FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

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1000th post hype.

Congrats  Yeti

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So I've been playing the hack a lot over the past two days and I've been having a blast with it's engaging characters and story and interesting map design, seeing all the UI improvements you've made I was hoping you guys could take, or at least listen to a request. Could you please add a prompt to the End button that asks you if you are sure you want to end your turn when you still have unused units? I'm saying this after I miss clicked when I meant to check the Units screen and ended up making a bad situation into a restarted map. I've just seen players accidentally do this before and this is my first time doing it so I feel like a good amount of people would benefit from this.

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not a hack

How often do you use the unit menu, or anything on the select menu?

We could have very different uses of the select menu, but I have to disagree with your suggestion. The whole point of that option is to speed up the game. You have to navigate to that option and press it, which seems like 2 layer protection. If you're going so fast that you don't pause in between moving and pressing, when you know you're on a menu with a dangerous misclick like that, you probably want to keep that speed as an option.

Although I did try to argue that a universal undo-before-any-info-is-revealed button would not be a hindrance.

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