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Thanks again! ^^

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+1 to 341

+1 to dirrie

Many thanks for the trade/purchase. 

Updated my trading/selling list. 

Shipping from Singapore. Shipping price will varies depending on amount of items being bought. (Will discuss the details over PM)

Feel free to send me a message if you are keen in any of the cards for trade/sale.

Looking for : 


Series 8 

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Chrom and Frederick)

B08-085R(+)    Maiden of Purifying Lightning, Tinni

B08-087R(+)    Gallant Divine Marksman, Febail

Series 9

Looking for all R+ (Except for Raigh)

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Ai, Alm, Celica and Grey)

Series 10

Looking for all R+  (Except for Azura & Sigure)

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Kanna (F) and Kanna (M))

Series 11

Looking for all SR+

Looking for all R+ (Except for Emphraim)



Series 1

B01-007R     The Bull, Cain

Series 3

B03-025R     Worried Sister, Marcia

Series 4

B04-029R     Pining Pickpocket, Julian x 2

B04-035R     Wandering Dancer, Feena

B04-038R     Successor of the Sacred Magic, Merric X 2

B04-045R     Wolfguard of the Plains, Hardin

Series 5

B05-025R     Child of Anima, Lugh

B05-057R     Lively Master Fencer, Edward

B05-080R     Eternal Sword of Loyalty, Lucia

Series 6

B06-051SR    Unifier of the Kingdom of Nohr, Xander

B06-064R    Pleasure Professional, Niles

B06-082R    Daybreak Prince, Siegbert

B06-092R    Corrupt Nohrian King, Garon

Series 8

B08-002SR    Undead King of Despair, Chrom

Series 9

B09-062R      Twin-Bladed Falcon, Kilmar 

B09-010R      Bow Knight of Close Friendship, Tobin

B09-029SR   Peerless Guardsman, Saber

B09-046R     Delusions of Supremacy, Berkut

Series 10

B10- 051SR Kanna (F)

Series 11

SR Lute

Marker/Promo Cards

Hana, Oboro, Setsuna, Ryoma - Tournament Marker Set

Sleeve Packs



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Updated with Series 5 now.

For now just trying to trade for what I want and didn't get from the sets I've bought a box for already. But if there's something you really want I'm open to working something out for cards from other sets.



Super Rare(*'s means much more interest):
B01-054 Lucina
B01-080 Tharja
B02-008 Hinoka
B02-010 Takumi*
B02-056 Xander
B02-062 Elise*
B03-006 Mist*
B03-010 Soren
B03-021 Mia*
B03-047 Black Knight*
B03-058 Kaze*
B04-005 Toma
B04-036 Minerva
B04-065 Robin*
B04-067 Lon'qu*
B04-072 Cordelia
B05-001 Roy*
B05-004 Lilina
B05-029 Rutger
B05-042 Sophia
B05-051 Miciah
B05-054 Sothe
B05-086 Sanaki
B05-092 Mia*


High Normal:
B04-017 Tiki (ST/Non-Holo Version works as well.)

B03-032 Nephenee* (ST/Non-Holo Version would work as
B03-062 Kana* (Male)
B03-083 Silas*
B04-045 Hardin
B04-047 Michalis*
B04-059 Elenora
B04-083 Morgan*
B04-092 Cynthia*
B05-007 Alen*
B05-038 Tate
B05-046 Juno
B05-084 Sigrun*
B05-098 Kurthnaga

Starter Deck Exclusives (Preferably Non-Holo):





These are the SR's and some of the more sought after(I think) rares that I'm open to parting with. I do have others so feel free to PM and ask. Anything can be traded for the right price. ;]

Super Rare:
B01-001 Marth
B03-021 Mia (SR+)
B03-078 Azura
B04-001 Tsubasa
B05-034 Fir
B05-048 Narcian

B01-078 Nowi
B02-004 Azura
B04-083 Morgan (R+)
B05-074 Elincia (R+)


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Hi all,

I'm currently looking for HN cards. (Based in the US-willing to do Paypal).

2x B01 HN Chrom

3x B01 HN Gerome

1x B08 Julia HN

3x B10 Olwen HN

1x B01 Nowi R

2x B08 Julia SR




1x B01-028R Merric

1x B01-035R Linde

1x B01-084R Cherche

1x B05-009R Lance

1x B05-017R Dieck

1x B05-022R Shanna

1x B05-044R Fae

1x B07-068R Hana

Super Rares:

1x B08-028SR Cherche

1x B08-076SR Shannan

1x B08-091SR Altena

1x B10-007SR Finn

1x B10-057SR F! Corrin

1x B10-008SR+ Nanna




I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this in our forum, but I am currently trying to sell my last FE Cipher Storage Box on Etsy. I want to close my shop down, and I'd love to get this last box off my hands before I do link.

Thanks for taking a look!

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Awesome B10 SRs added! :)

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Hey, everyone!

It's been YEARS since I last visited this trade thread, but I'm back after having started collecting again!
Please bear with me as basically all of my haves are old, but I'll also be willing to toss in N and HN cards if people are looking for specific cards~


(Stuff in bold has preference over the rest of my wants list!):


S03-003ST+ M!Corrin x2
B06-025N Ayra x2 (Pending!)
B08-078HN Shannan (Pending!)
B08-053HN Seliph x2 (Pending!)

P01-015PR M!Robin x2

B01-004SR Caeda
B05-082SR Geoffrey
B05-086SR Sanaki
B05-092SR Mia
B03-085SR Flora
B03-021SR Mia
B06-005SR Dierdre
B06-047SR Arvis
B04-059R+ Eleanora
B04-055R+ Kiria
B09-033R Delthea


Haves (Feel free to inquire about N/HN cards! I'd like to offload some of my bulk stuff at some point!):


B01-007R Cain
B01-009R Abel x2
B01-016SR Ogma
B01-028R Merrick x2
B01-030R Minerva
B01-035R Linde
B01-038R Palla
B01-040R Catria
B01-042R Est
B01-059R Lissa
B01-068R Sumia
B01-070R Lon’qu
B01-084R Cherche x2
B01-083R Olivia
B01-097R Inigo
B01-097R+ Inigo

B02-001SR M!Corrin
B02-004R Azura
B02-006SR Ryoma
B02-014R Saizo
B02-026R Hana
B02-043R Asugi
B02-045R Caeldori
B02-054R Azura x2
B02-064R Laslow x2
B02-066R Peri x2
B02-072R Odin
B02-093R Forrest x2
B02-095R Soleil
B02-097R Ophelia

B03-004SR Elinicia
B03-006SR Mist
B03-025R Marcia
B03-032R Nephenee
B03-035R Jill x3
B03-035R+ Jill
B03-040R Ranulf x3
B03-043R Tibarn x2
B03-044R Naesala x3
B03-058SR Kaze
B03-062R M!Kana x2
B03-069R Miitama
B03-083R Cyrus x3
B03-086R F!Kana x2
B03-091R Nina
B03-095R Velouria x2
B03-095R+ Velouria

B05-054SR Sothe

P09-003PR Faye x3
P09-004PR Grommel x2
P09-006PR Celica
P09-007PR Jemmie

P10-003PR Shannan
P10-004PR M!Corrin x2
P10-006PR Yuzu


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Hello everyone! I’m trying to thin my collection down, except for my absolute favorites; I want to keep as many of them as possible. I’ve got a lot that I need to go through, so if there are any that you’re looking for feel free to ask. All my non-holo cards are $1 USD each unless stated otherwise, because I don’t feel like going through and pricing all of them individually. I’m willing to trade them for ones on my want list as well. Our house is smoke free, but we do have pets.  If they can fit in a white envelope, shipping to the U.S. will be free and internationally shipping will be $1. If it’s going in a bubble mailer or a box shipping prices will start at $3 U.S. or $6 international. 




Cipher 01
Camus B01-050SR
Chrom B01-051SR
Lon'qu B01-070R  
Cordelia B01-075SR 
Tharja B01-080SR 

Cipher 02

Corrin B02-001SR
Saizo B02-014R
Subaki B02-028R
Caeldori B02-045R
Xander B02-056SR
Xander B02-057N
Leo B02-060SR
Laslow B02-064R
Effie B02-076HN
Jakob B02-080SR
Forrest B02-093R

Cipher 03

Ike B03-001SR
Elincia B03-004SR 
Elincia B03-005N pending
Soren B03-010SR
Mia B03-021SR
Kieran B03-030HN pending
Kieran B03-031N pending
Nephenee B03-032R pending
Ranulf B03-040R
Tibarn B03-043R
Reyson B03-045R
Leanne B03-046R pending
Black Knight B03-047SR
Xander B03-054HN pending
Kaze B03-058SR
Shiro B03-065HN pending
Shiro  B03-066N pending
Siegbert B03-087HN pending
Siegbert B03-088N pending

Cipher 04

Tiki B04-017HNX 
Sirius B04-031R
Lucina B04-063SR
Robin B04-066HN 
Lon'qu B04-067SR 
Gaius B04-070R
Cordelia B04-072SR 
Say'ri B04-076R 

Cipher 05

Nailah B05-073R 
Nephenee B05-077R pending
Sanaki B05-086SR
Ike B05-089SR 
Soren B05-090R 
Mia B05-092SR 
Bastian B05-096HN pending
Kurthnaga B05-098R
Eliwood B07-002R 

Cipher 06 

Xander B06-052N
Leo B06-056SR
Effie B06-066R 
Kaze B06-075N 
Charlotte B06-076SR
Siegbert B06-082R
Siegbert B06-083N
Forrest B06-084HN 
Midori B06-089N 
Arete B06-094HN
Gunter B06-096R 

Cipher 07

Eliwood B07-001SR
Eliwood B07-002R 
Eliwood B07-003HN
Hector B07-004SR
Hector B07-005N
Hector B07-006HN
Ninian B07-010SR 
Sain B07-013HN 
Rath B07-019HN 
Lucius B07-022R 
Oswin B07-026HN 
Oswin B07-027N 
Canas B07-034HN 
Loise B07-038N 
Lloyd B07-044SR
Lloyd B07-045HN
Sumeragi B07-093R pending

Cipher 08 

Chrom B08-001SR
Chrom B08-002SR
Virion B08-010R 
Maribelle B08-023R 
Tharja B08-026R 
Tiki B08-039R 
Aversa B08-045SR 
Aversa B08-046N 

Cipher 09

Alm B09-003HN 
Lukas B09-017HN 
Genny B09-027HN 
Genny B09-028N 
Saber B09-029R 
Saber B09-030N 
Sonya B09-039HN 
Skrimir B09-076SR 
Skrimir B09-077N 
Ena     B09-086N 
Caineghis B09-090R 
Ike B09-091R 

Cipher 10 

Corrin B10-055SR 
Caeldori B10-068HN 
Caeldori B10-069N 
Anankos     B10-086HN

Cipher 11

Luthier B11-061HN
Luthier B11-062N
Genny B11-066R
Tiki     B11-094HN

Starter Deck

Corrin S03-001ST
Ike S05-001ST
Greil S05-003ST
Soren S05-005ST
Alm S09-001ST


Corrin P01-001PR
Chrom P01-005PR
Tharja P01-010PR
Robin P01-015PR
Ike P02-001PR
Panne P02-004PR
Corrin P02-007PR
Corrin P02-009PR
Ike P03-005PR
Elincia P03-013PR
Soren P03-014PR
Severa P04-008PR
Lucina P04-010PR
Xander P05-002PR
Tormod P05-005PR
Corrin P05-010PR
Eliwood P06-001PR
Charlotte P06-004PR
Leo P06-007PR
Hector P07-005PR
Nino P07-006PR
Alm P08-001PR
Chrom P08-011PR
Alm P09-005PR
Mist P09-008PR


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Edited my wantlist

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