Lord of Azure Flame Chapter 25: The Road to Jerdon

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The thief smirked the myrmidon tried in vain again to land a strike, firing off two more knives in quick succession, first with his left and next with his right hand. "Tch," he muttered. "Thought I'd gotten better than that," as both weapons hit their mark (-4 -1 dmg Link), albeit more feebly than he would have preferred. Right hand still needs work, and it looks like he caught on, dodging the edge of the myrmidon's blade by inches as his attacker attempted to execute a critical slash (-0 dmg).

Looks like he was healed too, noting the blood from the previously inflicted shoulder wound had already begun to clot.

Heinz: 12/12 HP (+5 exp) Vantage active since start of battle.

Myrm A: 4/12 HP


The general put all his strength behind a blow aimed at the myrmidon's midsection. Unfortunately, the lithe man dodged, caught only on the very tip of the axe for a second (-3 dmg Link), continuing up on a series of small attacks that created scratches in Conrad's armor (-1 -1 dmg).

Conrad: 10/15 HP (+5 exp) CW sap, Daunt/Charisma active.

Mrym B: 5/12 HP

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Most of the enemies were already being engaged, but the leader was staying back for the moment, probably just enjoying the slaughter regardless of who it was that was dying. Viv opted not to go after him until she had some help and instead flew down to target a troubadour at high speed.

Viv rolls 5,3,3


-10 hp KO

Viveka 12/12

Troub A 0/9

Viveka exp: +10

Swooping down on the troubadour she impaled the woman through the chest lifting her from the horse as Susann collided with it. The horse went down, and the falcon knight was brought to a complete stop. Lowering her lance to let the troubadour's body down, she looked around ready to take off again if anyone was about to engage her in retaliation for the gruesome act.

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Enemy Phase

Fighter C attacks Chase (4,4,3). Miss.

Fire Sage attacks Arrin. (6,4,4) Critical Hit! (4+5-5= 4*2= 8 damage to Arrin.

Warrior A attacks Morgan (2,4,4) Miss.

Myrmidon A attacks Heinz (1,2,6) Miss.

Myrmidon B attacks Conrad (6,4,6. 0 damage.

Njordjenka attacks Helios. 4 points from Res into Mag. (5,3,3) (10-4=6*2) 12 damage to Helios. Helios KOd!

Warrior B attacks Viveka (2,4,5) Miss.

Troubadour A, B, C dead

Fighter A, B, D dead

Fighter C 10/15

Fire Sage 4/12

Njordjenka 3/12

Warrior A 10/18

Warrior B 18/18

Myrmidon A 4/12

Myrmidon B 5/12

Geraro 18/18

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OOC: The banes of being a slow poster.


The journey had been quiet for a few miles, what with there being little to discuss. Then the forest came, and that was where chaos broke loose. Someone had set the forest on fire moments after they had entered, clearly trying to roast anyone who was traveling through. Alex followed the rest of the fleeing Wielders, but broke off as an unknown force came into view. After dismounting, the Septimian general drew her weapon and approached the battlefield, where it already appeared that most of the bodies were those of the attackers, for once. Immediately drawing her attention was a lone warrior which Morgan seemed to have trouble dealing with. Miraculously evading enemy attention, Jace's daughter sprinted towards the enemy, and with a leap, gored him on the tip of her lance. The momentum drove the warrior into the ground, his killer landing with ease. After pulling her lance out with a sickening squish, Alex searched for another target.


Pierce! 6RES -> Enemy - 3 DEF (Now: 2)

[4,2,2] = Critical! 2(5+2-2) = 10 points of damage!

Warrior A is defeated!

Alex 12/12 HP

Alex gains 10 EXP.

Wet Work

As soon as Ann set foot in the woods, Derek thought something was wrong. There was no curious wildlife, and he could smell something rank faintly, as if something was rotting. The fire confirmed his suspicions. It was an ambush. As he struggled to control Ann, the Jerdonian escaped the forest as fast as he could, all the while keeping an eye on Dani, so that she wouldn't fall off. Once he was clear of the woods, he circled back to the rest of the group and bade his sister dismount near Helios.

"Don't go anywhere, Elle," he said, before nodding to Helios. The prince was a potent spellcaster, and was smartening up. He had to be the best guard for Dani, aside from himself, for the time being. With this in mind, the paladin rode away, javelin in hand.

Most of the other enemies were busy being handled by the rest of the group, so Derek split off to deal with a warrior that was trying to gain some distance from the fray, his eyes towards the sky - and Viveka. Before the enemy could draw his bow, though, the horseman smashed him in the gut with the head of the javelin, knocking the wind out of him. The paladin neatly dodged the retaliatory axe blow, and landed a backside blow on the warrior in return as he finished the pass. It wasn't over yet, as he turned around and started another pass, landing a light blow before the weakened adversary could react. With sudden adrenaline, the wounded warrior nearly landed a hit on the unarmored man, but then fell before he could connect, as the javelin slashed his throat.

Looking up from his pass, the paladin realized, with horror, that Helios had fell, and the man was approaching Dani now.


Stat shift 2 LUK -> 1 SPD, 1 STR (6,6,0 LUK)

Charisma! (+1 EVD, +1 HIT)

[5,6,4] = Hit! (12-5) = 7 points of Damage!

[1,5,5] = Miss!

[5,3,5] = Hit! (9-5) = 4 Points of damage!

Warrior B 7/18 HP

Derek 15/15 HP

Charge activates.

[3,4,6] = hit! 10-5 = 5 Points of damage!

3d6 → [3,6,4] = 7-7 = Miss!

3d6 → [2,2,3] = 7-6 = Hit! 8-5 = 3 points of Damage! Warrior B is defeated!

Warrior B 0/18 HP

Derek 15/15 HP

Derek gains 10 EXP

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Luc Altair

Things were going in the group's favor unusually well. There had to be more to the enemy then this, surely? Though a ferocious attack which laid Helios flat proved they all wouldn't go down without a fight it seemed. Luc and Thunder charged towards the assailant and knocked him aside. No more of that. The Paladin took up a position near the fallen wind sage and... Dani to guard them until aid arrived.

Luc stat shifts 2 DEF to 2 SKL. (2 DEF, 7 SKL)

Luc has 14/15 HP.

Luc attacks Njordjenka.

(Luc rolls 4,4,1)

Luc attacks and deals 4 damage. ((4Roll+5Str-4Def) =5 Damage.)

Njordjenka has 0/12 HP.

Njordjenka is defeated!

Luc earns 15 EXP.


He had taken out two of the healers by himself, and was notching for thr third when Viv came swooping down and took it for herself. He might have cheered if he hadn't already shot and wasted arrows now! Bah, but.. there was a calm, peacful feeling flowing trhough him. He felt suddenly better. He looked around and saw Tessa treating him. "Thanks Tessa!" he said.

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Charlotte got herself off of Amari, which was rather messy business, landing her in a somewhat painful and ungainly heap. However, she managed to work her way over to Arrin, who was suffering from some burn wounds (Arrin +6 HP) Charlotte +8 Exp

Tristan decided to attack the lone fighter skulking about and the two exchanged blows.

(4,4,3)= 8-4 Def= 4 damage.

(5,5,2)= Hit. 6 damage.

(4,5,4)= 9-4 Def= 5 damage.

Fighter C 1/15 HP.

Tristan 6/12 HP +5 Exp

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Charlotte had managed to beat her back to Arrin, and Tessa was a bit surprised to note that she felt a little angry about that... Why? It's not like she had to always be the one to heal him... She should have just been happy he wasn't injured anymore. What was wrong with her? Shaking her head she looked around for someone else in need.

Prince Tristan was looking the worse for wear, engaging an enemy whose fighting style was incompatible with his own, so she rode over to render some assistance.

Tristan +6 HP.

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Well everyone was attacking. And that clown was after Reika. He seemed to be a dangerous druid of some sort and he so far did nothing but hang back. Alf decided it would be wise to leave him alone for awhile and instead, harnessing the power of his inner anger, struck a devastating blow at the sage nearby, killing him instantly.

Roll for Combat: (Note: Redirecting to sage. Also ignore 3rd roll. Thank you).

Hawkeye activates! Sacrifices 2 luck for 2 hit! Rage activates!

Alf (6,5,6). Hit! 5+10-5= 10 damage!

Fire Sage 0/12

Fire Sage falls.

Alf gains 10 exp.

Reika however in her rage charged at the dark druid, aiming to cut his face open.

Roll for combat:

Reika (3,6,1) Hit! 6+4-6= 4 damage! Geraro 14/18. Reika 11/12

Geraro (5,3,3) Hit! Critical! (3+7-0)x2= 20 damage! Reika 0/12

Reika falls.

Reika gains 10 exp.

Sadie saw Reika fall right after she scored a nasty blow at Geraro. Rushing over to help her, she fired off a spell at the fighter Tristan was facing, cutting off his head.

"Out of my way! I gotta help her!"


Sadie (5,5,5) Hit! Critical! 5+3-2x2= 12 damage! Fighter A 0/15

Fighter A dead

Sadie gains 10 exp!

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Enemy Phase

Myrmidon A attacks Heinz (5,6,4) Hit. (6+3-4)= 5 damage.

Myrmidon B attacks Conrad (5,2,3) This guy's a slow learner. 0 damage.

Geraro randomly attacks Heinz because he's a random dude (6,6,3) Heinz KOd

Myrm A 4/12

Myrm B 5/12

Geraro 14/18

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Damian moved across the battlefield swiftly. The feeling of ancestral energies, tempered through years of worship and fear, flowed through his form.

The thought of dual-wielding the conflicting weapons had been a daunting one, but in his hands, the movements seemed almost ingrained. He did not know whether it was his father's blood or the lance's own imprinted movements, but the Gungnir in his off hand felt as simple to wield as the Gae Bulg in his strong. Perhaps it was just the chaotic energies flowing through his veins that made this feel so simple... he could not even feel the pain of the warrior's axe, though the wound was admittedly not very deep.

"This power... it mirrors Ixion... no, it is of the same kind, but it is a mere fraction of Ixion's ability." Damian noted as as watched Geraro take down Reika.

The Gungnir pulsed wildly in his hand. The Lance of the Lady herself, a sacred artifact fine-tuned to slay those tainted by the darkness... it craved the blood of this dark druid.

"Hah... then feast, O'righteous blade... feast in blood to your heart's content..."

Lunging at Geraro with a heartfelt cry, the chaotic power burst out the head of the lance, a blow to pierce the heavens themselves...

The Gungnir flew past Geraro, just barely grazing his cloak... a sudden lurching pain as dark magic crept through Damian's form... travelling through his veins, through his mana network, dispelling the chaotic store of energy, and replacing it with a burning, unholy pain, an endless sea of agony.

"G-guahh!" The pain shorted out his mind, no thought flowed, no coherency. Consciousness, shutting down.


The burst of dark magic sent Damian flying back like a ragdoll, consciousness already having left him, he landed in a heap near Tessa's feet, dark magic pulsating from his body.


Aiya watched with horror as Damian was mutilated by the druid in a single blow. Pain in her shoulder forgotten, she dived back down, this time towards the druid.

Landing a solid blow on the man, a sudden rush of pain overtook the Wyvern lord. The world went black as the explosion of unholy magic tore through Aiya's body, causing her to collapse limply off of Ulfhrahn's back.

Aiya(5,1,2) 10 Hit - 7 Evd, hit! 8 Mt - 6 Def, 2 damage!

Geraro(5,4,4) 12 hit - 8 Evd, hit! 11 Mt - 1 Res, 20 damage!(Critical)

Aiya KO'd

Geraro 12/18 Roll

Damian(2,5,3) 7 hit - 7 Evd, miss!

Geraro(6,5,1) He OHKO's, fuck calcs.

Geraro 12/18

Damian KO'd

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The fire sage got another attack in before Arrin could get another spell together, and Arrin stumbled back in pain. Just as quickly, though, Charlotte appeared, and took all but minor injuries away. "Thanks, Charlotte," Arrin gasped, falling back as Alferis appeared to finish the sage off.

As Charlotte got down and healed Arrin, Kelas went after the leader. Circling in from behind, she drew her sword-- no reason to shoot at such close range-- and struck.

(2,5,1) Hit! Kelas does 3 damage!

The druid turned, grinning maniacally, to try and strike her down.

(2,2,4) Hit! Geraro does 9 damage!

Kelas dodged, but not quickly enough. Cursing, she tried to ready for another attack anyway.

Kelas 6/15 Geraro 9/18 Kelas +10EXP

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OOC: Ignore last Heinz link in IC due to KO.


The armor knight embedded his axe into the myrmidon's side, sighing quietly as his opponent slumped onto the ground (-5 dmg Link). The Elyisiman general decided to unsummon Earthshaker for the moment, to prevent the weapon from further weakening him.

Conrad: 9/15 HP (+10 exp) CW sap, Daunt/Charisma.

Myrm B: 0/12 HP

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"Oh no....Reika! You bastard!" Alf yelled, charging the druid. The axe gripped tightly in his hands, Alf delivered a blow to Geraro's neck so hard, his head went flying and and dropped to the ground, rolling for a bit before stopping.

"And good riddance to bad rubbish," Alf snarled before bending down to check on Reika.

Roll to combat:

Alf (5,5,4) Hit! 5 + 5 (base strength) +3 (supports) +2 (Rage) = 13-6= 9 damage! Geraro 0/18 HP

Alferis gains 20 exp!

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The Brink

The Crimson Wielders were holding up rather well, for once. In fact, the number of casualties could be counted on one hand, for once. There was but a sole swordsman remaining on the field, and he desperately tried to escape the wielders. But Death was swifter, as a spinning greatspear flew through the air, impaling the poor fellow against a tree.


Pierce! 6 RES -> - 3 DEF (1 left)

[6,2,5] = Hit! 8-1 = 7 Points of damage!

Alex 12/12

Alex gains 10 EXP.

Alex walked up to the pinned corpse, retrieved her lance, and began to wipe the blood off of its' tip as she surveyed the area of the skirmish.



Elle let out a quiet "No!" as Helios fell, and ran to his side. The poor man had been shocked unconscious, with the burn marks of the lightning bolt visible on his tattered clothing. But he was breathing, and that was all that mattered. A few feet away, his attacker was lying on the ground, unconscious. The woman didn't dare look at him, for she knew already it was Njordjenka, her mentor. She didn't want to face him, just yet. Not while she still couldn't remember anything from before the organization.

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"Can we not go anywhere without fools getting in our way?" Morgan asked no one in particular, sighing. She checked the battlefield, less than usual, but still a few wielders down. She went over to Helios, who had been scorched by magic rather badly. If I had let him go, he probably would have died in this ambush she thought to herself, before calling Charlotte over.

Charlotte ran over and began tending to Helios's wounds with her staff. I think these were those same bandits from before, the ones who captured Dani. Pity none of them were left alive for questioning...well maybe not such a pity. she thought to herself.

Tristan felt pretty good after the fight, some blonde healer girl on a horse had healed him. He looked around, not really sure of what to do. Bellerophon reveled in glorious triumph. Victory was theirs! His magnificence had struck fear into their weak human hearts, opening them up for the assualt of his allies!

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While Jasmine had been scouting for any reinforcements, Viveka had withdrawn and flew over to Tobe to guard him for the remainder of the battle. He was underneath his horse but aside from that he appeared to be fine. And he had wisely kept a fair distance from the fighting so guarding him there would make it easier to spot approaching enemies long before they drew close enough to engage them. When she arrived, she silently stood guard until she saw Geraro fall. The remaining forces wouldn't be far behind she knew, and sure enough, they too fell in short order.

Jasmine returned and landed near Viveka and Tobe, and waved.

Jasmine: There aren't any reinforcements in sight. If they're inside the forest then they're already as good as dead. We've got this one in the bag.

Viveka: Great, let the General and Morgan know right away.

Jasmine: Yes, ma'am.

She flew off to the rest of the party as Viveka dismounted and slowly approached Tobe. She knelt down beside the horse and offered her hand trying to smile even though she wasn't quite in the mood to feign something like that.

Viveka: The fighting's over now.


Jasmine landed as carefully as she could, making sure not to crush any of the bodies, and dismounted near Conrad and saluted him.

Jasmine: I surveyed the battlefield, sir. They don't have any reinforcements anywhere in sight, and anyone in the forest is roasting by now. I'm pretty sure we're done here, sir.

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The journey back to the capital was rather uneventful, the sole exception being when a group of bandits decided to accost Jace, oblivious to who he really was until the moment they attacked. That hadn't ended particularly well for them, what with half their number dead, and the other half scared, straight he hoped. Banditry certainly wasn't the best path to go down, as the Hero had learned a long time ago. Back when Gracia was alive, and not even a dream to him. That was a tale for another time and place, though. For now, he'd have to deal with the damage to the Burgosas.

The initial damage had looked a lot worse than it really was. There were a lot of superficial burns to the buildings, but nothing white-washing couldn't cover. A few buildings were completely destroyed, which was unfortunate, but some things had to be sacrificed for change. Regrettable, but necessary. The only real problem was the looting, but, as Jace had known for a while, all it took were a few on-the spot arrests to curb that. All in all, the earthquake had caused more damages, so this would take no more than a month to bring things back to normal.

The Brute walked down the main road of Burgosas, but instead of heading directly to the palace, he turned right, towards the cathedral. Helenos, alongside that shadow rumoured to have wiped out a whole battalion, was a sure sign of the return of the demons, and divine assistance would be required, for sure.

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Kelas didn't have to attack again, as Alferis finished the druid off. Grimacing, she slid down from the saddle; this was why she'd bothered learning the sword, she thought, as her left arm and side had been rendered mostly useless by the attack. She held on to Amari for support with her good arm, quickly assessing whether people were all right: Arrin was still slightly hurt, but he was on his feet and steady, Charlotte was all right, Tessa was all right, and the boy who had been hanging round the horses had fled. This had not been a good fight from her own point of view, though: she'd been... unfocused, or something, not functioning quite as well as she should be. The depression from earlier might be getting her down, she supposed... in which case she'd have to double her efforts to keep it from affecting her. Which, she already knew, was easier said than done.

She wasn't sure how many people were in worse condition than her, so she didn't say anything, instead waiting for one of the healers to be free.


Things were over quickly, and Arrin was able to put away his tome, check on everyone, and go catch Francis before he ran away. He led the horse over to stand by Kelas and Amari, who were not in as good of shape. "You're going to let the healers see to you, right?" Kelas was standing, but she didn't look like she was going to be conscious for very long without help.

"'Course I am. You all right?"

"I need a little bit more patching up, but I should be fine for the moment," Arrin replied. "Why did you--"

"Seemed like a good idea at the time," Kelas cut him off, waving her bad arm limply to try and indicate she didn't want to talk about it. She couldn't really talk to Arrin about that, especially not after the morning's chaos.

"Are you sure you're--" Kelas didn't seem to be making sense, which worried Arrin. "Should I get Tessa?"

"Let the healers see to people who are doing worse'n me, then call someone over. I'll live. Don't start worrying at me, please."

Arrin stood and worried at his sister anyway, just quietly.


Tobe had shut his eyes and covered his ears so it took him a few moments to realize that the lady with the pegasus had approached. Cautiously he edged out from under Shadow, though he did not take the lady's hand. "Why is everyone tryin' t' kill you all?" he asked miserably, refusing to look towards where the fighting had been, or to the burning woods.

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Lowering her hand and relenting her smile, she glanced over at the carnage and sighed.

Viveka: They have their reasons. They're usually after the weapons some of us are carrying, and yes, they're willing to kill us for them. This may not be the best time to bring this up, but are you going to be able to handle this kind of thing for awhile longer? (Tobe needs a place to stay, but we're a bit too busy to do anything about that right now. The best I could do is have Jasmine escort him to Elyisima and send a note with explaining things to my family but ... I don't know if they won't overwork him without me around. He'd be a guest, not a stable boy.)

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"Oh Reika...that was pretty gutsy of you charging that sick piece of work like that," Alf said quietly, holding Reika's body in his arms. "Oi! I need a healer over here! Anybody help?"

Sadie saw that Alf had called for a healer and decided to maybe check up on Reika later. There were probably others that needed help. Better yet, if one of the attackers was still alive, the group might be able to get information from them. Stepping over to where Njordjenka was lying, she touched his neck to feel for a pulse and surprisingly, he was still alive.

"Hey! I got a live one over here!"

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(Everyone is calling for healers, as usual...) Whether his musings were an internal sigh or grumble Beau did not know nor care. He simply put his physic staff back into his bag and took out his heal staff before sliding off of Lantos' back and onto his own feet. It seemed that Charlotte was taking care of Prince Helios, so that option was out. Prince Tristan and Princess Charlotte seemed fine, too. Sadie was calling for someone to heal an enemy, Alferis was calling for someone to heal an ally. Kelas was a bit worse-for-wear and a couple others were lying on the ground unconcious. One was Heinz and the other two he didn't quite recognize, though he was fairly certain he'd seen the firey-haired woman with the giant wyvern before. He just couldn't quite recall her name. She must not have been impressionable.

(Princess Charlotte is closer to that enemy than I am.) Beau also decided that Tessa could heal the Nomad siblings while he saw to some of the others. Heinz was the closest so he was Beau's first target. When he started in that direction, Raemond -- who had simply been looking on up until this point -- followed alongside him and asked, "Wait. You're helping them?"

"Of course. I am one of those who can wield a staff," Beau replied rather unemotionally.

"I understand that, but..."

"In spite of being of the same faith, I do not see these people as enemies as you do. You cannot act against us either, so do not try to stop me."

At Beau's retort, Raemond halted Lantos. He'd let Beau heal the others, of course. In the meantime he could try distinguishing between the crimson wielders. Once Heinz was healed, Beau didn't stick around. There were others requiring his assistance, after all. The next closest was the one Alferis wanted help with, so he made his way over to them. Without a word, he applied his staff to Reika.


Just because the healers were busy didn't mean Esphyr shouldn't bother them. In fact, it looked like only Charlotte and that new kid were healing people. Damian was already by Tessa, sho Esphyr figured he would be taken care of soon. "Hey, Tessa!" she called over to the troubador, "When you're done with him, Aiya could use some help, too!"

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The girl that had recently joined them pointed out that the man Helios had been fighting was still alive. Charlotte weighed the options before her. He might deserve to die for what he has done...but we may be able to restore Dani's memories from what he knows. Let the Goddess sort him out after that. "I can heal him, but I think we should tie him up with rope or something first. We don't want him escaping or attacking us again," Charlotte said to Sadie and whoever else was around.

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Luc Altair

The battle continued to go favorably for the party. But, there was no need for reckless action. Luc continued his vigilance on guarding the only member of the group who had been struck down. But he would shortly be joined. Reika made an attack against that druid fool and was struck down in an instant, Heinz was randomly chosen by an attack from the druid and Aiya and Damian followed similar fates in their offense against him. The man was strong, but not near the terror he had paraded himself to be. Kelas had a better skirmish with him, taking advantage of his flaws and striking a heavy blow while escaping by her own power despite being hit with a counter. But it was Alferis' raging attack which delivered the deathblow, decapitating the druid and sending his head flying. A quick look around the battlefield and Luc watched General Alex finish off the last dregs of this ambush. It was over, and as long as Helios and the others hadn't been killed this was the smoothest things had gone since Luc had met them.

So, why did things seem off? There had to be more to this. But, if there was, wouldn't it have happened before the enemy force had been eliminated? Not that the druid fool was some sort of paragon of intelligent thinking, but, this attack had been a suicide rush and even an animal would avoid that. Did they want this? Bah, delving into the insanity of the dead was useless. He would have to be vigilant for any further plans, but this was wasting time that could be used on watching.

The mounted Captain set his sights on any possible threats to emerge nearby, while keeping as best an eye on the recovery process of the group. Dani, or the Elle girl, whichever was by Helios still. Morgan came over, calling for Princess Charlotte to aid the Wind Sage. Prince Tristan looked in good health as well. The other pegasi riders were fine, and Luc's eyes followed one of them to a standing Conrad. No one seemed to be attending to Kelas yet, but she could still move under her own power so the dark magic hadn't been too devastating. Arrin was with her, also moving on his own. A glance away though, and there was Alferis cradling the injured Reika. Not exactly the most surprising thing, that she wouldn't be the first healed.

But not a few feet away from Luc, that new girl--Sadie?--was checking the foe Helios and Luc and attacked. So, he was still alive? This would be useful in the many ways. But others would need to be tended to before the enemy, he looked over the fallen, seeing Beau tending to Heinz before going to Reika. Charlotte spoke out, almost surprising Luc. She was offering to heal the ambusher, and making a good suggestion to tie him up beforehand. "Heinz might still have some of his rope left over," Luc mentioned.

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Derek rode frantically to where the sage was advancing on Elle, desperate to stop him before he could capture her, or worse. Halfway along his path though, Luc turned and knocked the man out.

"Thanks," the Jerdonian horseman said to his Septimian counterpart, as he turned just past where the Count had stopped. The battle was all but over, though, as the last attacker was slain by Alex just moments after the leader was beheaded by Alferis. And so, the recovery began, albeit at a faster pace. There had been few casualties this time, and it looked like that the others had control of the situation. Regardless, he did a perimeter check. No enemies in view, as the pegasus knights had already probably concluded. And the sun was still rising, which was a good sign. Maybe they'd make the border by nightfall. He looped around, and, spotting Viveka talking to someone , rode up over to her.

"Are you alright?" Derek asked, dismounting Ann and approaching the pegasus knight. "I brought down the warrior who was attacking you, but I wasn't sure whether he had got an arrow out..." The man stopped, as he realized the stable boy from Burgosas was the one who Viveka was speaking with. "... Hello, I don't believe we met. My name's Derek," he finally said, looking at the boy. "Yours is...?"

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Hearing Luc's suggestion, Morgan went over and took some of Heinz's rope from his recently healed body. She then went over and tied up the man knocked unconscious by Luc. Charlotte gave him minimum healing to keep him from dying.

"We should not tarry too long here, 'tis unwise to leave ourselves so exposed. Once the injured can be moved, let us be on our way. Interrogate this man if you wish, though I think these enemies are no longer relevant," Morgan said to anyone listening.

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