[FE11] All-Archer draft <3

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Chapter 12 - 9 turns (126)

Wolf was a turn short of the Boots but I got all of the treasure this way.

Chapter 12x - 18 turns(126)

Turtled and fed Gordin kills.

Chapter 13 - 5 turns (131)

Boots to Marth. Promoted Cord and Athena. Got Astram with Sage Midia.

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20: 10 turns clear = 215 turns total

I'm really shit at lowturning FEDS.

20x: 17 turns clear = who cares

Est chipped at Ymir the entire map and then (with barst's help) killed him off, gaining a total of 3 levels in the process.

21: 6 turns clear = 221 turns total



22: 10 turns clear = 231 turns total

so midia 1rkod Michelis from 3range with a forge longbow crit

but she's still not much better than a natural catria ten levels lower ;/

23: 10 turns clear = 241 turns total

Marthipan was true to form and ended one square from Seizing. Jerk.

also my first run the real gharnef was the one in my way ;/

24: 6 turns clear = 247 turns total


also elice died deliberately so i could train est in 24x


you don't need generics dead to get to 24x


oh well

24x: 16 turns clear = yes

gave est 3 arms scrolls and Parthia, the Tongbow, and the Starsphere. She's 14 now and promoting.

also midia hit 20

F: 10 turns clear = 257 turns grand total

Midia HAD the killing shot on Medeus but Barst decided to be a hero and random crit him setting it up. I'm sorry, Luka, but I'm not going to abuse my way back through that bullshit.

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Marth     27.27  40/18/ 0/12/19/26/10/ 0
Barst     18.10  50/21/ 1/23/28/17/15/ 3
Castor     9.37  42/17/ 0/ 9/16/ 8/10/ 1
Midia     20.00  60/18/11/30/29/16/17/11
Catria    13.48  52/23/ 1/30/28/16/16/ 3
Palla      6.56  36/17/ 1/21/18/ 6/13/ 3
Est        3.95  36/18/ 1/15/22/17/12/ 3
Jagen     15.49  29/10/ 1/16/16/ 4/10/ 3
Macellan   4.11  26/12/ 1/11/17/ 8/ 8/ 3


Marth: 144B, 94W

Marth co-operated pretty finely and overall continued to kill things for most of the game. Props to him for that. Too bad he wasn't my H5 Marth...

Jagen: 193B, 77W

Jagen co-operated too and killed things clean into like C23. He didn't have the HP to survive the GEOSPHERE RUSH, so I undeployed him for Final to grant him a peaceful retirement.

Barst: 199B, 118W

Barst is Barst.

Castor: 167B, 81W

Castor was keen for setting kills up for people I wanted to raise (peg girls, mostly). Otherwise, he was a good single hard hit.

Midia: 155B, 82W

I drafted Midia round 2 and fed her every statbooster in the game (except those past her caps [including the boots]) on a dare from Luka. I took it because this draft was just a fun draft for me, not so much a LTC draft. End result? A unit who was worse than a natural 14/12 Catria, except she took more kills to get where she was. And, y'know, every statbooster in the game.

I regret nothing.

Macellan: 65B, 19W

See Castor, but a little worse. I promoted him, though, and he played a key role in some strategies.

Palla: 50B, 22W

She has availability on Est. Besides that, though, she's kinda ;/. She got some good stats though and managed to stay above mediocre.

Catria: 86B, 52W

catria is a demon

Est: 36B, 18W

EST is the bEST.

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Good day, dear competitors Serious Bananas, 13th, The Spanish Inquisition - this would be more of a competition if you actually play this thing through.

Just to remind that I still exist and want to see PKL get his butt handed to him get this thing completely completed. Thank you.:newyears:

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I only stopped because the desert is proving to be a massive pain with just bows =/

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Chapter 1: 14/14 turns

Owch. Jagmaster got 2 levels though. And he got a THREE STAT LEVEL. (HP, Str, Skl)

Chapter 2: 24/38 turns

Efficiency? What efficiency?

CHAPTER 3: 14/52 turns

This is going to get old I can tell.

Stats shortly

Name Class Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Marth Lord 5.28 22 7 0 5 10 10 7 0
Cain Arch 8.43 22 10 0 10 7 8 8 0
Jagen Snip 4.46 26 8 1 15 10 1 9 3
WRYS Arch 3.72 16 5 1 8 6 4 6 0

Edited by 13th

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Good work. NewYearsEmoticon.gif

..What is efficiency? But hey, it's not like the other teams got minimal turn amounts in every single chapter either though pkl's result was very nice.

Edited by Piss Macho Macho Macho

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Chapter 4!: 24/76 turns

Forged an Iron Bow name WRYYYYYYYS, gave it to WRYS.

Chapter 5: 10/86 turns

Forged a Steel Bow named Jagmaestro, gave it to Jagman.

Bumrushed the boss. And by bumrush I mean Jagen and Cain ran for it while Marmar recruited Windex.

Chapter 6: 23/109 turns

I hate Chapter 6 SO FUCKING MUCH.

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Okay so it's time for some probably inaccurate logs. I don't remember when I did the first 12 or so chapters, it was a while ago.

Chapter 1 - 9/9

Marth and Jagen ran, Gordin picked up the odd kill without exposing himself.

People die when they are killed.

Chapter 2 - 11/20

I hate this thing, just threw Jagen at stuff and picked up the kills. Tried to focus kills on Cord.

Chapter 3 - 9/29

See last map. I actually had Shiida still alive so I got the Killing Edge at one point.

Chapter 4 - 9/38

Rapier Forge makes me happy inside. Everyone is in their bowtastic classes.

Chapter 5 - 5/43

I honestly don't remember. It might have been due to a crit or something, or maybe just Marth being good. He was pretty solid, iirc.

Chapter 6 - 23/66

Why do I need to boss abuse to be able to damage this boss

6x - free

Boss abuse, only more willingly this time.

Chapter 7 - 8/74

Athena's bases are amusing. 11 str, 6 speed. Ran Marth at the boss.

Chapter 8 - 7/81

Pretty much the same thing. Made extra effort to off Caesar because of the stupid surplus class b generics.

Chapter 9 - 5/86

Hey isn't this like, minimum? Neat. Cord and Wolf tag teamed the boss with the Steel forge "Bloody Bow", since I was playing DoF at the time.

Chapter 10 - 10/96

I got the Silver, and got happy. Speedwing and Seal just made this chapter great for me.

Chapter 11 - 11/107

Promoted Cord, and he and Wolf cleared the way for Marth. Cord's really good offensively, just really fragile.

Chapter 12 - 9/116

Getting Boots took me a pretty long time.

Chapter 12x - free

Jagen returns, he hadn't been in action since Chapter 8!

Chapter 13 - 5/121

Promoted Hardin here. Astram is balls.

Chapter 14 - 8/129

Got the silver card with my not Horseman units, while the mounts escorted Marth.

Chapter 15 - 6/135

I hate this desert hngggggggg

Chapter 16 - 8/143

I hate this Chapter too. Not as bad as I expected, but it wasn't really fun.

Chapter 17 - 3/146

Parthia triumphs over bad Dragon bosses!

Chapter 17x - free


Chapter 18 - 7/149

Promoted everyone who wasn't already and charged down. Standard!

Chapter 19 - 5/154

Got the Spirit Dust to help with my strange plan. Geo too.

Chapter 20 - 6/160

Camus why

Hardin did the deed, with some help from Cord. Rather than recruiting Lorenz, Marth just stabbed him.

Chapter 20x - free

Marth power levelling time.

Chapter 21 - 3/163

Protect the chump while he runs! Also, help Marth! I'd probably be better off killing off Astram tbh.

Chapter 22 - 8/171

Marth got 5 dusts and a forged Levin Sword named Bolting. I'll have competent 1-2 range yet!

Michalis' shield didn't protect him from arrows well enough, it seems.

Chapter 23 - 10/181

Fuck swarm. Pretty much ended up lucking out with an 80% dodge on a run I'd given up on, and pushed it through. Parthia got used as a Pure Water by half of my army.

Chapter 24 - 5/186

Secret Shop~

Chapter 24x - free

Last ditch training.

Final - 7/193

Geosphered half of the enemies to death, along with half of my army. Elice, Jagen, Cord, Astram and Nagi dropped. Gordin, Athena and Hardin are all on 1-2HP, Wolf on a 15 or so, Marth on 21 thanks to all of the boosters he had. Wolf ran to block a Ballista spawn, everyone else acted as bait to get enemies off of Marth's back, except for Hardin who suicided on Medeus with the Parthia. Marth managed to do him in, all alone with 6HP left.

This thing was fun, but I'd hesitate to do it again in a hurry. Lategame was pretty difficult with the three good units on my team being either too slow to double better enemies (wolf) not particularly durable (cord) or just lacking mobility (hardin). Swarms also sucked forever.

Edited by Serious Bananas

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turtling is fun.

no stats because tablet posting is pain.

Edited by 13th

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