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Welcome to my Pokemon HeartGold playthrough, and this time, I venture through the land of Johto, a land that is still ravaged by rats, owls, and pidgeons, and has a very unassuming tower in the middle. In this series, I go through this place and Kanto in an efficient manner. Fun game, it is. Enough said; let's just get on with the rules.


-Firstly, I will not be save scumming until I get the right nature. I obviously do not like doing this(as I lose my patience rather quickly), but I will also not accept anything with crappy natures. Abilities are another story, though as that's 50/50.

-I don't really give two shits about IV's or EV's ingame, since IV's are random and EV's . I'll deal with that when I get to the Frontier.

-I will be taking notes of various TM's as they are obtained. Like Grandjackal, I generally like to hoard TM's and ultimately never use them. I will be taking note on things that can make use of them.

-While I have access to trading(I don't have Wi-Fi, but I have my SoulSilver and a functioning DS lite), I may only use it for the acqusition of trade evos. Stuff like getting Larvitar early is a big no-no. I may use this ability to get rare items that would normally require the PokeAthlon, however.

-I also don't have access to PokeWalker, so don't ask.

-Grinding will be kept to a minimum at absolute worst.

-The game isn't done until I beat Red.


Now for my planned team:

Totodile: Now, I know Cyndaquil is awesome, but I feel that Totodile is superior due to being able to grab a good fire mon(Growlithe)before getting a good water mon(Gyarados). While there are places within the game where a fire type would be an asset(Bugsy, Pryce), you can generally speaking find creative ways around this. As for his strengths, Water is about neutral or SE against most things in Johto, and Grasses/Dragons are covered by Ice Fang. I guess his only weakness is spd, but 78 is still more than enough to outspeed stuff in this game. Oh, and he gets Water Gun at Lv6, not to mention natural Ice Fang and Crunch.

Geodude: This guy mostly serves as Electric/Normal coverage, and Geodude fits the bill nicely. The first three gym leaders are probably going to be tough without him, seeing as Whitney's a bitch and I don't have a fire type for Bugsy. Also, Rock/Ground STAB is amazing against the Rockets, and he grows into a tank. Of course, I am slightly worried about his lategame pre-Kanto performance, since Clair isn't so kind to him and he isn't particularly good against any of the E4 except Koga. Still, 130 base defense is nothing to scoff at, and 110 atk is very good.

Growlithe: Every team needs a good fire type, and Growlithe fits the bill nicely, considering the alternative is Magmar(which is decent, but has a worse movepool) I really like the fact that he can get Flamethrower somewhat early at Lv34, and that he can utilize things like Dragon Pulse. As for his durability, it'd be OK if he gets Intimidate.

Heracross: Very brutal. I can get it as early as Azaela, and it gets Brick Break at the low level of 19, just in time for use against Whitney. It also has a bit of use against Pryce and Erika.

Haven't really decided on a flying type yet. I'll come back to that soon enough.


Let's begin.

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Use......................................................Hoothoot or Gligar!

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So I skip most of the intro crap, stuff that no one cares about, then I get into the gameplay.

New Bark Town:

In any case, here's my Trainer ID:

Name: James

ID: 45894

So I go downstairs, grab my bag and trainer ID from Janice(this is who the player's mother will be called in the context of this game, since that's the name of my real life mother), then get out and head over to Elm's Lab. I then set my configurations and chat with some Marill. I then go into Elm's place after talking to a strange ginger kid and after a brief chat, I choose my starter. Totodile, I CHOOSE YOU! I named him Captain Jack after the pirate from PotC.

Cap'n Jack/Totodile(M) Lv5

Docile Nature/Torrent Ability


Moves: Scratch, Leer

It's decent. At least its nature doesn't suck ass. I would've liked a +Atk one though.

Anyway, after I get my new soldier, Elm's slave gives me five potions, not that I'm complaining, but hey, life insurance is great y'know. And good god, Lyra. She's like Navi from OoT, I tell ya. But at least she ain't a pedo MILF like Cynthia is. She tells me to see Janice, because I need to get my PokeGear. So I go back to get my phone and before I can head out to Route 29, Elm stops me again to... give me his number.

Route 29:

I go in the grass, and get into a scuffle with a Pidgey. I take it out effortlessly, though I lost 13HP due to a crit. I wade through some more grass, killing a Sentret, reaching Lv6 and uisng a potion straight afterwards.

Totodile Lv6: (+2 HP/atk/def, +1 everything else). Water Gun get!

Anyway, I kill another Pidgey afterwards, and after wading through more grass, I fight another Pidgey. Level up!

Totodile Lv7 (+3HP, +1 everything else)

God am I getting annoyed. Killed another Sentret just because of EXP. And unfortunately, you can't grab Apricorns right now. Need the Apricorn Box for that

Cherrygrove City:

I enter the town, only to get stopped by an old fart who gives me a tutorial on shit I already know, then gives me a pair of Nike shoes(which were probably made in China and only have a 3 gym warranty). After trying to get the map from him(he was too busy looking at pornography), I go and heal Jack and head out to Route 30. Of course, the old fart runs off from his porn to give me the map. Town Map get!

Route 30:

More training time. I kill two more pogeys to get another level up on this route.

Totodile Lv8: (+2 HP/atk/def, +1 everything else). Rage get!

Kill some more pogeys and grabbed the potion lying below the Apricorn Box guy. Speaking of that, I went to grab the Apricorn box so that I could get some high quality balls(hint: I need fast balls for the roamers), I then killed a few more pogeys and gained yet another level. I also grabbed two Apricorns from the trees just outside.

Totodile Lv9: (+2 HP, +1 everything else).

Entering Mr. Pokemon's house, I am introduced to Professor Oak, who after a lot of rambling on, gives me a Pokedex. Mr. Pokemon also gives me a mystery egg. I wonder what's in it. Ican tell you what's NOT in it: The sweet, sticky cream you find in Creme Eggs. Oh, and Mr. Pokemon heals my Totodile and Oak registers himself in my phone book. As I leave, I get a message from Elm telling me that someone stole his Chikorita. Hm, could it be that ginger kid we saw in New Bark?

I move back to Cherrygrove, killing some more Pokes as I go along. Just because.

Cherrygrove City:

Healed, then went back east. Wait, is that... It's CopperCab! You know, that guy who's pissed off at South Park for claiming that gingers have no souls.

Boss: Copper

Pokemon: Chikorita Lv5

This battle is more or less a joke. His starter is only Lv5 while yours should be ~Lv8. Tackle does an unimpressive 2 damage while Scratch 3HKO's it. Easy Peasy.

I kill another Pokemon to finish off that level.

Totodile Lv10: (+2 HP/atk, +0 spa, +1 everything else).

New Bark Town:

Entered Elm's Lab, where a NYPD officer ask me who the Pokemon thief is. I tell him it's Copper(I would've put in CopperCab, but you can only fit 7 letters into a name). After giving the egg to Elm, he tells me to go beat up Gym Leaders. I then go back and have Jan hold on to some of my dough so I don't go broke. I then join Lyra on a Pokemon catching tutorial(Not that I need it, as I've played Pokemon since I was 8), and i get five Poke balls out of this.

My Party:

Totodile   	10  32  20  18  13  15  15  Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage

See you round tomorrow morning.

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Route 46:

Off to catch a Geodude. It takes a while, but I find one soon enough. Water Gun obviously OHKO's, so I use Scratch, which does shit damage. I catch it with a Pokeball.

Kevin/Geodude(M) Lv3

Naive Nature/Rock Head Ability


Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl

I like how his nature boosts spd, but it utterly kills his special tanking abilities.

I leave, and kill some mons to train our tank in training. And what do you know, he's outspeeding stuff!

Geodude Lv4: (+2 HP, +3 def, +1 atk/spe, +0 everything else). Mud Sport get!

Geodude Lv5: (+2 HP/atk/def, +1 everything else)

I go back and heal, then it's time for Violet City!

Route 30/31:

I lead off with Geodude, aiming to get him a little more exp before fighting some trainers.

Geodude Lv6: (+2 HP/atk/def, +1 everything else)

The first trainer throws out a Lv4 Rat, so i counter with Geo. Tackle 3HKO's while QA does shit damage. I then register Joey in the phonebook. Next guy throws in a Lv2 Pidgey and a Lv4 Rat. Geodude still rips them apart with Tackle and levels up.

Geodude Lv7: (+2 HP, +3 def, +1 atk/spe, +0 everything else)

Next trainer has two Caterpies, but Geo still knocks 'em down a few notches, though not 2HKOing still sucks.

Geodude Lv8: (+2 HP/atk/def/spe, +1 everything else). Rock Polish get!

I made it to Route 31; I first grabbed a potion, then went into Dark Cave. It is too dark to see anything, but I needed to catch a Zubat. Thankfully, they are VERY common.

Shuuda/Zubat(M) Lv4

Hasty Nature/Inner Focus Ability


Moves: Leech Life

Decent stats, but god awful moveset. 20 power move that isn't STAB'd? Christ! At least that Hasty nature is VERY good indeed.

Anyway, I fight the bug kid. Letting Zubat lead because he needs the exp. Against the Lv2 Caterpie, Leech Life liek 6HKO's. I send in Kevin because there is no way in hell that Zubat can do anything on his own. So I do the B+S method, and Zubat doesn't exactly gain a level. Registered Wade in the phonebook.

I kill another Caterpie to gain another level:

Zubat Lv5: (+2 HP, +1 everything else) Supersonic get!

Geodude Lv9: (+2 HP/atk/def, +0 spd, +1 everything else).

As I enter Voilet, Lyra stops me... again. Just to give me a Vs. Recorder.

Violet City:

The music is nice here.

Healed and did some stuff. There is a house that will give you an Onix for a Bellsprout, but I don't have a 'Sprout, so fuck it. I first go and talk to the Engrish-speaking fat bastard(Earl)who runs the school, who takes me to said location and even gives me some useless advice I already know about. I then enter the gym to fight Falkner, only to find out that Clyde is blocking the way.Well, I guess its time to start hunting again.

Route 33:

Decided to go catch a Mareep, just because I could.

Lightli/Mareep(M) Lv6

Quiet Nature/Static Ability


Moves: Tackle, Growl

On one hand, Quiet nature hampers it's already bad spd, making it even slower than Geodude. On the other, it also boosts his good Sp. Atk, which is what I want. And a spd defecit can be covered by T-Wave anyway.

With my new 'mon in tow, let's take on the Sprout Tower(and yes, this is mandatory in HG/SS)

Sprout Tower:

Gp up the stairs, and do battle with a sage. Against his Bellsprouts, Mareep 3HKO's and only takes 3 damage, but took a crit. Second and third 'Sprout gets Static'd, and I level up twice.

Mareep Lv7: (+2 HP/spa, +1 everything else)

Mareep Lv8: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

After healing Mareep, I go down, grab a Parlyz heal, and battle a second sage. I decide to train Zubat here, by switching it out for Mareep, as usual. And Mareep gains yet another level.

Mareep Lv9: (+2HP/spa, +1 everything else)

Mareep grows very quickly.

Go upstairs, grab an Antidote, and battle another sage. Zubat levels up here as well. I also train Totodile here, even though Vine Whip is SE against him. I also decided to give Zubat a full kill just because, and it proves how much of a scrub Zubat is earlygame. After running back outside to get more potions and heal up, I took on the third floor. Also Zubat leveled on the way down.

Zubat Lv6: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

Zubat Lv7: (+2 HP, +0 def, +1 everything else)

On the third floor, after I had bought 6 potions, and got Kevin a level from killing rats,

Geodude Lv10: (+2 HP, +3 def, +1 atk/spe, +0 everything else)

I put Shuuda back up, and I now fight a Lv6 Bellsprout. I send in Jack, who is 4HKO'd, but takes a crit. I kill it, then face the second guy who has yet another Bellsprout, but the third guy has a Hoothoot on top of that. I send Mareep to kill the Hoothoot, though I get slept twice(would've 4HKOd if not for min-max.)

Zubat Lv8: (+2 HP/spe, +0 def/spa, +1 atk/spd)

Totodile Lv11: (+3 HP, +2 atk/def, +1 everything else)

I then enact a cutscene where CopperCab gets a TM from the sage elder, gets lectured, and uses an escape rope. I then heal up and face the 'boss'.

Boss: Elder Li

Pokemon: Bellsprout Lv7 x2, Hoothoot Lv10

I have Shuuda chip the first Bellsprout with Leech Life, then switch to Mareep. Lightli levels up.

Mareep Lv10: (+2 HP, +3 spa, +1 everything else). ThunderShock get!

Second Bellsprout died just as easily to Jack, though Hoothoot did take a surprising amount of abuse. Water Gun was doing shit, so I used Scratch instead. I get slept,but ultimately kill the Hoothoot. I actually slept for 5 turns before not killing the Hoothoot with Scratch.

Zubat Lv9: (+2 HP, +1 everything else). Astonish get!

I then grab my TM70, get Totodile an extra level, then leave.

Totodile Lv12: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

Violet City:

After I healed my Pokemon and bought some more potions, it was time for the gym.

Violet Gym:

Type: Flying

Recommended Types: Rock, Electric

Unrecommended Types: Grass, Bug

This gym is patheticly easy if you have the right types. If you have a Geodude or Mareep, a winner is you. It IS entirely possible to avoid the trainers, but I want Kevin to get Rock Throw, so this isn't happening. First Bird Keeper has a Lv9 Spearow. Kevin is a boss and 3HKO's while Spearow can't do shit. I then take on a second(though Sand Attack just sucks ass, so I juts threw in Jack), and Geo levels up.

Geodude Lv11: (+2 HP/def, +0 spa, +1 everything else). Rock Throw get! Repaced Mud Sport.

Boss: Falkner

Pokemon: Pidgey Lv9, Pidgeotto Lv13

Difficulty: *

I decided to lead off with Mareep. Pidgey didn't put up much of a fight, if any at all. I take a Tackle, and one-shotted it with a ThunderShock. Pidgeotto was a LOT tougher; he managed to crit my Mareep to 1HP while T-Shock only did about half, so I sent in Kevin to take some punishment. Pidgeotto uses Roost to heal himself, while I miss the Rock Throw. I use Rock Polish in order to outspeed the birdie and kill it using two Rock Throws. Lightli leveled up in the process.

Mareep Lv11: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

I recieve the Zephyr Badge and TM51, which teaches Roost. Might come in handy later on.

Violet City:

After leaving, Elm tells me to go collect an egg. I heal up first, then go collect my prize. As I leave, a Kimono girl comments about my egg.

Totodile   	12  37  23  21  15  17  17  Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage
Geodude    	11  31  23  30  14  10  14  Tackle, Leer, Rock Polish, Rock Throw
Zubat      	09  27  13  10  11  13  17  Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish
Mareep     	11  34  16  15  24  17  14  Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock

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Route 36:

I venture as far west as I can go and grab the HM06. I try to go west, but there's a tree blocking the way.

Ruins of Alph:

Not much to do here. I just pass on by, I'm afraid. I'll come back when I get Surf.

Route 33:

Before I finished Violet's gym, there was a prick blocking the path, but I can move ahead now. The bouncer gives me a miracle seed, then I continue on my way(mostly to train Zubat). The first trainer on the route charged in with a rat and a bat, which I killed with Jack. A few secondsof walking later, and I was faced with a Picknicker armed with a Nidoran(F). Killed it the same way as with the Youngster's mons. Registered Liz in the phonebook. I grab the repel from the grass and get a move on towards the bridge. I skip the fishermen for the time being and maul another Youngster's Wooper. I grab the TM09 lying around and battle the Camper. Well, I kill a wild rat and almost level up. Camper himself is rather easy. All he has is a Lv9 Nidoran(M), which Jack killed easily.

Zubat Lv10: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

Totodile Lv13: (+2HP/atk/def, +1 everything else. Bite get! Replaced Leer.

I went forward and grabbed a Great Ball, then returned to fight the fishermen. First guy on my hitlist had 2 Poliwags. I had Zubat lead off yet again, but had Mareep switch right into a Hypnosis. And I stay asleep for like 5 turns before I wake up and one-shot it with a T-Shock. Second fisherman had 4 Magikarp, which surprisingly I was able to 3HKO the lowest end ones. Then there was the final guy who had a Lv10 Goldeen. Thankfully, he was a chump compared to Lightli. Registered Ralph in the phonebook.

Zubat Lv11: (+2 HP, +0 spa, +1 everything else)

Geodude Lv12: (+0 spe, +2 HP/atk/def, +1 everything else)

Mareep Lv12: (+1 def/spe, +2 everything else)

As I decend towards the PokeCenter, I talk to a guy who offered me a SlowpokeTail for the low, low price of... $1,000,000. I accepted, but told me how gullible I was. I then healed and picked up an old rod, which only catches crap. I then do battle with a bird keeper and his two Pidgeys and Spearow. Killed them and went into Union Cave.

Union Cave:

The first thing I see is a Sandshrew; I catch it for HM muling purposes.

Sandshrew(F) Lv6

Sassy Nature/Sand Veil Ability


Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl

Bah. Not using. Used HM06 on it and went outside to collect a Shell Bell. I ventured north first and fought a Firebreather with a Lv9 Vulpix. Considering Jack Kevin made mincemeat out of it, it was easy pickings. I went down and collected a TM39 on my way back up(I need Surf), as well as some X items. The first hiker has a Lv11 Onix, easy prey for Jack since Water Gun OHKO's. Jack and Shuuda almost gain a level each, thanks to Onix's huge EXP worth right now. Same thing with the next guy's two Geodudes.

Totodile Lv14: (+3 HP, +1 everything else)

Zubat Lv12: (+2 spe, +1 everything else)

I then have a ball day with the next guy's two Koffings. Thankfully, Kevin is fairly good at killing them despite not having Magnitude yet(and wouldn't hit them even if he did have it). I grab a Great Ball and a Potion, then go south to face a PokeManiac. And good god is it durable. Astonish does absolute garbage and the growling does not help. I sac the Sandshrew to get Zubat back in and kill it with an Astonish.I grab an Awakening on the way out.

Route 33:

I picked up two more Apricorns, and did battle with the hiker's Geodude and Machop. Registered Anthony in the phonebook.

Zubat Lv13: (+2 HP, +1 everything else) Bite get!


Totodile   	14  42  26  24  17  19  19  Scratch, Bite, Water Gun, Rage
Geodude    	12  33  25  32  15  11  14  Tackle, Leer, Rock Polish, Rock Throw
Zubat      	13  34  17  14  14  17  23  Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite
Mareep 		12  36  18  16  26  19  15  Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock

I'm so lonely right now...

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Azaela Town:

I finally made it. Well, the first thing I see is a Rocket Grunt talking to some old cunt. Healed up and went to Kurt's house because the well is blocked. After Kurt gives me a lecture on Team Rocket that I already know about, he tells me to follow him down, so I do so.

Slowpoke Well:

After leaning past Kurt, I venture into the well and fight my first Rocket Grunt. His Rat was no match for Kevin's Rock Throw, and Geo leveled up.

Geodude Lv13: (+2 HP/atk/def, +0 spd, +1 everything else)

I send in Jack to take down the second rat. Two Bites selas the deal.

I grab a super potion and engage the second grunt, who has a Zubat, who dies to Jack. Mareep tears apart the Ekans depite 3HKOing.

Totodile Lv15: (+1 spa/spd, +2 everything else). Did not learn Scary Face.

I grabbed another Super potion just because, and engaged the third grunt before Proton. His Rats and Bats were all pulverized by Shuuda's Bite,even though I only 3HKO'd the bats. After I healed and saved, I dealt with Proton.

Boss: Rocket Executive Proton

Pokemon: Zubat Lv8, Koffing Lv12

Difficulty: *

You call this a boss? CopperCab is more threatening than this. ChristianU2uber is more threatening than this.

I hit his Zubat with my Mareep's ThunderShock, killing him in one hit. Lightli levels up.

Mareep Lv13: (+2 HP,+1 everything else)

I send Zubat to kill Koffing, though Koffing can take a lot of abuse thanks to his natural defense, though Tackle is only 8HKOing me. I normally would've 8HKO'd or some shit, but eventually I kill him.

Zubat Lv14: (+2 HP/spe, +1 everything else)

After beating Proton, I respawn at Kurt's shoppe, and he gives me a Fast Ball. Registered Kurt in the phonebook. I then head down to the gym.

Azaela Gym:

Type: Bug

Recommended Types: Fire, Flying, Rock

Unrecommended Types: Grass

If you started with Cyndaquil, congrats. You just made this gym easy mode. Chikorita players, I recommed getting a Spearow or Geodude before entering here. Anyway, this place has carts made from Spinarak parts and wooden webbing. Use the carts to get to Bugsy.

I take the center cart first and take down his Caterpie and Weedle with Kevin. I make a U-turn and go all out on Benny's Weedle. I miss the Rock Throw and get poisoned, but land the second one, killing it.

Geodude Lv14: (+2 HP, +3 def, +1 everything else)

The Kakuna also dies readily, but I send out Jack to get a mega-kill on the Beedrill, since it doesn't threaten him, and Bite 2HKO's. I then go across the tracks again, only to face a set of twins. Thankfully, I gang up on Spinarak to not have to deal with poison. The Ledyba died soon after.

Totodile Lv16: (+2 HP/atk, +1 everything else)

The final opponent had a Paras, which was eventually killed by Zubat, but I fell asleep first turn, while Paras usd Leech Life to slowly get its HP back. I get Para'd, but I still kill it anyway after using my Parlyz Heal. After healing, I did the puzzle req'd to reach Bugsy.

Boss: Bugsy

Pokemon: Scyther Lv17, Metapod Lv15, Kakuna Lv15

Difficulty: ****

The reason he's a 4 on the difficulty meter is because of Scyther.

I lead off with Shuuda against Scyther and make a switch into Kevin. She uses Leer as I Rock Throw for not a OHKO. I kill her with a second. Both Shuuda and Kevin level up.

Zubat Lv15: (+2 HP, +0 spa, +1 everything else)

Geodude Lv15 (+2HP/atk/def, +1 everything else). Magnitude get! Replaced Defense Curl.

I send Mareep to deal with his two cocoons. ThunderShock 3HKO's, so I use Tackle to get Metapod into KO range, but min-max screws me over and I have to continue fighting as Bugsy used a super potion. Kakuna was the same deal, except with Poison Sting, which crits AND poisons. Thankfully, I heal and kill the fucker with two more T-Shocks.

Mareep Lv14: (+2 HP/spa, +1 everything else) Thunder Wave get!

I recieved the Hive Badge and TM89, U-Turn. I left the gym to heal and face Copper, who ambushes me as I leave for Ilex forest.

Boss: CopperCab

Pokemon: Gastly Lv14, Zubat Lv16, Bayleef Lv18

Difficulty: **

Lead off with Jack, killed his Gastly in one Bite after he Cursed. I swapped for Shuuda after Bayleef came in and boy is he bulky as hell. I use Supersonic to attempt to speed things up while I Bite it about 20 times, since Confusion damage was greater than my Bite damage. I actually had to run it of Synthesis because it is way too bulky, though Copper is a moron and uses it after I chipped like 10% off Bayleef's HP bar. God I wish I had Poison moves right about now. Eventually after 14 Bites and a lot of Leech Lifes, I kill it and ALMOST level up. Zubat was easy prey for Jack, as Bite critted, and I broke through the confusion on the first try. I simply went back to Route 33 to finish their levels.

Zubat Lv16: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

Totodile Lv17: (+3 HP, +1 everything else)

Totodile   	17  49  31  28  20  22  22  Scratch, Bite, Water Gun, Rage
Geodude    	15  39  30  39  18  13  17  Tackle, Magnitude, Rock Polish, Rock Throw
Zubat      	16  40  20  17  16  20  27  Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite
Mareep 		14  40  20  18  29  21  17  Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave

Please comment and tell me what you think of the PT so far!

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Nice read.

You keeping Totodile unevolved until it learns a certain move?

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Nice read.

You keeping Totodile unevolved until it learns a certain move?

No. The only move I'd consider holding off evolution is for Ice Fang, which Croconaw learns only 1 level after Totodile's.

Oh and thanks for the compliment.

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Are you going to be doing multiple playthroughs of this in one thread like GJ?

Also, is Geodude going to become a Golem, or will it have to stay as a Graveller?

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Awesome PT and props on the Mareep, that thing's a badass, although I think it would be better off with a Modest (+Sp.Atk -Atk) or a Timid (+Spe -Atk) nature 'cause it's not got much use for it's attack stat.

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Yeah, but Mareep is still slow, but its HP cushion will help.

Lol TBolt/Signal Beam/power gem coverage only missing ground types.

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Are you going to be doing multiple playthroughs of this in one thread like GJ?

Also, is Geodude going to become a Golem, or will it have to stay as a Graveller?

This is going to be one playthrough because I want to see the whole thing through to the end.

And yes, I should be able to get Kevin fully evolved, as I have my SoulSilver ready to go, so you won't be seeing Graveler for too long.

Awesome PT and props on the Mareep, that thing's a badass, although I think it would be better off with a Modest (+Sp.Atk -Atk) or a Timid (+Spe -Atk) nature 'cause it's not got much use for it's attack stat.

Yeah, Quiet really kind of sucks on something that is already slow as shit, and I thought to myself, 'I could've reset for a Modest/Timid nature', but I'm not that patient. And like I said, I'm not overly worried about the -spd nature as I can just T-Wave, and Mareep's line is bulky enough to not really care about its sloth anyway.

Now, all I need to worry about now is catching Heracross. Last time I checked, they have like 10% chance of appearing, and I would like to find one that has Guts and an acceptable nature. Oh god.

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Azaela Town:

I grabbed my balls from Kurt, gave Kurt more balls, and bought some super potions and Pokeballs. I then entered Ilex Forest:

Ilex Forest:

I enter the forest with some degree of caution... wait, the Pokes here suck ass. Anyway, there's an asshole who's telling me to grab his Farfetch'd. I go into the back, step on a branch and grab it from behind. After spawning back at the start point, I grab a Revive, and pull a trick that involves tricking the duck that I'm gonna catch it, then stepping in bushes to confuse it, then I catch it for... HM01! Taught Cut to Sandshrew. On the way down to the headbutt guy, I run into a Kimono girl... again, though I grab Headbutt first and teach it to Mareep, replacing Tackle(by the way, you can learn Headbutt from this guy over and over again fro free.) I then leave the forest.

Azaela Town:

I now start my relentless search for Heracross, eventually stumbling across one. Unfortunately, they are like Lv4, but I catch one anyway.

Musashi/Heracross(M) Lv3

Jolly Nature/Guts Ability


Moves: Tackle, Horn Attack, Leer, Endure

Well, its VERY underleveled. Looks like I have some grinding to do. However, I got REALLY lucky with the nature AND ability.

Oh, by the way, my Togepi hatched.

Togepi(M) Lv1

Serious Nature/Hustle Ability


Moves: Charm, Growl, Extrasensory

So... not... using.

Union Cave:

I take a trip through the Union cave and back and train Heracross there for 6 levels just to get it started. Thankfully, he's already self-sufficient against the wild pogeys here, and Sandshrews give off a good bit of EXP without being total tards like Onix.

Heracross Lv4: (+3 atk, +1 spa, +2 everything else)

Heracross Lv5: (+3 HP, +2 atk/spd/spe, +1 def/spa)

Heracross Lv6: (+3 HP/atk/spd, +2 def/spe, +0 spa)

Heracross Lv7: (+3 atk, +1 spa, +2 everything else) Fury Attack get! Replaced Tackle.

Heracross Lv8: (+3 HP/atk/spe, +2 spd, +1 everything else)

Heracross Lv9: (+3 HP/atk, +1 spa, +2 everything else)

I then returned to Ilex Forest to continue on my quest(and train Heracross)

Ilex Forest:

I went past Celebi's shrine once again, and killed any wild Pokes with Mumu as I saw fit, since Horn Attack is OHKOing all over the place now. I run into a Kimono girl... again, who tells me she is lost and needs an escort... yeah, that isn't happening. Though Mumu, being the modly Pokemon he is(Musashi/Charlie/Gustave is a global mod on this forum), directed the KG out. Mumu levels up again.

Heracross Lv10: (+1 spa, +2 everything else)

I grab an elixir, then after some more bodies pile up, I leave.

Route 34:

Before I leave the forest barrier, a woman gives me a TM12, then I have Hera do battle with a youngster(I swapped out of the Spearow due to Peck. Kevin still destroys them). I level up again.

Heracross Lv11: (+3 HP/atk, +2 spd/spe, +1 def/spa)

I then fought a PokeFan with a Snubbull and a Mareep. I had Mareep deal with the Snubbull, though T-Shock 3HKO's. Hera kills the Mareep in 2 hits with Horn Attack, but gets Static'd. Next on my hitlist was a Youngster with a Mankey and Diglett, both of which are one-shotted by a Guts boosted Horn attack. Registered Ian in the phonebook.

Heracross Lv12: (+3 HP/atk/spd, +2 def/spe, +1 spa)

As I go forward, I get stopped by Lyra. She then forces me into a daycare center, which I am not using because I abhor breeding ingame. Also registered Lyra and the day-care people in the phonebook. I then continue Hera's training just because I could. i also got some EXP off a Picknicker. Registered Gina in the phonebook.

Heracross Lv13: (+3 atk/spe, +1 spa, +2 everything else) Aerial Ace get! Replaced Leer.

I then teed off with killing a psyduck with Mareep, making it reach Lv15. Registered Todd in the phonebook.

Mareep Lv15: (+2 HP/spa, +1 everything else)

What? Lightli is evolving? Lightli evolved into Flaafy!

Lightli's new stats:


Goldenrod City:

Welcome to the Happy City of Goldenrod. Except that I'm not really happy right now.

Anyway, healed up, and went to the shoppe. Of note here are some really powerful TM's, but I'm too poor to buy them. I went to the bike shoppe insteda, and got myself a free bike. And I didn't have to pay $1M for it. I then enter the radio tower, and win a radio card by answering some questions. By the way, here are the answers:

1: Yes

2: Yes

3: No

4: Yes

5: No

Ironically, it also got pink-haired bitch Whitney to move. And unfortunately, we can't go up past the second floor.


Fuck, it's Lyra. She gives me a fashion case, which I don't give two shits about, as I grew out of playing dress-up when I was 10. I decide to get Jack evolved here.

First trainer in this gauntlet has 2 Slowpokes, which are easy prey for Jack. Mainly because I flinch both. The Supernerd has 3 Magnemites and a Voltorb. Totodile reached Lv18 here, and I also let Hera and Geo get some kill EXP here.

Totodile Lv18: (+2 HP/atk/def, +1 everything else)

Geodude Lv16: (+3 def, +2 HP/atk, +1 spa/spe, +0 spd)

What? Jack is evolving? Jack evolved into Croconaw!

Jack's new stats:


I then polish off another level for Hera by killing two more trainers.

Heracross Lv14: (+3 HP, +2 atk/spd/spe, +1 def/spa)

I then head for the Game corner and grab my free Coin Case. I also decide to split town for a bit in order to catch my sixth guy.

Route 35:

I fight the first Picknicker in sight using Mumu, who gets burned, but lolGuts. I then take out another camper with two Digletts and a Zubat, and level up.

Heracross Lv15: (+3 HP/atk, +1 spa, +2 everything else)

I then fight a Juggler with some pathetic Pokemon, but I still level up anyway. Registered Irwin in the phonebook.

Heracross Lv16: (+2 spd, +1 def, +0 spa, +3 everything else)

I then took on a FireBreather with two Magmars, which Kevin killed easily with Magnitude. Registered Walt in the phonebook.

Zubat Lv17: (+2 HP/spd, +1 everything else) Wing Attack get! Replaced Leech Life.

National Park:

I skipped the trainers here for now. I did get Kevin up a level.

Geodude Lv17: (+2 HP/atk/def, +1 spa/spd, +0 spe)

Route 36:

I battled the Psychic blocking my path with Mumu. Both Abras and the Kadabra died easily. All on one fucking hit.

Heracross Lv17: (+3 atk, +1 spa, +2 everything else)

I then venture into the grass and search for a Growlithe. This took me about 30 minutes due to its rarity and the fcat that I either critted it or it Roared, but I was able to snag this:

Integrity/Growlithe(M) Lv13

Hardy Nature/Intimidate Ability


Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer

Nice ability for ingame. And the nature doesn't suck.

Anyway, I heal up Growlithe and have him take out Alan's Tangela. Two Embers seal the deal, though I get slept in the process. Registered Alan in the phonebook.

National Park:

Back here again, but I'm here to train Growlithe and get some crap. I start myself on a Hoothoot and level up.

Growlithe Lv14: (+2 HP/spa/spe, +1 everything else). Didn't learn Odor Sleuth.

Battled the schoolkid to the southeast of the fountain. Ember easily two-shots his Oddish and 4HKO's Voltorb, but I had to switch out or die(I went into Lightli). Registered Jack in the phonebook. I then battled a PokeFan with a Snubbull. I had the advantage due to me having a special attack since that wasn't affected by Intimidate. That and she is a moron and used Charm when i was using Ember anyway. Registered Beverely in the phonebook. I went further north and battled a Lass and her Oddish/Cubone. The Oddish dies easily, though I get lucky against Cubone as I burnt it. Registered Krise in the phonebook.

Growlithe Lv15: (+2 HP/atk, +1 everywhere else)

The next trainer had a Lv16 Raichu, which is unbeliveably strong for this point in the game as it has T-Bolt automatically. Needless to say, I went into Flaafy to sponge the hit. I decide to use T-wave on it to stop it from raping my team, and launch Headbutts at it, which like 4HKO it. I get Static'd, but I kill it despite that aliment.

Anyway, I go into the back of the park, grabbing a few useful items like TM28(great STAB for the royals) and a Soothe Bell(which I gave to Shuuda because he needs friendship to evolve into Crobat). I go back in the grass to polish off Flaafy's level.

Flaafy Lv16: (+2 HP/def/spa, +1 everything else)

Route 35:

I get into a scuffle with a cop, who throws out 2 Growlithes. Needless to say, Jack made mincemeat out of them. The bug kid that followed had a Venonat that Integ easily killed. Registered Arnie in the phonebook.

Croconaw Lv19: (+3 HP, +2 atk/def/spe, +1 spa/spd)

I go further south, grabbing some more useless shit and battling a bird keeper after Growlithe and Flaafy leveled up on Drowzees.

Growlithe Lv16: (+2 HP/spa, +1 everything else)

Flaafy Lv17: (+3 HP, +2 spa/spd/spe, +1 atk/def)

I then have a field day with Hera killing a camper and picknicker's Sandshrew/Marill and Pikachu, respectively. After that, I go to Route 33 and take out the Policeman. I then finish Hera's level.

Heracross Lv18: (+3 HP/atk/spe, +2 def/spd, +1 spa)

Goldenrod Gym:

Type: Normal

Recommended types: Fighting, Rock

Unrecommended types: Ghost

This gym is similar to Erika's in that the joint is full of women. Surprisingly, Muten Roshi is not looking into the gym like he is with Erika's. if you are having issues here, pop by the department store, and there is a kid who will trade his Machop for your Drowzee.

The first trainer fell easy to Mumu, as she had a bunch of weak-ass Sentrets that Horn Attack OHKO'd. I whipped down the stairs to combat the second trainer, who had a pair of Meowth, who also died quickly. Hera is so broken :smug:. The third trainer down had a Snubbull, who was surprisingly more durable than the other trainer's Pokes, as she took three Horn Attacks before expiring, while Bite did shit. The fourth trainer came just after, with three Jigglies.

Heracross Lv19: (+3 HP/atk, +2 spd/spe, +1 def/spa). Brick Break get! Replaced Fury Attack.

I had Kevin take out the last two Jigglies, and he leveled up too.

Geodude Lv18: (+2 HP/def, +1 everything else) Selfdestruct get! Replaced Tackle.

Boss: Whitney

Pokemon: Clefairy Lv17, Miltank Lv19

Difficulty: *******

Whitney's difficulty stems from the fact that Miltank is, well, a fucking TANK. She has a LOT of HP and def for this point in the game, and has Milk Drink. Ugh.

Clefairy isn't all that dangerous aside from random Metronome shenanigans. Kevin's Magnitude managed to critblick Clefairy, so I only had Miltank to deal with. I sent in Mumu, who did about 70% to Miltank, but I get attracted, and I get immobilized as she uses Milk Drink. Of course. I get immobilized and stomped on a few times, and I lost count on how many times I got immobilized by love, but eventually, I was able to kill Miltank.

I recieved the Plain Badge and my TM45, well after some bitch told Whitney to stop crying like Neimi after her parents were murdered.

DA... signing... out.

Croconaw  	19  59  40  37  27  30  31  Scratch, Bite, Water Gun, Rage
Geodude    	18  45  35  46  21  15  19  Selfdestruct, Magnitude, Rock Polish, Rock Throw
Zubat      	17  42  21  18  17  21  29  Wing Attack, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite
Flaafy 		17  52  28  26  40  30  23  Headbutt, Growl, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave
Heracross  	19  61  58  35  21  46  46  Brick Break, Endure, Horn Attack, Aerial Ace
Growlithe  	16  45  27  21  29  22  25  Ember, Bite, Roar, Leer

Current Death Tally:

Growlithe: 1

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Heracross is still awesome ingame-W00T.

I know some people who say Heracross sucks because of flyings 4x damage to it.

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Goldenrod City

After healing, I grab the Squirtbottle from the Flower Shoppe owner, then head out to Route 35.

Route 35:

Pretty stock now that I've beaten everybody here, eh? I simply go into the guardhouse and take a left.

PokeAthlon Dome:

I immediately get stopped by some old man named Magnus who introduces me to the PokeAthlon. I enter the dome, and try to enter for an event, only to get stopped by Whitney, who gives me a jumpsuit jersey. I then leave, though I might come back later for some stuff.

Route 36:

I made it back to that 'tree', and use the squirtbottle on it. It turns out to be a Sudowoodo.

I use Water Gun twice, bringing my quarry into the red, then sent Lightli to paralyze it. I then start lobbing Pokeballs at it. One Great Ball was all it took to catch it.

Sudowoodo(M) Lv20

Naive Nature/Sturdy Ability


Moves: Flail, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Mimic

He'd actually be a decent filler if it weren't for the fact that Geodude's line is better. And you can catch Geodude a lot earlier than this rip-off.

Anyway, after catching it, I was given the Berry Pots and some berries by the Lass who was taunting the Sudowoodo before.

Route 37:

I first got into a scuffle with some twins. Thankfully, they were pushovers due to Hera being such a bawz. I then go forward and battled two beauties armed with a Clefable and Wiggly each. I 2TKO the first Clefable using double Bite attacks, but the second Wiggly was slightly more resilient as i had to use a super potion on Integ twice, which resulted in a 4TKO due to infatuation. I then gang up on the second Beauty's Pokes, resulting in a level for Integ and Jack.

Growlithe Lv17: (+3 HP, +1 atk, +2 everything else). Didn't learn Helping Hand.

Croconaw Lv20: (+3 HP, +2 atk/def, +1 everything else)

After another uneventful wild Poke fight, I make it to Ecruteak city.

Ecruteak City:

I go out to heal my guys, only to get preached by Bill about his PC system.

I first go to the dance hall, only to meet a Rocket thug harassing a Kimono chick. I deal with the thug and take out his single Lv12 Koffing. I am given Surf for my troubles, which I taught to Jack, replacing Water Gun. It still isn't going to do a whole lot considering his piss poor SpA, but whatever.

After much dillydalling, I head out to the Burnt Tower.

Burnt Tower:

I meet up with Morty and some guy named Eusine, who is a Suicune fanatic. Unfortunately, he knows just as well as I do that if you go downstairs, you'll scare off the three cat-like creatures sitting in that crevice. Anyway, I make an attempt to go downstairs only to get ambushed by Copper of all people. He rants on how weak I am, and challenges me to a duel. Well, after I polish off Geo's level.

Geodude Lv19: (+3 def, +2 HP/atk, +1 spa/spe, +0 spd)

Boss: CopperCab

Pokemon: Gastly Lv20, Zubat Lv20, Magnemite Lv18, Starter Lv22

Difficulty: ****

If you are underleveled like I am(though it's my own damn fault due to using six guys), this could be a trife difficult.

Gastly fell easily to Growlithe's Bite after he used Curse. lol. Magnemite was next, I kept Growlithe in because he's the only other guy who can take on steel types and is the lowest leveled out of that group. Ember surprisingly OHKO's(though I think the crit I got mattered). As for Bayleef, I had to go through the same old shit of Reflect+Synthesis due to Zubat's low level. Thankfully, Wing Attack does a lot more than Bite, and Copper is a complete moron and uses Synthesis if his Bayleef takes even chip damage. After 10 Wing Attacks, it dies, though I got a lucky crit that took off half of Bayleef's life. Zubat was also pretty easy, especially considering that Ember burned on the first go, and Supersonic missed the first time. Wing Attack was also doing shit to to Intimidate+Burn. I kill it with another crit and almost level up.

After that battle, I get into a brawl with a FireBreather with some Koffing, the first of which Integ promptly kills using two Embers since I burned it.

Growlithe Lv18: (+2 HP/atk, +1 everything else)

I use Lightli to kill the other Koffing and the Growlithe.

Zubat Lv18: (+2 HP, +0 def, +1 everything else)

After that, I grab an Antidote and fight FIREBREATHER DICK and his Charmeleon. Cue me sending in Jack. Did I ever forget to mention that Dragon rage just plain hurts at this point in the game? One Surf is all it took.

Flaafy Lv18: (+2 HP/atk/spa, +1 everything else)

Since I needed RS to collect items, I'll be coming back here later. I continued on downstairs.


As I enter the basement, the three legendary dogs scramed, with Suicune sticking around longer than the other two did, then the Suicune fanatic comes and tells me to go search for Suicune on my journey. I then leave this joint.

Croconaw  	20  62  42  39  28  31  32  Scratch, Bite, Rage, Surf
Geodude    	19  47  37  49  22  15  20  Selfdestruct, Magnitude, Rock Polish, Rock Throw
Zubat      	18  44  22  18  18  22  30  Wing Attack, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite
Flaafy 		18  54  30  27  42  31  24  Headbutt, Growl, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave
Heracross  	19  61  58  35  21  46  46  Brick Break, Endure, Horn Attack, Aerial Ace
Growlithe  	18  50  30  24  32  25  28  Ember, Bite, Roar, Leer

Current Death Tally:

Growlithe: 1

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Route 38:

The reason I'm here is twinfold: I want to get HM04, and my Pokemon are severely underleveled in relation to Morty's levels. Note to players: DO NOT use 6 guys.

I start by fighting the sailor, who tosses out a Wooper, which Mumu kills. I run in the grass to train as well.

Heracross Lv20: (+3 HP/atk, +2 everything else)

I sent in Kevin next, killing a few odd pogeys or so before fighting a lass with a Flaafy and a Psyduck. Magnitude easily OHKO's.

Geodude Lv20: (+2 HP/atk/def/spe, +1 spa/spd)

I then kill the Psyduck with Flaafy. Registered Dana in the phonebook. I then engage a schoolboy with a Mr. Mime(btw, those things CAN be female), which I T-wave followed by Headbutt. I 3HKO it due to me critting.

Flaafy Lv19: (+3 HP/spa, +2 spd, +1 everything else).

Registered Chad in the phonebook. After healing due to a bad Magnemite encounter and finding out I ran out of Super potions again, I take on a birdkeeper with some Doduo. Easy prey for Flaafy.

Flaafy Lv20: (+1 spd/spe, +2 everything else) Cotton Spore get! Replaced Growl.

I tried to have Zubat kill his third Doduo, only for it(Zubat)to die. Growlithe takes a stand and actually kills it. **runs back to the Pokemon center to heal Zubat** Anyway, I return, pick up a White Apricorn, and fight the beauty, who tries and fails to use a Hoppip and Skiploom against me. Because I killed them. Zubat then gets another level up.

Zubat Lv19: (+3 spe, +2 HP, +0 spa, +1 everything else)

Route 39:

I instantly get stopped by an old geezer named Baoba who tells me of a Safari game and we register each other in our Pokegears. Registered Baoba in the phonebook. I also grab TM60 before battling more trainers. The first guy throws out 2 non-threatening Slowpokes against my Growlithe, which I use to level up.

Growlithe Lv19: (+3 HP, +2 spa, +1 everything else)

I then battle the next three trainers, who were mostly pushovers. Mostly being the key word. I knew better than to keep Zubat in against Raticate, but Growlithe was able to tank the sailor's rat. The next two trainers had Pikachu that Zubat wanted nothing to do with, so I sent in Growlithe. Registered Derek in the phonebook.

Olivine City:

Met up with our good friend CopperCab, who tells me to pop by the lighthouse(since my team is laughably weak). I then heal up, go back outside, and get thrashed by a Raticate.

Zubat Lv20: (+2 HP, +1 everything else)

Growlithe Lv20: (+2 HP/atk/spe, +1 everything else) Flame Wheel get! Replaced Roar.

Route 38:

I get into a scuffle with Raikou, who immediately flees after I Surf it. He'll be mine someday, and catching Raikou/Entei now would fix my underleveled problem. Anyway, I start killing more Pokes, and get Croconaw to Lv22 after forgetting to get HM04(hint: It's not in Olivine in HGSS.)

Croconaw Lv21: (+3 HP, +2 everything else) Ice Fang get! Replaced Scratch.

Croconaw Lv22: (+3 HP, +2 atk/spe, +1 everything else)

More to do later. Bye.

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