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Found 12 results

  1. Hi there! Before I start describing stuff I'd just like to thank you for clicking my thread. After a long time of playing and watching fire emblem (and various romhacks of it), I always thought it would be so cool to be able to make a game myself. So, I decided I would, and got to work conceptualizing and toying around with FE8. Now I'd like to present the (still growing) fruit of that work, Fire Emblem: The Flame of Tomorrow! THE FEATURES: A brand new story (more info below!) Brand-new and revised classes 3 promotion tiers (May or may not be for every class, depending) Varied objectives - no rout maps Scary (powerful) monster classes New and revised items, spells, and weapons ...And more! THE STORY: Long ago, the continent of Panthia was a (mostly) peaceful and prosperous one. Until suddenly, a mysterious otherworldly power tore the earth asunder. The once prosperous capital state of Ancia now lays in ruin, and demonic creatures rise from the rift left from "the Collapse". The Ancian governmental power is unable to afford to keep things in check. Tension grows between Ancia and their neighbor Derrain, who refuse to lend aid, and have build a great wall between them to try and stop the terrors. Our protagonists, twin brothers, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor rebels - they are scholars, seeking to learn about the mystery behind the Collapse. WHAT I NEED: I'll keep this section short: artists and writers. I have very little artistic talent, and would also love any assistance with my writing. Things that need to be made: Mugs, maps Things I would like to be made: Animations (high priority), map sprites, class cards, music Note that my standards are not sky high - if you can splice convincingly I have no complaints as long as it looks good. Once again I'd like to thank you for reading, and would love any and all criticism as well!
  2. A contest focused on narrative delivery and integration, as opposed to the other similar contests, which focus only on level design. it's a play on my name. A common problem I've noticed in our community is the tendency to simply overlook or in the worst cases stomp on would-be developers who pour their effort into writing up big walls for their game, trying to sell its concept on some ambitious plan that's likely beyond their ability. Sure, maybe it is out of their league, but this also encompasses people who really may in truth be good writers, maybe in truth could make their game, if they had support and exposure, neither of which our community is exactly willing to provide. And it just doesn't help that it's all-around extremely hard to sell a game on story. The goal of this contest is not to have groundbreaking gameplay or a gorgeous set of assets, it's to deliver a cohesive, enticing narrative over the course of three chapters. Yes, three. A beginning, middle, and end. It simply makes more sense that way, and allows people to practice actual proper Fire Emblem design, too. FE isn't played in a vacuum, after all, your decisions have consequences. Single-chapter games take away from this factor. The absolute goal of this contest is just to give people a chance to make a name for themselves doing something closer to their forte, and it is my hope that it will serve as, as Circles puts it, an "incubation chamber" for fledgeling games that have otherwise struggled to get off the ground. Contestants will be judged primarily on narrative delivery, with auxiliary components such as graphics and gameplay regarded as a clearly-noted bonus. The use of "narrative" over "story" here is important: Narrative is the more inclusive term, it refers to things like lore, the world, and any part of the general idea of "story" that is told not through words. Games have a crucial leaning on overall narrative over just storytelling, because so much of the game will speak without saying anything at all. Thus, narrative integration with gameplay is judged most critically among a submission's components. Please read the rules carefully and feel free to ask for clarification if something is not clear. I will gladly answer any questions. Best of luck to all involved! Stay confident and know that renown is not out of your reach! Remember, the deadline is December 12th! You have 3 months, one for each chapter. Make them count! A Discord Server is available for all interested to communicate, discuss ideas, and/or seek help. ...also please, SF, please for the love of god do something about your posting thing. I had to rewrite this thing three times because it kept getting entirely deleted when I tried to undo, and there is no redo. please don't ever make me have to do that again. ;;
  3. If you had to pick a non-Japanese writer for a mainline Fire Emblem game, who would you pick? I'm asking specifically non-Japanese because someone over at /r/fireemblem had already basically asked a similar question but keeping it to Japanese writers, and even without any regional stipulations, most FE fans would probably pick a Japanese writer anyway, so it would be interesting to see what choices you guys make if forced to look outside of Japan. As an optional bonus challenge, pick a writer who is neither from Japan nor a predominantly English-speaking country. My pick would be Michael Kirkbride. He wrote the lore for Morrowind and he continued to write Elder Scrolls lore even after he left Bethesda. I think his writing style would add some really interesting flavor to the world of Fire Emblem. OPTIONAL BONUS CHALLENGE: The writer(s) for Nehrim: At Fate's Edge. The story and atmosphere completely blow (vanilla) Oblivion out of the water. EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking about writing for a brand new mainline FE, not rewriting a pre-existing mainline FE.
  4. Why do people hate Fates' story?

    So many people criticizes the story but I'm curious about the reasoning.
  5. Author's notes: So I was inspired by this guy named Fusion on Amino. He's currently making a series called "I'm not alone anymore!" starring Tiki, Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna so I thought I would make one here, reflecting my own collection Heroes. The Heroes on the Askran side reflect on the Heroes I have on my account so it'll change when I get a new hero, but at this point, with the way my luck is going, it won't be often. Also, this topic will feature a series of stories meaning that it'll update daily with a new arc concerning a certain hero. The first story will feature Caeda, Marth's fiancee...enemy in this story (until I get him of course). So...enjoy! Part 1: Cries of a Pegasus (Caeda) Caeda gazed at the stars as she lied on the cool grass alone. It was almost midnight and she had spent the day going around the kingdom of Askr, training with Ogma, talking with Palla and Est, and meeting other Heroes from other realms. She also chatted with Sharena, who seemed pretty bubbly and well-spirited to her; like she was before arriving. Caeda still didn't understand all of this; one minute she was fighting against Askr under this thing called a "contract" and the next, they were free. To make it worse, she and Marth were just relaxing in Altea when she was abruptly summoned by Kirian, this realm's tactician. Caeda turned on her side; blinking out tears in her eyes. Marth.... Kirian was never able to summon Marth after she came. Caeda waited for him every time Kirian went to summoning ruins, but he kept getting other heroes. It's not like Caeda hates the other heroes; she considers all of them (except Narcian who was excessively annoying) her friends or allies. Still, it would be nice if Kirian got lucky and summoned Marth soon. Thinking about Marth, Caeda gazed back up at the stars. The days she spent here had been pleasant. She had begun training hard at the tower and she felt stronger than she came. Also, she was even given a brave sword instead of her armorslayer which she arrived with. Caeda sighed again as she got back up, brushing off the grass on her skirt. Before going in for the night, she looked back at the stars; wondering if Marth was looking at them as well. The next morning, Caeda decided to have breakfast outside. The weather was always so nice and she loved the feeling of the sun on her face. She slowly ate her croissant; enjoying the buttery flaky goodness in each bite. "Lady Caeda." The princess jumped and turned to see Ogma, standing there with his arms folded. "Oh, Ogma." Caeda gestured to a seat right across from her. "Please." Ogma nodded and decided to sit. He looked like he had just been in a fight; he had cloth wrapped around his arm and his clothes looked tattered. "What happened to you?" Caeda asked as she put her croissant down. "I was on a scouting mission," Ogma rubbed his injured right arm. "Those Heroes from Valentia are no joke; 'specially that Alm fellow." Caeda leaned closer. "You didn't see Marth did you?" Ogma shook his head. "No Milady. I saw those Valentians and a couple of Veronica's lackeys, but I didn't see King Marth anywhere." Caeda sighed. "Ah I see. Perhaps that's a good thing..." "We haven't seen him since we left Altea," Ogma added. "Perhaps Princess Veronica or whatever her name isn't focused on him right now. He could still be back on Altea; waiting for us." Caeda nodded and smiled at the thought. Ogma could be right; in all of the battles Caeda fought in, Marth was nowhere to be seen. If he's nowhere to be seen, that means that Marth isn't serving Veronica. "Ogma," Caeda twiddled her thumbs. "I know that's not what you wanted to talk about. What is it?" Ogma sighed. "Princess I know how you feel about Marth and I know that you two are engaged, but right now, it doesn't matter." Caeda looked down at her croissant; trying to avoid Ogma's gaze. "When the time comes, if we do see Marth, we mustn't hesitate. We serve Askr now; the place that had given us everything and more during our stay. We've been here long enough to build bonds; to see how the people here live. My sword still serves you, but at the same time, I serve Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena as do you. We must do all we can to keep their home safe." Caeda looked away blinking back tears. Deep down, she knew that what Ogma says is true. Caeda knows too well about watching a kingdom fall; losing those that are close to you. When she came here, she decided to lend her sword to their cause at stopping Embla from conquering all worlds. However, if she had to cross Marth in battle what would she do? Would she fight him and stand her ground or crumble and let her allies down? Whatever choice she made, it would probably have disastrous consequences; on her or Marth. "I understand what you say Ogma," Caeda turns to the mercenary. "But I don't know what I would do if I face Marth...." Ogma nodded. "Figured you'd say that. That is why I would ask this of you..." He stood up. "If we come across Marth, allow me the duty of fighting him." Caeda nearly fell out of her seat when she heard that. "W-What?" "I ask this...only to relieve you of that burden." Ogma took out his sword and laid it on the table. "The choice is yours princess." Caeda stared at the sword. She knew that if she gave the sword back to her, she would be condemning him to fight Marth when the time came. To watch two people she cared about fight each other....the thought weighed heavily on her heart. However, Veronica and Embla had to be stopped and the only way to win, is to destroy them. "Alright Ogma," Caeda gave Ogma's sword back to him. "I give you the duty to fight Marth." Ogma sheathed his sword. "Understood Lady Caeda." Just then, an explosion was heard in the North Gate. The ground rumbled as citizens ran; the sky decorated with a wyvern knight and a whole battalion of pegasus knights. "Minerva...." Caeda whispered. "Milady," Ogma said as he took her hand. "Come, we must retreat into the castle!" Together with her guard, Caeda ran into the castle as the sounds of explosions and screams rang her ears. Once inside, she ran for the stables looking for her Pegasus. "Over here Ogma!" Caeda yelled as they pushed through the crowd of soldiers rushing out to fight. Ogma was close by as they ran toward the stables, but they quickly came to a halt as a whirlwind appeared in front of them. "What is this magic?!" Ogma shouted over the winds while placing himself in front of Caeda. "This is Merric's doing," Caeda rasped at first but cleared her voice. "THIS IS MERRIC'S DOING! THEY MUST'VE BREACHED THE CASTLE!" After the winds subsided, Merric stood in their way along with Linde. Their eyes, Caeda remembered as warm and kind, were now cold and full of rage. Magic twinkled on their fingers as they flipped through their respective tomes. "Princess Caeda," Merric said as he pointed his finger towards her. "I have orders to take you out. Any last words?" "How did you get in here?" Caeda asked while slowly drawing her sword. Linde smirked. "It was all thanks to Princess Veronica. She had us think of someone we know and teleported us to their location. Isn't she amazing?" "Yeah that's so nice," Ogma said readying his stance. "Remind me to thank her once we're done here." Merric laughed. "Do you seriously believe to win against us? Ogma, surely you notice the disadvantage you're at right now." "We can attack from far away with powerful magic," Linde snapped her fingers and a ray of light shot towards Ogma. He raised his sword to deflect, but was knocked off his feet and hit the ground with a thud. "Something you appear to not have a lot of resistance against." Caeda quickly sidestepped to where Ogma laid. As he got up, she pointed her sword towards Merric. "Not another step." Merric sighed. "Seriously Princess? You too?" His hand became engulfed in winds. "Well now, I guess you have to die too. This would've been a lot more easier if you had just given up." Merric shot a whirlwind towards Caeda and Ogma along with Linde's Aura. Caeda and the now standing Ogma, dove out of the way with the magic hitting the walls and covering the place with smoke. Caeda couldn't see, but she sensed that Merric was getting ready to unleash another wave of Excalibur and Linde was readying Aura as well. In an instant, Caeda quickly jumped into a stable and hid behind the hay; keeping her breathing to a minimum. Without her Pegasus, Caeda could deal with Merric, but Linde was another story. Her powerful Aura would easily make quick work of Caeda and Ogma if they weren't careful. Caeda gripped the brave sword and began to calm down. By now, the smoke was gone and she could hear the footsteps of both mages going down the hallway. "Come on out you two," Merric said with a bored tone. "Don't make this harder than it is." Caeda's heart began to beat faster. Merric was inching closer and closer to her position and any second now, they'll begin attacking to draw them out. Caeda was thinking of a way out of this mess when she heard a soft neigh coming from her right. She turned her head to see a white horse fidgeting in the stable. Just then, an idea came to mind. Without thinking, Caeda moved toward the horse; stroking its mane to calm it down. She had devised a plot; to unleash the horse on Merric and Linde and come in for the attack. However, she couldn't do it while they were so focused on them; she needed a distraction. All of a sudden, Caeda heard a large roar and heard something that resembled a stab. "Argh!" That was Merric's voice. "You animal!" Caeda then heard Merric muttering some spells and an explosion was heard. "Ha!" Ogma's voice yelled. "It would seem that you missed your mark." Caeda quickly snapped back into reality. Whatever Ogma was doing, it was keeping their attention on him. As the sound of fighting rang in her ears, Caeda got to work at unlocking the gate that kept the horse in. However, she had no key and she knew it would take a while before she could get it to open. She took a pin out of her hair and began to try picking the lock. Please Ogma, Caeda thought. Please stay alive....
  6. I am looking for help in writing support conversations for one of the characters I am adding to a Fire Emblem 7 mod. As part of my mod, I am adding 10 new playable characters to vanilla Fire Emblem 7 (of course new maps and classes as well). Since November I have written a disgusting number of support conversations (93 in total....yeah...), so I was looking to see if there was anyone on here with a forte in writing and love for Fire Emblem who would be interested in writing support conversations my final character. Here is some background on the character:
  7. Hey, so this is a discussion I've wanted to start for a while now, ever since recently I got into a debate with one of my friends who very much prefers the newer games to the older ones (they've played Awakening, Fates, and emulated Binding Blade and Blazing Blade). We started talking about writing fidelity in new vs. old, and we started talking about characterization. I am of the opinion that characterization was far more nuanced in the earlier games and characters were more interesting because of it, while my friend thinks that many of the characters in the earlier games came off bland and unremarkable. From my point of view, it's not that we didn't always have gimmicks, but as a whole, I feel like characters in the earlier titles felt more like living, breathing people existing in a fantasy world, with their own hopes, dreams and goals. Many of the newer characters feel, in my opinion, like parody characters written for a parody fantasy. There's nothing wrong with a joke...but I feel like a lot of characters are disproportionately focused on that joke. And then it stops being funny, and you're left with...not a whole lot remaining. Take Kellam, for example. He's a guy that disappears and is overlooked by everyone. And...there you go. That's the joke. That's all she wrote. Since one of FE's strengths is its amazing characters, especially in comparison to other strategy RPGs which use generics, I find that shallower characterization could even end up harming the series as a whole. After all, it's you caring about characters that makes you want to keep them alive, right? At least, that's true for me. Question time! Do you like character gimmicks? Do you think they should stick around in future characters/characterization, or do you wish they would be done away with entirely? So how do you feel about characters with gimmicks or an exaggerated trait or traits? Do you generally find them compelling? Do you personally feel that there has been a drop in the quality of characterization or character writing in the Fire Emblem series? In your opinion, what are some of the most well-written and fleshed out characters of the series, and just for balance's sake, what are some of the worst or flattest in your opinion?
  8. What personality traits turn you away from liking a character? What sort of character interactions would make you like or dislike a character? How would you rewrite the character, so that they'd be better developed? I've been inspired to make this topic, so that I could better understand what it is like to hate a character of a popular work. (for example, if someone thought characters like Superman and Tim Drake were boring.)
  9. Anon writes some junk

    So, sometimes, I write stuff. Single scenes, short stories, rarely anything too long. I feel I'm better at having an idea for an epic than simply sitting down and writing an epic. What can I say, I'm an idea guy. None the less, I think there's no harm and collecting all my writings here, even if most of them so far have been for the writing contest. You know, to see what people think and have my own little corner. It will also provide a little space for all the miscellaneous scenes and characters I come up with that otherwise might not have a home. Hi, Hey, Hero Part 1: Beginnings The idea for this, loosely base super-characters after forum members, has been in my head for awhile, but it wasn't until a friend of mine told me about the superhero writing prompt I got down to writing something. This first entry...I can see if anyone thinks it's a little boring. I had ideas for follow ups but if there's no interest in it, no real point. If there is, yes real point. Old Timers A little one-shot type story, effectively a flashback-cutscene type thing for this other story idea I had. I actually like how this one turned out, so a good entry for a good prompt, I think. The Art of Duction A another little thing, though unlike Old Timers this was actually supposed to be a prologue, of sorts. There was supposed to be more but I was lazy and didn't get to that, so instead of this being followed by an actual murder investigation, you get...just how two different people meet.
  10. Tips for writing creatively?

    So, I'm a decent chunk of my way through writing my first novel, and I often find myself in some spots where I'm like "that's a really good line" or "that was some witty dialogue" but too often I get the feeling of "am I writing complete crap?" I often get into situations where I'm unsure whether the audience knows what's happening in the scene, or whether the setting is described well enough, or if I'm going into too much detail and it's getting boring. So I'm wondering if there are any other writers, authors or critics who have any good tips to share, and hopefully those tips will help not just me, but for all aspiring writers on the forum. Anything that will help me out of the trudge of writer's block, expand my wit and ready my typing fingers would be much appreciated please. If it helps, my story is historical fantasy adventure.
  11. Wait!! This contains spoilers, for Awakening! Anyways, I decided to make a forum for some good old Fire Emblem OC development, specifically ones meant to be in Awakening. This doesn't even have to be an OC, either! As long as you can write for a character in their personality, it's all good. This is a very long process, and I want people to write a lot of good quotes, so be prepared to take some time on this. Examples can be found here, in the playable characters section, on that character's page, in the quotes section. I'll post mine, later. Good luck! EDIT: Another rule, there's no rule against editing your quotes. Have fun! ;w;
  12. Write a nonsensical story thread!

    So this may already exist, but if it does, it is long dead. So yeah. In this thread, we write a story together. Each poster creates a sentence to add on to the previous sentence. And it all comes together. Keep tabs on what has happened in the story. These can get complicated. Well, it is nonsensical anyway, might as well put it in the title. I'll start: There once was a castle high in the clouds.