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Rate the Unit, Day 24: Castor

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Dat Rules (borrowed/stolen from Integrity)

- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard 1 Mode.

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted. If somebody else said what you want to already, quote them explicitly.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is encouraged, but no more. If you exercise your bias privileges, please do so explicitly. Also, if your vote is already a 10/10 or greater than 9 and you give a full point of bias, The score may not exceed 10!

- Numerical votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Make it easy to calculate for my sake.

- Every ranking phase ends from 2100 to 2200 EST. Every ranking phase starts from 2200 EST to 2300 EST. Do the math if you are in another timezone!

- I will insist you do not use the "Not X" reason on any character, where X is another unit. If you do, your vote will be thrown out.

- "Recruits X" or "takes you to X chapter" arguments are explicitly banned. C'mon, people, this shouldn't need to be a rule. That's not gameplay performance.

- Assume that the character in question is being recruited.

- Similar to the "Recruits X" rule, do not use "He Comes with a Free Ridersbane" as an argument.

- Rate the character based on his/her performance without the Rainbow Potion, Maturity Drop or Bond Drop

- I withhold the privilege to tell you your rating is bogus and demand you revise it if it breaks any of the above. I will not throw out votes anonymously, you will be informed and given a chance to revise.


Yubello: 1.52

Wrys: 3.00

Bord: 3.25

Matthis: 3.60

Cord: 3.83

Warren: 4.35

Linde: 6.27

Gordin: 6.33

Arran: 6.62

Cecil: 7.21

Ryan: 7.71

Julian: 7.95

Draug: 8.14

Yumina: 8.20

Rody: 8.43

Luke: 8.56

Marth: 8.70

Ogma: 9.00

Sirius: 9.31

Malliesia: 9.50

Catria: 9.73

Palla: 9.86

My Unit: 9.99

Edited by *Narshen*

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Definitely an improvement over Shadow Dragon. He comes with the Killer Bow, which is very nice, and his growths are good, though his speed could be better. He's one of the best bow users overall.

8 -1 bias = 7/10 (Takes ages to get up to that damn village, and I still hate that wimpy look on his face.)

Edited by Almace

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Much as I'd love to rate him, I can't. I have yet to use him. Have fun, everyone else~!

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Castor's good for what he is, although the higher difficulties may not be too kind to him. Still, he has enough of a Weapon Rank to use a Killer Bow so that might be worth something.

His growths are a bit of a concern however, as he always turns out as frail as can be (which hurts him in the higher difficulties as well) while being solid elsewhere. Still, he turns out better than a good chunk of the archers in the game so its entirely up to you on whether to use him or not.

In general though, he does his job but he doesn't stand out in any way in particular aside from that weapon rank. Better mobility does help him if you manage to promote him though.

I'd give him a 7/10. He'll be better than most archers in the game except maybe Ryan thanks to that Killer Bow and good growth rates, but his defense can fail him in the higher difficulties.

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Costs turns to recruit 0/10. The one time I did recruit him, he seemed pretty average aside from his bow rank and his defense will forever suck. I guess he can be a glass cannon horseman if you manage to get him there, but eh. 2.5/10

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In FE3, he is probably my favorite bow user. However, now with the reclass, he doesn't have that bonus. His bow rank is pretty good here. His survival isn't too good and the most of his skill are pretty unimpressive. But he is still usable and does his job.

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