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Golden Sun Mafia

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not if he gets nightkilled or lynched and any point in the game vOv

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no one was gonna lynch him (from what I thought, it was a pressure to see if he backs outs of his claim or something like that)

and if the watcher is on him, you get a mafia next phase, which covers the loss

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<Paperblade> LusterPurge postgame

<Panda> o.o

<Jihyun> Panda = Elie?

<Panda> sure

<Panda> why not

<Jihyun> Who the f*ck are you?!

* Jihyun flies into the sun

<Manix> uHHH,

* Panda is now known as EliesonDUH

<Jihyun> Lol

<Manix> wELL THEN,

<Jihyun> (I was just kidding, I figured it out after the first time)

<EliesonDUH> Sure sure

<LusterPurge> Paperblade, I am jealous of SDS

<LusterPurge> I want to beat his record

<EliesonDUH> ??

<Manix> good luck

<Prims> when did proto even host

<Jihyun> Golden Sun?

<Prims> also you never answered about my gaem

<Prims> o

<Prims> well golden sun speaks for itself

<BBM> haha

<EliesonDUH> lol

<Prims> unless you want him to announce what drug he was on when he thought blitz's role was a good idea

<Manix> lul

<LusterPurge> Boron knows about it when the players don't

<Jihyun> Loooooool

<LusterPurge> I was drinking heavily

<Prims> well theres our postgame guys

<Jihyun> Hahaha

<Manix> that would explain so much

<Prims> every1 go home

<LusterPurge> I didn't think Red Bull would be alcoholic enough

<Jihyun> LusterPurge was drinking. The end.

<Prims> ill update the thread for you proto

<LusterPurge> so I drank several cans at once

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Bump because I have a postgame written.

  • 13th Also goddammit Proto will be wanting a postgame
  • Sangyul Haha, you too?
  • Inspector C... in skype
  • 13th For that goddamn GSMafia
  • Sangyul Postgame for what?
  • Sangyul Hahaha
  • Sangyul Oh boy
  • 13th If I never write it would he notice?
  • Sangyul Can't you guys just say "we don't know what we were on, the end"
  • Sangyul I dunno, lol
  • 13th We planned that for like 6 weeks
  • 13th And it went BAD
  • Sangyul Well, there's your postgame
  • 13th I mean I was ashamed my name was associated with it
  • Sangyul "We planned this for 6 weeks. Didn't get it checked. It went BAD. I am ashamed my name is associated with it."
  • Sangyul Sounds like a good enough postgame to me
  • Sangyul Also: "This game ran 9 months ago. I'm sure you guys know what you did wrong. Go home."

Edited by 13th

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you don't play mafia enough for your opinion to count in this thread

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