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Found 126 results

  1. Something wrong with script

    I've already combed through this script multiple times, and I can't seem to find the issue. Event Assembler tells me everything is fine when I run it through, but whenever I open the ROM, the entire game is messed up. The script is written in the spoiler. If anyone can take a look through it and perhaps tell me if there's something wrong, I'd really appreciate that. The title and opening scene of the game is fine, but when I go to the menu, it no longer works (screenshot below).
  2. Trying to figure out how to edit the scripted event where Artur is attacked by the Mogul before the chapter gameplay starts. I rarely use event assembler, and honestly have no idea how to change the event code. I changed Artur to a cleric, so he has no weapons to attack the Mogul. The plan is for him to simply get hit once and the battle ends. I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot this one specific issue and it's giving me no end to my headache. Spoilering for size. I'm pretty sure this is the code for the specific event, but as it's a massive block of text, I have no idea where the event before it ends and the battle event starts. Event-for-eva.txt
  3. Music

    Does anyone know how to insert a MP3 file into FE GBA? I've heard extremely high quality sounds in some hacks (Not using the GBA Instruments) Thanks in Advance!
  4. Anyone have the HP Bar patch?

    Hi just looking for the HP bar patch (Nothing else attached ) Thanks in Advance!
  5. InuYasha: Sacred Arrows

    I recently got a friend of mine into watching InuYasha (a great anime if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it, it's one of my favorite anime ever). But we got to talking about the sacred arrows that Kagome and Kikyo can fire. This question popped up and I'm not sure of the answer. What would tose arrows do against non-demons? I don't think there's a case of them being fired at a non-demon or demon object in the show? Does anyone have an answer or a theory? Also if you just wanna fangirl over InuYasha with me, please feel free! I would love to meet more InuYasha fans!
  6. If you could rewrite any SINGLE character in the FE series who would it be and why? I'd prefer to keep this to singular examples but if you have multiple answers feel free to share them all and got as in depth as you want. I SHOULD get this out of the way though, when I say rewrite I DO NOT BE WRITE OUT OF EXISTENCE so please no "just remove x from the plot" types of answers. These are fixes, not erasures.
  7. What do you think the game will be like when if we FINALLY get to see it? What are you expecting? NOT WHAT YOU'RE HOPING FOR, WHAT YOU'RE EXPECTING. It can be positive or negative or whatever, I'm bored as hell.
  8. What kind of antagonist would you like to see in a future Fire Emblem? I personally would like to see one that thinks of themselves as the one in the right. One who has, in their own views, heroic intentions and thinks of themselves as a good person while seeing the people opposing them as the evil ones, only acknowledging people they approve of as their followers while denouncing morally bankrupt ones and refusing to associate with them. One who's a competent leader and doesn't make cliche mistakes like letting the protagonist go because "They're too weak" or "I have other business to attend to", but instead does what they can to eliminate potential threats. One who's followers believe in them because they see the good that could come from their goal and want to help reach those ends. One who's flaw is the refusal to see the negative impact of the means they use one the ones they oppose, and in turn refuses to see why the protagonists oppose them. Which would help them contrast with the protagonist who, while able to see things from other perspectives, simply can't accept what is happening and wants to put an end to it. As a result the story wouldn't end with unanimous praise of the protagonists, the rival nation may even see them as the villain and their history would remember them as an awful person who took away what could have been a bright future. I think my standards are a smidge too high, is the fact that I want to be a video game writer obvious enough yet?
  9. Exactly what the titles says (again), What are things in the franchise you are sick of seeing either because you've seen them too much or because you think they effect the story or gameplay in a negative way and need to go. Here are the things in the Fire Emblem franchise I think need to just leave and never come back based on what I've played (Awakening, Fates, Echoes): Let's get the obvious ones out of the way. Desert Maps (They're tedious slogs and I can't think of a single benefit to them) Fog of War (These are bad for strategy because they only effect the player and practically enforce turtling) One Dimensional Villains (They're lazily written and boring) Quirk-Centric Characters (They're lazy and I find them immersion breaking) Open Field Maps (Lazy, Awakening was embarrassing and Echoes has NO excuse) Lackluster Worldbuilding (Let's be real, even Echoes needed to do a better job with it's worldbuilding despite having different teachings Rigelian and Zofian societies appeared the same) Now for some that are important to me personally. Dragon Final Bosses (It does not always have to be a dragon come on) Kid-Looking Characters (Unless they're manaketes there's no reason for units that look prepubescent to be on a battlefield at all) Boob Armor ( I know it's done for the sake of fanservice but I find it immersion breaking and cringeworthy) Destructive Faithfulness (When you remake a game you FIX it's flaws, not preserve them for the sake of staying faithful.) 2 Range Exclusive Archers (Echoes had the right idea, let Archers have 1-3 range while balancing the effectiveness ofcourse) Avatar units (I've bitched about this plenty so to keep it short, they're more often then not destructive to the writing) Possessed Villains (I vastly prefer villains that are motivated by their own goals instead of being influenced by evil spirits/magic and shit) Lack of Politics (I think it'd be great if the conflict weren't as simple as just "Evil Nation vs Good Nation", use some imagination) These I'm only mostly sure on. Fanservice Characters (Characters build for the express purpose of being masturbated to are lame though I don't think they're THAT harmful) Weapon Durability (I've been thinking about this for a bit and I think a MUCH more balanced version of what Fates tried to do would be better) Critical/Skill cut-ins (I liked it better when critical hits/skills were quick and surprising, now you have to sit through a not-so-witty one liner and portrait closeup before impact.) Dancers/Bards (Unless they're dancing/music have magic properties that are useful in battle then it makes no sense for them to be on the field) That's all I have, what about you guys?
  10. I'd planned on doing a long post in another section and it'd be annoying to break it up into pieces (even though I'm sure I have to). Just curious.
  11. I know there's a lot of criticism being hurled at a certain two recent titles in this series (I guess I'm part of this camp?) so I felt like I should ask critics of Fire Emblem's 3DS era what their favorite things about those games are since all I fucking do here is ask people stuff.
  12. What are your thoughts on the current state of the Fire Emblem franchise? I don't mean it's fanbase, I mean like the mainline series. Positive? Negative? Be honest. Go nuts, I honestly just need an excuse to talk about something.
  13. Exactly what the title says, what are you good people hoping to see in Fire Emblem Switch in terms of gameplay? Mechanics, Quality of Life Adjustments, Skills, Classes, Weapon types, ANYTHING you can think of! Personally I want to see two things from the Tellius series make a return. Bonus Experience and Skill Scrolls but I personally would make a few adjustments to them. For Bonus Experience I'd make the special requirements for getting them clear and available to the player by putting them next to the Victory/Defeat conditions so they know what they need to do if they want extra EXP. It never made any sense to me why they decided to hide these from the player and not tell them what they needed to do, it sounds like something a Famicom game would pull and we're YEARS beyond that. As for Skill Scrolls I'd have them work very similarly to the way that they work in PoR only removing the skill from a unit doesn't make them disappear into thin air but instead return to a scroll that you can reassign to different unit. The skill scrolls can either be gotten the old fashioned way via chests and fleeing enemy units or recruitable units can come pre-packaged with skills you can take and slap onto someone you want to have them, adding some customization options for your units. If possible, I'd also make Echoes/Radiant Dawn's Base Conversations make a return since they're great for extra characterization and world-building and Fates' Personal Skills also return since they make each unit feel more unique. I honestly don't care if they bring back Full Voice Acting or not but if they do keep the in-battle voice clips but remove the critical hit cut-ins. I liked it better when critical hits were fast, surprising, and came without warning. The last thing I want to see make a return are Tellius Style Maps the color code which part of the continent fall under which power, though this one isn't as important. Welp those are my thought's, what're your's?
  14. Welp it's question time again since that's all I seem to fucking do here, I'm boring like that. Exactly what the title says, what are your favorite and/or least favorite moments in Fire Emblem story-wise?
  15. Hypothetically speaking if you could choose any Fire Emblem game to have it's Gameplay, Story, Mechanics, Presentation etc. Fixed/Redone in all the right ways, which game would it be, why, and how? Be broad or be specific, either is fine. It can be any game in the franchise, even recent ones or remakes. Go nuts.
  16. Who are your favorite Fire Emblem antagonists? I'm asking because I've noticed Fire Emblem has an antagonist problem and I'd like to just ask who you guys/gals/others think are the best ones based on what you've played. My personal favorite would be Fernand because once you hear what the man has been through via DLC because fucking why not his actions are much more understandable and you can actually feel bad for him, unlike Berkut who's only sympathetic trait was a throwaway line about a "might makes right" upbringing and a couple post-Alm freakouts.
  17. Question time again, because why the hell not? What are your most and/or least favorite things about the Fire Emblem series based on what you've played so far?
  18. Who should compose/direct the soundtrack for a future Fire Emblem game? My personal pick would be Nier Automata's Keiichi Okabe.
  19. Just another dumb question I wanted to ask everyone, it's basically a "what do YOU want from FE Switch?" question only this one is specifically asking about what you are/aren't hoping for in terms of plot, setting, writing, themes, etc, whatever. I hope this isn't too similar to too many other threads here
  20. Just a dumb question I felt like asking everyone. What are your thoughts and/or worries for FE Switch (or lack there of in this case)?
  21. Who do you guys & gals think should write a future Fire Emblem title? I've heard Yasumi Matsuno as a suggestion, what do you all think though? Have anyone in mind?
  22. Best support conversations in Fates?

    I've recently started re-playing Fates again and I've been thinking a lot about the support conversations. I wasn't really excited about the children in this game, but I wanted to have the "best" platonic couples S rank each other purely because the support conversation between the two of them was great (and by "best" and "great" conversations, I mean that the two characters don't suddenly want each others babies for no reason by S rank, but they build up a close and meaningful relationship throughout C, B and A ranks). However, I'm far too lazy to have every character reach A rank to then look over the conversations myself and decide, and I really can't be bothered to watch videos on the support conversations. :/ So, in a short paragraph or in just a couple of sentences, what were your "best" support conversations in Fates? Perhaps don't try to lean towards saying, "xx character and xx character because their child gets xx ability..." because that, unless you then explain why the parents have a good relationship together, defeats the purpose of my question. (And I do understand that Fates had some bad characters in this game and not all of the conversations were designed to be cute and happy, as some reveal more backstory about another character, so just have fun with this.)
  23. Hello everyone, I want to work on a French Translation of Fire Emblem 6 : The Binding Blade, but letters use in French don't exist in the english ROM, like "é" "â".... Is it possible to add them with FEBuilder? Then I could work on my translation. Thank you very much and have a good day !
  24. Alternative to FEditor

    I’ve been trying to download FEditor Adv. but I can’t get it to download. Are there any alternatives to FEditor?
  25. FE4 3rd Tier possibility

    Is it possible to make 3rd tier classes for Fire Emblem 4? If so how? I thought it could work well since levels don't reset in FE4 so the issue of having to gain extra exp in shorter games wouldn't be an issue it could work something like one of these: 1 to 2: Lv10, 2 to 3: Lv20 1 to 2: Lv15, 2 to 3: Lv25 1 to 2: Lv20, 2 to 3: Lv30 if anyone has any info at all on this please inform me