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Franz - Paladin

Gilliam - General

Vanessa - Falcoknight - I prefer Falcoknights to Wyvern Knights.

Moulder - Big Daddy gets to be a Bishop

Ross - Pirate - Berserker

Garcia - Warrior

Neimi - Ranger

Colm - Rogue

Artur - Bishop.

Lute - Sage

Natasha - Bishop

Joshua - Swordmaster

Forde - Great Knight

Kyle - Great Knight

Tana - Falcoknight

Amelia - General

Gerik - Hero

Marisa - Assassin

L'Arachel - Valkyrie, because I like how she can use both of the Sacred Twins of her country.

Ewan - Druid, because I need a good dark mage, because Knoll isn't gonna give you shit.

Cormag - Wyvern Lord

Knoll - Summoner, because so he dosent' have to do the fighting. (That is if i actually use him.)


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