The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

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Alright, so I finished Chapter 11 today (Video will be up tomorrow, along with the demonstration as to what I'm referring to), but the mercenary towards the right with the Light Brand doesn't turn grey after his action. He'll move/attack, and his sprite will turn red. I have a feeling that this is not intentional, and I haven't seen anybody else mention it, so I thought I would.

Using VBA with the "1235 - Fire Emblem (U)(Venom)" rom as a base. Latest patch.

Edit: Sorry it took 5 hours, I forgot about Hitfilm for a bit. Here's a video of the bug in action

Didn't look like he could move after the fact, so it's safe to say it's only graphical, but I figured I'd report it

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Posting video of bug

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So I created an account just so I can make a response to this hack and I really enjoyed it and wanted to share my thoughts



I got hooked to the main characters and supporting characters pretty quickly. Through out the story I just wanted to learn more about the character's back stories and their motives motives, Aier especially.  I loved how Vance and Ava were developed. In the beginning of the game I didn't really think much of them until Vance had more of a story that wasn't mentioned during the beginning. I also loved the relationship between Vance and Ava because it started off slow and they felt more like acquaintances than friends early on. But Ava started to show lots of concerns for Vance's well being mentally and physically. The early on side quests were amazing. It was nice to see what it was like from the opposing side and to see a troubled solider wondering if what he's doing is right. The bond between Aaron and O'Riley was very heartwarming. I also liked how you made Vance and his father's arguments frustrating from both sides to read. It was defiantly satisfying when the mother was the peacemaker between the two. What I really liked was that you made Vance leave for 3 chapters during the mid game. Not because I don't like Vance but it was because it gave Ava a bigger role and developed her character, smart way to not only develop Vance but to develop Ava as well.

Character thoughts:



Vance from what i can tell is just a solid lord similar to Roy and Eliwood with additional buffs to his bases. My Vance got terribly strength and speed screed but that didn't make his utility useless. He was a very solid unit during the early game being able to slap on good amount of damage with his personal weapon. Because he got screwed his he became very solid at cleaning up kills, bait, and dealing a good 15-19 worth of dmg in 1 round of combat. What separates him from being just an eliwood or roy is that he has the option to promote mid game which makes him a solid unit through out rather than just a good unit early to mid game.


Ava is an incredible jagen during the early game due to her chipping damage and her abilities to crit in times of need. She serves her role perfectly being able to solo a side of a map in the early game (under the right conditions) and a overall solid unit mid game due to her ability to still feed kills and her critting. Her promotion caught me off guard not knowing that she would be more than just a jagen that would be benched somewhere between mid to late game. Once she promoted she immediately became one of my best infantry units. Her premotions gains made her a very good early promoted unit vibe and i gave her a magic ring to deal some nice damage. She's overall an amazing unit and really great designed gameplay wise. During the story I was becoming upset that I wouldn't be using her very much having her just as a filler unit because her role became bigger as the story went on but was really happy when she got a class change. Ava is easily a top tier unit in this game potentially 2nd or 3rd due to her versatility as a unit. Her downfall is only 2 rng but mid game you get a light brand and windsword(latsts while) which makes her really good on her on when placed on a fort/forest/pillar.



Early game flier lmao. What else needs to be said other than she's absolutely amazing. gave her an energy ring and early premoted and she was soloing sides of the map within seconds. On the chapter were there were 2 bosses (great knight and valkyrye) she solo the top half of the map just with a couple of javelins and maybe a vulnerary. She's easily the best character in the game or just for me mainly because she's a flier.  image.png.f4840d4ab59cc7b22f99df46ba214f9a.png

Dude was a critting machine with the killer bow. He was a solid unit early game, amazing mid game, and mediocre late game. He was a good unit early game in terms of baiting enemies and doing solid chip damage. He had really nice defense early on which was great for baiting physical units. I love snipers manimage.png.e60182162ec666581e6745d08c56a430.png

Jorin is an interesting unit. Given he is your first mounted unit you'd expect him to be very overwhelming a couple levels on sorta like franz and sain but he didn't really stand out as a combat unit when compared to vance. They both had similar problems (at least my vance) only hitting once majority early game and mid. He's not bad by any means though lmao. Solid unit with a powerful hit and movement and rescue abilities most units wished they had. He started picking up the pace when i promoted him and gave him weapons like the light brand and brave sword. image.png.11e1b862a909435bf0f52d8bc2f2b5d7.png

Really solid healer and decent magical chip damage and magical tank. That't pretty much itimage.png.e5050adec8827bad10af376d1117925f.png

Samuel was really good at dealing with annoying armored knights and axe fighters when sword units weren't present. He was one of those units where you would just place him on a defense tile and watch him do work vs anyone that didn't wield a sword. He also was a like suede thief for me I'd usually give him chest keys and an unlock staff. He was an overall good unit before promotion and became even better when mounted. image.png.b66e7eaafbdcc39a797250270a7d694f.png


Through the gaiden chapters I grew attached to him. He's overall Lowen with good res and really good bases and with a lance. His utility and effectiveness was just as good as Jorins or slightly better because of his better weapon variety and only competes with one other lance unit for weapons.image.png.dfe52535b87d02fb903e44ece1c46b56.png

Probably the 2nd/3rd best character in the game honestly. He literally invalidates the other axe units because of his high offensive bases and strong defense stat. Do I need to mention that he's on a horse? Hugo and O'Rliey were solid units but they didn't take damage very well unlike braxton. The only classes that were a threat to braxton were magical users. Swordreavers and swordslayers completely destroy sword users and his good con and speed make for a great offensive unit



There were something wrong with Bethany and calista stats after the chapter you get them. Bethany got the better share of the bug and she just happened to start off with maxed strength and defense which isn't normal. Late game she is superior to Buck in every way except bucks crit bonus. I used both of them cause i thought it would be nice to have 2 archers on these maps that had a lot of 2 path ways. Really good unit for me LOLOL. Her bases in the chapter i got her, she seemed to turn out the same just without the inflated defensive stats.image.png.a5477ab18b0caa8835c378d676a718e8.png

This was calistas weird stats. During the game her stats were actually like her class's base stats so i never really got around using her unfortunately. 

Brief opinion on the rest of the cast:

Marveda: loved her part in the story and is just a better Samuel

Garcia: staff on a horse really good

Tharben: More healing! Also chip damage/clean up

Marris: cool chick, ok thief and free killing edge :D

Geradlt: Great dancer, magic was convenient

Lanora: was good early on but dropped from garcia

O'Reily: lack of deployment spots made me hesitant on using him, hes a solid axe fighter and wouldve used if braxon didn't exsist

Hugo: very good assist early on in the game and very glad he was there. Dropped later for Braxon

Melusine: Lack of deployment spots made me hesitant on using her over samuel

Kristoph: i didn't think i needed him cause i had torie. He seems good from other playthroughs but Torie doubles and has wings

Corvan: the only unit i didn't touch, im just not an armored night guy


You and your team did an amazing job creating this hack fully and its very impressive 










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I stopped at 6x cause of an unfortunate glitch that occurs at the end of the chapter. Spamming the B and Start buttons to get past the glitch doesn't work, sadly.

From what I played, the hack was competently designed, but not fun enough to be engaging. Just comparing, IIRC 4x and 6x to Conquest chapter 10, it isn't in the same league in terms of map design.

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