Shattered Honour: Signup Thread and Intro

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When you were young, you used to dream of what it would be like to be a warrior. You dreamt of a shining hero in full plate effortlessly hacking down foes left and right... you kept a toy wooden sword by your side. In a militaristic age such as this, this is natural, and indeed considered healthy.

But your lust for battle eventually brought you into the army. Young or old, man or woman, you felt the time had come to feel the taste of blood on your breath. You performed well at training, blended in with your peers and by the end of it felt completely ready for anything the northern Ryslanders could throw at you.

Then the time came for battle.

Armed with whatever the nation could spare with its dwindling supplies of steel, you marched out to war under the azure banner of Castria, commanded by General Daydris. And the moment you saw the enemy horde, everything went to shit.

You still don't know exactly when your morale shattered and you ran for the hills. But you did, and that's all that matters now.

What few survivors of that battle remain in the area have convened in a small, hidden outpost. Each man hangs his head in shame, knowing that no land can call them a friend now. Some will likely leave to take on work as a mercenary. Most of you will die, pulled down by the manhunters roaming the area seeking bounties, and deserters will always have a fair price on their heads.

That may be good enough for the likes of they. But you... no, you're different. A fierce flame beats in your hearts each night, and this miserable, hunted life is intolerable. You mentally prepare yourselves for the task not merely of avoiding attention but of rising to further honour and glory, as well.

Captain Chisford apparently feels the same way. The highest-ranking man left amongst the sixty or so deserters there, he's become the leader by default. A brutally scarred man of forty-five years with one hand, a fierce blade and a foul temper, nobody is like to challenge him. And yet, you have been summoned to convene with him.

You know not why.

You only know that this way lies your destiny.


Humans used to be the slaves of the ogre race. The ogres were proud, arrogant and cruel, but eventually the humans fought back, and won, because they were fucking badass back then. They had four leaders, each bringing together their people, and when they won (because they KICKED FUCKING ASS) they split into nations. Often this resulted in civil wars, but whatever, that's just details. Then there's a bunch of history you were rarely taught apart from the really big interesting battles, then now. Oh, and now everyone is starving because of this fucking Blight that's come around. So as a result Castrian and Ryslander alike grabbed their axes and basically raped the shit out of the Republic until it cried like a little girl (and until Derec Touchwood was ousted and a competent leader emerged).

Then Rysland turned on you, or you on they. Because the Empire kind of has a lot of gold, and they have all that steel. And these are the two biggest nations the continent has, so whoever wins this is gonna be the biggest, baddest motherfucker the world has to deal with.

But hey, none of that matters. It's enough to you to join a place where every night you sleep with a full belly and steel by your side. You've got no time for book-learnin'! There's battle to be had!


You are about to learn how to fill out this template.

Name: (not anything overly fancy, assuming a presumably modest origin)

Sex: (yes, you can be a chick in the army. Sue me.)

Nationality: (if Sabrefell, add origin)

RPer: (derp)

Age: (herp)

Appearance: (How you look)

Personality: (How you act)

Backstory: (Who you are)

Class: (Class)

Level: (ATM should be 1)

Attributes: Str/Sta/Dex/Agi

Skills: For level 1, pick between Offensive, Defensive or Support

Equipment: Pick it out if there's anything specific.

Most of these are pretty obvious. Some of these you'll need to learn things.

No, you won't be given the exact combat mechanics before you get into a fight. This is basic training, not algebra class!


(Note: For characters joining at the very beginning of the game, you have to obey a set of restrictions for classes with nationality. Past that point, anything is fair game if you can justify it.)


The Empire has stood as long as time itself, it seems. But its gleaming days of glory are gone. With every war its borders seem to shrink just a little more, and its stocks of gold are in real danger of being taken by Ryslander warriors. The Empire has stood largely under female rulers since the decrees of the brilliant if slightly deranged Pavelline the Great, and the current leader is another Empress, Valindra II. Although she has ruled competently, her advisors within the Greater Houses have effectively taken over the army, and despite her efforts she is largely a puppet ruler. More than that, the people are calling for her head as the Blight ravages them day after day. Should the nation stand through these trials, it is uncertain empire itself can.

Castrians as a whole tend to be arrogant, at times bull-headed, and more than a little pompous. However, they are also virtuous and make for doughty fighters, with a tendency to refuse outright to give ground bordering on the sociopathic. Their eyes are brown, their hair blonde or light brown to match their complexion, and often wavy. They tend to be taller than the other races, and often stronger. The founder of Castria was Celest the Azure, a shining knight and wielder of the blade Droghyn. He named the nation after his fallen lover, also one of the Circle. The Castrian coat of arms is a golden eagle holding a sword and a scepter over a blue field.


The southeastern Republic has forever stood as a sign of wealth and opulence. Built on silver, the Republic has traditionally not participated in wars over the years, as it would rather buy out an invader than fight with them. In the years of the Blight, however, their treasury has imploded under the strain of buying grain for the people and swords for an army that was crushed in several battles against Rysland and the Empire. Their current First Man is the recently elected Dreiwyn Storm, and his policy has largely centred around appeasing and frustrating the Empire and Rysland until they fight each other. This has worked.

The Petrarchans are known as being shrewd fast-talkers, fine archers, and intelligent orators. However, they are not known for being trustworthy, courageous or honourable. They tend to be short of stature and slender of build, yet there are many reputed beauties within the Petrarchan ranks. Petrarchans tend to have black or near-black hair, smooth and straight, contrasting with pale complexions and eyes that are strong hues, green or blue, and more often than others tending to heterochromacy. They tend towards pronounced cheekbones and light features. The founder of the Republic was Petrarch Ogrebane himself, but an ambiguous choice of heir lead to a bloody civil war, and at the end of it the armies decided to kill both squabbling sons, pronounce their leading generals into a council and be done with the whole affair. The Republican coat of arms is a black falcon's head on a green background.


Rysland is the most powerful nation left standing by the beginning of this story, and has been so for many a year. Its king, Maxilian IV, took over from his father in a bloody coup, and has proved equally opportunistic elsewhere, first allying with the Empire in order to seize land from the Republic, and now levelling the powerful Ryslander army against his former allies. Rysland has always been in a position of power due to its unmatched stocks of steel, and its metalwork is the finest of any nation. It is largely considered by its king to be unconquerable.

Ryslanders are known for their courage, sturdiness and remarkable alcohol tolerance, but are considered to be stubborn and slow to forgive slights. They are a sturdily-built, well-tanned people, with ash-coloured hair and dark eyes. Their founder was Mathien Maxim, and he set down a series of exacting decrees. Amongst them was a guarantee that only those of his blood would stand as king. The Ryslander coat of arms is a white field under a rampant black bear.


The Rosary States are a bickering union of various factions, most of which are lead by thieves and pirates. They control a modest slice of land in the southwest, as well as the many nearby islands. Each area is controlled by a lord, and each lord pays lip service and occasionally part of their taxes to a King of Blades. The current King of Blades is Brist, a powerful mercenary warlord, but surprisingly he has opted out of conflict and instead reinforced his borders to prevent his ample and seemingly endless supply of fish to be taken from him by opportunistic imperials. In this, he has avoided the fate of the Republic.

Let it never be said that Rosites ever were ones to shirk from a fight. They are known for their strength of character, persistance and unflaggable spirits. They are also known for being impulsive, overly sanguine and sometimes forceful. They tend to be tall, yet not to Castrian extents, and virile. Their women tend to be strong and voluptuous. Eye colour tends to be blue or brown, hair is grey, auburn, red or brown. Many Rosites tend to keep luck charms on them, or any form of trinket. Their founder was Asger, Knight of the Rose, a defender of the peace who fought with the winged spear Gwyndri. His remarkable fertility lead to a multitude of heirs, leading to the foundation of the States to prevent bloodshed between them. Since then, only one of the current lords can claim heritage from Asger. The Rosary coat of arms is a red rose on a black and white quartered shield.


Sabrefell is a city in the western Isle of Ciris, and the spearhead of attempts to colonise the land there. Though smaller settlements are forming, the nigh-impregnable fortress of Sabrefell stands as the landmark for the entire nation, and it's doubtful this will change anytime soon. The land is fertile, valuable in the times of the Blight, but also dangerous and largely unexplored. For many people, this is a superb opportunity, and they flock to the ships to sail here and back. Sabrefell's leader is also its general, the Petrarchan Galrick. A shrewd man, he has intentionally kept the reports of a fertile soil quiet, so as not to arouse attention from the mainland. Still, this hasn't turned some eyes away from it...

Sabrefell's citizens, known as Cirisites, are a ragged bunch of people of all manner of stocks. The only thing that unites them is a yearning for a better life on the frontier. Sabrefell's colours are black and gold, and its arms are a yellow ship on a black field.


To start, you pick one of these.


Primary Stat Sta

Secondary Stat Str

Weapons 1H Melee, Throwing

Armour All armour, shields

Basic Skill Taunt

"The bulk of the army. From the day you first saw the serried ranks of marching axemen, you knew one day you would become one yourself. As one of the highly-drilled yet extremely competitive warriors in the army, prone to individual acts of heroism, you are a master of defensive fighting, blocking people with a heavy shield and shrugging off whatever blow manages to pass your guard. You aren't bad at dealing it out either, by any means. While you aren't the most subtle man out there, if there's anyone good enough to take the beating life just gave you, damn RIGHT it's gonna be you."

MERCENARY -- Melee Damage

Primary Stat Str

Secondary Stat Agi

Weapons All melee, Throwing

Armour All armour, bucklers

Basic Skill Slam

"From an early age you trained to be a fighter who could take on the best the world could throw at you. You wanted to be a mercenary... not just any mercenary, but the biggest, hardest motherfucker on the continent. As a heavy infantry fighter, you have a passing knowledge of how to hurt someone with basically any melee weapon, and can wear heavy armour where others cannot. Who needs subtlety when you can just keep hitting the other guy until they cry like a little girl?"

ARCHER -- Ranged Damage

Primary Stat Str

Secondary Stat Dex

Weapons 1H Hacking, 1H Slashing, Bows, Crossbows

Armour Light and Medium

Basic Skill Power Shot

"The strongest men of the army, you decided from an early age you were most useful in the position on the field that required you to be in the least personal harm. From a young age you spent your nights and days in the shooting yard. Muskets didn't interest you, of course; they tended to blow up in your face, like as not, and while you have a passing familiarity with swords and axes you don't like to display this on your opponents. Still, if needs be you can fight at any range, well enough to do some damage."

SCOUT -- Skirmisher

Primary Stat Agi

Secondary Stat Sta

Weapons 1H Slashing, 1H Hacking, Throwing, Crossbows

Armour Light and Medium, bucklers

Basic Skill Skirmish

"The romanticism of the swift-running light infantry captured you, or maybe it was just their propensity for not getting caught in enemy fire. Whatever your reason, you were a natural recruit to the light infantry, and as such your ability to skirmish is unchallenged. While you cannot access heavy armour or kite shields, you can act as both an evasive, unpredictable fighter and as a sniper when needed. A jack of all trades seemed just the card for you; a master of just one is just a target waiting to be shanked."

ROGUE -- Subversive

Primary Stat Agi

Secondary Stat Dex

Weapons 1H Slashing, Throwing

Armour Light

Basic Skill Backstab

"The army? Hah! That held no real value for you. No, for you, the real glory came AFTER the fight, when the gold was being counted out. Everything before that was just claiming you'd contributed in some significant way, likely near the back where you weren't likely to be hurt. Still, now this has all gone to shit, your real skills as a thief, trickster and possibly pirate have come to the fore. While you aren't great in a fight, you're good with your hands, and finding out what people don't want you to know. The soldiers can keep their clunky shields and clumsy axes. All you need is your cloak and your dagger."


Primary Stat Dex

Secondary Stat Sta

Weapons 1H Crushing, Crossbows

Armour Light

Basic Skill Poultice

"It wasn't the joys of marching that appealed to you when you decided to join the army. It wasn't the appeal of single combat, either, nor of the smell of blood. And if it was the smell of blood, usually it involved you trying to stop it pouring out of people you knew. That's right, you joined the army in order to save lives, and as a result you aren't exactly a normal person. It wasn't merely saving lives that necessarily caused you to join, of course. Your mind was occasionally distracted by other thoughts, most of which involved fire or explosions. Suffice to say, healing herbs aren't the ONLY thing you know your way around..."

[spoiler=WEAPONS and ARMOUR]

You'll notice there that there isn't really a traditional, shall we say, weaponsphere here as there is in FE. So I'mma explain shit to you so you get the basic deal.


Each comes in 1H and 2H varieties. 2H is usually better, but more exclusive, and comes at the cost of a shield.


These are your swords. They're superb at cutting down soft targets, and the fastest-striking. However, you will fail forever against anything in heavy armour like platemail. Most useful for tanks, as it has a slight chance to parry a blow.


These are your axes and cleavers. They're good all-rounders, somewhat slow but possible to strike swiftly with. Unlike slashing weapons, they aren't sandbagged by armour.


These are your maces, mauls, clubs and hammers. They are best at crushing things. Like armour. They're REALLY fucking good against armour. Unfortunately, they're slow as shit, and kind of wasted against things that aren't in armour.


Unlike the melee weapons, there's a pretty clear hierarchy here.


And throwing weapons kind of blow. They're only useful for adding versatility to otherwise melee-locked fighters.


Crossbows are decent, but to a well-trained bowman not nearly as effective as a longbow. They are dependent on dexterity for damage rather than strength. They're deadly accurate and can in the hands of a very skilled user even fire twice in succession. They can fire longer range than a throwing weapon, but not as far as a bow.


Longbows are limited to an exclusive club. The signature weapons of archers, they use strength to deal damage, fire longer range than any other (and are thus uncounterable) and deal very high damage to single targets. They are, however, pretty inaccurate at the best of times, and cannot double.


Armour acts as your effective defence score. Basically it does your work for you if you get hit by something. LIGHT armour is the worst, HEAVY the best, MEDIUM somewhere in between. But the lighter the armour, the easier it is to repair and replace, and the easier to sneak around.


Shields add to your evasion, and naturally cannot be combined with a two-handed weapon. Very useful for a true tank. Some warrior skills revolve around wearing a shield.

Bucklers exist, and are basically the retarded in-laws of shields wielded exclusively by feckless nancyboys. Bucklers disgust me.


You'll get to know them as you unlock them. For now, select one of these specialisations.

OFFENSIVE Causes damage.

DEFENSIVE Helps prevent damage from happening.

SUPPORT Is more complicated.

You will also get your Basic Skill, which is upgraded in a way of your choosing at levels 4, 7 and 10. But don't worry about that now. Skills will be catalogued as you unlock them.


At the start of character creation, you'll get 25 points to spend, and unlock another every second level. Unfortunately there are stat-caps to prevent Archers with 20 strength and 5 dexterity from running around trolling everyone. Albeit very slowly, and probably catching multiple diseases. These caps are, for a primary stat, 10, for a secondary 9 and for any of the other two 8. Now, as to what these stats do...

STRENGTH is used for beating the living shit out of people. It influences damage for most weapons.

STAMINA is used to not cry like a baby when having the living shit beaten out of you. It influences HP values.

DEXTERITY is to beat the living shit out of people so as they don't dodge. It influences hit, as well as crossbow damage and reloading speed.

AGILITY is to not have the living shit beaten out of you as much. It influences evasion, as well as swiftness of reflexes in general.

So that's the ropes. Now get ready to move out in an hour!


IRC channel is #ShatteredHonor on DarkMyst, spelt the American way for you bastards. It isn't set up yet because IRC is giving me a headache but it should be up soon.

And Eclipse is my darling co-mod who made all the numbery shit and stops me from fucking up. So yeah, obey her. She is unto a goddess to you.

[spoiler=OBITUARY]Delves of Rythanh, level 1 Rogue. Killed fleeing from underwhelming odds.

Shayna of Ashe, level 1 Warrior. Slain for overlooking basic OH&S.



Swords - Not particularly good against things coated in heavy metal, but they have the best chance of sneaking in extra attacks. Use these wisely!

Axes - They have the best base weapon might, and if you're something exceptional, you may get the jump on your opponent!

Maces - You're only hitting once with this, but the thicker the opponent's armor, the harder they'll cry when you connect!

Bows - You get to reach out and touch your opponent, and they can't do a thing about it! Of course, you have to land your shot first! We assume your brain works, so you will automatically switch to a more appropriate weapon when an enemy gets close. . .if you have one! If you are in the middle of a multi-turn ability, you will not switch weapons until it goes off, so plan accordingly!

Crossbows - Your might is determined by your nimble fingers, not your arm muscles. Since you have better things to do with your hands, you don't get a shield, even if your class would allow for one.

Other weapons - As you advance, you might discover that there's more to the world than the basics!

[spoiler=Calculations and boring stuff]Armor

Light (AC 1-3) - some damage reduction

Medium (AC 4-6) - more damage reduction

Heavy (AC 7-10)- best vs. slashing, weaker vs. crushing

Damage Calculations (woo)

Attack - Weapon might + Strength/Dexterity (crossbows only)

Evade - Agility + shield bonus - armor penalty - opponent's Hit

Hit - Weapon hit + Dexterity/3 (rounded down)

Doubling - Weapon coefficient * Agility/6 * Dexterity/8 (crossbows only) * Strength/6 (axes only)

Damage - (Attack * coefficient) (rounded down) - armor

Armor penalty

Light armor - 0

Medium armor - 1

Heavy armor - 2

Weapon coefficients for doubling

Sword - 1.5

Crossbow - 1.25

Axes - 1

Maces and bows - 0

Damage coefficients

Swords - .75 vs. heavy armor

Maces - 1.25 vs. medium armor, 1.5 vs. heavy armor

Parry modifier

Innate weapon parry * (DEX/3) (round down after multiplication)

Swords have a 0.5 innate modifier; every other weapon has a modifier of 0

Evasion notes:

- You will do a d20 roll for evade

- Calculate your evade

- If your evade is greater than or equal to the roll mentioned above, you dodge, and take no damage. Otherwise, commence damage calculation

- Yes, enemies can dodge your attacks

- Invisible Castle is down ATM. We hope this is rectified soon.

[spoiler=Turns and whatnot]Each round of combat is a mixture of player, enemy, and NPC phases. Turn order is determined by Agility - Armor penalty (0 for light, 1 for medium, 2 for heavy). If a bunch of people would go at the same time, a RNG will determine who goes when for that portion of the turn order only.

If any character is attacking with a longbow, the target opponent's phase is automatically skipped, because this is not Fire Emblem. If you wish to deal holy justice to the moron with the bow, you will need to sacrifice your next turn (if you have a ranged weapon handy) or two (if all you have are melee weapons). During this time, you may not use active skills, except for the Rogue's Beneath Notice (since that's kind of a Rogue's job).

If anyone dies, their phase is skipped, obviously. ;/

There'll be the usual roll for evade, and if it hits, damage calculations. For now, there are no critical hits. If you die, it's because you were an idiot, not because the RNG dictated it.

You may choose to flee combat, if the story allows it. If so, you skip all calculations regarding the damage you deal to your opponent (you're hightailing it out of there!), and the evade formula changes to the following:

(Agility * 1.5) + shield bonus - opponent's Hit

If your opponent hits, you'll still take damage.

If your character is currently engaged with someone else, and they want to do something about the jackass who's spraying arrows everywhere, they must flee their current battle first, then take the turn penalties to get to the archer. It's not like the enemy's gonna let you walk right past them to get to units they're trying to protect!

Ahem. . .

If you wish to switch weapons, you will sacrifice your attack for the round. The only exception to this rule is if you switch from a Longbow to something better suited for rearranging faces up close and personal.

Each player will have 24 hours from the last action to respond to their turn, or they will automatically do nothing. Then we repeat until someone's lying in a pool of their own entrails. Hopefully, it's not the player character.

[spoiler=Skills]NOTE: If a skill says "use only once per enemy", and you miss (like an archer's Headshot), you cannot target that enemy with that skill for the rest of the battle.


Taunt (Basic) - If the taunted doesn't immediately target the taunter, HIT is reduced by 2. If it's a cool taunt, total damage dealt next round is decreased by 1. Taunter must write their own taunt. May be used once every three rounds, because it's easy to ignore a loudmouthed asshole.

Shield Bash (Offensive) - If you have a shield (not those stupid buckler things), you can choose to do this in addition to your regular attack. Deal an additional 1 damage. May not be used consecutively.

Brace (Defensive) - Halve your Agility and Dexterity, and decrease damage dealt to you by 3 for the current round. And pray. Even if you aren't religious.

True Grit (Support) - Recover 5 HP. If you use this, you do not attack. Deal with it.


Slam (Basic) - Increase damage by 2, and enemy must make a second evasion roll (agility and shield bonus only), or cannot attack the next round (stunned). You may attempt this once every three rounds, because.

Shieldbreaker (Offensive) - If you use this, you will not do your regular attack. Instead, you will roll for an attack, with your opponent's evasion being (dexterity + agility)/2 (rounded down) + shield bonus, and if it hits, your opponent's shield is broken, and they lose whatever bonuses their shield gave them. You may attempt this once every three rounds.

Bull-Headed (Defensive) - If any effect would cause you to be stunned, add 3 to your evasion check for the stun part only.

Headbutt (Support) - If you use this, you will not do your regular attack. Instead, add your Strength and Dexterity, and subtract your opponent's Agility and half their Stamina, then roll against this result. If your roll is lower than what you just calculated, your opponent takes 2 damage, and has their hit halved for the next two rounds. You may do this once every four rounds, because your skull ain't thick enough to do it more often.


Power Shot (Basic) - You do not attack this round, but your next attack will go first, and it will be modified with +2 damage and +4 hit.

Headshot (Offensive) - If you use this, you will not do your regular attack. Instead, your HIT is your weapon hit only, and your opponent's evasion is calculated as Agility + Dexterity + shield bonus - armour penalty, with bucklers counting FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS ARCHER CALCULATION ONLY. If this somehow hits, you will automatically kill the opponent, if they are not wearing a helmet. If they are wearing a helmet, you will halve their current HP. You may only do this once per enemy - after that, they'll be on the lookout for you, and it won't work.

Arrow Guard (Defensive) - If some moron decides to chuck a projectile your way (whether it be a throwing weapon, an arrow, a crossbow bolt, or any other ranged attack), you add 3 to your evasion check.

Blindshot (Support) - If you use this, you will not do your regular attack. Instead, you will roll for attack, with your opponent's evasion being boosted by half their Dexterity. If this hits, their HIT is based solely on their weapon's hit for the duration of the battle (because arrows to the eyes do that). You may only do this once per enemy - just like headshots, the enemy will notice you, and they won't let you get away with it again.


Skirmisher (Basic) - If the ground would screw you over, you tell it to bug off. You never suffer terrain penalties. EVER.

Shank (Offensive) - You go first, but you will do 2 less damage with your attack.

Hit and Run (Defensive) - Your attack will do 3 less damage, but your opponent can't counter you unless they have an appropriate weapon equipped (i.e. ranged).

Distract (Support) - If you use this, you will not do your regular attack. Instead, you will roll as if you would attack normally, and if your attack would hit, you will cause the opponent to look your way, and do nothing during the current turn. You may only use this on an enemy that hasn't moved, and may only do this once per enemy - after that, they'll be on to your shenanigans!


Backstab (Basic) - You wait until another ally hits your target, then you spring out and attack. For the purposes of hitting with this attack only, your opponent's evade will be halved, and if it hits, it deals an additional 2 damage. If no one else targets your victim, sucks to be you. You may do this once every three turns.

Ambush (Offensive) - If the enemy hasn't targeted you yet, and you target him with a normal attack, you deal an additional 3 damage if it hits. If an enemy has targeted you, ever, this won't work. You may only do this once per enemy - after that, they'll know that you exist!

Beneath Notice (Defensive) - The enemy will not target you this round unless you are the last person standing. You may do this once every four rounds.

Iocane Immunity (Support) - You can't be poisoned. Don't question it. Be thankful. Sheesh.


Poultice (Basic) - If you use this ability, you cannot attack this round. Your target will recover 8 HP. Make sure you tell your enemies and allies apart, 'k?

Weak Firebomb (Offensive) - If you use this ability, you will not do your regular attack. You will make a ranged attack (with a weapon modifier of 3 HIT), and if it lands, your opponent takes 2 damage. You may not use this ability twice in a row.

Antidote (Defensive) - You will purge most poisons and diseases from your target. This will take up your turn. No attack for you.

Sand in the Eyes (Support) - If you use this ability, you will not do your regular attack. Instead, you will make a ranged attack (with a weapon modifier of 2 HIT). If this lands, your opponent's HIT will be halved for the next two rounds. You may use this ability once every three rounds.

So... interested?

[spoiler=Roster][spoiler=Diplomats]SIR ALFRED OLDENFELD, Castrian Warrior, played by Revan

SIR CHRYSANTHUM BLUMENTHAL, Castrian Mercenary, played by Nightmare

VALENCIA, Rosary Mercenary, played by Hikarusa

LEONHARD, Castrian Mercenary, played by Ether

KERRARD of ANKHAR, Petrarchan Archer, played by Furetchen

REBEKKA RAVENSDALE, Castrian Rogue, played by Cynthia

[spoiler=Supply Runners]EDGAR, Castrian Scout, played by Brothene

MARSALI the SINISTROUS, Castrian Warrior, played by Kay

RINE, Castrian Archer, played by Rapier

HAZEL, Petrarchan Rogue, played by JB

VARON, Castrian Apothecary, played by Varon

SELINA, Castrian Apothecary, played by Eclipse

ANGELINE of ATROS, Rosary Warrior, currently without a home :<

[spoiler=Who Even Knows]DIRAY, Petrarchan Archer, played by Doku

[spoiler=To Be Introduced]

MATTHEW of RELANTH, Castrian Scout, played by 13th

OSCAR, Castrian Warrior, played by Eail

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Note: I need to work out ranged attacks, and a bunch of other mechanics. I apologize.

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Yeah, but we're still not showing you any formulae, at least not for now. Sorry powergamers~~~

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Name: Edgar

Sex: Male

Nationality: Castrian

RPer: Rothene

Age: 18

Appearance: Lanky man with curly brown hair and dark brown eyes

Personality: Dodgy about his past. Cowardly and dislikes being struck, or rather, not used to. Pessimistic to the core and gullible to superstition.

Backstory: Son of a wealthy Castrian merchant, Edgar was taught how to read and write, important traits for a merchant when making signs and written deals. The grand study of basic mathematics was also conveyed to him from a young age in order to grasp the basic premise of buying low and selling high early. During his early teens his father had him sent to learn about herblore and the sort from some apothecaries in order to start a business of making 'miracle' cures in the future.

It was not the dishonest way of living future that stopped Edgar from grasping the finer methods of poulstice making, but rather his greater fascination in the crossbow that some of the people who taught him had. Learning about the anatomy of various living things and practice with careful vivisection of live animals had allowed Edgar to discover his natural dexterity, which had proven useful to him during his hunting sessions with the crossbow.

Unfortunately, he found out his father was growing impatient with his lack of improvement in the field of study that really counted, herblore. The brewing formulas kept slipping his memory, and when news got out that his father was planning to have him brought home to discuss about the gold he was wasting, Edgar took with him the last few gold his father had sent him to fund his education and enlisted in the military.

Class: Scout

Level: 1

Attributes: Str3/Sta4/Dex8/Agi10

Skills: Support

Equipment: (Don't pick any out, you'll be given a starting set based on class. Being from the army, the first users to join will probably have slightly better stuff on them.)

now give them cool equipment....also, might add more to appearance when my writhing has improved.

Edit: Naming conventions...

Edited by Rothene

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Uh, okay, I guess...

Just keep in mind pretty much anything with an axe close up will paste you. Or a bow. Or a sword.

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Name: Alfred Oldenfeld (fuck modest or humble btw)

Sex: Male

Nationality: Castrian, I'm not some kind of filth

RPer: Defeatist Elitist

Age: 20

Appearance: Blonde hair and the fair skin of a man who has never done a day of work that is beneath his station, brown eyes, no scars or birth marks, and handsome despite his face being slightly... pointier than it should be

Personality: Alfred is a proud Castrian, firm in his knowledge that he is superior to his countrymen due to his blood, and even firmer in his knowledge that his homeland is superior to the rabble that populates the rest of the known world. He is motivated almost solely by the need to pursue glory for himself and his homeland, and to spread its influence and religion (hoping we have a sort of state religion) across the map. While he is incredibly disdainful of those he views as inferiors and his measure of a person tends to stem largely from where and into which social class they were born, he is canny enough to not demonstrate it if necessassary. To people he views as equals he is generally quite friendly and polite, and is often willing to help them, even going so far as to be rather selfless.

Backstory: Alfred hails from a proud noble house of the Empire, and was raised as a noble youth would be. As he grew he took even more keenly to the ideals of the nobility than most did. As soon as he came of age he began to work towards joining the Imperial army as a knight, representing both his country (if that's the appropriate word) and his house on the battlefield, and spreading civilization and piety to the world.

Class: Warrior

Level: 1

Attributes: 8/8/5/4

Skills: Offensive

Equipment: Finely crafted plate mail bearing the Castrian insignia on the chest and the symbol of Pride on either shoulder. The armor covers his entire body, including a double visored bascinet for a helmet (complete with a red plume) (Heavy Armor), a bastard sword (or hand and a half sword or long sword or whatever you want to call it) with his house's name inscribed on the blade (1H slashing), and a kite shield with the symbol of Wrath splayed across it (Shield)

Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hope all this stuff is okay, didn't have quite enough info to really go on.

Edited by Defeatist Elitist

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Accepted. Looks amazing, can't wait to see him hit people. Particularly with the Shield Bash you picked as your skill.

(Hush Rothene you get your skill name when I actually think of what the sneaky classes get for skills)

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Go ahead. Given your unusual circumstance, I'd say it's justified.

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Added my equipment to the post, though I suppose now would be a good time to ask what the symbol of Castria's primary religion is (and all the other stuff about the religion too I guess), since I probably won't have it all over my guy if it's really complex. I've sort of gone on the assumption that it's easy enough, like the various crosses used by Catholicism, Orthodox, etc.

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Unfortunately, the primary religion is a polytheism shared by the Ryslanders with no real symbols I can name. Still, it is rumoured that Maxilian holds himself to be unto a god...

There's always the option of holding a specific deity above all others. In which case, pick one of the deadly sins and flip it around so it's portrayed more positively. In Alfred's light, Wrath (a war goddess) and Pride (who encourages zeal in general) seem likely.

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Another thought; is it okay if the platemail's a little battered up from the fighting? It would kind of be a huge step up from the chainmail and tabards the common-blooded Warriors would have now.

And IRC's up at #ShatteredHonor on DarkMyst.

Edited by Furetchen

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Unfortunately, the primary religion is a polytheism shared by the Ryslanders with no real symbols I can name. Still, it is rumoured that Maxilian holds himself to be unto a god...

There's always the option of holding a specific deity above all others. In which case, pick one of the deadly sins and flip it around so it's portrayed more positively. In Alfred's light, Wrath (a war goddess) and Pride (who encourages zeal in general) seem likely.

What are the symbols of Wrath and Pride if any? He'd probably hold them both in high regard.

EDIT: Yeah, some banged up plate mail is fine. I actually thought all Heavy armor was statistically identical or something, so I figured the specific type wouldn't matter.

Edited by Defeatist Elitist

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Wrath: Red crossed blades.

Pride: Dark blue ... this thing, but not a ribbon, and 2D, so not curved.

...You know what I mean.

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Fuck yeah, I'll go with the wrath symbol on my shield, Pride's symbol on my shoulders.

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Name: Marsali the Left-Handed

Sex: Female

Nationality: Castrian

RPer: Kay

Age: 21

Appearance: Short not-quite-strawberry blonde hair, tall for a woman. Wears a battered, dirty green cloak.

Personality: Confrontational, rebellious toward those she feels don't deserve their authority, overly loyal to those she thinks more highly of. Has a very black-and-white sense of morality.

Backstory: Marsali worked solely toward learning the art of war for most of her childhood. She joined the army as soon as she was old enough, seeing it as an escape from the dreary life of a commoner. Once she began proper training, it became clear that she was nowhere near as strong or skilled as she had thought herself to be. Seeing this as a challenge to test herself against, she continued to hone her skills with more dedication than was expected.

The war began before she had a chance to improve significantly, though, and she was soon sent into a battle she was entirely unready for. Somehow, nothing went too badly wrong for her... until another new recruit in the same army knocked the haft of a mace into her head, stunning her enough for their formation to be disrupted.

Realizing for the first time that real battles weren't the test of skill that single combat was, that taking advantage of someone's bad luck mattered more than actual ability, she got spooked, and ran. Later on, she didn't know why. She would have sworn that she would prefer to fight to the death. Her intentions didn't matter to her, though. Clearly, her actions were those of a failure. She slunk away from the area, not wanting to be reminded of her cowardice.

Class: Warrior

Level: 1

Attributes: STA 7, AGI 7, STR 7, DEX 4

Skills: Support


Edited by Kay

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Stats: Those are the number things. You can fill that in later. Anyway, welcome~!

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Name: Rine

Sex: Male

Nationality: Castrian

RPer: Rapier

Age: 19

Appearance: Considerably tall for an archer (1,95 meters... Yeah, I dunno how to translate it into feet); weak, thin build, although his arms and legs are stronger than the rest of his body; his hair's color is a mix between brown and blonde, thus making him look blondish on the sunlight and light brownish on the dark. Brown eyes. Wears a dark blue cloak along with black clothes.

Personality: Confident on his own skills and capacities, that trait oftenly mistaken as arrogance. Basically, an arrow himself: If he's got something into his mind, he'll pursue it without stopping or changing ways, whatever it is. At first he isn't socable, acting coldly and straightforwardly, but after he gets to know a little more about that person that attitude changes. Values everything he successfully accomplished deeply, almost giving a vibe that he lives for it.


Born in a rather poor family, he had a simple life. There were times in which he had nothing to eat, and oftenly he saw himself using clothes that were too small for him. Through the hardships of the era he has been born, he lived his childhood. As a teen, his parents decided to support and persuade him into training and joining the army on his comming of age, putting into his mind that his talent on hitting things with utmost accuracy would help his family. Decided to master the arts of the bow, he put his mind into his training and on it only, thus resulting in making him a lone person with only 1 or 2 companions.

When he was 16, his skills were already taken highly and his confidence and folly were on its peak. On an ordinary day, a stranger came to him and acknowledged his skills, offering Rine to join his group on route to their meeting site. He said that the road would be dangerous, but he accepted it with a smirk. His parents let him go after hearing the sum he'd be paid with and after hearing that he might be used again on the future depending on his performance. The trip lasted 2 days, they were a small group with a lack of rations and weapons at their limit, some were stolen from bandits and hostile parties fought along the way. Two men died, five were badly wounded in the end.

Rine survived through it with few injuries, being paid for his work later, but he had also been caught on a trap: The money wasn't enough to return to his home or live independetly on a city, and the path was dangerous to travel alone, so he was forced to work for them for a while. It looked like almost everyone was on that situation, too. On the camp he met a true master of the bow which skills were said to be able to hit a man on his neck within a 20 meters distance, but the fact was that he was indeed dangerous and talented with a bow. Rine got to work with him after his skills improved and they entrusted him with more dangerous and risky tasks. Soon enough they developped a bond, since he admired the man's skills and the man himself was impressed with Rine's skills in that young age. After a while, the man decided to take the boy under his wing.

When he was 18, they've discussed about leaving the camp and starting their own company, because the "trap" was currently working agaisnt the own person who set the trap: They had to pay more heads, so everyone was getting a much lesser payment than before, and it was even rumoured that some of those fresh recruits were killed during the missions in order to dispose of them after they're used. Along with other 3 trustworthy men, they chose to leave the camp on the night, stealing as much provisions as they could before heading out. Unfortunately for them, they forgot about the incomming war and just how close the enemy was.

The group was ambushed during their escape, one of them was disposed off instantly, while other 10 came forward to kill the remaining 2 and the others pursuited Rine.Rine's master had been hit by a lance in the knee as they tried to flee, The boy had been able to escape by pure luck: The path led him to a hill, and below it was a river, the only way he could escape. And he accepted it.

After that day, he tried his best to join the army and have his revenge agaisnt the ones who killed his mentor, his friend. But he failed again in the end.

Class: Archer

Level: 99 minus 98.

Attributes: Str/Dex

Skills: Offensive

Equipment: (Don't pick any out, you'll be given a starting set based on class. Being from the army, the first users to join will probably have slightly better stuff on them.) K.





I just wish I didn't exaggerate. o.o I hope everything's alright.

Edited by Rapier

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Guys. . .you can put numbers in your stats. . .just follow the rules, 'k?

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Uh, sure, once you pick your stats out.

(...187 cm is tall for an archer? I'd think of your man as more lanky for an archer.)

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Name: Hazel

Sex: Female

Nationality: Petrarchan


Age: 24

Appearance: Black hair, often tied into a ponytail, along with brown eyes. Her chest isn’t humongous (though not non-existent either), and she wears rather light, brown-coloured armour, as well as a set of dark blue gloves. She keeps a small sapphire necklace with her at all times, often wearing it when not in battle. About 172 cm tall.

Personality: Because of her recent loss, she shuns most of the outside world, though if necessary, she will interact if it means her survival. She is fairly insecure, not talking very much at all, but she is extremely close to those she considers her friends.

Backstory: Hazel grew up in a small village, raised by her maternal grandparents. Her father was missing for nearly 6 months when she was born; her mother died in childbirth. Her childhood was rather unremarkable, and while life was tough, her family, or what was left of it, was able to get by.

When she was 10, her grandfather kicked the bucket; the year after, her grandmother followed him. After their deaths, she stayed with her friend, Regina, as well as her parents. The world was getting a bit more dangerous now, and a form of self-defense was necessary; to that end, Regina and Hazel both learnt how to fight, thanks to Regina’s father. The two girls would often spar together, both hoping they’d become better at the fighting, and also as a little bit of a hobby, something to do in their free time.

At the age of 17, both of them decided to leave home, in order to become mercenaries. They both figured it would earn them a decent living, enough to survive on without needing Regina’s parents. Of course, they found it wasn’t the life they had expected; many days were spent harassed by the male members of whatever crew they joined, and because of their gender, they received a mere pittance compared to others. However, they slogged on, hoping that their perseverance would eventually work out for them.

Finally, on their last job together, they were hired as a part of a relatively large group of mercenaries, working for the Castrian Empire. They were both involved in the battle against the Rysland, but poor positioning caused their unit to be ambushed before the proper fight even began. Hazel and Regina both attempted to escape, but a single archer caught the two of them out. He fired one arrow, and the arrow pierced Regina’s chest, killing her instantly.

Her only friend left in the world now dead, Hazel took Regina’s sword, as well as a small pendant, and ran away. She didn’t know where she wanted to go, as long as it got her away from the fighting. She ended up running towards a small area, where the Castrian survivors were, deciding what to do with their lives.

Class: Rogue

Level: 1

Attributes: 6/4/7/8

Skills: Offensive

Equipment: (Don't pick any out, you'll be given a starting set based on class. Being from the army, the first users to join will probably have slightly better stuff on them.)

Edited by JBCWK

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Name: Valencia

Sex: Female

Nationality: Rosian/Kalphin

RPer: Hikarusa/ussr

Age: 22

Appearance: 179 cm, shoulder length red hair, blue eyes, is female so has breasts, armour is a plain silvery colour except she has a red rose on her torso.

Personality: She believes that she's naturally better than anyone else, though she's good at hiding this fact

Backstory: Growing up, Valencia had been extremely lucky. She was the daughter of two Kalphin militiamen who were famous among the people for being "high-ranking" (aka: as far as any non-noble could ever reach in their area under their horrible lord) and yet still refused to suck up to the nobles to the extent to which they were expected, and continuously made attempts to help the people in any way they could. While her parents had been at war, she had been treated exceptionally by the other people in her (insert village/town/city/whatever here), and she was blessed with a quick wit which has helped her in many situations. She joined the Kalphin militia as soon as she could, and she hopes to eventually become higher rank than her parents, as she refuses to accept the idea that just because she isn't a noble she has a limit that will be placed upon her. No matter what, as long as she's as great as she is there will be no one to stop her ascent to knighthood. The first thing she has been involved in was the war between Rysland and Castria, on the Castrian side, as her lord had believed they would win, and wanted to be put in the inevitable winner's favor. AND THEN SHE ACTUALLY FOUGHT RYSLAND

Class: Mercenary

Level: 1

Attributes: Str 8/Sta 4/Dex 7/Agi 6

Skills: Offensive

Equipment: Apparently I'm not supposed to choose equipment. I also don't care, I won't be specific! If I can dual-wield give me a one handed axe and a one handed mace. OTHERWISE just throw a really big axe on me.

Edited by Hikarussr

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Name: BELF Delves of Rythanh

Sex: Male

Nationality: Petrarchan

RPer: Cam

Age: 25

Class: Rogue



Personality: Jaded to almost everything. Rarely openly hostile, but is cynical and distrustful of anyone. Always believes that there is an ulterior motive; and even if there isn't, it's his opinion that human nature will always create one. Pessimistic and dishonorable, able to stab a 'friend' in the back without a second thought. Will flee when matched with an opponent he knows he can't beat without assistance (honorably or no).

Backstory: Delves was born into a rather typical, middle-class family. His father was a struggling banker, his mother some generic housewife. His father's dwindling stores frequently left Delves hungry; to resolve this he learned to steal, taking food from neighbors and passersby. It was at about this time when he began playing with knives. He soon developed a modest talent for throwing bladed objects. The Blight left the 14-year old Delves parentless; his father had been killed by Rysland and his mother had died of grief* shortly afterwards. With no other alternative, he turned to banditry, accosting travelers for money and weapons. The constant fighting, fear and death jaded Delves to the horrors of war.

He had a fateful encounter with a retired soldier two years later. Delves, working solo, was easily overpowered by the man. He would have died then and there, if it weren't for a spate of blind, dumb luck. The soldier took pity on the 16-year old kid, and nursed him back to health. The next month was spent teaching the kid to use a sword as well as a throwing knife. He tried his hand at a bow, but it never really worked.

At the end of that month, however, everything changed. The soldier, who had let himself go hungry to feed some random kid bandit, decided that he'd had enough. Delves never knew what caused that change of heart, nor did he know exactly what happened afterwards. All he knew was that he woke up one morning to find the soldier a few inches from his throat. Blind anger and self-preservation took over. When the dust settled, Delves was standing, covered in blood, a splintered and shattered arrow in one hand and the old soldier's knife in the other. The traveler was dead, riddled with stab wounds. He took the man's bow and arrows, carrying them for no reason other than because they are somewhat threatening.

Ever since, Delves has been traveling alone. The betrayal left him deeply scarred, disabling his sense of trust. Eventually he found his way to a group of Castrian survivors, whom he began following silently, bidding his time for... something.

*basically she lost the will to fight for her own survival and starved to death.

Level: 1

Attributes: 2 Str/6 Sta/8 Dex/10 Agi

Skills: (Offensive, Defensive or Support)

Equipment: blank


Is it bad that every time I see "Castrian" I think of alternately "Castrated" and "Catria"?

Edited by Kam

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