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toji kun

Shouzou Kaga's blog

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I just suscribed here because I was wondering if anyone know if this blog http://zeeksweb.blog120.fc2.com/ was Shouzou Kaga's blog ?

If you already discussed about it,sorry for the trouble and please show me the way to the proper thread that I couldn't find.

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I've seen a bunch of Japanese and Chinese fans who agree that it's Kaga's blog. However, since there are very few English TearRing Saga fans who can read Japanese, I don't think anybody in the English fandom really knows if it's his blog or not.

I'd like to think it does belong to Kaga though, since there's a lot of information on the blog, as well as some artwork that looks to be in Hirota Mayumi's style (the illustrator for FE4 Treasure, FE5 and TRS1). I also read one of the blog articles about Berwick Saga, which happened to have been translated to Chinese, and it seemed pretty authentic (not that I have much knowlege of Kaga's writing style).

One of the odd things is that, after a hiatus of over a year, "Kaga" made some new posts, which are all related to playing online Mahjong o__o

[s]Next TRS game will be TRS Mahjong : P[/s]

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I noticed "Kaga" updated his blog today with some Berwick Saga info. I'm guessing he feels bad for spamming the blog with Mahjong lately : P

Not really related, but I was sort of bored so I translated one of the simpler articles on the blog.

[u][b]Leda Liberation Wars[/b][/u]


22 years before TearRing Saga (Chapter 1)

[Coral] King of Salia, a cruel man, 55
[Grouse] First prince of Salia, sincere yet timid, 27 (Katri's father)
[Ahab] Second prince of Salia (illegitimate), calm and a wise decision maker, 24
[Ferme] Third prince of Salia (illegitimate), innocent and hot-headed, 16 (Silva's lover, died in battle)

[Maria] Daughter of a plain-dwelling duke, Grouse's wife (Priestess), 19 (Katri's mother)
[Robert] Holy Knight, Maria's younger brother (fraternal twins), 19 (father of the three sisters)
[Octobasse] Chief of the Salian Priests (Tactician and Sage of Fire), 45, Six Sage
[Maya] Lady of the forest-dwellers, Octobasse's wife, Pegasus Knight (deceased)
[Clarice] Octabasse's second daughter, Pegasus Knight, 17 (Robert's wife, mother of the three sisters)
[Leeza], Octabasse's third daughter, Pegasus Knight, 16 (Holmes and Sasha's mother, marries Vals the following year)
[Roze] Octabasse's eldest daughter, Priest, 19 (Rishel and Meriah's mother, Naris's wife)
[Raiser Lionheart (alias)] Maria's younger brother, Lord (trainee knight), 16
[Lan] Dancer, 15 (Plum's mother)
[Andre] Octabasse's eldest son, Mage, 21 (Renee's father), Six Sage
[Fili] Sister of Salia Temple, Andre's lover, 17 (Renee's mother)

[Gramud] Knight, Lord of Razela, 26 (Runan's father), Six Hero
[Vals] Pirate Admiral, Son of Marquess Granada, 25 (Holmes's father), Six Hero
[Loffaru] Knight, Prince of Welt, 24 (Sasha's father), Six Hero
[Arless] Knight, Prince of Canaan, 25 (Sennet and Neyfa's father), Six Hero
[Barker] Arless's younger brother, 21 (Est's father)
[Julius] Arless's younger brother, 10 [corrected when published]
[Laylea] Daughter of a noble, Barker's fiancee, 16 (Est's mother)
[Bahanuke] King of Canaan, 48
[Cecilia] Queen of Canaan (second wife), 30 (Reshe's mother)
[Reshe] Youngest child, 2 [corrected when published]
[Barbarossa] General of Canaan, 36
[Silva] Barbarossa's daughter, trainee knight, 14 (Sun's mother)
[Ernst] Holy knight of Canaan, 31

[Temzin] Famous mercenary leader, liberator of Arial, 30, Six Hero
[Fana] Former witch of Zoa, Temzin's wife, 27 (Katina's mother)
[Katina] Temzin's daughter, 9
[Yoda] Citizen of Il Island, Zoa swordfigher (mercenary leader), 26, Six Hero
[Bertria] Zoa female, swordfighter (Julia's mother), 18

[Eisenbaha] Chief of the Canaan Priests (Sage of Wind), 47, Six Sage
[Serene] Eisenbaha's eldest daughter, Sister, clear and smart (Arless's wife, Sennet and Neyfa's mother), 17
[Sylpheeze] Eisenbaha's second daughter, Sister, cute (Mel and Maruju's mother), 15
[Alfred] Member of the Leda (Earth) Priests, Mage, 20 (marries Sylpheeze 2 years later), Six Sage
[Maios] Chief of the Reeve Priests (Sage of Light, Naris's father), 50, Six Sage
[Naris] Mage (ambitious), 23 (Rishel and Meriah's father), Six Sage
[Elena] Sister, Naris's younger sister, 16 (Enteh's mother)
[Gwenchaos] Successor of the Earth Priests, Pontifix of the Gerxel order (shadowy existence), 44
[Karla] Witch, beautiful girl (mother of young Shigen [Theo], later becomes Bahanuke's favoured consort), 14
[Shigen] Dark swordsman of Zoa (Karla's lover, father of young Shigen), 22
[Zeke] Noble's son, imprisoned due to his Zoan heritage, 10 (Karla's younger brother)

This comes from setting data that was written long ago.
Perhaps it was going to be included during the end of the game, when mentioning the Leda Liberation Wars [Translator's note: not too sure on this part].
Even Kaga no longer knows whether the contents are correct or not.
Maybe some of the ages are contradictory, he thinks.

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Probably my last translation for a while.

[b][u]Holmes Saga Characters[/u][/b]

Some ideas about a TearRing Saga remake using Berwick Saga's engine, Holmes's Saga. Most of the Skills are from Berwick Saga.


[Name / Class / Learnt Skills / Item 1 / Item 2 / Promote]
1. Holmes, Bow Hero, Picklock, Repeat-shot, Provoke, Full Move (Lv 9), Continue (Lv 26), Steel Bow, Repeater Bow, Hide Hunter (E)
2. ☆Shigen, Swordfighter, Parry, Continue, Earth Saint (Lv 28), Awareness (Lv 38), ☆Dullahan, Swordmaster (H)
3. Xeno, Fighter, Precocious, Axe Evade (Lv 4), Pursuit (Lv 33), Iron Sword, Small Shield, Hero (H)
4. Yuni, Thief, Picklock, Pickpocket I, Hide, Critical II (Lv 12), Pickpocket II (Lv 28), Short Sword, Carry Bag, None
5. Castor, Sailor, Yell, High-class, Co-operation (E), Lance Evade (Lv. 24), War Pick, Herb, Marine Soldier (H)
6. Polugg, Sailor, Toss, Ambush, Co-operation (E), Sword Evade (Lv. 24), Iron Axe, Hand Axe, Marine Soldier (H)
7. ☆Katri, Sister, Summon, Prayer, Heal (Lv 10), High-class (Lv 22), Zombie Staff, Ring of Salia, None
8. Garo, Marine Soldier H, Wrath, Crush, Deathmatch, Bodyguard (E), Axe Defence (Lv 31), Steel Axe, None
9. Julia, Swordfighter F, Care, Critical, Dragon Saint (E), Parry (Lv 17), Iron Sword, Swordmaster (H)
10. Zeke, Dark Knight, Continue, Reaper's Fang, Bodyguard, Dark Spear, Steel Shield, Knight of Darkness (*)
11. Estelle, Rook Knight F, Bow Evade, Horse Lover, Provoke, Toss (Lv 7), Slim Lance, Small Shield, Paladin F (N)
12. Raquel, Bow Master, Pacifist, Strongbow, Shoot (Lv 16), Repeat-shot (Lv 38), Hunter's Bow, Bowgun, None
13. Vega, Swordfigher, Deathmatch, Plunder, Unsheath, Reaper's Fang (Lv 29), ☆Shramm, Healing Fruit, Swordmaster (H)
14. Sasha, Pegasus Felia, Rider, Support, Warehouse (Lv 15), ☆Eushuprone, Chalis Shield, Dragon Knight (D)
15. Kate, Lady Knight, Continue, Snipe, Bodyguard, Care (Lv 27), Estoc, Crossbow, Arrow Knight (N)
16. Ruka, Horseman, Repeat-shot, Precocious, Shoot (Lv 10), Hand Bow, Bow Knight (N)
17. Lionel, Lance Knight, Yell, Shield Skill, Shield Counter (Lv 14), Lance, Iron Shield, Duke Knight (N)
18. Lee, Bishop H, Aria, Magic Wall (Salia's protection), Far-healing Staff, Wind, None
19. Ezekiel, Axe Knight, Bodyguard, Toss, Triple Toss (Lv 15), Long Throw (Lv 31), Steel Axe, Steel Shield, Grand Knight (N)
20. Samson, Axe Fighter, Dash, Cliff Walk, Poison Tolerance (Lv 15), ☆Dabalzin, Herb, Slayer (H)
21. Alicia, Mage, Concentration, Continue (Lv 23), Sage (S)
22. Attrom, Fighter II, Wrath, Sacrifice, Bow Evade (Lv 9), Dash (Lv 26), Hero (H)
23. Krisheenu, Thief Swordfighter H, Steal, Evade, Camouflage, Bargain (Lv 23), Main Gauche, Amulet, None
24. Maerhen, Thief Master, Mug, Lonely, Ambush, High-class (Lv 40), Shamshir, Healing Fruit, None
25. Lyria, Sister, Heroic Song, Charming Song, Passionate Song, Lover Song, Healing Staff, None
26. Frau, Pegasus Felia, Surprise Attack, Co-operation II, Toss, Rapier, Pillium, Dragon Knight (D)
27. Sun, Rook Knight F, Precocious, Co-operation II, Bow Evade, Slim Lance, Small Shield, Black Knight (N)
28. Sierra, Witch, Teleport, Janura, None
29. Shirou, Horseman, Re-attack, Repeat-shot, Triple Shot (Promote), Rapid Hand Bow, Accuracy Bracelet, Bow Knight (N)
30. Zachariah, General, Commander, Shield Counter, High-class, Silver Sword, Heavy Shield, None
31. Rishel, Mage, Bow Evade, Ambush (Lv 24), ☆Sunflame, Healing Staff, Sage
32. Scott, Wood Shooter, Snipe (Lv 15), Yell (Lv 30), Light Ballista, None
33. Lionheart, Mamluke, Parry, Commander, Continue, Creamhilt, Salia Lance, None
34. Renee, High Priest, Goddess's Protection, Heal, Warp Staff, Aura, None, None
35. Bismark, Paladin, Bodyguard, Go Easy, Long Throw, Halberd, Crusader Shield (FP), None
G0. Ars, Duke Knight, Surprise Attack, Bodyguard, Toss, Provoke, ☆Dragon lance, Crusader Shield, 16 Units or less
G1. Runan, Knight Lord, Commander, Continue, Dash, Rapier, Iron Shield, None
G2. Enteh, Sister, Heal, Prayer, Healing Staff, None
36. Bud, Thief, Picklock, Hide, Camouflage, Prayer, Short Sword, None, D2S
G4. Osiris, Swordfighter II, Continue, Prayer, E Anti-evil, ☆Creamhilt, H Swordmaster II
37. Bran, Bastard II, Bodyguard, Awareness, Ambush, Continue (E33), Iron Blade, None
38. Meldune, Bishop II, Aria, Spirit Song, Recall, Picklock, Evil-repel Song (Lv 13), Far-healing Staff, ☆Starlight, None
G5. Yoda, Swordmaster II, Dragon Saint, Parry, Awareness, Continue, Unsheath, Master Sword, Fire Sword, 17 Units or less
39. Rebecca, Priest, Aria, Heal, High-class, Precocious, Care (Lv 17), Goddess's Protection (E), Healing Staff, S Saint
40. Emmeline, Paladin F, Continue, Prayer, Wrath, Deathmatch, Razetar, Chalis Shield, None
41. Ard, Swordfighter, Deathmatch, Plunder, Unsheath, Life and Death (Lv 33), ☆Shramm, Healing Fruit, Swordmaster (H)
42. Raguorn, Sergeant Knight, Long Throw, Go Easy, Rider, Provoke (Lv 21), Knight Sword, Steel Shield (FP), Paladin/DK
43. Roswell, Horseman, Continue, Care, Triple Shot (Promote), Rapid Hand Bow, Accuracy Bracelet, Bow Knight (N)
44. Lucca, Horseman, Standby to Shoot, Horse Lover, Triple Shot (Promote), Rapid Hand Bow, Accuracy Bracelet, Bow Knight (N)
45. Claudia, Guard Knight, Precocious (Lv 3), Dash (Lv 7), Continue (Lv 11), Critical (Lv 15), Pursuit (Lv 31), Heavy Shield, None Edited by VincentASM

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