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Hey there! I recently joined the site and I'm pretty excited. With all the Fire Emblem hacks out there I'm a little bit cautious on choosing which ones to play. Forgive me if I'm wrong but would this be the appropriate place to ask which hack I should play next? A little info for you all if so, my favorite Fire Emblem game is Binding Blade, I beat it on hard mode so I would say I'm up for more challenging hacks. The only hack I have ever played is The Road to Ruin. I enjoyed that hack immensely, I felt it perfectly balanced story and challenging gameplay the same way Binding Blade did.  That's all. Oh, and if I'm if I'm in the wrong spot for this I apologize, I'd appreciate it if you'd redirect me to where these kind of conversations can happen while you're kicking me out :D

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Hi all,

I've been playing gba fe games 7 and 8 since they came out and they are two of my favorite gba games.  I have a couple patches for both and they are fun but I'm really wanting to patch in sir serenes fe8 reskin. It looks really interesting.   

Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I am doing this on android. I have unzipped it and the game file and tried using unipatcher and rom patcher.  With uni patcher it says it's incompatible and with rom patcher it gives me the csc23 or invalid file type error.  


Help please. I'm really interested in this hack!

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Was looking for new hacks to play and realised this didn't help so much and needs updating.

There are at least two finished rom hacks or other fan projects like the Lion Throne since that I've found on the forums that were not on this list.

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