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A Hack of Ice and Fire

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Dark brown - I'm super sure he was older than 25 when GoT happens because he had children with Catelyn - Brandon was going off to marry Catelyn when they took Lyanna (I am super sure Rhaegar/Lyanna eloped btw); and like, he changed his course to King's Landing to get her back?

But like, Robb is 16? 17? ish by the time GoT happens so that means he'd have to be between 39 and 45 when GoT happens.

Robb is specifically mentioned to be 15, Ned is listed as being 35 on the aSoIaF wiki and it's plausible enough.

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Omg yay. The standing sprite has been implemented.

I'm going to go and watch a broadway show. (Actually. LOL)

When I come back, I'll tackle the other moving sprites.

Thanks so much to shadowofchaos for telling me my exact derp. :p

This is the 4 episode of That Ain't- and the title is "THAT AIN'T IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NED STARK"


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Sweet Mother of God...

I truly do hope you have much success with this hack. It's a great idea and I've been waiting for something like this.

Godspeed, good sir.

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I've been busy for the better part of the week, but I intend on working for maybe 16-24 hours this weekend~

Need to do more graphics work. D:

And I really, really need to figure out my maps.

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