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I went ahead and plugged away at the offsets where people guessed support ranks are, and actually made some progress.

For Chrom, support offsets order varies by character table but should begin 0x45 offsets from beginning of character table
0x22(?) or Block 8F3-914(?) for my modded game and save file, Only 10 of these offsets are not 0x00 and Chrom has 5 characters with supports unlocked
0x08F3 FeMU
0x08F4 Lissa
0x08F5 Vaike
0x08F6 Gaius
0x08F7 Sumia
0x08F8 Sully
0x08F9 Maribelle
0x08FA Unknown
0x08FB Frederick



It's possible all the offsets between weapon proficiencies and equipped skills are also support ranks. Here's a mess of other values trying to figure out how supports are listed.
Chrom 0xC5 197 values long, 16 supports listed, 4 levels each -3, 8 levels unlocked, 18 char grayed

FeMU 0x262 610 values long, 17 supports listed, 4 levels each, 9 levels unlocked, 30 char grayed

Lissa 0xD4 212 values long, 17 supports listed, 4 levels each -3, 4 levels unlocked, 15 char grayed

Maribelle 0xC4 196 values long, 17 supports listed, 4 levels each, 1 level unlocked, 11 char grayed

Panne 0xC8 200 values long, 17 supports listed, 4 levels each -1, 1 level unlocked, 11 char grayed

Miriel 0xCD 205 values long, 17 supports listed, 4 levels each -1, 3 levels unlocked, 9 char grayed

0x0A Support is B rank no prompt
0x03-0x09 is C rank
0x0F Support is B rank
0x11 Support is B rank
0x0A-0x11 is B rank
0x14 Support is A rank, maxed?
Change to 3rd value 0x08F3 edits as FeMU as S rank available
0x14 Support is A rank
0x19 Support is S rank
0x17 Support is S rank
0x15 Support is A rank
0x16 Support is S rank

0x00-0x02 is no rank
0x03-0x09 is C rank
0x0A-0x11 is B rank
0x12-0x15 is A rank
0x16 and above is S rank

16th offset 0x903, Attempt to change Donnel support (Last male not grayed out) from no rank to A rank or 0x00 to 0x12, no changes noticed

Indicates support rank order in save file is unaffected by support log order in game

5th offset 0x08F5, 0x05 C rank to 0x13 A rank likely Maribelle, Changed Vaike rank from C to A following support log order or perhaps order support logs are gained, therefore 2nd value should be Frederick and 6th value should be Maribelle

2nd offset 0x08F2, 0x00(?) to 0x05 should change Frederick from A rank to C rank, no change
6th offset 0x08F6, 0x00(?) to 0x14 should change Maribelle from C rank to A rank, Gaius no rank to rank A

0x00 offsets for characters with support ranks may indicate the support was acquired with the other character hence the real value is reflected under that character table instead but highest value takes priority? Order of supports is unclear

2nd offset 0x08F2 0x00(?) to 0x17 should change Frederick from A rank to S rank, no change
7th offset 0x08F7, 0x01 to 0x0C should change a no rank to a B rank, Changed Sumia no rank to B rank

Again no clue about the support order and no luck changing Frederick rank, will try changing support value for Chrom in Frederick character table

Frederick 2nd offset 0x0124D, 0x00(?) to 0x17 should change Chrom from A rank to S rank, no change

Conclusion 1st & 2nd offsets do not contain support rank neither does 16th offset at least for unlocked characters, possible multiple supports are affected by a single offset

Chrom 3rd offset 0x08F3, 0x0D to 0xFF should affect many supports, only increased FeMU support to S rank, single offset-single support likely but order unclear
Should only be as long as number of characters with supports

For Chrom
0x22 or Block 8F3-914, Only 10 of these offsets are not 0x00 and Chrom has 5 characters with supports unlocked
Frederick ?
FeMU 0x08F3
Lissa 0x08F4
Vaike 0x08F5
(Gaius 0x8F6)
(Sumia 0x08F7)
Maribelle ?

8th offset 0x08F8, 0x00 to 0xFF, Changed Sully no rank to S rank
9th offset 0x08F9, 0x04 to 0xFF should change C rank to S rank, Success! Changed Mariabelle C rank to S rank
10th offset 0x08FA, 0x00 to 0xFF, no change
11th offset 0x08FB, 0x10 to 0xFF should change a B rank to S rank, Changed Frederick A rank(?) to S rank, Frederick support rank is higher than offset would indicate, perhaps reflecting different growth rates
12th offset 0x08FC, 0x00 to 0xFF, bugged save file
13th offset 0x08FD, 0x00 to 0xFF, bugged save file
14th offset 0x08FE, 0x02 to 0xFF, no change
15th offset 0x08FF, 0x00 to 0xFF, no change

For Lissa, 3 supports unlocked
0x0C1A FeMU? 0x00 to 0xFF, no change MaMu?
0x0C1B Chrom? 0x04 to 0xFF, Success! Changed Chrom C rank to S rank
0x0C1C FeMU? 0x00 to 0xFF, Maribelle no rank to S rank


Char Save Data.jpg

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Oh man, so I wanted to replay Awakening from the beginning on a fresh save file, because of the years of backing up and editing across all these different tools made me feel dirty.  Backed up my original save, wiped the cart, starting over.  Three years ago I was here for the sole purpose of making my avatars hair color red, so I go to look how to do it now and tried to find all my old data.

I don't remember if I posted this, but I remember doing each paralogue by removing the marriage between the mom and the husband, and this was what was in my text file named "color.txt" lol


Skills: 04002100000000000000 (Skill+2, Prescience)
Color: 454545FF

Skills: 15000000000000000000 (Odd Rhythm)
Hair: C1D5ADFF

Skills: 05002A00000000000000 (Speed +2, Relief)
Hair: A19791FF

Skills: 06001C00000000000000 (Defense +2, Indoor Fighter)
Hair: 464646FF

??? (Male Morgan Enemy, Male Robin Model) 
Skills: 28005100000000000000 (Anathema, Counter)

Skills: 10002200000000000000 (Armsthrift, Patience)
Hair: 999191FF

Skills: 0A004E00000000000000 (Avoid +10, Vantage)

Skills: 29005200000000000000 (Heal Touch, Miracle)
Hair: F2E7C4FF

Skills: 16000000000000000000 (Even Rhythm)
Hair: F99EAFFF

??? (Female Morgan Enemy, Female Robin Model)
Skills: 280043004E0000000000 (Anathema, Bowbreaker, Vantage)

Skills: 12002400000000000000 (Dual Strike+, Charm)
Hair: 505C81FF

Skills: 10002200000000000000 (Armsthrift, Patience)
Hair: AF5454FF

Skills: 02001D00000000000000 (Strength+2, Tantivy)
Hair: D27F84FF

Skills: 03001E00000000000000 (Magic+2, Focus)
Hair: 804646FF


So the whole FCRAM dumping and loading codes is obsolete now right? I edited the hair colors with save file dumping. Has anybody ever been able to successfully use TCPGecko to poke things?

Been doing browsing to find resources and data dumps of recent happenings.  Like the web-based save file editor is neat, and seeing where things are in the save files.

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If there were any breakthroughs, no one's documented them on the usual sites. Since .3ds files and save data have been completely decrypted and modifying both is straightforward (Straightforward enough that I was able to modify all my character data with a simple hex editor and save file decrypter in less than a day with no prior knowledge),  I don't see injecting RAM hacks as necessary.

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Word.  Seems like there's no complete mapping of everything in the save file.  Do you know where the Convoy data is stored?  And I guess Logbook data is in the Global file?

Found out where the bytes for Renown are.

With your save, starting at 0x0000000A, take note of the four bytes starting from that offset.


If you scroll down (or search for that exact string) you'll find it again shortly down the file, then the four bytes after that is your Gold, and the four bytes after that is Renown. They're both in Little Endian order



Gold: 91A60E00 (Little Endian) -> 000EA691 (Big Endian) -> 960145 (Decimal)

Renown: 7E040000 -> 0000047E -> 1150

So I changed the Renown to 98000


98000 (Decimal) -> 00017ED0 (Big Endian) -> D07E0100 (Little Endian)

And yay, it worked.



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Haven't looked into the Global file, but yes it contains all data about your game that isn't unique to an individual game save like Renown, all unlocked support logs across playthroughs, and Logbook. You can find more or less complete Global files for different versions. As for convoy data, I didn't map it out but an easy method is to use one of the save tools to modify one value, and compare the file changes in your hex editor. Personally, I wasn't really interested in changing gameplay from vanilla. I just wanted to try the community made support dialogues, and I didn't want to replay the first couple chapters just so I could do every S rank support combination.

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Hello. I am quite new here (I dunno how to create topics) but I recently got my hands on FE Awakening and I have a few questions about ROM hacks.

1 - I have heard that via ROM hacking, it would be possible for DLC and Logbook characters to have confessions, fall in love and have children. Is it true? If yes, then how can I do this?

2 - By taking a peek in the character database, I saw that 0x34 equals to "FE1_Marth". Being a fangirl of him, I was wondering if I could clone a regular male unit (Frederick for example) using a save editor and change him to that "unused" Marth. Can he have confessions and fall in love? And what must I do to get him in my save (or ROM Hack?)


EDIT : I did some heavy research, what I wanted turned out to be impossible... Instead, I want my FeMU to fall in love with Chrom (before he gets married at Chapter 13), but I dunno if there is a code that maxes their relationship for the US version...

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Found some answers to my questions + new question

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I went over in the last few posts how to change character support values/romances though it's very tedious. As for changing dialogue the tool I posted would allow it, though it still requires knowledge of the games file structure. Fear not though, other people have done the work for you in some cases. If you're really interested in writing your own romance dialogues maybe try contacting some of the people involved in the same sex marriage mod. I'm sure you can modify relationships for existing characters, and the game does allow multiple cloned characters to be added to a game but I don't know how it would handle support logs for them since they would be tied together.

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