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Found 20 results

  1. Create the Unit

    I've seen a lot of people talking about units they want in the game but not necessarily how they'd like to see them built. So I figured I'd make a thread about how you would build them! I didnt see a thread like this already made but if there was please let me know? So I'll start. Queen's Guard: Lucia Naturally she'd be a red infantry sword, with lower HP and defense than Mia. Where she'd shine is her above average speed and resistance, making her a rather rare sword mage killer as she'd be capable of avoiding being doubled and her high res means mages would have a hard time one-rounding her. Her generally lackluster attack from in her base game is offset by a high magic stat, so those would be balanced to give her a decent attack stat in Heroes. I'm not really sure what weapon to give her, but she may start out with a Wo Dao+ or something similar, mostly because I'm not sure if she should get a personal weapon. Her special would be Astra Skill A: Death Blow or Spd/Res Bond Skill B: Desperation or Dull Ranged Skill C: Queen's Guard - if a flier ally within two spaces is attacked, grants ally Atk, Spd, Def, and Res +3 Bear in mind that this is just for fun and so they don't have to be perfect. I just thought it would be enjoyable to see everyone's ideas :)
  2. I bet I can tell it in 1 sentence: they're supposed to be slow but to have the highest defence in the game but their def growth sucks balls and their base is ridiculous outside of FE10, also they have down the earth speed so they get doubled by any non-armored unit, they have weaknesses to certain weapons because IS thought they were too hard to ORKO with a slim lance/sword so you needed special weapons to OS the tankiest classes in the game who can't even catch up with a foot soldier and have barely more def than cavalier classes, they have inexistant-level resistance and in Fates especially there are the most annoying weapons ever created: shurikens, the weapon transforming your 18 def into 13 def with no speed that takes double 10-ish damage per attack after armor reduction (against weak weapons because against silver weapons and A rank they take more like 20-ish damage two times). The only skill saving their asses is available at level 5 general, a class nobody wants to use as the front unit because it has the same shitty penalties as any armored unit with less movement than GKs and no offensive skill, and when your general reaches 20/5 it's like endgame already unless you're trolling the game playing the slowest turtle ever seen. Especially in Fates with the exp curve going up drastically for each level higher than your ennemy over 3 levels. At least they could give armored units a faster exp gain (paragon would help them so much).
  3. who is the best unit

    This is just something I came up with to see what answers would come. Personally, I just wanted to start a flame war, but, y'know. Comment below whoever you think is the best unit in the series! I think it's Seth (Sacred Stones).
  4. Favourite Classes

    What is your favourite class(es) in fire emblem? For me it is the FE8 Great Knight because of the great (no pun intended) versatility of the class and Duessel is one of my most liked characters. In addition the FE 2 demon hunter due to the design of the unit sprite and the cool teleporting battle animation .
  5. Just a random question? Who is the most powerful unit in Fire Emblem, assuming level ups are (example): 10 level ups and a 50 strength growth = plus 5 strength growths. By stats and (if applicable) legendary weapons. I know Ryoma is very powerful but also, so is Lewyn, and even Hector. A list by game would be good to start before going in deeper. Gaiden = Echoes so use Echoes weapons/growths. Same for Shadow dragon and New Mystery.
  6. I was watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King recently, and this idea came to me; despite not being true domestic animals, War Elephants were a very powerful force to reckon with in ancient and medieval warfare. With me being a FE fan, I thought that maybe if it could work, a War Elephant would be a very interesting unit-they would effectively be mobile fortresses. Here's how I think they would work: because they are so massive, War Elephants would take up 4 spaces, and on their back they would have a unit wielding a lance, an archer unit, and a unit that throws Spears. I think it would be very disappointing and a missed opportunity if the Elephant itself wasn't used as an enemy, so it would use it's tusks that are attached with swords as a move which is either sword-type or lance type (since they are long like Lances), but I would say sword-type because I think a long pole weapon would be the best kind of melee weapon if you were faced against one of these. The War Elephant's stats would be very high HP, Atk, and Def, decent luck (maybe a high luck stat if Elephants are considered good luck in some cultures), okay resistance, good skill, but low speed. It would move either 5-7 spaces. If you take the Elephant down, you could also take its riders down with it, but this should be very hard to do because of how much help they give it. The War Elephant would also function as a movable high ground, which gives all projectile enemies on top of it at least 1 additional space that their projectile would cover; this means that an enemy with a Spear would cover up to at least 3 spaces, and an enemy unit with a Longbow (because they would have to appear in late-game anyway) would cover up to at least 4 spaces. The Lance wielder would always dual-attack with the War Elephant (another reason why I think that a War Elephant's attack should function as sword-type). If you try to hit it from a distance, you'd also have to deal with the Spear-thrower and Sniper who are highly likely to dual-attack you. I am thinking that because of how powerful they are meant to be, War Elephants should be enemy-only units. The first War Elephant you'd meet would probably be only one as a boss or with the boss riding it, but very late in the game the enemy army could have many War Elephants supported by infantry. In ancient and medieval warfare, the sight of War Elephants was enough to terrify an enemy army and lower morale, they could take on a whole bunch of an enemies soldiers at the same time, so I'd like War Elephants in FE to give the player that feeling of a very intimidating giant walking fortress that they'd really have to strategize in order to take down. However, since Elephants are intelligent animals, they could work where you might be able to recruit an Elephant rider and have the Elephant as a character with some personality (esp. in the supports with their rider), and plus, wouldn't it just be totally satisfying to rampage on your enemy with a gigantic beast and have a mobile fortress of your own?
  7. I heard that Shura is a good unit in Revelations because of his godlike base stats when he joins. I plan on creating a female avatar and marrying him. My plan was to reclass him into a Butler and grab Seal Strength, Seal Magic, and Seal Speed from other playthroughs. His personal skill, Highwayman, plus these three seals and daggers will result in an unholy level of debuffing.I am now looking at his growths and caps as a Butler, and they seem.... lackluster, at best.30% HP, 35% Str, 20% Mag, 35% Skl, 50% Spd, 40% Lck, 45% Def, and 45% ResI want to know if I should use him or not, I really feel like he would fall behind if I i did.He looks great on paper, considering the fact that using a Sacrificial Knife, the enemy will obtain -8 Luck, -5 Def/Res, -9 Str, -9 Mag, and -9 Speed every time he initiates combat, but his growths are killing me. If i could have some assistance, that would be great. Thanks.
  8. The aim of this thread will be about how to ise certain units and teammate combinations that work extremely well and have good synergy overall. This idea began because there are people that sometimes struggle against certain characters be either in story or arena and dont know how to deal with them, obviously arena is where this takes much more importance especially with Takumis and Lucinas running rampant. This is also because the game being still fresh and the meta still new that some characters are somewhat unexplored or underrated and are somewhat difficult to play with because they are not very straightforward. So to began I will begin with a combo that I have been very fond of, not only because of my biased no homo love for our boy, but because I began learned how to utilize him properly to deal with characters that is supposed to have a bleak matchup against. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So my team began when trying to figure how to play with Roy and a good way to utilize its skills and teammates that could take advantage of what it can offer to a team [Roy](+SPD/-DEF) With this bokn and bane he cannot get doubled by anything that is not Linde or +SPD Red Lords, which is important since it means it can tank a hit from robin(even with the stupid disadvantage from the triangle) then deal some damage to him to get into the range Takumi can kill it and also set up Revenge for next turn, it also means it wins against all the Red units 1 vs 1 as long as they attack first(like a +ATK Lucina cannot double and a +SPD fails to OHKO and both get killed next turn), Roy basically can lure and kill anything that is not blue colored. [Lilina](+ATK/-DEF) Lets one shot some variants of Takumi without boosts and when buffed to my FCorrin Hone Attack it one shots all the Takumi variants unless buffed or him being a neutral HP/+RES but in that case it means my Takumi or Roy can kill him, also the extra attack lets deal with MRobin also on a 1 vs1 if it attacks first, alongside 2HKO effie(which thanks to Roy can attack, then get out of range of effie and kill next turn since effie will not reach her.), her attack buff works great with FCorrin because it stacks. [Takumi](+SPD/-HP)(it is my variant but - Res is better) Means it doesnt get doubled by everything not buffed or named Linde(which still gets OHKO if Lilina or FCorrin boost its damage so even if she attacks you she dies and lets you set up Revenge) which means it doesnt get ORKOed by anything, so it means again that it can win a lot of 1 vs 1 matches), its speed debuff also helps immensely to neuter buffed chars and void getting him or Roy doubled by things like Lucina which is important when going against Red Lords teams [FCorrin](+SPD/-ATK)(again -Res would surely be better but since it needs to survive some hits is better than -DEF or HP) With a boon speed it means it doesnt get doubled by anything unless it is a +SPD Linde) which is good since it lets her beat things like Lucina on a 1 vs 1, and in this case -ATK doesnt seem to miss something that I need since she is mostly used for supporting with debuffs for offensive units and Hone Attack buffing which also stacks with Lilina buff, helps Roy and Takumi double a lot of characters or avoid getting doubled by things with +SPD or speed buffed, she also works great with Lilina because of her RES debuff and both of them buffing each other(which means like extra 9 points of magic damage). I have currently a 32 win streak with the team, all of them have been very working pretty well since I have ways to kill every character currently, fully Blue teams are somewhat difficult since need to deal with them one at a time but is doable.
  9. Hi! I've been wondering if anybody would like to create Bond Units with me! And with each other, of course. Now, I'm personally doing this for the specific reason of doing a "corrin-only-lunatic-conquest-soulink-nuzlocke-thing" run through with my friend, and I'd like to use Bond Units for their personal skills! The bond units I receive will be edited using FEFTwiddler to fit their respective class, boon, bane, nature, looks and base stats for this playthrough I'm doing with my friend (We've already set these aspects up earlier). They'll then be exported from that file and be imported into the file we're going to be using, so I'm not worried about your avatars info. Please follow this format when posting! Game: [Version] Characters Name: [name] Castle Name: [name] Castle Address: [address] Boon/Bane/Talent: [+Stat / -Stat / Class] Last Skill Equipped: [skill] While I don't mind what your Avatar has, other people who may want to create Bond Units will! So please make sure to include everything! Now, when you arrive at someone's castle, make sure to accept their card then give them an accessory! If you don't have their card, you can't make a bond unit! And that's that! So let's all go make some Bond Units! My info Game: Revelations Character Name: Luna Castle Name: Xenospace Castle Address: 01210-50185-98536-06328 Boon/Bane/Talent: +Speed / -Luck / Ninja Last Skill Equipped: Certain Blow EDIT: If anybody who uses FEFTwiddler wants to attach a .fe14unit file of any bond units they have to their post, I'll greatly appreciate it!
  10. Simply put, how good is Delmud from Fire Emblem 4 (I know he appears in FE 5 as well) and what is his potential as a unit? What would I need to look for when Pairing Raquesis/Lachesis in the first generation to increase his potential?
  11. Alrighty then... I am looking to create the ultimate Guard-Stance Support unit for SCIENCE and could use some advice, namely on which character and skill combination would be optimal. I am quite keen on taking advantage of Nohrian Trust, though I am aware that this limits the unit to supporting Avatar or Kana in order to make the most of the unit. So far I have in mind Kaze with Miraculous Save, Lethality, Astra and Aegis (as he can get these regardless of who he S-Supports via his own classes + friendship with Silas) with the last two skills undecided. Now on to the questions at hand... 1: Is there another character I am completely looking over that has a better leap-off point for making into this kind of unit? 2: Who would you guys recommend I marry Kaze / alternative character to grand the best pool of skills without completely gimping the child unit of said pairing? 3: Is it worth using up a skill slot on Replicate for this unit since they are going to be a support-bot anyway. I know that the lead of the Replica would also require Nhorian Trust to make the most of the support - but having 2x Support-bots for a single skill slot seems worth it and would also sidestep the admittedly small weakness of Replica's shared damage (as both units would be Supporting units).
  12. FE8 Unit Count

    I'm making a simple personal hack with unit replacements, but after going (specifically) past 51 allies, I'm noticing that resetting VBA and then restarting the chapter that I'm on causes the game to cut all allies that are "past" that 51 character limit. Is there a way to combat this and keep every character? I'm not good at modding and really would like to keep this simple if possible. Thank you all in advance!
  13. Plot Loss of Units

    I'm currently writing an FE story, with an interesting twist on a large quantity of units. Basically, the villain has summoned Magvel and Elibe to join Tellius, and as a result, units from Magvel and Elibe join the party to help defeat the villain. Shortly before the final battle, however, the villain destroys all of his summons, including the playable roster. Of course, in an actual game, this would be a massive slap in the face (the first unit like this joins in Chapter 5, and the loss happens in Chapter 24), so I've developed a compromise that fits all right into the plot: The units add a flat bonus to characters that don't disappear, plus whatever stats they've gained since recruitment. Would this be considered a fair compromise, in terms of gameplay? Most characters give bonuses to characters of the same or similar class (Lyn gives her bonus to the Lord, Hector gives his to Ike, and so on in such a fashion), and I believe that the army you'd get out of this would be serviceable, even if you had used nothing but these units as soon as possible (and even then, you'd get a lot of experience out of the early levels), and there are a handful of good units near the end... I'm just fishing for thought, really. Would this kind of final chapter be all right in gameplay form?
  14. Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so, I need help with pairing my unit. For Birthright and Conquest I made a Male MU with +Speed -Luck with a Mercenary Talent and for Revelations I'm planning to make a Female MU with the same stats and talent(Unless you can tell me something good for a FeMU, because I have no experience with tehm at all) Do you have any partner suggestions? Any would be appreciated! Thanks for reading and helping me!
  15. Unit Review: Felica

    Hello everyone! I decided to make a new series, a charakter review for all units in the game, on a daily basis (maybe all two days, thats a lot of work tho). Once the game launches on EU I planned to post something similar on Youtube, but for now I planned to post it here. I'm pretty sure there is more about that charakter than I can tell you, but I want to focus on the unit-aspect, not the charakter behind the unit. This list should help new players to detemine wheather certain charakter suits his/her playstyle. Since its a review type of thing, I will end every "chapter" with my personal opinion about that unit. With that all been said, since this is the first post of this type, I'll show you my list of topic's for this and future units. If you think i did forget smt important please let me know. I want to improve, and constructiv critisism is the best way for that. Note: This will be focussing on Birthright and Conquest. I will maybe update this for Revalations in the future, but i dont think i've got any good information about most of the units in the DLC. List of topics: 1.: Name, Side (Nohr/Hoshido), recruit chapter (general introduction, short to keep it spoiler-free) 2.: Start stats and effectivness at that point of the game. 3.: Grow rates of the unit and all possible classes (without the second seal thingy) 4.: Optainable skills (useful or lackluster) and possible weapon choises 5.: Good setups for playthroughs & multiplayer 6.: Overall review PS.: This is the first unit review of mine. All above will not occure in the future, only changes to the formular will be explained. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter one: Felicia At first we will be looking at Felicia, one of the two Maiden/Butler units you will be starting with. She will join a male Avatar on chapter 2, or after chapter 15 if the Avatar is female. She will be serving the Avatar on both sides (your decision between Nohr or Hoshido wont affect her. HP:19 | Str:5 | Mag:9 | Skl:10 | Spd:10 | Lck:12 | Def:5 | Res: 9 Unlike the usual promoted unit you get at the start, Felicia isn't on a horseback. She also doesn't oneshot everyone or is super tanky, but is a very nice support unit. As Maiden her weapons of choise are the hidden onces (shuriken and daggers) & staffs/rods. She has less Str and HP than Jakob, but a better Spd and Mag stat, making her a better supporter, but less good fighter. Her personal skill, Devoted Partner, boosts the combat ability from the Avatar, and helps very good in the early game. Since she is a promoted unit, she got both skills of the troubadour tree, Resitence +2 and Demoiselle, boosting even more the Avatar. Another good thing going for her is the synergy within herself: for combat, she can attack enemy unit's from range, since she uses hidden weapons. Those give stat debuffs, but mostly important debuff on the enemy deffense. Your Avatar can now fill the gab between her and the enemy unit, not only for the dual strike with her AND attack the lowed deffense on the enemy, but also getting the Demoiselle boost. For Hoshido she is one of the best staff/rod users you will get and her Exp gain isn't so bad, since she can get Exp via healing, attacking and supporting (dual strikes), she will also level up very quickly. For Nohr she isn't very bad either. You've got a good healer, with 6 movement and, as mentient ealier, an early unit with the ability to use hidden weapons. But what makes her shine in Nohr is her speed: the nohrian soldiers are more about Str and less about Spd, making her a good pair-up unit, since Butlers/Maiden give +2Mag/+2Spd/+2Res (and with only support C +1 more speed!). On the Nohr side her late join chapter 15 is also very good since she can still do good work with her staff and you got a magic shurikan at chapter 12, so even her combat will help your party. HP:40 Str:20 Mag:45 Skl:45 Spd:55 Lck:65 Def:20 Res:45 (Felicias growth rate as Maiden / % chance per level-up) As display'd above Felicia excells at Spd, Skl, Mag, Res & Lck. Also nice HP growth for a healing unit, but very poor Def and Str. Her biggest problem is her bad Str growth: she wont hit very hard till you get the Flame Shurikan or change her class. Talking about changing her classes, she has the Troubadour and the Mercenary tree on her own. In the Mercenary tree she can go Hero and push her HP, Str and Def, since the Hero's growth rates are better than the Maides in therms of physical combat. Other good reclass option is Strategist, but keep in mind you will loose the ability to use hidden weapons, but gain the ability to use scrolls/books. She will loose even more bulk that way, making her very vurlneble for any sort of physical damage, but her Movement will help her to play around the enemys aggro range. With decend Mag stat on her own and good growth in this class she can dish out very good damage, and her heals are also very good. Skillwise she gains some quite good ones for supporting. Rally Skill (Bowknight) and rally Resistence (Strategist) for example to boost some stats. Inspiration (Strategist) and Demoiselle (Troubadoure) boost the allies around her, Bow and Tome - Breaker (Bowknight & Maiden) help her stayng alive while healing, but only in some situations. Sol (Hero) is also a good skill, since she has somewhat good skill, but for selfhealing Life to Serve (Maiden) will also be pretty good, since she should be a staff/rod using unit in the end anyway. For playthrough setups I think she is best suited as Maiden or Strategist. Via early acces to heart seals she is one of the better candidates to use it at the beginning. While healing she will be able to get at least C-supports with pretty much everybody, which is very good, but realy needed for Nohr, since her C-Support pair-up stat boost is Spd. But the rally skills, Life to Serve, Inspiration and Demosielle will make her a very vailable unit even late in the game. I prefer chaning her back into Maiden in the end, because hidden weapons realy support in a good way, she got a little bit more bulk and she looses the weakness to beastbane & beastkiller type weapons, which can oneshot her late, even if the enemy can't double her. For online setups i can't help atm, but if this format keeps going, i'll try to figure something out in the future. As ratings for her, with no heart feelings, I would give her a solid 7/10. She is realy good on both sides. Compared to the start Paladins and Great Knights of the past, Felicia doesn't protect the protagonist, she supports him, to make him a very strong unit even at the beginning and she scales ok-ish into the late playthrough. A very diverse unit to fill alot of gaps in your party. Since this is only MY opinion abuot the unit Felicia, it mustn't be yours. I wouldn't be suprised to see some people rank her even higher. Thanks for reading so far! If you are still with me, please bare in mind this is my first try doing soemthing like this. I did put alot of time into this, and will update this topic from the suggestions of the comments.
  16. Hi I've been playing Awakening (a bit of a jump from Fe6,7,8) for some time now, but I'm still having trouble deciding who to pair the parent up with. So I would like it if I could have some feedback/advice on which parent to choose that would get the best benefits. And if possible, a suggestion on which final class the child units should be. Thanks (Chrom, Mu, Gaius, Lon'qu, Kellam, and Donnel are already taken)
  17. Hello everyone, This may very well be a noob question but I just can't seem to figure this out on my own. I'm trying to create a chapter with the prep screen but no matter what I try I get one of these errors: Prep screen never comes up Not all of my enemies load My units load in slots for enemies and my formations is set to enemy slots Permanent black screen after prep screen Here is my script: Under good I put those parameters because I don't want to load specific units. I want the player to be able to select 7 units in the prep screen. Let me know if this is wrong. I made sure that the prep screen was enabled in the chapter data Nightmare module. Thank you very much, Gryphon
  18. Hello guys, I have Fire Emblem Fates since yesterday and there is one thing that I absolutely want to know: WHERE is the logbook and HOW can I include Avatars from other files in my main one? I would really appreciate if someone could answer me I searched all day and find nothing Thanks ! (Sorry if I made grammatical mistakes, or something like that, I'm french. :))
  19. Okay, first of all this may be something completely obvious, but part of what I'm asking here is someone to point out where I'm going wrong. I have a class I have put into FE 7, the 'Axe Fighter', using the Female Mercenary (0x0B) class slot. 2 Characters use this slot and the problem applies to both of them. In the prologue, they both load into the map as Axe Fighters just fine, including when I restart the chapter. (the unit and prologue script below) Then after I play through the prologue and go onto chapter 1 after saving and going through the opening events, once again the units load fine as Axe Fighters. However, the problem starts when I restart chapter 1. Instead of loading in as Axe Fighters they load in as regular Fighters with their consitution changing, (chapter 1 script and the changed unit below) I would appreciate if someone could tell me where I'm going wrong and how to stop it from happening in the future.
  20. Now, I haven't seen this over here, but why do people like Amelia? Everybody on YT is talking about how she is a beast. Really? She has like the worst bases ever, 4 move, and poor growths. Why do people like her?