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Found 59 results

  1. Hey guys, I think this is my first topic in the forum. I commented something a few days ago in the General Discussion and Links thread. The idea is that, since the game doesn't have support conversations, we could create them in this topic. It would be more interesting if those conversations weren't between two characters of the same game (unless they are incompatible during the game, i.e. M!Corrin with F!Corrin). Those conversations could be pointed in many different directions: friendship, a bad relationship between two characters, comedy, your own shippings between characters... I'll leave here an example, my C-Support between Masked "Marth" and Wrys. Masked "Marth" - Wrys C-Support (Javi Blizz) Tobin - Setsuna C-Support (Perkilator) Sigurd - Seliph C-Support (Corrobin) Azama - Jakob C-Support (Perkilator) Camilla - Ayra C-Support (Poimagic) Clarine - Clair C-Support (Perkilator) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) C support (The_antithesis) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) B support (The_antithesis) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) A support (The_antithesis) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) S support (The_antithesis) Nino - Kagero C Support (Simpsons138) I hope you enjoy this topic guys, and start writtng too! It doesn't matter if it's too elaborated, too improvised...what matters is to have fun writting/reading this :3
  2. Thanks to the ease of FEBuilder (and its wonderful repointing abilities) I've been looking into slightly more complex FE7 hacking than what I've tried before. Right now, I'm experimenting with trying to add more things like support conversations and paired endings. Adding the conversations themselves and new endings is extremely easy with FEBuilder, as is giving units with less than 7 support partners up to 7. What I'm struggling with, though, is trying to push that upper limit for units that already have 7. The structure of the support blocks is extremely simple (Character IDs of partners-->base values-->growth rates-->number of supports plus 2 0x00's), so first I just tried to change Eliwood's 'number of supports' byte to 0x08. The results were pretty straightforward. The game read the 0x48 that indicates Hector and Eliwood's support value as referring to an 8th support with Bernard (character ID 0x48), and it didn't disrupt anything else. So next, I tried to add data for an 8th support with Raven in the places they'd logically be corresponding: 0x04 for his character ID, 0x09 for his starting value, 0x02 for his growth rate. Unfortunately that did not work in game the way I'd hoped. Not only did it not read Eliwood as having an 8th support w/ Raven, it also threw off everyone else. After more digging and experimenting, (and if anyone knows I'm wrong here please correct me), I inferred that even if you change the number of supports to something above 0x07, the game still only reads in sets of 0x7 ahead in looking for the data. That is, when looking for the starting value for Hector and Eliwood's support, instead of reading 8 bytes ahead of Hector's character ID to the new location of the 0x48, it instead reads what was supposed to be Raven's character ID of 0x04. And continuing on like that it makes sense why only 3 of Eliwood's supports appear; it reads a 0x03 where it expected the 'number of supports' byte to be. I briefly looked at FE6, since I know there's a cap of 10 supports in that game rather than 7, and the support blocks seem to be structured in quite the same way. It would seem that if the game knew to read 0x8 bytes ahead instead of 7, (and possibly 0x1B instead of 0x18 to the next character's support block, not sure how that works), it would work fine. Since the same system seems to be compatible with different numbers of supports, does anyone know if this is a matter of (a) value(s) that I could change somewhere? Namely a 0x07, and/or a 0x18, or something like that? I don't have the knowledge of where that kind of thing would be located, but if anyone knew its location or could point me in the right direction, that'd greatly be appreciated! Or possibly there's a different solution to my problem entirely that I'm not aware of. Thank you!
  3. I had this idea whilst revisiting my old Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 game. In the game, there's a (now offline I believe) 'scenario building feature' that basically lets the player create scenarios to put on the Dissidia 012 network for others to download and play. These scenarios consisted of a series of fan created conversations between characters, with battles following usually after. The creator set the rules and limitations for these battles. I was thinking about it, and I would really love a feature similar to this for FE Switch or any subsequent titles. In regards to supports, It would certainly be would be fun for character building even if it would be non-canon, and I've seen Youtube videos of people making their own supports that are significantly more in depth and interesting than what's been pumped out lately. And in regards to battles, it'd be fun to see what interesting maps players could come up with. (though Im not sure how enemy units would work? Maybe a simplified version of user macros to set the actions of them, kinda like FF12?) What do you guys think? For or against? And if for, what other features would you be interested in seeing in a mode like this?
  4. Title says it all what fire emblem fan pairings have you seen that make absolutely no sense to you. Like for me I have no clue why xander and laslow are shipped together so much. I mean from what I gather from their supports their relationship is purely platonic and more like liege and servant than potential lovers. I don't know am I missing something or what? I mean I get inigo x gerome but I dunno.
  5. I started Binding Blade today, and I just beat chapter 3. I also beat Lyn's story in Blazing Sword yesterday, and I plan on playing Sacred Stones sometime in the future. Anyway, I have a few questions about how the support system in the GBA games works. By the way, I've already had a support between Roy and Wolt, as well as Wade and Lott, and I know that there is a 5-support limit, so I have some experience with the system, even if it is limited. So without further ado: At what point in the game does the support system become available in Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones? Are any support points gained in Lyn's story? Are support points gained at the beginning or end of the player phase? Do actions such as healing add any points, or are they gained solely by standing next to someone? I know that there is a limit to the amount of points that can be gained in a chapter, but are there any limits to the amount of supports that can be had in one? If, say, a character reaches an A-support with someone, but then the other person dies, will they be able to reach another A-support, or will the dead person count towards the 5-support limit? I also have three questions about Binding Blade specifically, not related to supports:
  6. Chapter 17 and Supports

    Hello. I am in the middle of replaying Path of Radiance was wondering if anyone knew if each part of chapter seventeen counted as a stand-alone chapter in terms of supports. What I am trying to find out is if two characters participated in all four battles will they receive +4 to their support bond or is it just +1 like in a regular chapter. Thank you in advance if you can answer my question as I am wondering if I will be able to complete my Ilyana/Zihark bond for the data transfer to Radiant Dawn.
  7. I was bored and watched some of the supports from this game on the interwebz. Frederick and Camilla was hilarious. I don't remember when I last laughed so hard. It gets extra funny when you consider the possibility of Chrom and / or Corrin overhearing their conversation like "Oh crap!" XD I've got to hand it to them. They did a pretty good job with the supports, at least. They made Corrin sort of likeable. They humanised Chrom more. Tiki's british accent is freaking adorable. And the two newcomers, Rowan and Lianna aren't actually terrible. Yay~ What are some of your favourite supports?
  8. Radiant Dawn Supports?

    So it seemed like one of the most popular changes people would make to Radiant Dawn is the addition of supports. That got me wondering, what supports would everyone like to see? Lets just assume that any support is possible for the sake of this shall we? Also what would you want the support to look like if you've thought of that? These don't have to be romantic by the way, they can be purely platonic! Personally I'd like to see the main characters get supports, especially Ike and Micaiah since they're the two main lords. I'd also like to see Ike and Elincia, Elincia and Micaiah, and Micaiah and Sanaki.
  9. I thought now that the game's been out for a few hours, it would be the appropriate time to compile and translate all supports currently in the game. I'll start with what's already been confirmed prior to the game's release. If you find any new supports or can provide translations, please post them here: Rowan: * Lianna * Takumi: * Marth * Robin * Celica: * Xander: * Lucina: * Elise Lianna: * Rowan: * Corrin: * Leo: * Niles: * Caeda * Sakura: * Ryoma * Chrom * Lyn: Chrom: * Ryoma: * Camilla: * Robin: * Marth: * Lianna * Lucina: * Lyn: Lissa: * Takumi: * Sakura: * Elise * Xander: * Cordelia * Anna Frederick: * Corrin: * Hinoka: * Xander: * Camilla * Lucina: * Caeda * Marth: * Leo: Cordelia: * Ryoma: * Hinoka: * Sakura: * Lucina: * Lissa * Caeda Robin: * Rowan * Corrin: * Xander: * Leo * Chrom * Tiki * Lyn: Lucina: * Elise: * Hinoka: * Frederick * Cordelia * Marth: * Anna: * Chrom * Rowan Sakura: * Camilla: * Lissa * Tiki: * Cordelia * Niles: * Lianna Elise: * Lucina * Hinoka: * Lissa * Tiki * Rowan Hinoka: * Cordelia * Caeda: * Lucina * Frederick * Elise Camilla: * Sakura: * Chrom * Cordelia * Frederick * Anna * Caeda: Takumi: * Rowan * Xander: * Lissa * Lyn: Leo: * Lianna * Ryoma: * Robin * Frederick Corrin: * Lianna * Robin * Ryoma: * Xander: * Tiki: * Frederick * Lyn: * Celica: Ryoma: * Corrin * Leo * Cordelia * Chrom * Marth: * Anna * Lianna Xander: * Corrin * Marth: * Takumi * Robin * Lissa * Frederick * Celica: * Lyn: * Rowan Marth: * Rowan * Ryoma * Xander * Chrom * Lucina * Frederick * Caeda: * Tiki * Celica: * Lyn: Caeda: * Lianna * Hinoka * Marth * Celica * Camilla * Tiki: * Anna * Cordelia Tiki: * Caeda * Corrin * Sakura * Marth * Elise * Lyn: * Robin * Celica: Lyn: * Corrin * Hinoka * Takumi * Xander * Chrom * Marth * Tiki * Celica: * Anna: * Robin * Lianna: Celica: * Rowan * Corrin * Xander * Marth * Tiki * Lyn * Anna: Anna: * Ryoma * Lucina * Camilla * Robin * Lissa * Caeda * Celica: * Lyn
  10. So I love Fire Emblem of course and I love sacred stones so what' your guy's favorite supports based on story and character development
  11. Hello! I was teasing this already, and it's here now! Because I love the support system in fire emblem heroes so much, I decided to make supports and other fanfiction for this game. Today, I would like to begin with a support between Kiran and my husbando, Gordin. Enjoy! Feel free to suggest stuff as well! Your feedback is welcome in this topic: Kiran and Gordin - C Support Gordin: Hyaah! Hah! Kiran: I see you are training today, Gordin. Very good job! Gordin: He he, you think? Kiran: Well, yes. We need everyone to be ready for combat at all times. You never know it with these Emblians around... Gordin: Yeah... But! Why don't you fight? With your Breidawhattes? Kiran: It's called Breidablik, Gordin. I... don't really know how to use it. But it's supposed to be a bow. Commander Anna told me this. Gordin: A bow? Hey, why don't you train with me sometime then? Maybe we could somehow make it work like a weapon? That would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? Kiran: Well yes, it would, but I don't kno-- Gordin: It's settled then! Let's try training a bit tomorrow! I'm beat! *Gordin Leaves* Kiran: Well now. He left? How am I possibly using this as a weapon? I only use this to summon more allies... Kiran and Gordin - B Support Gordin: Come on Kiran! Let's try it again! Kiran: Again? We already tried it 10 times! Gordin: Well, with enough training, surely it must work somehow right? It's the same while using the bow. Kiran: It is? But a bow is made to be a weapon, this isn;t... Gordin: Well, my teacher, Jeorge, taught me that you can do everything with enough training. Jeorge is an amazing bowman. So I am sure this will work! Kiran: ......I see. I think we should try again then. Who knows, maybe it will really work, won't it? Gordin: Haha, this reminds me of the training sessions I had with my brother when I was little. Kiran: You have a brother? Gordin: Yes, he uses a bow, just like me. He is also a pretty great shot with a bow. Kiran: I see. I sure would like to meet him sometime. Kiran and Gordin - A Support Gordin: Hey, Kiran? Kiran: Yes? Want to train again today? Gordin: I don't think it'll do much good, actually... Kiran: What's this? Gordin: When we talked last time... about my little brother... and how you'd like to meet him sometime... got me thinking. What is the true purpose of the Breidablik? Kiran: Gordin... Gordin: I realized not everything has the same purpose. I am sure Jeorge would say the same thing. The purpose of the Breidablik.. and you, is to get us new allies that will help us in this war. I also realized how dangerous it could be in the wrong hands... Kiran: Gordin... I'm glad you realize that. You are not as child-like as you look. You are an adult. Gordin: He he. I promise you Kiran, I shall protect you and your precious bow! Kiran and Gordin - S Support Kiran: Good day Gordin! How are you today? Gordin: I-I'm g-good as ever! Kiran: There is no way i'm believing you if you stutter like that. What's wrong? Gordin: W-well.... Here! A gift for you! Kiran: Flowers? Gordin... What are you.... Gordin: Kiran..... I love you. There I said it! Kiran: Gordin... Wow. That came out of nowhere, didn't it? Gordin: I see.... Sorry to bother you... Kiran: Wait! Gordin, there is something I want to let you know. I.... like you as well. Gordin: R-really? Kiran: Honestly, for quite a while. I really liked our training sessions, just to be together with you, Gordin. Gordin: T-t-then, you want to get... you know, together? Kiran: Yes, Gordin. Let's stay with eachother, and protect eachother! Gordin: I won't let them harm you! Gordin: I will protect you no matter what, and we will stay together. I... love you very much...
  12. Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my newest Fire Emblem VO interview with all of you. This time, I heard from Julie Ann Taylor, who voiced Cordelia and Severa in Fire Emblem Awakening, Selena, Flora, and Caeldori in Fire Emblem Fates, and Linde in Fire Emblem Heroes. She's been working in the industry since the late 80's and had lots to say about her experiences in the recording booth as well as which of her characters she relates to the most. I especially enjoyed the insights she had on voicing Severa and Cordelia, and the interview mainly focuses on those two characters in addition to their Fates "doppelgangers," She even had stuff to say about Bride Cordelia's appearance in Heroes' Bridal Blessings Banner. Hope you enjoy! It was a blast to conduct!
  13. I decided I would compile all the translated supports and base conversations that we have so far on here like PKThoron did over on Reddit. All of the following are from Zigludo's, Justletmepostdamn's and Kyleenim'spastebin so credit to them. Credit to NaokiP for any unlinked supports and memory 4, and to VincentASM for memory 3 and Berkut's Despair. And also PKThoron for compiling them first. SUPPORTS: BASE CONVERSATIONS: Please make sure to link any new supports or base conversations that have been posted so I can add them to the OP. Thanks and I hope this makes someone's life more convenient. MEMORIES: ENDINGS: DEATH QUOTES: EXTRA:
  14. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section in advance. After scouring the internet for several hours, it seems save files for FE7 are few and far between. Would anyone happen to have a clean sav. file with the bonus disk content and all supports/cg images/sound room? I tried using dolphin and vba but I couldn't get it to work to install the bonus disk. The completionist in me wants to try and S rank all the modes again and have them on record, so hard modes unlocked aren't necessary I can do that on my own but I don't want to grind supports for days once more. I would really appreciate it, thank you!!
  15. I am looking for help in writing support conversations for one of the characters I am adding to a Fire Emblem 7 mod. As part of my mod, I am adding 10 new playable characters to vanilla Fire Emblem 7 (of course new maps and classes as well). Since November I have written a disgusting number of support conversations (93 in total....yeah...), so I was looking to see if there was anyone on here with a forte in writing and love for Fire Emblem who would be interested in writing support conversations my final character. Here is some background on the character:
  16. How do I add new units to FE8?

    Okay, I tried searching around here on the question boards, but got no good answer. Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to add new units to the vanilla FE8 cast. The problem right now I'm having is giving the new units supports. So in the supports library I have Eirika supports CC!Selena, but the unit is non-selectable. I tried linking the two units in the Convo Availability Editor and got nothing, and before you say "Set the unit's support pointer..." it is all ready set in the unit's Character Editor. Any help would be appreciated, I have no idea what's wrong!
  17. Nowi or Cherche for MU?

    I decided to pick up Fire Emblem Awakening again recently and now that I find myself knowing what I'm doing when it comes to playing the game, I can focus more on the pairings and grinding my characters. My first playthrough worked out fine since all I needed was a level 30 Polestar King Marth with the Exalted Falchion... Anyway, I originally paired MU with Lissa and it worked out great, but I barely used any of the Gen 2 units besides Morgan and Owain. This time I wanted to try something new and pair MU with Nowi for the lol(i)s. At the same time however, I realized that Cherche is really good too and I can have Nightwing as MU's son. What this comes down to is which character is a better pair for MU in terms of combat ability, skills, and children.
  18. Skill optimization thread

    My target is to figure out how to train - mainly weaker - units more efficiently. Which skill(s) do you give to whom in which chapter(s)? Here are few examples from my side: 1-4: Leonardo's cancel skill goes to Edward or Nolan because they can make better use of it and have a higher activation rate due to their high skill. Discipline on Aran to make him access to use Tauroneo's silver lance quickly. 1-6: Resolve on Micaiah because she's the only first tier unit who has the capacity to use it. With sacrificing once she'll become into resolve-zone. With 1.5 speed she can maybe double the one or other opponent. Renewal on Volug or Zihark. 1-7: Paragon on Micaiah for same reason. She's the only one who can gain serious experience. Inbue on Zihark because he has a good magic stat actually. 1-8: Resolve on Micaiah to make life in 1-9 a lot easier. Paragon on Sothe because he'll do quite a lot in this chapter thanks to his better movement in the awkward terrain. Let him kill Radmin to get almost a full level up. 1-F: It becomes tough for me. Idk which skills to give to Ilyana. On the one hand giving paragon to her is more efficient because in total the GM's have more chapters to make use of it, but on the other hand the DB members need way more experience due to their less chapters in part 3. Most skills should stay in the DB honestly. Part 3: Vantage, Adept, Resolve + earth support for Zihark to make him invisible. However it only works, if a tiger attacks him first. If a cat hits him first, the taken damage won't be enough to reach resolve-zone. Beastfoe on Jill: With the brave axe or hand and short axes she can claim free kills in each turn. Renewal for Volug, inbue for Sothe and discipline to Micaiah. This is only a little example for the DB chapters. This skill set excludes Meg and Fiona... but maybe there's still a way how include them too. Iirc Fiona can't even take skills since she has only 5 capacity (?). Furthermore I'd like to know about a good skillset for the non-royal Laguz since I'm not really familar in using most of them in longruns.
  19. With Shadows of Valentia potentially improving on and/or expanding on Gaiden, it had me thinking about supports. By no means are supports confirmed or disconfirmed, as we have little information to go off of, but I imagine most of the community interested in SoV would like some sort of support system to be introduced, in order to give the characters more/better characterization and development. This got me wondering, what characters from Gaiden's original cast could have plausible, interesting supports with each other? For the sake of consistency, let's assume a C-A support system similar to GBA and PoR Fire Emblem, without marriage but with potential for paired endings. I'll start with some obvious ones: Alm and Celica: This support could highlight their different opinions and attitudes on war and conflict, and further develop their relationship with each other. However, issues with the support could come from the fact that they are together only very briefly in Gaiden. Whitewings with each other: They are sisters. I'm sure IS could make something work. Zeke and Teeta/ Cleive and Matilda/ Clair and Gray: All canon pairings from Gaiden, but said characters had very limited interactions, due to Gaiden's small script. I have plenty more ideas, but I'd like to hear what others think first.
  20. So, I've been thinking recently about if there'd be any interesting possibilities from expanding the support pools of certain characters. What I'm thinking is... Chrom's marriage pool: Add Miriel, Tharja, Anna, and possibly Panne, Cordelia, and Nowi, as well. (Remember that, for Chrom, characters have to be recruited as of turn 1 of Chapter 11 to be viable! So, no Cherche, or Say'ri, or Flavia or anything. Anna is listed despite not being part of the normal mother pool because Chrom himself already has an attached child, so the pairing would still impact the second generation.) Sumia's marriage pool: Add Virion, Stahl, Vaike, Kellam, Donnel, Lon'qu, Ricken, Gregor, and Libra. (Basically, give her the same options as all the other women instead of pointlessly restricting her.) General husband pool: Add Basilio, Gangrel*, Walhart*, Yen'fay, and Priam. (*Lissa x Gangrel and Cherche x Walhart would not be viable romantic pairs, for obvious plot reasons, although they could still support to A rank.) What I'm curious about is, are there any kids who could potentially benefit from broadening the options this way? Would there be any sort of impact on who the best non-fixed parent options for who are, or would the newly-added options mostly just amount to novelties?
  21. Power Master's Fan Supports

    Wanted to try and improve my writing skills, so I thought "Why not make some fake supports?" At the moment, I've done Chrom and Owain from Awakening & Oscar and Ilyana from Path of Radiance. Let me know what you think and give me some character pairings if you want! [spoiler=Oscar and Ilyana] Oscar and Ilyana C Ilyana: Um… Oscar: Oh, hello. Ilyana, right? Ilyana: Smells… good. Oscar: Hm? You think so? Ilyana: Could I… have a taste? Oscar: I suppose I could spare a small taste. Ilyana: … Oscar: How is it? Ilyana: Heavenly. Oscar: Really? Pleased to hear it! I’ve been working hard on this dish and— Ilyana: Could I have some more? Oscar: Not yet. I need to make sure there’s enough for everyone. Ilyana: Aw. Oscar and Ilyana B Ike: So you say someone stole your pot as you were cooking in it? Oscar: Yes. The food wasn’t even cooked properly yet. I hope no one tries to eat it. Ike: I’ll spread the word around, see what I can find. Oscar: Thank you, Ike. Oscar: Hm? Who’s that over there? Ilyana: Ooog… Oscar: Il-Ilyana? What are you doing with my pot? Ilyana: So hungry… So sick… Can’t move… Oscar: You didn’t eat the food in the pot, did you? Ilyana: Your last dish… was so good…wanted more… Oscar: Well, I’m glad you liked it, but the food for today’s meal wasn’t done yet! What’s more, you ate it all! You ate the entirety of what was supposed to be a meal for the whole camp! Ilyana: Sorry… So hungry… Oscar: …Come on. Let’s go fetch a healer. If you promise me you won’t steal my pot and the camp’s food again, I won’t report you to the commander. Ilyana: …Okay. Oscar and Ilyana A Ilyana: You… Oscar: Hm, Ilyana? Heh, I suppose I never told you my name, did I? Ilyana: You’re the guy… with food… Oscar: Um, well, yes, but my name is— Ilyana: Do you… have anymore? Oscar: ‘Fraid not. I need to go to the market and pick up some more supplies and ingredients. Someone raided our food storage last night and ate nearly everything! Ilyana: … Oscar: …You didn’t. Ilyana: I’m sorry! I just get so hungry! If I don’t get enough food… I faint, and I can’t move… Oscar: I believe everyone has that problem, though I can’t say for certain if they’re as ravenous as you are. Ilyana: You probably hate me… Oscar: No, no, far from it! …Tell you what? Why don’t you come to the market with me and you can pick out something for me to make just for you. Ilyana: Really? Oscar: Of course, you’ll have to help me carry the other supplies back to camp. Ilyana: …So hungry… Can’t move… *faints* Oscar: Er, Ilyana? [spoiler=Chrom and Owain] Owain and Chrom C Owain: By the power within me, I call upon… the BARTRE SPIIIIIIIN!!! Chrom: Owain. Owain: Ack, Uncle Chrom! Chrom: That was some fancy swordplay. Owain: Erm, yes, I suppose it was. Chrom: Tell me, who was your teacher. I doubt Lissa would be able to give you much of a sword lesson. Owain: Well… you were, Uncle. Chrom: Me? Owain: Is that surprising? Chrom: No, of course not. But I’ve been watching you work, and none of the skills you’ve displayed are anything I would do. Owain: You were watching me? Chrom: Yes. I keep an eye on everyone in this group. More-so with my family. Owain: Uncle… Chrom: Think you can show me some of your skills? Owain: I, um… Ah, I think I hear some Risen approaching camp! Chrom: Hm? I don’t hear any— Owain: Stay back, Uncle! I’ll take care of this! Chrom: Owain, wait! …There’s no Risen out there. I wonder what’s gotten into him. Owain and Chrom B Owain: Filthy Risen. You have pushed me over the edge! I will now smite you using the power of— Chrom: Owain? What are you doing in here? Owain: U-Uncle! Chrom: …Owain, you’re not usually like this. What’s wrong? Owain: N-Nothing is wrong! Absolutely nothing! Chrom: Uh-huh… Well, Owain, I was wondering if I can ask you something. Owain: Okay? Chrom: You said I was your teacher, yet I don’t recognize any of the sword skills you’ve used. Owain: … Chrom: Would you mind teaching me some of them? Owain: M-Me?! Teach you?! The King of Ylisse?! Chrom: …So that’s what this is about. Owain: Erk… Chrom: Owain… Are you nervous around me? Am I that intimidating? Owain: …No, Uncle, I’m sorry. It’s just that… I have a lot to live up to. Chrom: What do you mean? Owain: Like I said, you were my teacher, but you’re also my Uncle and my King. And a great one at that. Chrom: You’re worried that you won’t live up to your heritage. Owain: … Chrom: Owain, I’m sorry you feel that way. I may be the King of Ylisse, but I put my family first. You don’t need to live up to my name. You just have to be the greatest Prince of Ylisse you can be. Owain: …Thanks, Uncle, I needed to hear that. Chrom: Good. Now then, show me some of this… Clive Cleave I’ve been hearing about. Owain and Chrom A Chrom: Okay, so you raise your arm like this? Owain: Not quite. Lower your right arm a bit and take a step back with your left foot. Chrom: Owain. Owain: …Sorry, Uncle. I’m not cut out to be a teacher. Chrom: No, no, I think you’re doing a great job, I’m not complaining. I’m just impressed! Owain: Impressed? Chrom: How did you come up with all these moves? How long did it take you to memorize them all? Owain: Well, to answer the first question, I took the moves you showed me and combined them, either together or with other sword-play skills. Chrom: Fascinating. Owain: And then I write them all in here. Chrom: In this book? Owain: No, don’t read it! Chrom: …Hahaha! Owain: What’s so funny? Chrom: We hardly ever get to spend time together, Owain. I feel close to Lissa and Lucina, but I never got the chance to be with you until now. And here we are, trading sword skills! Owain: Haha, it does feel awesome, doesn’t it! I must admit, I really looked forward to your sword classes as it was one of the few times I could be with you and learn from the greatest. Chrom: You humble me, Owain. Owain: And then… One day… Chrom: …Hey, I’m here now and I’m not going to die this time. Not me. Not your mother or father. We will all be together, no matter what fate has to say about it. Owain: You’re right. Now then, the day is young is there are a lot more secrets and skills I have to bestow upon you, Uncle! Chrom: …Exactly how many skills and secrets do you have?
  22. Ideas for new supports?

    I recently got and figured out how to use the Fates text simulator and I'm looking for some ideas to write using these characters. I'm not sure if I'll ever post the things I make since they'll be awful, most likely, but I at least want to write some supports in my free time
  23. So I saw a thread with polls for people's favorite romantic pairings. Which made me wonder, what same sex supports did you guys like the most? Not from a shipping perspective though, just platonic. characters - Hoshidan Males - Hoshidan Females - Nohrian Males - Nohrian Females
  24. Hello everyone and welcome to Karnage's Wright a Funny Support Conversation Contest now-8/31 11:59 central standard time voting 9/1-9/7 Q: what is this contest you may ask? A: the name says it all, you must wright a funny support conversation for FE Fates Rules for the contest 1. you must stay within serenes's rules 2. you may not plagerize other's works 2.5 you may reuse a support if you have proof that you are the original author 3. the conversation must have atleast ONE character from Fates (ex. you can have Eliwood x Corrin, Odin x Owain, and Sigurd x Flora if you want) 4. you may have up to 3 submissions, please keep them in a single post and in spoilers 5. if they contain heavy plot spoilers please put a warn before the spoilers 6. please do not discuss others wrighting, complement eachother, or etc. You can do all of that in this thread (coming very soon) untill further notice there will not be a second thread to do this 7. on 8/31 at midnight I will stop taking in submissions and beging creating the poll for people to decide the top 5, which will lead to the picking of the no.1 8. of the 3 submission allowed only one per person will make it into the top 5 IMPORTANT NOTE: if you wish to carry over a support to talk about it in another thread use copy and paste or multiquote to bring it over to the other thread I hope that's clear to every one note to the mods: Vincent and Tangeriene have OK'ed this The Winner Will Recieve a $20(usd) Giftcard to Any Gaming Platform of Their Choice all regions welcome!!! go on ahead and reserve you a spot on this thread for your submission TOP 5
  25. I was reading about Fire Emblem and I found in Serenes Forest probably the most interesting unused content of FE. Boyd x Brom Boyd x Ike Boyd x Rolf Boyd x Mist Boyd x Oscar Boyd x Titania Boyd x Ulki Boyd x Mia Aran x Laura Aran x Makalov Aran x Micaiah Aran x Mordecai Aran x Nealuchi Aran x Nolan Aran x Sothe Aran x Danved Caineghis x Elincia Caineghis x Giffca Caineghis x Ike Caineghis x Kyza Caineghis x Ranulf Caineghis x Renning Caineghis x Lyre Caineghis x Mist Caineghis x Mordecai Caineghis x Nailah Caineghis x Lethe Caineghis x Skrimir Caineghis x Stefan Caineghis x Titania Calill x Geoffrey Calill x Heather Calill x Muarim Calill x Nephenee Calill x Soren Calill x Tauroneo Calill x Tormod Calill x Mia Calill x Danved Brom x Elincia Brom x Heather Brom x Janaff Brom x Meg Brom x Nephenee Brom x Zihark Shinon x Gatrie Shinon x Ike Shinon x Janaff Shinon x Rhys Shinon x Rolf Shinon x Mist Shinon x Oscar Shinon x Sigrun Shinon x Titania Edward x Leanne Edward x Leonardo Edward x Micaiah Edward x Nolan Edward x Sanaki Edward x Stefan Edward x Sothe Ilyana x Gatrie Ilyana x Laura Ilyana x Lucia Ilyana x Micaiah Ilyana x Mordecai Ilyana x Oscar Ilyana x Mia Ilyana x Zihark Ena x Gatrie Ena x Gareth Ena x Kurthnaga Ena x Leanne Ena x Mist Ena x Nasir Ena x Volug Ena x Rafiel Elincia x Geoffrey Elincia x Ike Elincia x Kieran Elincia x Ranulf Elincia x Leanne Elincia x Renning Elincia x Lucia Elincia x Marcia Elincia x Mist Elincia x Nephenee Elincia x Nailah Elincia x Pelleas Elincia x Sanaki Elincia x Tibarn Elincia x Bastian Fiona x Laura Fiona x Leanne Fiona x Leonardo Fiona x Micaiah Fiona x Pelleas Fiona x Tanith Fiona x Tauroneo Fiona x Danved Gatrie x Marcia Gatrie x Mist Gatrie x Muarim Gatrie x Oscar Gatrie x Rafiel Gatrie x Astrid Geoffrey x Kieran Geoffrey x Kyza Geoffrey x Renning Geoffrey x Lucia Geoffrey x Bastian Giffca x Gareth Giffca x Kyza Giffca x Ranulf Giffca x Lyre Giffca x Mordecai Giffca x Lethe Giffca x Skrimir Giffca x Tauroneo Giffca x Bastian Gareth x Janaff Gareth x Kurthnaga Gareth x Renning Gareth x Nasir Gareth x Vika Haar x Heather Haar x Jill Haar x Makalov Haar x Volug Haar x Pelleas Haar x Sigrun Haar x Tauroneo Heather x Lucia Heather x Mist Heather x Nephenee Heather x Vika Heather x Volke Ike x Kurthnaga Ike x Ranulf Ike x Micaiah Ike x Mist Ike x Nasir Ike x Nailah Ike x Oscar Ike x Lethe Ike x Reyson Ike x Soren Ike x Sothe Ike x Titania Ike x Tibarn Ike x Volke Ike x Mia Ike x Zihark Janaff x Lucia Janaff x Oscar Janaff x Tibarn Janaff x Vika Janaff x Ulki Jill x Mist Jill x Nealuchi Jill x Lethe Jill x Sigrun Jill x Tauroneo Jill x Zihark Kieran x Rhys Kieran x Renning Kieran x Lyre Kieran x Marcia Kieran x Oscar Kieran x Reyson Rhys x Rolf Rhys x Mist Rhys x Nailah Rhys x Oscar Rhys x Titania Rhys x Ulki Rhys x Mia Kyza x Ranulf Kyza x Lyre Kyza x Meg Kyza x Mordecai Kyza x Muarim Kyza x Zihark Kurthnaga x Micaiah Kurthnaga x Nasir Kurthnaga x Pelleas Kurthnaga x Skrimir Kurthnaga x Sothe Laura x Meg Laura x Micaiah Laura x Nealuchi Laura x Nolan Laura x Tanith Ranulf x Lyre Ranulf x Mordecai Ranulf x Lethe Ranulf x Skrimir Ranulf x Tibarn Ranulf x Zihark Leanne x Leonardo Leanne x Naesala Leanne x Nealuchi Leanne x Nailah Leanne x Oliver Leanne x Sanaki Leanne x Tibarn Renning x Lucia Renning x Bastian Renning x Vika Leonardo x Micaiah Leonardo x Nolan Leonardo x Pelleas Leonardo x Skrimir Leonardo x Sothe Lyre x Nephenee Lyre x Pelleas Lyre x Lethe Lyre x Astrid Lyre x Titania Lyre x Zihark Rolf x Marcia Rolf x Mist Rolf x Oscar Rolf x Rafiel Rolf x Tauroneo Lucia x Astrid Lucia x Bastian Makalov x Marcia Makalov x Naesala Makalov x Astrid Makalov x Bastian Makalov x Volke Marcia x Sigrun Marcia x Astrid Marcia x Tanith Marcia x Ulki Meg x Micaiah Meg x Nephenee Meg x Astrid Meg x Vika Meg x Ulki Meg x Zihark Micaiah x Naesala Micaiah x Nailah Micaiah x Nolan Micaiah x Volug Micaiah x Rafiel Micaiah x Soren Micaiah x Skrimir Micaiah x Stefan Micaiah x Sothe Micaiah x Tauroneo Micaiah x Tormod Mist x Oscar Mist x Titania Mist x Mia Mordecai x Oliver Mordecai x Lethe Mordecai x Stefan Mordecai x Ulki Mordecai x Danved Mordecai x Zihark Muarim x Lethe Muarim x Sothe Muarim x Titania Muarim x Tormod Muarim x Vika Muarim x Zihark Naesala x Nealuchi Naesala x Oliver Naesala x Rafiel Naesala x Reyson Naesala x Sanaki Naesala x Sothe Naesala x Tibarn Naesala x Vika Nasir x Stefan Nasir x Volke Nasir x Ulki Nealuchi x Nolan Nealuchi x Rafiel Nealuchi x Reyson Nealuchi x Tauroneo Nealuchi x Vika Nephenee x Pelleas Nephenee x Danved Nephenee x Zihark Nailah x Volug Nailah x Rafiel Nailah x Reyson Nailah x Tibarn Nolan x Sothe Oliver x Rafiel Oliver x Reyson Oliver x Tanith Oliver x Tormod Oliver x Danved Volug x Rafiel Volug x Soren Volug x Tormod Volug x Mia Oscar x Tanith Oscar x Titania Oscar x Mia Pelleas x Tauroneo Rafiel x Tibarn Lethe x Sanaki Lethe x Skrimir Lethe x Zihark Reyson x Tanith Reyson x Tibarn Reyson x Tormod Reyson x Ulki Sanaki x Sigrun Sanaki x Tanith Soren x Skrimir Soren x Stefan Soren x Titania Sigrun x Skrimir Sigrun x Tanith Skrimir x Tibarn Skrimir x Mia Stefan x Vika Sothe x Astrid Sothe x Tormod Sothe x Volke Tauroneo x Volke Tauroneo x Zihark Titania x Tibarn Tibarn x Ulki Tibarn x Mia Tormod x Vika Tormod x Danved Bastian x Volke This is a list of the supports that would be featured in FE 10,for some whatever reason the developers decided to cut this (probably time reasons) and we had some generic supports conversation,if we can call this supports.I found this list at Serenes Forest itself,it was found on the game data,but there wasn't found a thing of these supports. So I am here to propose a game,Why don't we start making supports for FE 10 and see what we could have got!