong leader able to fend off and control her own nobles, as well as having a leader on the Crimean throne able to handle the senators of Begnion better, so it naturally falls into Sanaki’s best interest to name Elincia as her own general. Not only this, but it wouldn’t involve forcing nobility onto someone who fundamentally despises it (yet only fights for monarchs who earn their throne from birthright), as apparently the Begnion forces only like taking orders from nobles. Even Sephiran showed some doubts about Ike leading this army, as he’s supposedly a symbol of a man achieving greatness without the right of birth. (the moment I reference lies at the end of the game) Again, the issue of forcing Ike to drive the plot rises up again, forcing the writers to put Ike in a more central role at all times. This creates perception issues like arguments used against me in discussion claiming that Ike aiding Elincia in Part 2 of RD would take away from her legitimacy. The only reason it does so, is the insistence for the plot to treat Ike like a chosen one, around whom the Tellius universe must revolve. Mercenaries function as an extension of their employer, in RD, Ike would simply be a part of Elincia’s strength, yet in the Tellius games, the writers seem to forget this, and place Ike higher on the army’s hierarchy over Elincia. Thankfully, some realism in that aspect came through in the form of the rebellion in RD’s part 2. At this point, a recurring theme shows up time and time again, Ike is supposed to represent a common merc, but the writers seemingly never learned how to write a zero to hero story, which leads to Ike getting split into a chosen one as well as the common hero. And that’s the reason I chose the the word ‘Dissonance’ in the title. In music, Dissonance is when two tones are close, but not in sync with each other, causing painfully disgusting noise. (Band kids reading this, tuning will never go away, and is absolutely critical for playing music people actually want to listen to.) ^1 (possible physics of dissonance tangent) Ike’s split between chosen one and common hero damages his character, and it’s at its worst in PoR. Had the game adopted framing techniques so that characters other than Ike could advance the plot as well as demonstrate moments of badassery (Okay, Elincia’s speech right before assaulting Ashnard is one such moment, but framing kinda ruined that one, too); then Ike could be a main character who isn’t a blue blood, but still accomplishes great things. TL;DR: Ike’s framing leads to him fulfilling both lesser symptoms or terrible cliches of ‘chosen one’ arcs, yet he supposedly is supposed to be a common merc who accomplishes greatness upon his own merit.
  9. OKAY. So, Lucia's my favourite character from FE9/10, let alone Fire Emblem itself. In both Tellius Recollection books, Lucia is describe as a master of the blade, highly adaptable and quick witted enough to come up with brilliant strategies in emergencies... ...SO WHY THE SHIT IS THIS NOT THE CASE IN CHAPTER 24? (excuse my language). The obvious go to answer is; to make Ike look good. They dumb down Lucia's personality and intelligence JUST to make Ike look good and drive the plot of the story, because Ike HAS to drive the plot of the story and show he's 'grown as a character' right? Okay, at the sake of dumbing down another character? Yeah okay, thanks writes of Ike, thanks so much for that. But of course, there are plenty of people who will deny this, let alone find some other go around explanation for why this scene is the way it is. Well STOP RIGHT THERE. Because I actually have an answer already, having headcanoned out Lucia like no tomorrow because hello, she's my favourite character. We all know Lucia is Elincia's sworn protector, bodyguard and retainer. Yet it does not make sense that she did not go with Geoffrey to see Elincia safely towards Gallia, does it now? So my theory is that Duke Renning actually ordered Lucia to stay behind; whether it was to divert the soldiers coming at them, to go seek refuge/assistance at Delbray Castle etc. for whatever reason, he ordered her to stay behind. This was to Lucia's protest and reluctance, but she knew better than to question Duke Renning and the authority in charge; so she went with it...and of course, she would end up forever regretting not standing up to Renning as a result as Elincia became "lost". Skip ahead to Chapter 24. Lucia is informed that the Daein Army found Geoffrey and co. and has it ready the army needs to change course to find somewhere else to be safe, to Elincia's protest. Ike however; comes in to denounce her plans...the same thing is happening again. Another "authority" figure, if you can even call Ike that, is coming and telling her to not take Elincia to safety herself; and last time, Elincia was nearly lost forever. Having just reunited with her and learned she was alive, added with the pressure of her brother and Bastian also with this plan set already; Lucia is practically panicking. It's even worse when some inexperienced kid is the one trying to override her (Lucia's 22, Ike's merely 17). So Lucia acts angry and aggravated towards Ike per se, very out of her character, because she is panicking and terrified the same events are going to happen again; and in the process, she's forgotten and lost she is ignoring Elincia's very same feelings of losing them after reuniting with them one year on (and she has lost all her family too; her parents and her uncle). ...And then it has to be Ike that reminds her of this because a) he needs to look good in the face of 'nobles' and Elincia's trained 'retainers' b) need some way to show he's grown over his journey and c) he's driving the plot. SIGHS. But yeah. That's my reasoning for why. Sorry to sound all condescending with the Ike talk, but...I'm rather understandably pissed they dumbed down a character I love for his sake, when she's plain as day described as being quick-witted and highly adaptable to come up with brilliant strategies (and this was not one of those at all). End mix of rant/explanation here? Yes, I think so lol.
  10. Hey everyone, I've been doing a monthly Voice Actor series with different Fire Emblem Heroes' VO performers. This time I got Greg Chun because he was lucky enough to score the role of Ike in addition to Ephraim, Eldigan, and Lukas. I found out that he also did Lukas' voice for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and that he found it intimidating to embody everybody's favorite mercenary. Greg has some great insights about breaking into voice acting, overusing your voice, and a little bit on the process behind winning some of his roles. He actually broke into VO through an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression! Hope you enjoy it!
  11. To start, I'd like to apologize if this is a question that has already been asked, as well as answered, however I did not find one, so I decided to make it myself. Basically, once you tapped an Amiibo Unit 3 times, you can tap them a 4th time to get them to help around the castle. Additionally, if they appear in your Accessory Shop or Armory Shop, they will sell the special gifts (In the Accessory Shop) that you were originally offered when tapping the Amiibo's the first couple times, as well as "Mock Weapons" or "Replica's" of their Legendary equipment (In the Armory Shop) that any Unit can wield. My issue is that I do not have the money to buy any of the Amiibo, but I want to acquire said weapons. I would like to know if I visited someone else's castle if I would be able to purchase the "Mock Weapons" from their Armory, assuming that an Amiibo unit is running the shop. If so, I would like to request My Castle Address' so that I can visit your castle and purchase them. If you'd like, I can give you an accessory of your choice. If I somehow still don't have said accessory you want, I'll just give you a random one. Thank you for your time. <3 tl;dr: Does anyone know if I can buy "Mock Weapons" from other Castles? Could I please get a Castle Address that has Amiibo Units if you can? I can send you an accessory in exchange, of your choosing, if you'd like. <3 Thanks. PS: My 3DS is not hacked, so I can't use a mod to force unlock Amiibo Units either, so this is basically my only option as I don't trust myself enough to try modding it.
  12. Need help recreating an Ike sprite

    Hello! I'm new to the forums here, so if I mess up anything or do something wrong, please let me know. Anyways, I need help recreating this sprite: (This was the best quality I could get btw) It was made by Oracle_of_Fire on another forum, but the original has been deleted unfortunately. The video I found it in can be found here. I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could recreate the talking and blinking sprites also. Thanks in advance.
  13. What I'm gonna do to Awakening/Fates characters if the BK is added in....
  14. one piece art dump

    @nintendo you said fire emblem heroes but where are my heroes????
  15. Greetings.

    Nice to meet everyone here. I'm Rango, a longtime Fire Emblem fan and an Ike main in Super Smash Bros. I've been an FE fan for a while, but I think I've gotten more in depth with the series than ever before over the last year. I've been formulating new strategies and venturing into the difficult, Japan-exclusive titles, such as Binding Blade. Plus I've found a friendly community in my state (Georgia) that enjoys the series as much as I do. Turns out Georgia's Smash community is heavily into the series. I want to broaden that, so I decided to become a member of the forums. I also have friends in the state who attend anime cons, such as MomoCon and Anime Weekend Atlanta, who are into the series. Anyway, just broadening my horizons. Hope everyone's having a swell day.
  16. Issue with skill cap statues

    I don't know if this is just my game personally but I've noticed that no matter how much I increase the skill cap with statues, my amiibos skill cap doesn't go up. However, any other statues will increase other stat caps. Anybody else having this happen?
  17. So I'm playing Path of Radiance for the first time and I'm really enjoying the game so far, but I was just concerned about some thing. I know that Ike has to fight a certain somebody however, I'm not sure when. Will Ike get to promote before this? Also is it game over if you can't win?
  18. Specifically I want to turn Ike into a Hero instead of a Lord.
  19. I heard that you can buy Ike's sword (Ragnell), if he is recruited on to your team. I know that I can't recruit a amiibo character, but he appears in the weapon shop at times so I was hoping to catch him in another person's my castle to buy Ragnell.
  20. Hello;?, im currentky trying to bring fire emboem path of radiance and radiant adwn to wiiu and/or 3ds, but need help. Please help me by signing this petition and tell your friends. Lets bring back the real goods.
  21. ...known as Pocket Monster Saphire (yes, spelled like that). Have you ever wanted to see Pikachu fight for his friends? Check this out. Also, one of the songs in this game (not shown in the video) sound like a slow version of the first part of Beneath the Sky from Binding Blade.
  22. Something I've noticed...I scanned them in the fourth time, and all of them had the Armory Shield equipped so I could have them work in the armory. I scanned Lucina last...and what I noticed was that she was in both armories...Dawn AND Dusk, in Revelations. Secondly, after multiple battles, the Amiibo never showed up again, in the armory or otherwise. And then I tried rescanning them least, Marth. By this point, I had removed the accessory, and he was working another shop. It seems that the Amiibo only work in a shop ONCE after you've scanned them in, and, in order to get them to start working again, you need to re-scan that Amiibo. Does anyone else know if this is the case?
  23. Hey, I figured I'd try something different and do a let's play. Sadly I lack the gear currently to screenshot or record 3DS games, so this will have to be all text. But I'm a fairly good writer, so I'm hoping this'll be worthwhile to read anyway. Figured out how to do screenshots. I'm going to be doing what I call Fire Emblem STEAM. I'm going to play through the story mode of Intelligent Systems' latest game (for the west anyway), Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., and I'm going to do it entirely with the fire emblem characters whenever possible. Now, since I hate most of the color changes characters take on (and all of the amiibo ones) when you retry a mission, I'm going to be going through each of these missions on a fresh file, first run, so there will be mandatory party members I'll have to let tag along for certain missions and drop one of my amiibos for (*cough* Ike *cough*), and missions 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3 will be done without amiibos since they're not available at that point. Scratch that, turns out those color changes are only for challenge modes, which I won't be doing. I'll be playing through every level of the game using just those four units. I'll be honest, while I vow to stick with this as long as I can, I don't know if I'll be able to see this through to the end, or if it's even possible. Being locked to a specific party that lacks access to three crucial gameplay elements (a halfway decent overwatch attack, a healing weapon, and a weapon capable of hitting weakpoints on big enemies) just seems incredibly limiting. What's more, the amiibo units... vary... drastically... in terms of quality, and even the best ones don't last long against the final boss due to a special strategy involving tanks and healing seeming to be pretty much required from my limited experience fighting it. If anybody has any advice for me I'd appreciate it. Also, while I may go back on this later, for now I plan to try and do this without using save points, and refusing to reset until I get a game over. I had a tendency to play through the game on fire emblem instinct, resetting the moment somebody was defeated, and I think it would be fun to exploit the fact that this is the one strategy game where you can play as fire emblem characters that don't suffer from permadeath, and see what kind of exciting down-to-the-wire struggles I can find myself in. I'm not going for score, I'm aiming for just winning. I'll skip gears unless they're basically free to grab, and I won't care about medals unless I later decide to use save points. I'm going to skip talking about the first set of missions since that's going to be standard fare, nothing unique or interesting there. So the first entry you'll see of this will be mission 2. Again, change of plans, I'll be starting on chapter 1.
  24. A year ago my friend The Jonin Monkey reviewed the narrative of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and, in a supplemental video, touched on what made Ike's character in particular special, both of which I helped record footage for, and voiced Soren in the first. Today, he takes a look at the narrative of it's highly divisive sequel, Radiant Dawn, with it's own supplemental video dedicated to the infamous Blood Pact. Both videos I once again helped record footage for, on top of casting and directing VAs for dialogue scenes and editing the blood pact video. This has therefore been a pet project of ours for a while now and we'd appreciate any feedback we can get, so be sure to give it a watch and tell me what you think:
  25. Hi! I was just wondering if you could play path of radiance on Android tablet? If you do, or don't know. Either is very helpful. :)