The Road to Ruin [Open Beta v3.0.3 Released!]

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I decided to put my issues with chapter 1 into a video. I hope this won't be taken the wrong way, but I felt like saying something.


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Hey Prime, I made an account so I could give you my thoughts about Road to Ruin.

I thought that the pacing of the game was great throughout. Characters were introduced with appropriate stats and every character has his or her use (as evidenced by the growth rates of each character). The overall story was very well put together and it seemed every moment or conversation had a purpose. Obviously the main characters (Vance, Ava, Torie, Buck) were developed more, but I thought you and your team did a great job fleshing out not only Ava's and Vance's stories/motivations but that of the major antagonists as well. The use of interludes were a great way to add some story depth as well, and I appreciated these chapters. Item allocation was good throughout, and I thought there was an appropriate amount of funds to make each purchase carry weight to it. The overall challenge of the game was moderate, though I found the game to taper off in difficulty into the later chapters as my characters developed. Overall, I really can't say much negative about the hack. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it had a extremely high degree of polish and character to it. This game could easily stand alone as its own title.

A few extra thoughts:

  • I felt as though the game needed just one more master seal, possibly two. I stuck with the main core of characters throughout, though if I had decided to run a different direction with a character or two, there would have been no promotion unless I went back three or four chapters.
  • I used both Sylvia and Lanora, and as some others have noted, having two healers early on definitely mitigates some of the difficulty. Having said that though, there is a trade off. Using both healers delayed their eventual growth to level 20, which had its own implications. By the time I got either in a position to promote, it was fairly late in the game. My personal thought is that Lanora could have easily been a shaman when you recruit her, but it is not a gripe of mine. Just a thought really.
  • Having a character with Luna for the final boss is very effective.
  • The passive bonuses due to holdable items was a nice touch.
  • Buck seemed to kind of be cloudy in his usefulness. Archers have always had their niche in Fire Emblem games, but especially in Road to Ruin, you have to baby him a lot. Even then, his growths don't end up being great enough to really warrant babying him when you eventually get magic users who can hit at 1-2 range. I think a shortbow that can strike at 1-2 range, and even be a Buck specific weapon, would help his usefulness early on.

Lastly, figured I'd show you my end game characters (because who doesn't like to see those?):














Once again, thanks to you and your team for making a great hack. You guys did an outstanding job!


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9 hours ago, Mangs said:

I decided to put my issues with chapter 1 into a video. I hope this won't be taken the wrong way, but I felt like saying something.

I commented on your video, but here's the copy/paste in case you can't find it.


Thanks for the feedback, Mangs. Some folks might find your words a little on the sharp side, but I was pretty okay with it.
Though I wouldn't blame folks for being upset, seeing as this is a video that straight up calls out a project.

Most of the feedback I've gotten so far (which hasn't been a whole lot) has been pretty vague.
"I liked it but it ended up being easy".
That doesn't really help me.
It's nice to get some specifics that I can actually tackle.
A lot of this development, especially the earlier chapters, were done by the seat of my pants.

You could say that's terrible and say I should go back and fix it.
And you'd be right. But that day isn't today. Or even next week.
I started working on this project all the way back in 2009.
By myself.
With the exception of portraits, I'm a one man crew. So, you could say I'm burnt out on it 8 years later.
Whenever I do decide to take another look at it, I'll reference this video for sure.

Critique is a fine line to walk. A lot of people abandon constructive commentary in favor of mud slinging, which is pretty disappointing.
I'm glad you don't really want to do that.

I think the only thing that rubs me the wrong way is that you made a public video calling out the project.
It's kind of like you're putting it on the hobbling wheel in the town square.
It just feels...uncomfortable. Especially when a simple post on the forums would have sufficed.


9 hours ago, Sokaballa said:

Once again, thanks to you and your team for making a great hack. You guys did an outstanding job!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it.
Just to make a clarification: With the exception of portraits, I'm actually a one-man team.

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I finished your latest upload.
Giving ava the Training sword really made it feel too easy to feed other units kills.
I notice mangs comments on how he did the prologue but it much differently then most. I ignore the house at the top right and traded vance a vulenary so he could solo the right while ava, buck and torie went south.
chapter 1 felt the same as it did in the previous versions.
chapter 2 changes felt way easier due to the fact the brigrands show up near you instead of near one of houses, making it super easy to recruit hugo. I do like how you changed it from fighting to get to the village to fighting in the village. Felt more realistic to me that way.
chapter 3. This chapter looked hard on its remake at first but when you added Lonora to this chapter it really killed the need to use vulenaries. From this point on I didn't have to use vulenaries at all. I personally Feel Lonora should be a hard mode character only considering how good her growths and base stats are besides her speed.
Thanks to having a 2nd Healer for chapter 4 when you except from Aksum, I was able to fight way more agressively then I would of.
Chapters 5-10 felt way easy due to having a 2nd healer so early, letting the player divide and conquer much easily then normal. I noticed no changes on those chapter from previous versions.

Chapter 11. With all the generic units you gave us, it was pretty easy to divide the units way to easily to collect all the goodies and defeat the 2 enemy bosses. I dragged it out for exp purposes but I could of easily cleared it in half the time if i was not such an EXP min/maxer.
For some reaons I cant remember what Chapter 12 is like. Ill replay it and give comments on it later.
Chapter 13. again with the controllable generic units it felt way to easy to clear this chapter
Chapter 14. This chapter was neither to hard or to easy due to the few units you can bring and the fog of war. the only problem I noticed is one of the Sages does not move when he spawns in the stairways at the middle of the map, Making it annoying to hunt for him. I did the usual divide and conquer method I been doing the entire hack.
Chapter 15. Bringing Marris to this chapter is a pain in the ass. that was a mistake on my end since you gave the player plenty of door and chest keys in the earlier chapters. This is where Marris becomes a major liability to the amount of reinforcements that show up and only having 8-9 units to use on this chapter. Bring Marris making this chapter extremely difficult due to having to protect Marris from almost everything. Bringing anyone else with door and chest keys The chapter has your normal difficulty, not to hard and not to easy. As for Ava being forced in this Chapter, She does a good job of being a special promoted unit. if it was not for the promotion that Vance forces on her this chapter would of been much harder to do.
chapter 16. This chapter is actually hard if you let it drag out and reinforcements show up, it is doable to clear the 3-4 rounds of super strong reinforcements and i think its a nice challenge for those who want to fight really tough units. Getting to the 3 supplies quickly is not tsoo hard to do. But if the player lets it drag out to long they will see a very difficult challenge. I enjoyed trying to beat the
Chapter 17 Vance is finally back. First i am gonna make notes about Vance's promotion(Commander). Not only does it give me tons of stats on promotion, the animations for Commander normal attack and Critical attack are flashy but not too flashy making him feel like a cool unit. Now then his Balcroft Blade. This weapon is overkill. Vance does not need x2 exp to catch up. 1.5 modifier would of easily been enough for the 3 chapters he missed. +3 speed and strong against mounted and armor units make him very useful on his return since the chapter has a large amount of both.s
now for the chapter itself. I feel it needs more reinforcements since you have easily enough generic and NPC units to help you out. It felt like there was too few and I was able to push to quickly to Yorlu and easily surround him.
Chapter 18. This was the only chapter that gave me major problems the 1st time around. the amount of units that rushes you at the beginning is overwhelming but after that intial rush of enemies the chapter is easily trivialized, I feel it should have a slightly less rush at the start and more reinforcements during the chapter to balance this.
Chapter 19 Inside aksum castle. For such a large castle, there was way too little enemy units left over. even with the reinforcements, this chapter felt way to easy to push on both maps. I noticed the magic user with the silence staff never used it on my magic users. The only part of the chapter that felt Challenging was Aier himself. I also feel there should be more units protecting the 2 chest rooms on the map themselves
Chapter 20, Endgame. Ill say it again Morevech is way too easy of a final boss. most of my units easily doubled him and with the supports for the 2nd Run, I didn't have to fear him doing a critical hit. even with the reinforcements fixed, I easily pushed through them. Maybe giving the 4 units surrounding him elite stuff or more units surrounding him or make it where he summons more units when you get close to him every turn. Luna also makes Morevech way to easy. Push his hp to 120 to 200 range and up his speed a little maybe? As for his battle animations, His battle animations really make him feel like a armored battle mage. Disappointed you didn't give us 3 spells special animations as well.
The custom weapons sprites when looked at in inventory looked pretty cool as well, wished the had special battle animations.

As for the ost you used, I felt it matched the setting you set for the plot you were using on the story. 10/10 there from me on ost. I did like how everything was peachy with everyone and everyone did resolved their difference on the allies side. I do feel that alot of the other units besides vance and Ava needed more story time. You really don't know much about the rest of the units besides why they joined you. Even the 1 set of supports don't give enough info(maybe ill feel differently after there multiple supports for everyone).

other notes: i do like how you made it where the controllable units

Now for the units I used in 3.0 and 3.03 play though.


Vance does a good job after his first few levels.Pretty much 2hko everything after enough levels and at end game.


Ava the Only thing that needs improving on ava is her terrible str. otherwise a really good unit early game but terrible late game.

Buck didn't become as overpowered as he normally does Still a pretty solid unit early to late game

Ok this surprised me. A peagues knight who can tank and give her the Wing Shield and she is pretty much unstoable late game. Early game she has some problems but thats easily fixed with some levels.


solid healer from start to finish and a solid light user at the end


for a lancer knight he is pretty solid, high move, high defense, high speed and str, good res and luck.


A solid soldier from start to finish


best axe user. Makes hugo and O'Riley feel weak in compression.
High move, high defense, high str, high speed decent luck and res


for a healer she okish. for a promoted unit she sucks due to her really bad magic. maybe i got rng screwed there.


best mage. high all stats mounted.


solid dark mage. I regret not feeding her enough levels. does a good job healing too.


I keep benching this poor guy. Ill never see what his promotion is like. 4 move hurts him the most. rest of his stats are solid for when i used him.


I know i got rng screwed on defense this playthrough but otherwise a solid unit. also benched



pretty solid light user and good sage. benched due to not raising her more 1st playthrough. Solid stats all around.


I know i keep getting rng screwed on him. for whatever ever reason he refuses to get good level ups. benched

Marris is useful for getting chests but she fell off combat wise for me.
no comments on Marveda, Raizen, and Russel as i didnt use them much in the final chapters.
also benched bethany , Gerdalt, Thraben after using them on their chapters.

3.03 playthrough

vance same story as previous run through

She really needs a str boost on growths to be useful lategame.

str screwd this time but his support with vance saved him.

str screwd this time but suppoort saved that and super tanky flier.


IMO she is overpowered way too good base stats and growths. Makes early game way too easy. Had to feed her 2 speed wings to fix her bad speed growths but other then that she is overpowered.

gave him a good hard try this time since he supports torie. Either i keep getting rng screwed or his speed growth is terrible. he was usable due to having a support with torie

with his support he became even stronger then before. solid mounted mage


solid light mage and sage. 

Solid Duke Knight.

supported him with sylvia and since he didnt get defensive screwed this time, he became a solid sword user.

paired with aaron makes him better then usual.


good early game but terrible late game. Only kept her around for healing and supporting Jorin. needs a magic growth buff.

bench warmer. that 4 move just hurts him too much.


he was useful on the chapters i used him but since i was using hugo and larona he got benched with braxon

Same story as Kristoph

no comments again on Marveda, Raizen, and Russel as i didnt use them much in the final chapters.
also benched bethany , Gerdalt, Thraben, Gracia(due to having Lanora) and Calista  after using them on their chapters.



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Heyo. I don't really know much about how growth rates work. Are there any other growth rates that affect player characters besides the ones listed? I sadly didn't get a screenshot of it, but Ava is supposed to have 0 Strength growth according to the chart and she got strength in her level up. However, she only got it

after she had been promoted to Lyndis Commander.

So I wasn't sure if that was an intentional possibility or just a convenient (for me) bug.

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