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Found 183 results

  1. Hello, and welcome to the thread for my semiblind ironman Let's Play / Roleplay of all three paths of Fire Emblem Fates for the 3DS. This screenshot let's play is done in the style of a magical war journal written by the main character, Dakota. Who exactly is Dakota? Dakota is a rather unlikely hero: a creepily pragmatic, eugenics-obsessed, megalomaniacal, narcissistic, borderline-sociopathic, socially inept control freak with basically only one redeeming quality: their genuine love for the select few people who manage to get close to their heart. Their motivations are not quite as noble as the canon avatar, though there's no lack of drive to accomplish them, and there is some humanity in there somewhere. What do you mean by "Semiblind"? Basically, I've been super hyped for this game, so I have checked out the wiki for certain stuff. I know most of the basic classes and skills, and a handful of the new basic weapons (though I have not read up at all on the metagame and thus only have my 12 years of experience playing Fire Emblem to work out which of them are and aren't useful), I've seen Nintendo's site and know about all the characters and information/videos listed there, but when it comes to anything beyond that, the rest of the characters, the maps, the story, I am almost totally blind. Almost. [spoiler=What I know (DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME)] Though this is mostly due to having eyes, I know the true identities of Odin, Laslow and Selena and I know that Rhajat exists and she's apparently Tharja's reincarnation, I know that future children exist (though I don't know why or by what mechanism), I know of two of them, Rhajat and Soleil, and certain signatures on this site have spoiled the appearances of two more, one who looks like Cordelia and one who appears to be Azura's son. ...Also... due to an extremely inconsiderate TVTropes editor who made a totally pointless edit to the YMMV Fire Emblem Jugdral page after I managed to avoid story spoilers for seven goddamned months, I've had it spoiled for me that somebody named Flora dies, and by the context of that edit I'm assuming she gets burnt alive. How will this work? Basically Dakota will go through Birthright first and Conquest second, with Revelation being third. Dakota's gender will also go by the covers of the two games. Dakota will be male in Birthright, Female in Conquest, and whichever I decide I prefer in Revelation. Here are the designs i came up with for Male and Female Dakota using the Serenes Forest "Kamui Editor": Male: Female: As for the rules I'll be using in this LP: I'll use every non-dlc trick available to me that I can discover in both versions, but I'm not allowed to reset unless the game forces me to for losing an important character or failing the mission, and I cannot abuse this to force a reset to get a lost character back. I may also exploit the fact that I still have my original 3DS (and that I'm buying physical copies of both versions for collecting reasons) to self-streetpass if I can come up with an interesting thing storywise to do with it (and boy do I think I can). Also, while I won't be using DLC, I'll be using the amiibo because I have them, and because they add characters I feel I can do interesting things with. I update every day but thursday, some time around 6 eastern standard time, though the length of the battle means this can vary, and you can expect later updates the further into each path I get. Is there reader participation? YES! As of Conquest, I've decided to start using the castle visiting feature, but I've decided that I won't visit random castles. I'll only be able to access the ones that are sent to me. I haven't fully worked it out because I'm trying to avoid spoilers so I don't want to look up much, but here's my card: Just punch this address in and visit my castle, and then you'll be on my visit list and I'll visit you back. You might even make a cameo appearance in the series!
  2. 23:04 P.M., somewhere in the world. A random nerd's room. Man, it's so much fun playing Fire Emblem! I just love it, all of my units have been blessed by the RNG goddess. Look at that avatar. She even started as an archer! No wonder they gave her a 10/10 in that old Rate the Unit thread... My army is invincible. Even Maris can't get killed. Huh. Maris. What's her new official name? Malice? Malicia? Marlacilis? Who knows, I sure don't. Oh man Palla died. I was foolish to place her there. Well, it's just my fourth playthrough. That's better. Ogma isn't sitting on a flying creature, therefore he survives getting shot in the neck with an arrow. ...this is so boring. Where did I go wrong? I was playing maniac like a boss! My stats weren't so good, Wrys hadn't capped anything yet. And Tiki died so easily, having to reload the turn was so annoying... but even with these huge handicaps, I still can't shake this feeling that this is too easy. How strange... what shall I do? ... LET'S PLAY AS KAGA INTENDED US TO! This is more or less how I got the idea to do this. That, and having recently watched Markyjoe's video on Fire Emblem's balancing. So, out of tremendous boredom, I decided to do a LP in a foreign language, taking away the ability to reset which I'd never done before, and publish it for all the pros to gaze upon over the shoulder in disdain. I might not even be able to finish this (I'll try as hard as I can, though), as I begin college in around a month, but hey, I just wanted to try this let's playing schtick out. Please bear with me. Not that I expect this to become anything big, but eh, if I can manage to get a stable replier or two, I'll be happy. The rules are as follows. - Obviously, I won't be resetting. If I lose a unit, I'll have to press on and use a replacement. Hopefuly, I won't have to settle for using Matthis or Frost or anything like that. I'll also try to recruit everyone and get every gaiden. That would be sweet. Units defeated in the prologue won't be considered dead for good, and I'll be free to use them in the main game. I think having to LTC Matthis should be enough of a punishment for leaving Wrys and Caeda in range of Jeorge and his archer buddy. - The only exceptions to this rule will be Marth and MU (whom I have already created, by the way, so I'm afraid I won't do like the good Let's Players and let the viewers participate), as well as the unit who will take the Growth Drop. This is mostly because I don't trust my skills and, well, I'd like to have more than one "permanent" unit to help the seizebot sit on the throne. Now, don't worry, I won't give it to Palla or anything like that. It'll be an early game terribad unit. Place your bets. Once more, because I am a bad LPer, I already have someone in mind. If any of these die, I will reset the chapter. If I lost any of the other units before resetting, I'll disarm them and kill them off as soon as possible. I won't be allowed to change anything in the prepscreen, either. If I have to reset five times because I forgot to give Marth the starsphere the first time, so be it. As of the Bond Drop, the Rainbow Potion, and the lunatic statboosters, I won't be using them. - I will use the reclassing feature. I'll try to have one of each class, though. - I'll be playing on H1, again, because I don't trust my skills. - And, just for the record, with this intro, I don't intend to insult people who use save states and the like. I use them a lot, it would be quite hypocritical of me to do such a thing. I just... figured it was an alright introduction to this thing. - Lastly, I'd really appreciate if you guys behaved like grammar nazis and corrected my mistakes. Partly 'cause I'd dislike to have an ugly mess of a first (and probably last) LP, but improving my english will be of use in college. We could use this chance to turn Serenesforest into a Den of Education and Knowledge. So, without further ado, let us... wait until tomorrow when I feel like typing down another part! And that's when the LP died.
  3. Isn't vegetable man bootiful? Warning: this LP will contain spoilers, naturally, though I won't spoil significant plot elements until I reach them, even under spoiler tags. I'll go into it assuming some haven't played, and I'll gloss over some story elements so that those following can understand the context behind the stuff I'm doing in the game and so that those curious could hear my thoughts on the game. If you haven't played this game, I highly recommend that you do, especially if you're a fan of strategy (particularly games like XCOM), WW2 revisionism, or good anime. (It's only $20 on Steam) Also, this game contains scenes of violence committed against unarmed civilians (though no blood), political/racial undertones, and otherwise fairly harrowing depictions of warfare and persecution for a game rated T/Pegi 16. This is balanced out by occasional slice-of-life or otherwise lighthearted moments, but it, by and large, is a game about war. Don't let the silly image above fool you. Dude's actually incapacitated and in need of a medic. Final warning: my posts are all kind of rambling and long-winded. I apologize; I'm trying my best to improve. So yes, for my first LP ever on this site, I decided to do a favorite of mine: Valkyria Chronicles. Except it is now modded, and I won't be using the leaders (Alicia, Largo, and Rosie) at all. The mod is called Gallian Crossfire. It makes a ton of changes to the original gameplay elements, due to the original game honestly being kind of a breeze by strategy game standards. Essentially, it makes the game a shit ton more difficult, sometimes maybe even a little unfair. I'll list all the specific changes under here, but those who haven't played the game might not understand any of this. Be warned, it's a fairly big list. With all these changes, it now really does feel like you're just this ragtag militia from a technologically poor country fighting a military superpower. If you want this mod for yourself, just look for it under VC's "Community Guides" segment of Steam. Or just look it up on Google; if you've found a page on Steam titled "Gallian Crossfire rebalance mod", then you've found the right one. The mod was created by a user named busards. Table of Contents (should link directly to each corresponding post): Page 1: LP Intro/Prologue Chapter 1-1 (Intro) Chapter 1-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 1-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 1-4 (Closing)/2-1 (Intro) Chapter 2-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 2-3 (Closing) Interlude Segment 1 First Recruitment Segment Chapter 3-1 (Intro) Page 2: Chapter 3-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 3-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 3-4 (Closing)/Interlude 2 Break Where I Promise to LP VC 3 (Japan-only game, but I have English patched version) Interlude 3 Report (Ellet) Chapter 4-1 (Intro) Page 3: Chapter 4-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 4-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 4-4 (Closing)/Interlude 4 Chapter 5-1 (Intro) Chapter 5-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 5-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 5-4 (Gameplay) Chapter 5-5 (Closing)/Interlude 5/Report (Hans) Page 4: Chapter 6-1 (Intro) Chapter 6-2 (Gameplay) Chapter 6-3 (Gameplay) Chapter 6-4 (Gameplay) Without further delay, let's get started: Also, for the record, I won't be making screens for every shot fired, and every movement or action like I did here. This was just to demonstrate some basic things for those unfamiliar with VC. From here on, I'll only show important stuff. I'll likely upload the next chapter's batch either later today or tomorrow, with the chapter after being uploaded not very much later. And don't expect the rest of the game to be even remotely this easy. I even had trouble with the next chapter, which you'll see when it comes out. But for now, I'm kinda tired.
  4. No, your eyes do not deceive you, someones actually doing this. Greetings, this is something that has been on my mind recently to do as I was having somewhat of a big itch to play this game again. "Why do you even want to play through it again?" Hey, man I actually like this game. Even if the things in it are very hit or miss(mostly miss to be quite frank). But I mostly want to go through this game with those that either like the game, or those on the fence about it to help make their opinion on it i'm hoping to update this at.least once a week, so try to bear with me here.
  5. It'll be written like a story, with the occasional screenshot (and hopefully some humor). It'll be played completely blind, Hard/Classic, dead means dead (except for Game Over, of course). When on Saturday I'll post the first part is TBD, it depends on how long it takes me to play, type it out, arrange text and screenshots to my satisfaction, and get it posted. So join me as we dive into this new/old Fire Emblem game.
  6. Okay, so I initially wrote a series of blogs over at the Blogs section of Bulbagarden, but for some reason they have the access setting as members only. Because I couldn't get an answer from them in regards to the settings issue, I decided that I shall transfer my blog entries to here. So here is my very first attempt at Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, Normal/Classic, because I am NOT a noob as to play this in Casual. Also due to widespread aversions I have heard about the story, I decided to have fun with the story myself. There will be tons of references of Hirohito vs MacArthur of WWII days, with also references to Walhart. As I already did up to Chapter 6 before making a full Let's Play Log, Chapter 1-5 will just be a summary. Without further ado: Chapter 1-4: Chapter 5: That's it for now.
  7. Hey everyone! ...So... About the last half a year I was supposed to be updating Dakota's War Journal... ...Yeah... Sorry about that, stuff's been going on. I've been busy with real life stuff, but I also suffered serious burnout with the game and lost confidence in the quality of the story overall. It just stopped being fun. But after a recent epiphany caused me to get my writing mojo back, I think I'm ready to give this a shot! But first I think I need to really remind myself how much I enjoy doing these sorts of things. So instead of starting off going right back to the slog that is Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, I thought: why not try a much shorter game that I really, really love? So that's what I'm doing. I present to you: Invisible, Inc. Invisible, Inc. is a tactical turn-based procedurally generated roguelike stealth game for PC, Mac and tablets, taking place in a dark, cyberpunk future. You sneak into corporate buildings, hack their devices, steal their stuff, avoid or neutralize their guards and security, and try to get out alive, trying to build up enough supplies to be able to successfully tackle one very difficult final mission. It is one of my favorite games ever. It is also very, very hard. It doesn't screw you over with any random generation when it comes to gameplay mechanics (though there's a lot of randomness when it comes to generation and what stuff you wind up finding), but it is utterly punishing with failures when you bring it up to its full, proper difficulty. There are no reloading levels, maps are randomly generated every time, and if you lose, you lose, and you have to start over from the beginning. I've gotten good enough at the game that I can pretty reliably beat Expert mode, but trust me when I say, victory is not guaranteed. I'm planning on doing this similarly to Dakota's War Journal in that I'll write my playlogs in-character. Hopefully when I'm done with this, whether I succeed or not, I'll be sufficiently back into the spirit of doing LPs that I'll be able to muscle through the various hangups I've had with Dakota's War Journal and finish that up as well at long last. But in the meantime, let's just hope everyone enjoys this. So without further ado, here's the intro! Aaaaand here's where a bit of reader participation comes in! You guys get to choose my second agent! I'll give you a list of all of the choices, along with what Isaac's response to them would have been had I not cut him off, and you get to vote for your pick! Whoever gets the most votes is the one I'll go with. In addition, I want you to vote on a second thing: the rewind system. See, there's a bit of a safety net in this game where you get to rewind turns if you really screw something up. On the highest difficulty you only get one of these per mission, but even just that one winds up saving a lot of runs. I could play with it on or off. If I play with it on, it's more likely I'll finish the whole game and thus it'll last longer. But if I play with it off, there's a good chance something will go horribly wrong and the entire run might be cut short, but it's also possible that I'll get myself into some gripping, crazy shenanigans it'd be fun to get out of. I leave it up to you. I can justify it in-story either way. And so without further ado, here are the agents, along with what Isaac, had the story continued with them picked, would have said: And that's it for now! I'll wait a few days to see what's decided, and then I'll get started on mission one! See you then!
  8. Warning: The following LP does not reflect on my political views. You have been warned. So the other day, I read @henrymidfields's LP of Conquest, and I laughed a lot. I was inspired to make this LP after seeing modern warfare terms used in Fire Emblem, and also because I wanted to make something involving my country. This will is not a history-based story, but a made-up story told from MU's perspective. It's also modded to make some units more viable and to add playable Ballisticians. Without further ado, I present to you: FE12: Filipino Warfare Edition! Terminology (Note: Some weapons are made-up.) Prologue 1: Entrance Exam More to come. I've already finished Prologue 2 by now.
  9. Imgur did its damndest to make pushing this out to you a tedious chore, but I've got another LP for all to see... Fire Emblem: Sword of Heaven and Earth is a Japanese romhack of Blazing Sword/Rekka no Ken. Now, Japanese hacks have developed a bit of a mixed reputation thanks to abominable things like FE7if, as well as technically-neat-but-frankly-bullshit hacks like FE8 Girls and Super Thracia. Sword of Heaven and Earth manages to be a fairly sane hack amidst a crowd of rather ludicrous ones, focusing less on technical innovation or fancy gimmicks and more on generally sound game design. It's not a cakewalk, but (from what I've played anyway) it's not punishingly difficult either. Overall, if you want a hack that emulates the typical GBA style of gameplay more closely than, say, Elibean Nights or Midnight Sun, this isn't a bad way to go. Since the whole thing is in Japanese, I won't be touching upon the plot too much, aside from the appearance of new characters or stuff that affects the gameplay in some way. It's taking place in Elibe, at some time around the events of FE6, though I have no idea if it's before, during or after. We'll see some familiar faces, but most of the cast is new characters, albeit ones who greatly resemble characters from FE6 and FE7. I don't know anyone's growths, sadly, but for most of the earlier characters I can kind of give you an idea of their potential. I've played up to Chapter 13, so this isn't exactly a blind run, but we will hit a point where I don't really know what's coming next. Given my history I won't promise anything, but I'll try to keep this to a one-chapter-a-week schedule if I can manage that. I suppose I may as well get started. The first chapter's a bit sparse, but it gets better from here, honest! Prologue: Bait and crutch
  10. Hello, SF Blog! You may be shocked, offended, confused, or a hundred other emotions, seeing me, Integrity, posting with capital letters and sentence case. Be not afraid. It will only happen in this thread, I swear. Anyway, spring semester's over. I'm only taking one class over the summer, plus my regular research work, so I've found myself deciding to do a thing I've been meaning to do for a long time. Basically, I talk a lot of shit about Fire Emblem's stories as a whole, doubly so since I played Conquest. I can be insufferable about it sometimes, which might actually be ironic, considering that I'm a moderator on a Fire Emblem fan site. I'll have to check up on that. It's time I started writing checks my ass can cash. I'm going to go through many Fire Emblems, sequentially, and do my engineering best to explain why I talk so much shit about their stories. I'm not going to go into it assuming they're garbage, except for very specific instances! This isn't intended to be a hate-fest, which brings me to my disclaimer: just because something is bad doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. As of writing, my avatar and signature are both of a K-pop singer, one of the lead vocalists of Apink, one of the least innovative bands I can think of. Their music is objectively really derivative, but I still love it. As of your reading, my avatar/sig are probably still something K-pop. I support Perth Glory FC. It's sometimes a hard logical leap to make (look at any argument about units in Fire Emblem) but just because a thing is bad does not mean it's wrong to like it. Charm is hard to quantify. So what's the format, Ike? Screenshots. The focus will be on my commentary, with transcripts of the story to support. I'm not one of those absolute shitheads that quotes the Bible out of context - I'm a good Christian - so I'm not going to do it for Fire Emblem either. The entire mandatory text of the game will be considered, and context does matter. I will be taking various screenshots of gameplay either to talk about when Fire Emblem's map/game design is particularly good or bad, or to spruce up a soliloquy from me, but I'm not going to be screenshotting every level-up or boss fight or whatever. That's not the point. Sounds like you want a soapbox, you cynical fucker. Agreed, frankly. All of my debates with people about why I think Fire Emblem's stories are bad come from a position of me half-remembering the stories of games I haven't actually played in years. I don't think I've completed a pre-13 Fire Emblem since Awakening launched. Furthermore, I have a bad habit of speaking entirely from impressions and emotions and not from anything concrete (I'm pretty sure that actually is ironic considering my degree and job), so this will serve to force me to solidify whatever bitching I want to do. Plus, it's creative. Which ones will it be, then? We're going to start with FE4. The ones before that either have remakes (FE1/3) or don't have a story (FE2). Plus, I already did a LP of FE2 somewhere as a younger Integrity, and I'm already going to be retreading FE5. Plus plus, I don't want to torture myself with NES - it's already hard enough to do GBA (let alone SNES) after the DS/3DS ones. I'll do each Fire Emblem after that in sequence until I run out of steam or Fire Emblems. The plan now is to stop after FE12, but I'm fully willing to pick apart FE13, my favorite, and I'd love to move on to pick FE14 apart. How about difficulties? I'll be going with whatever I'd ordinarily play on the game. Most games, it'll be Hard, but there's exceptions; FE10 I'll probably write an essay about why Hard in that game is a terrible difficulty and do Normal instead, for instance. Again, the focus isn't on gameplay, but I still want to be entertained between bouts of writing a hell of a lot about anime video game stories. So it's just you talking shit about video games? Nope! I'll be enlisting wonderful members Specta (an English major) and Knight of Argentum (a nerd) to help me explain things occasionally. I might bring other people in, depending on how I feel. I haven't planned this all the way through. Okay, Ike, what's the flight plan? Updates are going to be sparse initially while I figure out exactly how much effort it's going to take to gather my thoughts. I'm aiming for at least once a week to begin, I'll probably ramp it up to two to three times a week depending on interest and time commitment over the summer, and dial it back if this is still going after my birthday in August, since the next semester is going to start up. I'll be a PhD student! What's our role as thread readers? Basically nothing. I'll take requests to use any units, no matter how bad they are, because I'm actually really good at video games (and strategy/tactics games in particular) despite the things I say. Feel free to provide commentary or supporting remarks, I'm exercising my moderating powers to relax spam rules for this thread, as long as you're not obnoxious. Will you- Yes, I'll use Wendy. I'm creating this thread now to lock my broke ass into it. I've got some logistics to sift through, a final to distribute/proctor tomorrow, and that same final to grade, before I actually get around to making the first update to this. Let the games begin! Maybe I'll find a new appreciation for Fire Emblem out of this. Maybe it will drive me to retire... [spoiler=table of contents]Preamble: Conversations (post #14) 4.P: Arvis (post #36) 4.1: Verdane (post #61) 4.2.1: Raquesis (post #101) 4.2.2: Pursuit (post #144) 4.3: Eldigan (post #184) 4.4: Unthinkable (post #209) 4.5.1: Slaydar (post #231) 4.5.2: Ayra (post #244) Intermission: Translation (post #259) 4.6: Oops (post #284) 4.7: Jeanne (post #322) 4.8: Substitutes (post #339) 4.9: Altenna (post #360) 4.10: Arvis (post #373) 4.F: Fuck you, Lewyn (posts #388 & 389) Intermission: Characters (post #444) 5.1: Leif (post #463) 5.2: Cedric (post #516) 5.3: EliteqSVBnに (post #552) 5.4: Escape (post #578) 5.5: Approach to Tahra (post #599) 5.6: Approach to Tahra II: Still Approachin'
  11. Long ago, there was a time when strength ruled, and evil held the world in its vile clutches... the Age of Zeteginia. Welcome to Tactics Ogre: Knights of Lodis. I'm going to just be quiet for this update and let the game speak for itself for a while. It's Ogre Battle. This is series tradition. Hater. There's no default in place, but the default is 'Alphonse'. And now this will determine various other things. The answers, my friends, are up to you in the poll above. Except that the last one doesn't fit in the poll. As a result; post your answer to this specific one in the thread! Along with another question; do we follow the canonical path, or forge our own way? What actually is this game tho Tactics Ogre: Knights of Lodis is a tactical RPG. It's a good one, but always felt weirdly rough and unfinished to me. Technically it's the last original entry in the Ogre Battle cycle (LUCT is a remake). It's a prequel to LUCT, and ties in in a way that is not entirely apparent. And, yes, I do intend to play LUCT after this. Is it better than Final Fantasy Tactics? Yes. Thread policies? ABSOLUTELY NO STORY SPOILERS. Aside from that, talk about whatever you want (including gameplay stuff, if you want). There is a lot of room for flexibility so I will be able to listen to thread suggestions. I have other questions that this garbage FAQ doesn't actually answer Then ask!
  12. FE6 Randomized 2: The Quickening

    And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
  13. NOTE: Thread abandoned due to technical reasons, and the new thread/randomizer will be up shortly, and I'll link it when it's up. I promise I won't forget about/abandon this randomizer like just about every other one I've done. Welcome to my randomizer of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It doesn't seem to be as popular as FE7 in the way of randomizers, so I figured I'd give it a try. This also happens to be my first time playing FE6 for the long run in general, so that should make this even more interesting. Here's to hoping it doesn't end up rendering this unwinnable as a result of not being able to get the Divinestone because of Fae being randomized. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB FOR STRUCTURE: First spoiler box is screenshots, second is growths/rating and commentary, third is level ups in the map. Without further ado, let's do this. Chapter 1
  14. So I am thinking about doing arandomizer of fe7 and I what to know whether you're interested
  15. Why hello there Serenes Forest. I am Breezy. I like Pokemon. I like dying on the inside. So what better way to put it all together than by doing this. Anyway RULES 1.) Nuzlocke stuff: First mon on each Route/Nicknames required/Pokemon die when they are fainted 2.) Randomizer stuff: All starters\wild\event\trades\trainer Pokemon were randomized/TM's were (but not compatibility)/ There is a 10% increase on all Trainers levels. So if someone had a level 20 Ivysaur, it would be level 22. 3.) Ha I'm gonna die Anyway I suppose I gotta do this now.
  16. °˖✧ (⁰▽⁰) ✧˖° Welcome to The Sims 4! °˖✧ (⁰▽⁰) ✧˖° Here's some backstory to kick things off. (It's merely fluff.) The Sims 4 was my first sims game (okay, actually The Sims FreePlay was, but that doodooness doesn't count). Since purchasing the game I've been obsessed with it, which is not surprising considering how much I love "fake life" games. Now I've extended my love to The Sims 2, which is equally as great but in a different way! When I was a little Mei I remember stating that I wanted to play a game that kind of mimicked life, but with less of the bad things, to which a little comrade of mine hinted at playing something called Harvest Moon. I love Harvest Moon, but sometimes you've got to life with less farming, you know? Thanks to a couple of Youtubers I started paying more attention to The Sims franchise. One thing led to another and now here I am... 100% Sims trash ;w; ☆。:∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆ Now that that's out of the way let me introduce you to a couple of sims. I'm still feverishly playing the game so I'm not sure how far I'll go with updating. ☆。:∵:*:☆*゜★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆::*★。::*☆。::*★。::*☆ Screenshot start date: August 5, 2015 Current Households: The Roomies/The Gawain Family The Smiley Crew The Collins Family The Pavino Family The Landvik Family The Carter Family The Jones Family BFF Tanning The Scott Family
  17. Steel's Ironman Echoes: SoV Challenge Playlog - No Resets, No Revival, No Milas Turnwheel, Hard Classic After much delay, I am finally going to start playing Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. As an introduction, I've been with the series since FE7 released on the GBA, and have played FE7, 8, 11, 13, and 14. I've done a text playlog on another site, where completed Conquest on Lunatic/Classic Blind, with no DLC, online, or stat boosters, which is probably the biggest challenge I have completed in Fire Emblem. So this thread is a sort of successor to that. Now, when I play Fire Emblem games, I like a challenge. I like to think and plan and strategize and have my knowledge and ability and creativity be put to the test. Gaiden isn't too difficult, and I hear that Echoes doesn't do much to increase the difficulty. So I've created my own challenge. I've already played through Fire Emblem Gaiden (up to Ch 5 anyway) in the past couple months, so I should be pretty familiar with how this game works. So this isn't truly blind, although it's my first time playing SoV as Gaiden is very fresh in my memory. This will be a screenshot playlog as I play through Echoes for the first time under this challenge ruleset. Ideally I'd do a video lets play but I don't have the means to record Echoes with anything approaching decent quality, so text + screenshots will have to do. Since I'm sure most people here are playing SoV, I won't talk too much about the story aside from some reactions here and there. I'm sure y'all will see the story on your own. I'll keep things rather brief and to the point. Maybe this could be usable as a sort of strategy guide in the future. I will focus on the strategies I use and on the challenge at hand. Here are the rules I am planning to play by in my Hardcore Ironman Challenge playthrough: -Hard/Classic -No DLC -No Revival Shrines -No Milas Turnwheel My goal is to complete the game with without resetting, and with as few character deaths as possible. If a character dies, they will stay dead. If I get a game over, then the first part of this challenge will have failed, and I will increment the game over counter, restart the map, and continue to play from there under the same rules, trying to complete the game with as few resets and deaths as possible from then on. I won't use revival shrines even though they are part of the game. If Alm or Celica dies, I will consider that a game over. I'll keep playing but I'll have to increase the game over counter by 1, and maybe implement some other consequence. I won't over-level by grinding too much. I might do a bit here and there as from my knowledge of Gaiden, having certain units promoted by certain points is quite important. But I'll keep it to a minimum. Feel free to make predictions/bets on whether I will succeed, how many resets it will take, how many units will die, and who will die. Welcome to Steel's Ironman Echoes Playlog. Bring it on! Hope you guys have fun reading along! I also welcome any relevant comments and discussion - just please don't spoil anything past where I'm currently at in the game. PS. If anyone is interested, I did a video Let's Play of Gaiden: PS#2. I'm also posting this playlog on another website as well.
  18. FE romhack LPs

    This is my thread about screenshot LPs of Fire Emblem hacks: Page: Dream of Five Page: Bloodlines Page: The Last Promise Page: Fire Emblem Forever Page: Midnight Sun Page: Death or Glory Page: Gheb FE Page: FEIV Hopefully you'll enjoy. If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, shoot them!
  19. FIRE EMBLEM GAIDEN By: SirSword Hello all. I welcome you to my first LP, and I'll be doing the second game in the series, because I got a little bored of FE1. Released in 1991 came the, erm, side story, of Fire Emblem - Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light (They're not related at ALL... okay I lied but there aren't many similarities :/). This was a different game than the original, mebbe. It featured unlimited weapon uses, Villagers (I capitalize class names for whatever reason (also weapons)), a "support" system (between ONLY two units), and enemy-specific classes. Hooray! :D There's probably more, but I can't remember. We are going to play through the hard mode, which is Normal mode. There is an Easy mode, which doubles experience or something, but I'm pretty sure it won't be that hard. I also don't know how to access Easy mode, soooooooooooooooooooo yeah. Well, why don't we get to the game already, huh? I mean, nothing's stopping us, so let's get right to FIRE EMBLEM GAIDENNNNNN (pronounced GUY-denn)!!!!11!1 Remember, it's my first so it might be bad in some parts. Might be inspired by:
  20. Well, I decided to start this. Just last Christmas I bought Crusader Kings II, and pretty much almost all of its DLC. So, like with the cancelled Victoria II LP before it, I figured, why not narrate a playthrough? This shall be fun. On the time this thread was made, I owned almost all of the DLC that has been released at the time (Monk and Mystics was still as TBR), but I figured better to start now than to wait. Only DLC I was missing was a few music packs and the ebooks, so nothing that changed the gameplay. For this playthrough, I'm starting with the earliest start date (769AD), and choosing the Kingdom of Asturias. My main goals are these: Reenact the Reconquista, and expell the Muslims from Iberia. Form the Empire of Hispania. I'll also try to aim for some optional secondary goals in mind: Expand into North Africa. Obtain a high enough end score to beat the highest in-game records. And a wild goal unlikely to really be reached (maybe): Reform the Roman Empire. I'm starting right away with my next post being the first update. So anyone reading this before that happens, please refrain from posting until that first update is made. Thank you. So, when creating a new game, there are many settings to establish. I'm mostly with the "Historical" and "Default" options. And avoiding Ironman mode, since I want to manually save, thank you very much. And, oh yes, one main thing: No Sunset Invasion! Seriously, I'm all for going ahistorical in these kind of games... but an Aztec/Nahua invasion of Medieval Europe? Nope, the line must be drawn here! This far, no further! The game has a lots of mechanics, and I'll try my best to explain in the narrative as they become relevant. For anything I miss or don't explain right away, feel free to look it up or ask me and I'll explain. Anyway, this initial post will also host a table of contents with links to the respective posts. So without delay... let's begin, shall we? Table of Contents
  21. Sword in hand, a warrior clutches stone to breast... Hello! My name is Parrhesia, and I am here to, well... to suffer, bluntly. I can't find any videos of the pretty Attract Mode cinematic thing. One of the things I will give plenty of credit to this game for is its aesthetic. Final Fantasy Tactics is almost a good game, but it manages to do almost nothing to a mediocre standard. It is either good or insanely bad at... basically everything? For those unfamiliar, it's the first of the Tactics subset, and the first Final Fantasy set in Ivalice. It's either an unrecognisably long time probably before or possibly after the familiar block of 12/Revenant Wings/A2 (A1 according to my theory Left Some Waves In Real Ivalice or something, IDK about Vagrant Story). We'll basically only see humans here. Ivalice is going through some rough shit at the moment, and the game's subtitle is a heavy-handed reference to the War of the Roses which the game's central conflict is a heavy-handed reference of. I'm not here to shit all over FFT, either. It does some things well, and hell, it reaches for the stars. I won't be trying to do too much with the narrative, unlike my FFTA2 LP, since the game tries to tell it all itself. There is nothing wrong with liking FFT. But its design process was... ... not good. But it should be a fun ride to get through. Narratively, the game is opened with some old scholar talking about how this dude, Delita Heiral, went down in history as the guy who brought peace to Ivalice, a shithole. FFT's original translation for its PS1 release was incredibly bad. FFT: WotL, however, was given a... more... polished localisation, it's fair to say. The problem is that it's also really bad because everyone talks in weird flowery garbage all the time and it's hella tiresome. So basically this guy Arazlam's building this thesis on how this dude five centuries ago was 'the true hero'. He's... I mean, that's a way of looking at it. The official line is that this guy was just some random heretic who died in obscurity and has like, a three-line Wikipedia page. weirdly enough whatever name and date of birth we enter will also be ramzas name and date of birth Let's get right into this.
  22. Hello Everyone!! Welcome to my ongoing let's play of FE8 Randomized!!! I'll be posting links to each chapter on this post as a Table of Contents. This is my first Let's Play ever, so please feel free to comment any feedback if you think I should change/improve something, of if you just want to say that you like it!!! I hope you enjoy my adventure of humor, randomness, war, victory, defeat, and confusion!!!! Prologue: Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5:
  23. And tonight, we begin what may be my shortest, most canceled, lamest, or moderately amusing LP yet! It's going to be one or two of those adjectives at max, really. It is... THE RECKONING! The Reckoning is a hack made by Marisa the Crimson Flash, and can/could be found here. EDIT: After certain requests, It would be best to have no further descriptions. Let's get started, this hack kind of speaks for itself. The Reckoning: Episode 1: Chapter 11: The Horror Commences
  24. Ganon's Trinity Revelation

    After a long time and a few playthroughs, I'm actually going to do something along the lines of Dakota's War Journal. However, I have a few ways of my own of changing up Fates. I have not one, but three protagonists. Character 1: Ganon (Revelation) Ganon is a no-nonsense tactical genius. Initially, he started out as somewhat of a self insert, but has become more or less his own character as time went on (he hasn't changed hardly at all, whereas I certainly have.) Ganon is essentially the opposite of the aforementioned Dakota: straightforward, deeply compassionate, almost self-loathing modesty, with some serious flaws, namely the near inability to feel attachment and a propensity for transforming into a earth-shattering monster as a self-preservation contingency. He has every bit the heart of gold Corrin has, but at least 5 times the mental and intellectual capacity. Veran(Conquest) Veran is a little bit more like Dakota than Ganon. A sorceress supreme, she has the ability to dominate both minds and bodies of people essential to her plans. Some of her victims even change color to match her indigo hair and cape. Veran is an archetypal Machiavellian, often finding ways of manipulating people, twisting words, and creating conflict. She has a habit of appearing out of nowhere, and even exhibits some insect-like tendencies, particularly an affinity for sweet food. Onox(Birthright) Onox is insane in every sense of the word. He lives purely for wanton destruction. This does not come at the cost of his mind, however, as his tactical brilliance is on par with Ganon's. He prefers wearing heavy armor, but when he can't, he is able to take the form of a Giant Dragon with glowing red eyes. Knowing that noble causes often cause great wounds that take ages to heal, he wears the guise of a naive child when off of the battlefield. If Ganon has a hard time getting attached, Onox is totally unable to feel remorse or sympathy. My rules are different from Alastor's, but share similar themes: Museum Melee, Boo Camp, and Ghostly Gold not available until Conquest. Witch Hunt, Royal Royale, Beach Brawl, and Ballistician Blitz will not be played at all. Path Bonuses and Spotpass items are allowed. Vanguard Dawn will only be played in Revelation. Before Awakening and Both Hidden Truths maps are available in both Revelation and Conquest. This will be an Ironman run post Chapter 6. Game Overs will not result in a character being sacrificed. Revelation will be played on Hard/Classic, Conquest on Hard/Classic, and Birthright on Lunatic/Classic. I will post the Castle Address once it's up. I'll try to set it to easy seize so that you can claim characters and skills should you want them (it also enhances your battle score, as well as mine.) I'll have the first part up soon, so be on the lookout for that. The order will go Revelation>Conquest>Birthright, because Revelation is the easiest to base a story from, at least in my opinion.
  25. Four years ago... ... mistakes were made by me and by my dashing companion Eclipse. It is the dark days of spring 2016. I stride back into my Other Games folder only to find it isn't actually called that anymore and there's an LP subsection and anyway Dandra wanted me to do this and I'm kind of bored and sleep-deprived and it's break right now and who cares, let's just do this because IT'S TIME FOR A FUCKING SEQUEL, BITCHES STARRING... HUMAN LIZARD GARBAGE FURRY MARKETING PLOY and introducing... THE DEMON CHILD OF WARIO AND ROADHOG TAYLOR SWIFT IT IS TIME TO TACTIC! And I am your host, Parrhesia. I am not fucking around, as you can tell because I picked the Red setting and not the Blue setting for this cartoon game made for babies. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - that's the full name, yes - is better than FFTA1 in Literally All Metrics. I liked FFTA1! A lot! Somehow. FFTA2, however, is objectively good. It's certainly better-written, however easy that may be, and like FFTA1 it details a golden Saturday-morning cartoon land where all is not remotely as idyllic as it seems. Like 1, it has 300 missions - this time, though, they're all playable in some capacity. It has a couple more races, like 10-15 more classes (and stripped back only one, the insanely stupid Morpher) and it also just plays better. It's also on DS so, you know, graphical improvements. And a much better artist, um... intermittently. But let's get to it. We're introduced to a monologue, fade to black. [spoiler=Update 1]Summer holidays are so close I can taste it. I'm out that door as soon as the teacher stops talking. Summer homework: keep a journal. That's not too bad. Better write my name on my notebook before I forget. The default name is Luso. I like this name. Which is why I will ditch it, and name our protagonist in tribute of the greatest character not only in Final Fantasy Tactics, but in all of fiction. Don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about homework. Just, it could be worse. And I can already guess what my first entry's going to be: 'Summer holidays, day 1: Aunt chewed me out. Grounded for a week.' Maybe this journal thing's not such a great idea after all. Unlike weak, beta Marche, Josmer Maradona Guinness is a cool alpha who not only is dumb and bad at school (and is possibly illiterate?) but gets shouted at a lot. Also his parents are dead. Oh, we got another assignment, due today: "My Summer Holidays." We're supposed to write our goals for the holidays. Well, here goes... And we get a data entry segment. s multiple choice and kind of cute so I'm actually gonna play along with it. ... Maybe I can find a cat. Heh, all that sounds pretty convincing. Summer holidays, here I come! Not that I have any idea what I'm doing this summer. But, I guess not having any expectations isn't all bad. I mean, whatever ends up happening, it'll be a surprise! Guinness is likable enough. And then, class is dismissed. Except for us. "Sorry, but your vacation doesn't start quite yet. Your friends are going home, but you're going straight to the library, young man." The man asks us to think about why this might be. Guinness... has nothing. Guinness, it turns out, is late. A lot. I can relate. Either way, he's getting shoved into the library to clean up. This... is a good point. Guinness' Boys back him up, nodding a lot. Guinness, incidentally, is at the top of the flying wedge, mess of brunet hair. It's irrelevant. "Mr. Randell's waiting." Wait. Mr.. Randell... Guinness thinks back to the stories of his childhood. Of what his father told him, about that time he woke up and couldn't work out if he was a DJ dreaming he was a zombie, or a zombie dreaming he was a DJ. "Josmer," he said, leaning close... And Guinness Understood. There was no backing out. He had to get revenge. For his father. For... for his father, mostly, yeah. No matter how passive-aggressive he had to be. He Had To Do This. Only to be let down by the fact he's not even in this fucking dump. He looks around. Canny players note that Babus is watching guard, leaning on the counter. And he opens the music-box, which plays music I can't-. So he checks out the book. But it's blank. Wonder what it's about? The pictures are pretty cool. Swords... wizards... Huh? That's funny. The book just stops halfway through. The pages are all blank! Let's see what the last page with writing on it says... "One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?" "Know you his name"...? What's with all the backwards words? Well, I never pass up a chance to write in a library book! "... Josmer Maradona Guinness!" Tune in next time to find out... what the fuck happened?