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Found 42 results

  1. I'm used the Universal GBA FE Randomizer to do an FE8 run, and my Tana spawned as a soldier. I was curious what would happen so I threw a master seal at her at level 10, and she turned into a recruit. I thought soldiers were supposed to be able to become Generals or Paladins? Is she doomed to be a Recruit? And what level of Recruit would this be anyway?
  2. [FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3

    Link to UPS Patch (FE8U) What's self-randomizing? This is a rom that randomizes itself - meaning that no two playthroughs will be alike! Features Options screen on New Game start Tactician name as randomizer seed Random classes for players and enemies Random growths and bases Random personal skills Random weapon stats Random chest and event items Palettes that might be janky because that's part of the charm v1.3 changelog: Additions - Random Class Skills option: Shuffles all learned skills per class! (innate skills e.g. Canto/Shove not shuffled) - Skill Scrolls (learn a random skill) added to drop list and prep screen shop - Amnesia Scrolls (forget a learned skill) also added - Thracia Mode! Put "776" somewhere in your seed to give everyone Capture, set Hit to 1RN and between 1-99! Tweaks - Stats no longer overflow/underflow (e.g. demon king HP) - Dancers and Bards animations don't crash if they double - Flashy mode now works in vanilla! (all boss kill attacks show the critical animation) - All items can be sold or discarded - Debuffs now clear properly between chapters - Scripted battles end correctly when one character dies - Nosferatu and Devil Axe fixed in Vanilla Mode Skills - Skills learned per class redistributed to reflect the new skills available - Wary fighter removed from dancers/bards since it doesn't crash any more - When forgetting a skill, you can press R to see the skill description - Fixed various Capture glitches ------ Other useful things: - Press Select at the stats menu to view stats/growths - You can buy a lot of useful things at the prep screen armory - Hold L to toggle battle animations on/off - Hold A to speed up battle animations (and B to pause them) - Press Select to view Danger Zone - You can shove/drop/etc onto most terrain, useful if you're stuck - Use the Konami code if you're really stuck - If you plant the right seed you may find it sprouts into a secret game mode - Press R on the Donate to Circles screen to find out how to donate Known Issues - Trying to back out of the unit menu after doing a Talk/Support can show the conversation again
  3. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    1 year later note: YUNE does FE4 randomizing better these days. Don't go using this one. Over Christmas, i decided I wanted to make a proper FE4 randomizer as opposed to the crappy one I had made and posted to Reddit last summer. Now I have completed a playthrough of it to find and fix all the bugs I could find, and then fixed some more bugs with the help of some people on Reddit, I thought people over here would like it as well. So here we have it: Jespoke's FE4 Randomizer 2.1! And here is a link to the source code: Randomize options: Classes Promotions Base Stats Growth Rates Skills Holy Blood Holy Blood Growth Bonuses Holy Weapon Bonuses Weapons: Might, Hit, Weight Other things: Various weapons are shuffled around and edited to match the randomized classes. Sword skills can be used and inherited by anyone, and holy weapons can be sold and bought. There is an option to nerf your own units' growth rates, in case you want to go ham on the OP options. There is an option to slightly rebalance weapons A few small things are edited to stop anything from breaking. If you run into anything weird, please tell me so I can try to fix it. The randomizer is made to work with both headered and unheadered roms, with or without the Project Naga translation patch. I want to thank the people in Lamia's FE4 stuff for finding/compiling a lot of the locations in the rom to edit to get everything to work, as well as the FE Binary people who made the Sword Skills patch. Please leave any feedback, suggestions, and fun results you may have ~ Updates: Update 2.1.2: Fixed an issue that came up when using high difficulty settings without randomizing growths. Added 2 new options for Holy Blood allocation: 33% Major 66% Minor, and 4 Minors. Update 2.1.3: Closed the loop created by 2.1.2 Update 2.1.4: Fixed the 2.1.2 problem (hopefully completely this time) The option to have Holy Blood not give growths is now actually considered a valid input. Added some stuff to make issues that get the randomizer stuck easier to pinpoint. Update 2.1.5: Fixed Pursuit rates not being as advertised. Added option to give you a guaranteed Troubadour if you want. Update 2.1.6: Kids and their substitutes now have the same classes, which means substitutes will no longer join with weapons they can't use. The guaranteed healer option now also gives you a guaranteed cleric in the second generation. Fixed the Seliph Holy Blood randomizing function doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended to, which could freeze the randomizer. Update 2.1.7: Tine, Lene, and Nanna now match with their own substitutes, instead of those of each other. That also fixes another problem introduced by the switcheroo, that caused saves to not load and the boss of the prologue to act weird.
  4. Hey everyone, Kobazco (just call me Kobe tho) here, bringing you my first screenshot lp! I've always really liked reading these, but never had a good excuse to start one of my own. I'm gonna keep commentary and such basic I think though, I don't see much of a reason to do anything over the top. Somethings to establish about this run/lp. Yes, this is Shadows of Valentia randomized. I randomize above level 1 units via a save editor. I randomize level 1 units by reclassing them via cheats. All randomization choices are done via a list randomizer including all classes. Sadly, I can't use the arcanist/cantor class as much as I want to due to magic lists not working (units won't learn spells) Additionally, the only gender specific class that I will abide to is the Cleric, as male Clerics will not learn heal/nosferatu for the above reason. All villager characters will be randomized upon their class change from villager, as there is no villager equivalent to random to. To make things.... interesting, no mila gear is allowed and this is an ironman run. I assume if you're reading this, you've already seen/played SoV, so I'll be skipping all story elements. Without further ado, let's begin.
  5. This is a program that will generate a text document with randomized class changes for all of the characters in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Fe 11 instructions 1. Unzip the file 2. Open the dist folder 3. Run the ShadowDragonRandomizer.exe 4. Your randomized list will be Characters.txt in the same folder Post any feedback in the comments below
  6. I have enough general programming know-how to come up with a randomizer, but I need to know how lots of things are stored/handled by the game. If people have already datamined FE10 to death and have well-documented notes on it, then I'd be very grateful to have those to use. Wishlist of information needed for a "full" randomizer: characters: names, portraits, stats, growths, affinities, skills, starting items classes: stats, growths, skills, promotion paths, promotion gains items: stats, special traits chapters: recruitment special promotions: Micaiah's, Sothe's, and Ike's and also possibly (to prevent crashes): models & textures: for characters and classes both in battle and on the map Finally, I'd need to know how the game stores who can seize. If it's tied to character, then no problem, but if it's by class, that would be problematic.
  7. how to recolor in FE8 Randomizer?

    Can I ask a Question? How we can recolor in Fire Emblem 8 Randomizer? I have mixed my FE8 with GBA.FE.Randomizer and I got some new random Class... With tutorial From Gasht Station on Youtube I know how to re-color Character in Fe Randomizer, but It Does not Work in Fire Emblem 8. All of my characters keep their Default color (blue clothes with Green hair and brow hair sometimes...). So Does Anyone know how to recolor in Fire emblem 8? Thanks a lot If you can help me this and sorry for my bad English...
  8. FE GBA Randomizer Improvements

    I've recently started tweaking the GBA Fire emblem randomizer ( to try and fix some of the common issues that occur for me such as: Heavily lopsided growths Weird weapons (poison weapons etc) etc Wanted to know if there was any interest in these changes and if so, I can make them public. Also if anyone has any ideas, I can try and fix those too!
  9. FE6 Randomized 2: The Quickening

    And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
  10. Why hello there Serenes Forest. I am Breezy. I like Pokemon. I like dying on the inside. So what better way to put it all together than by doing this. Anyway RULES 1.) Nuzlocke stuff: First mon on each Route/Nicknames required/Pokemon die when they are fainted 2.) Randomizer stuff: All starters\wild\event\trades\trainer Pokemon were randomized/TM's were (but not compatibility)/ There is a 10% increase on all Trainers levels. So if someone had a level 20 Ivysaur, it would be level 22. 3.) Ha I'm gonna die Anyway I suppose I gotta do this now.
  11. So I am thinking about doing arandomizer of fe7 and I what to know whether you're interested
  12. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I would love so much if anyone could provide me with a randomized ROM of FE 6, 7 or 8... but is HAS to be a .gba file as the only GBA emulator I will use is gba4ios on my iPad. If any one could do this i'd be ever in your debt. I won't be licking any toes though ;)
  13. Fe Fates Randomizer Questions

    So I was trying to randomise my game and when it says pick your path or whatever do I pick revelations for special edition to randomise all 3 or birthright or revelation (both which I want to randomise not sure which yet though). Can someone help?
  14. Hi! I've been attempting to make a fun little romhack where I basically just dick around, changing people's classes and making dumb "Balance changes" to make the game (FE7) a little more fun for myself. In the process, I "added" (edited the peer and others) the female myrmidon, female mercenary, female brigand and a nifty little mage class and gave it to a few of the characters. My thing is that should I ever feel like randomizing this for extra fun, these classes are never going to be randomized themselves (keep in mind that I'm using the universal gba fe randomizer). Given that my knowledge of romhacking extends to Nightmare, FEditor and changing palettes, I would have no idea if it is possible to randomize them and if so, how I would go about doing it. I was thinking that perhaps there was a particular attribute in nightmare that the "usual" classes have that the others (like the peer) do not have but I noticed nothing of note. The one thing I did notice was a certain ***UNKNOWN*** attribute that most classes had a value on but stuff like the peer had a 0 value on it. However, while the mercenary (F) also had the 0x00 value attibuted to it, the female myrmidon, shaman and druid (all of which are unrandomizable as well) had actual values on them, so I guess that's not it. Plus, the values were going up with every different class so it didn't appear to be related to that at all. I'm asking this because Klokinator made a "fixpatch" for fe7 for a different randomizer and now he made one for fe8 for the universal randomizer that apparently make those classes randomizable (as long as he edits them in a specific way) but I don't think he's done that to his FE8 fix patch yet and I'm pretty sure after a several tries that the normal fe7 fix patch does not work on the universal randomizer. Any thoughts?
  15. Hello Everyone!! Welcome to my ongoing let's play of FE8 Randomized!!! I'll be posting links to each chapter on this post as a Table of Contents. This is my first Let's Play ever, so please feel free to comment any feedback if you think I should change/improve something, of if you just want to say that you like it!!! I hope you enjoy my adventure of humor, randomness, war, victory, defeat, and confusion!!!! Prologue: Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5:
  16. So a friend of mine and I have been doing a bunch of Fire Emblem Randomizer streams and I've been "regularly" uploading edited versions of them onto my youtube channel. We completed Sacred Stones which was our first run not too long ago and moved onto Blazing Sword which was up until recently my favorite FE game. I figured may as well try and like advertise since there's a sub-forum for that. Couple things to know going in, I'm not amazing at Fire Emblem so if you're super amazing at them I may occasionally do something stupid and I apologize for that. We swear a lot, and I know a lot of people here probably have heard most of the stuff we say before but some people may not like that so warning ahead of time that we're not exactly PG. We also engage in a bit of the dark/offensive humor from time to time, nothing like super over the top so I don't think too many people would take anything we say seriously but just fair warning. Anyways, here's the first part. I've randomized almost everything; recruitment order, bases, growths, classes, affinity, move, con, etc. The only thing I didn't randomize were item stats. No increased growths or anything either since I'm not that good and have nothing to prove. The plan is to do Lyn and Eliwood's story on normal, again because I'm not great. Also any criticism anyone could give for how to perhaps make my videos better is always appreciated. I wanna improve so I can do a better job as an entertainer so even if it's just a minor detail I can fix please let me know. We also stream on my friend's channel Sundays at 3PM EST but we're both busy guys so our schedules often don't align so sadly that's not a consistent schedule, just the schedule we try for. Also my friend hates his URL so if you could tease him ceaselessly that would be great.
  17. Garchomp's Randomizer topic

    Heya. I have got two randomizers going on (Emerald, right before Roxanne, FR, choosing starter) and there are some hard choices to make... So why not ask here? Anyways, ı've included the questions on a poll and I will follow what the majority says. I could possibly do a playlog though I might either have to cut the pictures or make small updates if something goes wrong IRL though.
  18. I've always hated how if you want proper variety in the class randomizations you essentially have to check "allow crossgender" so the women can have a good amount of classes but they get the male sprites. However, I've been playing the Weapon Reversal mod for Sacred Stones which somewhat fixes this issue. It adds a few new classes and, more importantly, adds female versions of the pirate and brigand so one gets more variety in female classes (particularly since that way they can use axes) So I figured that maybe I should try to randomize it just for fun but whenever I try it always results in an error. Screenshots shouldn't be too useful since my PC is in portuguese but allow me to describe and translate the error message. So the first thing it tells me once I click randomize is "The Item Table Offset has been updated. Item Table may have been repointed. If the number of items has changed, only the items up to the original amount will be used." After that I click ok and it keeps going as usual until it provides me with the standard "you're played FE8 so avoid easy mode cus tutorials might be unbeatable with randoms" warning and immediately after that, an error message (in portuguese) comes in and roughly says: "A non processed exception occurred in the application. If you click continue, the app will ignore this error and will attempt to continue. If you click exit, the application will be immediately closed." "The object reference wasn't defined as an object (object's?) instance." If I press Exit the rom isn't randomized. If i press Continue it just sits there for the next five trillion years without doing anything but not really frozen either and... you guessed it, the rom isn't randomized. Any clues? Thanks for any help in advance!
  19. Next week I hope to start something I've been looking forward to doing for a while. I recently finished creating a web page that can be used to generate a random "skill tree" (set of skills each class learns) for Fire Emblem Fates (see details here) and am planning to to use it for a run through the Revelation path on Lunatic-Classic difficulty. The way this works is that each time one of my units earns a skill by reaching a level milestone in their class, I consult the table generated using that webpage to find the shuffler-chosen skill corresponding to that milestone. Then at the end of the chapter, I use a save editor to overwrite the skill that the game awarded, replacing it with the one chosen by the shuffler. The shuffler will never give a class a completely useless skill, so e.g. Swordfaire will always go to a Sword-using class. The reason I call this a "double-blind" run is that, first of all, it's my first time through Revelation, and second of all, I'll be using the "Surprise Mode" on the shuffler, so each skill is hidden until one of my units reaches the class/level milestone to earn it. Since it is a blind run, I'll be commenting on the story as well as the gameplay, and there will be spoilers for all 3 routes (as I have played the other ones already). Please do not give story spoilers for Revelation chapters I haven't played! The run will start at Chapter 7 using a +Mag -Str female Avatar. The run will not use DLC or Path Bonuses. However, it will use Challenges/Scouting to train underleveled characters (as Revelation is infamous for units joining at a way-too-low level, that much I know). ----------- Anyway, one feature of the shuffler is that it allows the user to optionally include some or all of the enemy skills in the shuffle, in case the player wanted to see what it's like being able to earn them by leveling up and turn some of the game's nastiest tricks against itself. I can see why doing that would be appealing to some and unappealing to others, so... BRANCH OF FATE: CHOOSE YOUR PATH! Option 1 *LOSER (1 vote)* I will use only the standard skills from the classes in the base game. They'll be shuffled around, so who knows which'll get what, but they'll all be there. -or- Option 2 *WINNER (5 votes)* I will set the shuffler to exclude some of the less exciting standard skills, and replace them with the lowest-power tier of enemy skills. These enemy skills will have to be earned by reaching the class/level milestones chosen by the shuffler, just like any other skill. The following changes would occur if option 2 is chosen: Excluded: Golembane, Future Sight, Shove, Swap, Skill +2, Luck +4 Included: Point Blank, Winged Shield, Bold Stance, Hit/Avo +10, Resist Status, and the one...the only...the dreaded...Inevitable End. I'll leave it up to you, the eventual readers, to decide. I won't start the run until sometime on or after Monday, September 19, so you have until then to vote in the topic poll. The topic poll is now closed. Until we meet again, have a nice weekend everyone!
  20. So here is a thing I made just for kicks and giggles: a randomizer for the class "skill trees" (learnsets) in Fire Emblem Fates! How to use it: Pick your desired settings and hit the "Shuffle!" button, and the program will output a table mapping each class's skill-learning level milestone to a random skill in the game! Whenever one of your characters learns a new skill, replace it with the corresponding skill from the table. (A save editor or ROM hacking capabilities are necessary.) Detailed instructions: The table that shows the results of the shuffle looks something like this: ...and so on. To see how it works, let's look at the Oni Savage class. Normally they'd learn Seal Resistance at level 1 and Shove at level 10, but according to the shuffle, they now learn Life and Death at level 1 and Rally Magic at level 10. So if you get a Level 8 Oni Savage added to your party, replace Seal Resistance with Life and Death at the first opportunity. When the Oni Savage reaches level 10 and learns Shove, replace Shove with Rally Magic at the first opportunity. If you reclass a unit and they start to learn skills from the new class, replace them according to this table. Child units keep whatever skills they inherited from their parents; replace the rest according to this table. If you capture a unit, modify their current-class and base-class skills according to this table, but leave their other skills the same. If the unit had an enemy-only skill that was eligible to appear in the table based on the settings you chose, you may put that skill back on after the game takes it off. If you earn "Gentilhomme/Demoiselle", apply the skill that matches your character's gender. So males get Gentilhomme and females get Demoiselle. If you want to de-equip a skill from a unit, that's fine, just remember that you'll need to use your save editor to re-apply it. Note that Powersaves can only edit the skills of the first character in the top-left save file, so to edit a character other than Corrin, you have to enter a battle where deploying Corrin is not mandatory, then on Select Units de-select all except the one you want to edit, then save the game without starting the battle. The most reliable way to do this--which works at any time on any route starting at Chapter 7--is to go to your castle's crystal ball and choose StreetPass Team -> Check Defenses. (You do not need to, and shouldn't, enable StreetPass before doing this.) If you selected Surprise Mode, you'll see a table like this: All skills will be hidden at first, but you can reveal a skill by clicking the checkbox next to it. The "skill tree key" keeps track of which skills are revealed and updates automatically, so after you earn and reveal some skills, copy the key string and it will remember that you revealed those skills when you load from that string! Some more details: If you have any feedback (you found a bug, or I put your favorite skill in the "weak" category, or you believe I horribly mis-tiered the enemy skills, or you have any other suggestions), please let me know! And finally a friendly reminder: Modifying your characters this way is playing according to an alternate set of rules. Fine when you're offline, but using these characters against other people online would be cheating. So if you do a randomized run, don't put any of these characters on your wireless battle teams, and on that particular save file, make sure NOT to activate StreetPass or update data using your castle's crystal ball.
  21. I started a Sacred Stones Randomizer and guess who replaced Seth. I am currently in Chapter 3, and I can't wait to train a General with 8 Movement and 9 Speed (even though it's Lv 1). Edit: I forgot to ask: I would love to see more of this ridiculously OP randomized units, so please Reply with an image of your strongest unit from an FE Randomizer. Thanks. XD
  22. I have started a Let's Play on Eliwood Hard Mode with 20% increased growth rates. It is a randomized Let's Play. I am going to try to upload 1-2 videos a day using Camtasia. Here a link to my playlist/slash first video of the playthrough .I apoligize for the volume levels on the first video. I will fix it in the next one. Anyway, be sure to watch and see how good and bad I do in Eliwood Hard Mode.
  23. I am randomizing Sacred Stones. I am playing on Normal but increasing enemy growths by 10%. Weapons have random traits also. Characters are Recruited in random order and Random Classes. Can't wait to be screwed by the randomizer. Eirika got randomized into a Cavalier Ephraim. Probably wont be too bad for my lord. on the other hand Seth is a General Natasha. um... I don't think Natasha's defense will get much better. well now I guess seth went from a Oifrey to a Jeigen Franz is Gerik and my first monster Gilliam is Fado and a cavalier Vanessa is Amelia and she is a recruit moulder is hayden and a myrmidon um.... Ross is Innes.... AND HE IS A DANCER! I got real lucky with him dodging so Garcia is Joshua and josh is STILL a myrmidon!
  24. Those of you who frequent this forum have no doubt noticed that there's been a sudden influx of these runs. My 4 compatriots have already started theirs, so no doubt you have an idea of what's going on. Despite that, I'm going to post this thing anyway: I won't bother going over the text; it's not changed. With that in mind, let's begin. As of now I'm at the route split, so I'll probably double/triple post. [spoiler=Prologue] Klok said play normal mode. Unlike Mr Night, I *am* capable of following directions. An idea of what classes our new guys are. Although I can never remember who's who. Oh well, we'll find out soon enough. The lord! Eirika's been replaced by the wayward prince of Jehanna. Seems to be pretty good. I'm a big fan of a good strength growth. The Jaigen! Myrrh comes in a class with extra crit AND a killing edge. Although items have been randomized, so maybe it won't be as good as I think... Note: I won't cover ALL weapons. I'm sure the other LPs do. The fighters come with an iron axe, which gives a nice res bonus, and our boss is a knight...that Joshua will almost certainly not be able to handle. Fighters aren't terribly threatening, unless they get an unlucky (for me) crit. Even with WTD, Joshua has no trouble dispatching them. Love the +5 speed bonus from the slim lance. As I suspected. Myrrh's gonna have to handle this one. And handle it, she does. [spoiler=Chapter 1] Our boss is a cavalier with a pretty high base def. Myrrh's got this one again, I think. Joshua takes advantage of his massive movement range to plunk himself on a fort, something I normally couldn't do. Chipping the two soldiers that attack him right off the bat gives a nice first level. Meanwhile, an impatient fighter goes after Myrrh and gets face-wrecked. I forgot to unequip the KE. Oops. Our two new guys! Except, according to the rules, I can't use Duessel. Rats. I bet he sucks anyway. Gilliam's still might be an issue, later. For now, I need a sword user. I'll hold onto that nice Tome of Duessel's; not sure who I'll give it to. Looking at the iron sword and lance Gilliam came with, it appears the iron lance is a reaver. A little rescue-chaining to get Duessel and Myrrh out of the way. Unfortunately, gargoyles don't get canto or mounted rescue. None of the monsters do, in fact. So dangerous! Despite Gilliam being wide open, this silly fighter goes after Myrrh and pays the price. Now they should be out of range. Next turn, they go for a...swim? Gilliam's first level isn't too bad. Not a good picture, but the iron sword has the devil effect, apparently. Skill is good. Excellent. As I suspected, Myrrh is the only one who can damage Breguet. So she does. Very much. Whoo-hoo, money! [spoiler=Chapter 2] [imgur]( The first unit I am required to use. Nothing sticks out too much. Knights, beware. Myrrh's getting this infinite-use Armorslayer. Unless it's got a devil effect or something. Even with 9 movement, Bone's got a bit of a hike. Duessel is juuuuuust too far away to get the village on the first turn, whereas that bandit totally can get to it. We'll have to distract it. Myrrh disarms Tana and sends her to get the village (I hope this is allowed). Let's turn Gerik...beastly. Also, note the infinite-use effective-against-monsters weapon he brought. Kinda ironic, no? He starts off with a nice whack for village-raider over there. Oh, right. We have greenies, don't we? Yes, we do. We'll look at them later. Doot doot, more loot. Um...not great. Not great at all. Gerik chokes the point so that Duessel can loot the village without being whacked. While Joshua parks himself to hopefully recruit whoever Ross is. This is a beast. Unfortunately, he's also taken. This guy's free, but I'm not sure how good he is. He'll come along for flier utility, at least. Duessel's mission complete, he goes and hides in the mountains. Ross recruited. If I didn't use the swordslayer, Rennac would probably steal the kill. Gerik gets his first level, which isn't that great. Rennac can reach Bone's ally, but that's less of an xp steal. The Great Rennac has been recruited, and that pretty much ends the chapter. On the world map, I check out the armory. It seems to have picked up some magic tomes; could this mean I'm getting magic users before chapter 5?
  25. Sacred Stones Randomizer Lord Promotion Question

    What will happen when Eirika/Ephraim normally promote? Eirika's a male lord and Ephraim's a cavalier, but I also have Joshua and Kyle as male lords and Garcia as a female lord Don't mind resetting if I have to because I'm on chapter 7 and I STILL don't have a priest or cleric (Moulder was randomized to Myrmidon, Natasha was randomized to archer)