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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone

    Hey everyone, I'm Milanor, or Mila, whichever you want to refer to me as. Anyways, here is some background info about me. I'm a graduate student studying software engineering and I've first been introduced to the Fire Emblem series over a decade ago, back when Sacred Stones first came out. One of my friends told me about it and after seeing him play it, I got interested in learning how to play an RTS game or tactical strategy game of the kind. On my first time, I was really bad at the series and didn't really understand strategy or grasped the concept itself. I remember sending Seth, the main pre-promo unit just slaughtering all the enemies including the boss and not training my lords (Eirika and Ephraim) at all. I couldn't finish the run at all, and it wasn't until I've played Fire Emblem - Blazing Sword that I've learned how to properly play an RTS. Over the years, I've watched LPers, tried strategies all around, as well hints and tips from all over the Internet and became proficient at the Fire Emblem series. I consider myself a highly experienced player of the Fire Emblem series, but not somewhere around the expert level (I tend to avoid hard mode mainly because it's quite tedious and of course, difficult.) - in other words, I'm more of a casual player. Anyways, I found out about Serenes Forest many years ago (probably as far back as 2010), but never really thought about joining until now. I've played through many fire emblem games, mainly the GBA series and Geneology of the Holy War (FE4). My favorite FE game based on the ones I've played is Sacred Stones, mainly because of the usefulness of almost all the characters, the difficulty is friendly to newcomers (at least in Normal Mode), has a overworld map (really like that), has places to grind (newbie friendly) such as the Tower and Ruins, and finally, lots of usability between character classes (each character can choose to promote to either one of two classes), pairings, and gives you a lot of leeway in the late game. As of now, apart from school and IRL stuff, I'm interested in getting my foot in the door towards fire emblem rom hacking, starting from the most basic level. I've played Blazer's FE rom hack "The Last Promise" and it was very enjoyable indeed. After playing through his rom hack, and seeing the additional part of the Fire Emblem community here, I'm inspired to create an easier mode for FE6, which would be me gateway into the FE rom hacking world. Feel free to ask me anything else you want to know about me. -Milanor
  2. Testing gone wrong.

    I have no idea what's going on and why.
  3. I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing. I'm making a hack in which almost everything and everyone uses magic so I wanted to add some magic items with low durability and accuracy bit high power. Here's an example: Dandelion Uses:5 Mt:8 Hit%:65 Weight:1 Critical%:5 Range:1 Animation:Excalibur Weapon Rank:E But...I literally don't know what does what in this module, if someone can guide me step-by-step to turning the Emblem Sword into this thing I'll gladly listen to them. UPDATE: Thank you everyone for helping me out, with some experimenting and reading I managed to make the Dandelion work properly. Now how do I tag this as answered?
  4. so, I'v recently begun making hacks, it's going well so far due to all the infrastructure people have put in place to teach newbs like yours truly, anyhow this thread is to post any sprites or mugs I make and receive critique. well here goes: 1: Shaman with a turban a shaman who will join us fairly early, he has the calm, content expression due to seeing into the depths of dark magic and as such he's not easily surprised anymore. he lost his left eye as a sacrifice for his personal dark magic spell (he has a personal weapon like rapier etc) self critique, I'd probably need to learn much more about shadows due to the turban not casting a shadow over his face. 2:fem shaman or troubadour that learns dark magic upon promotion. ^that shaman's apostle. ---- updated version -> she will join us either early as a healer or later if she ends up a second shaman(since the guy's stats are growths are very unbalanced) a very simple splice, mainly ursula with a recolour and niime's hat thingy - extended. 3: female mercenary she will join early-midgame. a bit of a tomboy, she has like a wrapped scarf thing around her neck and a sleeveless blue undershirt. my most custom mug yet, I made most of the shoulderpad and spliced together stuff from 6 characters. 4:Older soldier,396hCvZ#1 he will join earlygame, when the lord's lands were attacked and his forces decimated, he's found along with another surviving archer carrying out guerrilla warfare vs. the invading army, he's mainly a splice with a bit of age lines added to show that he's seen better days. he's pretty much a generic soldier given time in the spotlight. 5:Lone rampaging wyvern knight,396hCvZ#0 he will join midgame, he's the eldest son of a family of wyvern knights who have been going for a long time, his family were killed by assassins for political reasons, he swore vengeance on the nation who ordered it. he's found surrounded, fighting in a blind fury in his lust for revenge on his family's killers. he's mainly gale with different armor and a nice cloth scarf to clean the blood of his lance with. 6: Seafaring swordsman from the east. he will join midgame, he's a swordsman that comes from a nomadic people's but unlike his tribe he feels most at home at sea, the enemy army take over the port where the ship he's on is anchored, they seize it and he joins the party to get back at them. was a saleh / lloyd splice with a little recolouring, nothing fancy. 7. Veteran archer, found along with older soldier, trying to fight back after surviving their army's massacre. he's a splice of Dieck's face, Linus' hair and Puzon's body he joins earlygame, along with the soldier, I think having older characters allows for more intresting personalities, also lets them have children etc to recruit further on in the game. 8. Cocky, young adult mage prodigy, seeks out turban shaman guy due to his past accomplishments as a mage, before he lost the power to control anima. I feel out of all my units this one's personality in conveyed most strongly through his expression. I feel maybe I went a bit too black / white grey with this dude and maybe I should give him more colours, im open to suggestions as always. splice of Jahn's head / chest and renault's small shoulerpadcloth thingy, along with edited brown collars over the shirt. 9. Bloodthirsty axeman, crazed and ruthless, won't ruin his story by saying how he joins (BEING REDONE). <- low quality, working on remaking. each part of the face is from a different sprite, same with the hair, the body is still just diek's but to be fair I felt I was already pushing it with this and I wasn't sure if it looks ok or not. 9.5 Bloodthirsty axeman v2. an attempt to improve over the last version. still considering changing it again. 10. Poor wannabe armor knight bandit guy, once his village was saved a mighty armor knight of the realm, thats where his dream began... and with his shoddy half broken armor is where it's gona end, the only armor knight I have planned for this game and thankfully he's not as boring as the rest, he's pretty quick and stuff but his def isn't great, which y'know makes sense since his armor is like falling apart .his face is like a mix of 5 faces, hair is lowen's, body armor is a big mix. 11. Hippie zealot nomad, he joins cus the nation that messed up MC's castle/people is against his hippie standards, this guy was a splice of about 4-5 facial features, roland's body recoloured and mini head + icon thing. he's all about dat resistance, anti magic nomad on the scene. 12. The sad dude, suffering existential crisis, in anguish. lacks will and does stuff just because he's really conformist. he's a mix of facial features from FE8 baddies along with the base of a FE7 baddie non boss, custome'd his face so he covers his chin with the underside of his bandana rag thingy.
  5. even in real life... Hello everyone, I was lurking weeks ago this website, so I decided recently to sign up If there is a grammatical error, is mostly because English is not my first language. BTW I'm using this nice template that is in this forum. Online name: I go as Aerith, Xaphyr, Aerith Tsukiyomi Real name: not telling DoB: 09-05-1995 Favourite FE Game: I only have Awakening, I wish to play the other FE games, buy I don't have much money and time (college) Favourite Game (other than FE): let's see...pokemon, the legend of zelda games, persona, resident evil, ace attorney...mostly nintendo games... Favourite FE Character: As for Awakening: Henry, Gangrel, Cynthia, Morgan, Sumia, Tharja, Noire, Libra, Nah, Inigo. In fact, I'm not the type to have a hatred for any character (◕‿◕✿) Least Favourite game: huh? none so far... Sports: hahahaha nope. Online friends: I have like 2 Favourite music: I listen almost every genre except these two: cumbia, reggeaton, sadly those genre is everywhere in my country Favourite artist/band: The birthday massacre, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Within Temptation, Neon trees, A Perfect Circle, Bon Jovi, the list could go forever... Favourite song: The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris Country: Chile. MSN/Yahoo/AIM: only for friends. Hobbies: Drawing, reading either fanfics or some horror book, Good Point: doesn't give up easily, gentle, I dunno... Bad Point: pessimist, lazy... Anything else? Is probably that I'm sleepy like every hour, and I'm a bit slow on replying, but don't be afraid to message me or something! However I'm so shy...
  6. Hello, Im New Here. I Hope i dont disturb so hello~