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Found 2 results

  1. Download Latest Patch(Patch to a clean FE8U rom) Team Procrastinators Extraordinaire Presents... Premise A young man is named morps. His parents are dead. He gets into a war. Screenshots Report Glitches You find! This hack, while all chapters may be finished, still is being polished every day, and we need everyone's input! You can use the discord to do so: Please note that if you ever get stuck in a chapter, guide can be used to skip it. Credits Have fun!
  2. so i have been always wanting to play fe 9 and fe 10 but i hear fe 9 is very easy, i don't want a game that will put me to sleep. however i am worried about not being able to understand anything about the radiant saga. can you help me. and if you DO want me to play fe 9 first tell me about how diffcult it is on hardest NA mode. also give reasons if you do want me to play fe 9 before fe 10 or if it os okay to play fe 10 before fe 9