Return of the Emblem Chapter Seven: Reunion

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Nadya was just about to explain how nomads didn't really have a strict leadership hierarchy like the other nations, when some sort of signal flare interrupted her.

<"Is that some kinda call to action? Better get movin' if it is, duty to your country and all that,"> she said to Haythem. <"Unless that's just a random arsonist, in which case ya should probably do somethin' about it anyway.">

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And walk did the maiden need no further, because a few minutes later Chelsea motioned to Sophia to follow the troubadour to their room.

And a few minutes later the young maiden could rest, because they arrived in their glorious room, with their glorious beds, which were indeed filled with gloriousness....ness.

Anyways it was time to rest their weary bodies..... because damnit they needed some good-sleep, not the crap-sleep they had on the wagon. Raquel had to upgrade the wagon to a portable mansion.... with beds. Lots and lots of beds.

In any case Chelsea went to sleep in her bed and dreamt about beds.... and flying on beds, because sure why not.

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Just before fully retiring, John looked through his bag one final time. <Let's see, yeah, this should be fine for tomorrow. Alright then.> And with that, he finally retired for the night.


Fortunately for Sophia, Chelsea found her and so the two were now in their room. As Chelsea went to one of the beds already, Sophia took a moment to look at the room. Finally, we'll get a chance to sleep properly. She thought. She then headed over to the other bed. Sigh, this is nice. Yes, this is certainly... much better than... sleeping on that wagon... And that was the last before she too fell asleep.

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About Robin the many people of the group were slowly starting to filter into their rooms. Though she could still feel determination in her body, the hot bathwater had caused her to become relaxed and sleepy. It was not time to head out, it was time to sleep. Slowly, she turned back into her room and went to lie down. She quietly looked down at her arrows, touching the tips she had shaped herself, before pulling the blanket over her and closing her eyes for sleep.

[spoiler=Robin Dream]Darkness surrounded her as she closed her eyes. Not oppressing, not absent as she could feel dirt underfoot, but... empty. As if there was nothing around her. Her eyes cracked open from her sleeping position. The blanket and palace and everything in them was gone. In its place... nothing. She was someplace where there was a field, but it was the only thing there was. She could see her arms, her body, but beyond that, simple void. "<How did I get here?>" she asked herself as she swung her arm about to see if there was any walls before her, only to not even feel air moving over her body. How was she talking? How was she breathing? Robin looked down at her chest only to see that it neither rose or fell with the draw of breath. Instead, it remained still, as if stone. In fact, everything about her seemed to be grey, as if her body had been carved by it.

"<W-what? Is this a... dream?>" she asked.

"You lied."

A voice suddenly came, her own, from every point about her. It was low, accusing, and laced with betrayal. "You lied then, when you apologized."

"<I didn't lie! I wanted this stupid feud to end!>" she cried out, somehow knowing that the voice meant her apology to Gytha.

"Why? Because you were afraid! You were afraid of that woman! You sold out your beliefs! You lied to yourself for a moment of peace!"

"<I didn't lie! I didn't sell my beliefs out!>" she cried back to the darkness.

"You said you were tough, a mistress of the land, capable of being alone... Prove it."

Suddenly a torrent of water came flowing down from every which way, filling the void, swelling up, sweeping Robin off her feet. She gagged as water started to flow down into her lungs as she desperately tried to swim to steady herself. Suddenly, a massive ship burst out from the very water beneath her, rising up as it lifted her onto the deck. Water flowed off as it came into existence. Suddenly, swords were lowered at her. Coughing up seawater, Robin looked up to see pirates, sabers drawn, surrounding her.

"Yarrr! Look at what we got hear peg-leg Gabbie!" said one of them, grabbing Robin by her hair and pulling her up.

"Another Sea-rat fer me to gut, one eye Amon?" replied the second pirate, who looked like Gabbie except with multiple scars and, oddly, both legs except with some sort of giant wooden one attached to the right.

"Let's let Captain Gytha decide!" replied Amon, who wore a blue and white pin-stripe shirt, a hook hand, and oddly, only one eye. No eye patch or hole where the second eye had been, just one eye.

"I have weird dreams"

"Arrrrrrrrr! Who be sayen dat? If ye be keep sayen dat, we be shooten ya out of da cannon!"

Robin was quickly dragged up onto the top of the ship, the bridge, as Gytha appeared. She was a tall, imposing woman, wearing a skull and crossbones hat with eye-patches over both eyes and a one-eyed parrot on her shoulder.

"Well shiver me timbers, another rat of the seas? Or be she chicken of the seas, Caw?" she asked, somehow managing to look at her parrot. "Well, no matter, she can be one of us! Just so long as she dun git in da way!"


Suddenly, Gytha's fist curled up and swung forwards, slamming hard into Robin's gut. Seawater came out, spewing forth onto her arm as Gytha laughed. "Harrr harrr Arrrr! She be gitten in the way already! Say yer sorry Robin!"

"You... punched me."

"Ye got in the way of me fist! It's yer fault! Now say yer sorry and I'll let you be part of me crew! I even helped ya git rid of the water, eh Caw?"


The pirates dropped Robin to the deck, letting her breath for a moment.

"Now say ye be sorry and crawl like a worm."


A second punch came down to the back of Robin's head, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Say ye be sorry!"

"S... sorry..." said Robin.

"And crawl! Actually... I changed me mind, throw her off the plank!"

"You lied."

Suddenly the pirates, ocean, and everything was gone, replaced by a second Robin. "You lied to me. You betrayed me, for what?"

"<I'm sick of being alone! I'm not on trial here! This doesn't even make sense! It wasn't like that!>"

"She beat you up and you apologized to her. You sold yourself out."

"<I did not do that! I am not some weakling to grovel at peoples feet!>"

"And you did just that. Just so you could live without fear. Just so that you could be accepted."

Robin suddenly rolled out of the bed and onto the floor, jolting her awake. She wasn't sure just how much time had passed, though it still seemed to be night. "<Oh thank the gods. That was a weird dream.>" she said, rubbing her head and back as she sat upright, unsure of what had just happened.

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The sand-ship captain wandered the connected decks of the sand armada city. Most of the crew was on shore-leave -- well, as much of a shore-leave as one could have on the open sands while pulled into the docks of an armada city. Amon was away, visiting his old admiral and comrades. She met one of them -- a wyvern-riding quartermaster named Haythem -- and saw another, but she hadn't been introduced to anyone besides Haythem. He'd gone off while Gytha had been registering them with the city's docks and now she was wandering the planks alone, relaxing as she took in the sights.

"Ahooooooy!" the faint call from above caught the captain's attention. The wyvern landed on the deck of the next ship and Gytha smiled, hastening her pace to meet with its rider.

"Ahoy, John!" greeted the captain.

"Captaiin..." sighed the rider as he slipped off of the wyvern's back with a weak smile, "Me name's Jamaal. Remember?"

"Ah, aye, aye, sorry. I always forget," appologized Gytha.

"It's fine," he shrugged. For a moment, his eyes studdied Gytha, then guessed, "Lonely?"

"Aye..." sighed Gytha as she looked over the sand-ship city.

"Saw ye earlier with Dr. Synthia," he mentioned, coming up beside her.

"Aye, aye, I was... It was fun, too, n' I appreciate th' time. This is Amon's city, though. Was excited t' have 'im show me around," she replied, disapointment evident in her voice, "This place is is new, is all... But" she forced a reassuring smile as she rested her hands on her hips "I also thought comin' here would be good fer Amon. Looks like it is, isn't it? HARHAHARR! He's probabla goin' around, talkin' t' friends he hadn't seen in a long time!" she gave an affirmative nod "Aye, this is good for him. No need t' be selfish when someone's just come home."

"Aye, that's the truth of it, isn't it?" agreed John, "...But I know yer still disappointed, captain. Don't worry. Ye'll enjoy yerself, even if things aren't goin' as ye thought they would. Ye always find a way t' smile, after all. Ye wouldn't be Captain Gytha if ye didn't! Harheharr!"

"HARRR! Aye, that's right! I guess it's just b'cause o' back then... When I couldn't trust anyone 'sides Maw. Amon was th' first stable friend I made after that," she replied.

"Worried he'll turn on ye? Can't ye trust'im?" asked John.

"Aye, I know I can. Ahh, would ye look at that?" Gytha responded, relaxing again as she saw the sun setting over the shifting sands, "Nothin' like seein' th' sunlight reflectin' off o' th' waves."

"Aye, captain," Synthia walked up to Gytha and leaned on the guardrail as the two were blasted by a gust of wind. Niether minded. John was just taking off again.

"Dr. Synthia, I'm surprised t' see ye here," Gytha commented.

"Why should ye be? I like a sunset just as much as th' next person. N' I couldn't leave ye fer long. Ye were pretty disappointed. I'm glad Jesse could talk t' ye while I went lookin' around meself," Synthia replied.

Gytha smiled at her friend. "Thank ye," she mentioned. She caught a glimpse of Synthia shrugging as she returned her eyes to the dazzling sunset: a golden ball of light, stretching its beams high and wide with a red glow boardering it. The gold rippled and shimmered on the sand and the clouds were all orange and pink. It was magnificent.

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Duty Calls

<"It's only a flare ... an obnoxious one, but a flare nonetheless."> Haythem admitted with a sigh. <"I should take you back the guest quarters, first, though. Hang on."> he instructed, guiding Isis back toward the palace. Once they arrived, he landed almost in the exact place they had taken off from, and got off first so he could help her down. <"If I'm not back tonight, I'll definitely drop by again tomorrow ... and you can tell me more about the nomads, then okay?"

Hair Calls

"I'm sure~" Rasha assured Aneda. Now they only needed a place to work, and plenty of water on hand. A few more towels than they had would also be in order, as Aneda's hair wasn't exactly 'short' or even medium in length. She sent one of the servants off to fetch those and Rasha took Aneda and the dyes to someplace private where they wouldn't be jostled or disturbed, a vacant room on the second floor that wasn't currently in use, and had a beautiful balcony view of the city. "will this place do or would you prefer some other place?"

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"Yes this will be fine!" And then they tried their hardest to dye her hair, but Aneda simply wouldn't' stop fidgeting, she wanted desperately to do it herself but they insisted on doing it for her. Eventually, through much unneeded struggle, Aneda's hair was now a beautiful shade of green, and although she wanted to simply to marvel at it for a while, she noticed that it was getting quite late and decided to head off to bed.

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