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Total Growths

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I think that in the character growths section, there should also be a "total" column after RES, so it's easier to do comparisons and stuff, especially if you don't want to do math at the time... ;):

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That's not really a useful metric outside of FE10 and later (FE10 because of BEXP, FEDS and FE3 DS because of reclassing growth totals).

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If anyone is interested, I compiled these along with total base stats and base weapon levels for FE7.

g=growths, lv=level, b=bases w=weapon level, u=unpromoted, p=prepremoted, n=no promotion

Eliwood__ g325 lv01u b059 w03

Lyn#_____ g335 lv01u b053 w02

Hector___ g335 lv01u b064 w03

Sain#____ g290 lv01u b063 w03

Kent#____ g290 lv01u b063 w03

Florina#_ g305 lv01u b064 w02

Wil#_____ g300 lv02u b058 w02

Dorcas#__ g285 lv03u b075 w03

Serra#___ g300 lv01u b054 w02

Erk#_____ g285 lv01u b054 w02

Rath#____ g285 lv07u b081 w03

Matthew#_ g310 lv02u b055 w02

Wallace#_ g275 lv01p b118 w06

Lowen____ g300 lv02u b069 w04

Rebecca__ g305 lv01u b050 w02

Marcus___ g250 lv01p b117 w14

Barte____ g295 lv02u b072 w02

Oswin____ g310 lv09u b092 w04

Guy*_____ g310 lv03u b069 w03

Merlinus_ g445 lv05u b071 w-

Priscilla g305 lv03u b063 w03

Raven*___ g300 lv05u b078 w03

Lucius#__ g295 lv03u b061 w02

Canas____ g285 lv08u b080 w04

Dart_____ g285 lv08u b087 w04

Fiora____ g315 lv07u b084 w03

Legault*_ g300 lv12u b096 w03

Ninian^#_ g345 lv01n b054 w-

Isadora__ g280 lv01p b107 w11

Heath*___ g295 lv07u b088 w04

Hawkeye__ g240 lv04p b152 w05

Geitz*___ g285 lv03p b125 w08

Farina___ g310 lv12u b105 w05

Pent_____ g245 lv06p b144 w10

Louise___ g260 lv04p b120 w05

Karel____ g255 lv08p b145 w05

Harken*__ g260 lv08p b150 w08

Nino_____ g330 lv05u b074 w03

Jaffar___ g235 lv13p b152 w05

Vaida*___ g240 lv09p b153 w10

Karla____ g255 lv05p b134 w05

Renault__ g240 lv16p b155 w10

Athos____ g000 lv20n b202 w24

*Extra bases in hard mode(Guy, Raven & Heath+12, Legault+8, Geitz+10, Harken & Vaida+11)

^Nils is identical except for -1 Con(not that dancers need it)

#Lyn's story stats

Average total growths: 285

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I like how Renault has the second highest combined bases and he's still horse shit. Dat MAG stat man.

For comparison's sake, Serra at the same level is averaging 169, 20 of which will be in magic.

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