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Found 5 results

  1. Why was Dorcas a meme?

  2. "during a Monster Hunter Stories event at Tokyo Game Show, Ryozo Tsujimoto casually announced it by saying 'this might not have anything to do with Monster Hunter Stories, but a Hollywood film for the main series is underway.'" Why? No video game movie has ever been good. Most of them have been awful, with the rare few approaching decency. I'm just hoping this doesn't harm the series in the West.
  3. The Future of Castlevania

    Porn and gambling apparently. Don't worry, it's SFW, barely. And people complain about the direction FE is headed. This is so bad, like so laughably bad. The complete disrespect for the fans, for their own creators, for the medium of art in general. This is enough to make me want to boycott Konami, I'll get MGSV used, even if I have to wait. So glad Bloodstained exists at least. The sad fact is, unlike Capcom and Sega, who are dependant on video games to sustain themselves and are making an effort to fix themselves, Konami makes enough money on bullshit like this to sustain their avarice, never having to owe up to their mistakes.
  4. Poor Ryu...

    Apparently this is what happens when you get deconfirmed from Smash... Animation done by Egoraptor
  5. Hey there, I call myself the Errant Shepherd, or just Errant. I am a hobby pixel artist who has taken up Fire Emblem sprinting again after not doing anything with that for a couple years do to real life business. Now I am still busy with real life responsibility, but enjoying doing sprites and Fire Emblem as a way of relaxing and using my creativity. I used to frequent FEplanet and Fire Emblem Sprites back in the day... About... Geez, 6 years ago now? Now I feel old. :0 ...anyways, so hi there general Serenes Forest peoples. I'll probably be lurking/commenting in the sprite forums, lurking the ROM hacking section and browsing the general fire emblem threads too. (I also love to use ellipses for some reason...) =p