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Found 10 results

  1. Stupid Strategy

    And people still say the one RN system makes the game more difficult for the player...
  2. Conquest Endgame

    I have no rescue staffs. Does anyone here have an OP unit in their MyCastle that I could easily snag? I've found a couple, but they still die with full tonics, so I need more. Thanks!
  3. I mean on the one hand I've kinda lost hope in humanity already (for more legitimate reasons) but on the other hand I'm curious just how bad things can get.
  4. I've always maintained that the Pokémon series took a dive after Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (with varying degrees of responses from my friend group), not only because of the immense number of new Pokémon, but the clear negligence that has been made in their designs. So which Pokémon do you think has the stupidest name and/or sucks the most? For me, I would go with Sawsbuck, but I'd like to hear what you guys think!
  5. Essentially this is an experiment. To communicate with gifs. We can also use pictures. Use one sentence then a gif. I will begin. I feel well today. Also don't use too big of a picture or use the same one over and over. Let's begin.
  6. The 'ban' game

    This is a game where you must 'ban' the person above for very absurd reasons. For a user like 'MagicPerson' for example, you would say, Banned for XXX (or eating a potato or something). Let the ban race begin!
  7. I am the true real amazing WALUIGI himself, and if there are any questions that can be asked, fire away! Just follow the rules though if possible, and enjoy asking questions about the ruler of himself.
  8. 27 more days

    Until the Lightsworn Structure Deck finally gets released in the US. I haven't been this excited about a release in a LOONG time.
  9. Twitch Plays Pokemon Red

    So what happens if you gave 70 000 anonymous people one gameboy and a Pokemon cartridge? This: This is a livestream of Pokemon Red and Blue, the difference from a regular stream is that the comments influence the player's decisions. Input a GB command in the comments and if you're lucky, you'll see your action display on the screen, even if it's as mundane as moving right. Seriously, this as fun to watch as it is frustrating. I'm amazed they've made it so far in 5 days. A combination of hilarity and anger, but finally we have definite proof that humans can cooperate, sort of. I love watching this, I keep it as a tab open at all times now.
  10. I HATE ladybugs.

    Probably one of the few people that do. They used to completely swarm my house like once or twice every year for a few years, so much so that like the entire front of my house was covered in ladybugs. (Not even exaggerating) They got in my house, always flying around in my room, distracting me when I was trying to get work done. Then winter came and they all died out, leaving me to clean up a metric shit ton of ladybug corpses in my room. There are still a lot lying around btw. I hate them. Just thought you might want to know.