[FE7] Fire Emblem Book of Eden v1.23 *polish and bug fixes*

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He's adopted hahah. He was found abandoned in the mountains and was adopted by King Desmond. He is suppose to be a barbaric like character that doesn't care how he looks.

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Hi, I've never played a Fire Emblem mod before and I would love to play this game. I've downloaded the 1.23 version but I don't know how to run the file. What software runs .ups files ?

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks Zane :) I found out afterwards anyway.

I am actually at chapter 11. Everything went smoothly from prologue to chapter 10.

At chapter 10, at the beginning of the chapter, it seems the "chapter script" ends on the world map, then the screen goes black for a half second, then we have another script, as if the chapter was skipped.

I figured out that the second script was the one from chapter 11.

ALSO at chapter 10, RICHARD WENT BACK TO LEVEL 1 ! x). This has to be fixed otherwise he can't be played anymore so late in the game. (Also a lot of screen display bugs appeared at the beginning of chapter 10 once you get to the battlefield, but these bugs get away once you restart the game, so it's not a big deal :) ).

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Chapter 11: I hit a game over on my first attempt as the green cavalier unit died. I suppose it's on purpose. So I restarted, talked to the other green unit, got all 3 units in blue. Then I died again.

BUT THEN, each time I restarted this chapter, I could not talk with richard to the green unit EVER AGAIN. I managed somehow to complete the chapter without having the green units die after a LOT of attempts.

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Chapter 13: None of the blue units could "seize" the castle. So I got a game over at the end of the 12 turns. Even if I had wiped out all ennemies 3 turns before.

EDIT: Okay, that was not the problem. I tried the chapter again, and the reinforcements and ennemy boss showed up this time when I walked near the castle with the warrior. After defeating the boss the chapter ended correctly :). So I don't know why the reinforcements didn't show up the first time.

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SO ! It's reviewing time ! :D (I'm not a pro or a rom-hacker or anything, just a Fire Emblem fan, especially of FE 7)

I have finished the game as it is in it's current 1.23 version

I will try not to spoil anything for the others, be wary still :).

First of all, I have to say I am TRULY AMAZED that you made this hack all alone ! Your job is great, I really wish you could have some teammates working with you.


- The story !

Yes ! This story is really interesting, intriguing and captivating. I'm really looking forward to see how the plot will continue. Honestly I find this plot a lot better than the ones of even some official Fire Emblem games ^^. AND DAT PLOT TWIST ! yeah really great job there man :)

- The characters

What I mean by that is not the sprites (although they are very good too for a majority of them), it is their personalities, nearly all units we have is interesting and has a unique view on things. It makes the game more lively. And it is always enjoyable to play with characters that you find interesting :).

- The world map

I really like to see the plot narrated on the world map with units moving around. I have no idea if it's difficult or not to do this in hacking, but you did it pretty well :).

- The us of NPCs (alias green units) in general

I found that very cool (and I sometimes wish that official games shoud do that) that you used green generic units at moments in the plot where it was RELEVANT, and this is GREAT, it is REALISTIC ! Also this gives more depth to the gameplay. Maybe you could also add small rewards according to if green units manage to survive or not in certain chapters ? Just an like that.

Also, the chapters where there are civilian units being killed is also realistic, and it's a little tragic atmosphere to the chapter. And this is good. Because that makes you feel you can't help them. I say it is good because it is relevant at the moment where it happens in the story. And it goes with the character developpment of the main character :).

- The split team chapters

What I mean by that is I found cool to play not always with the full squad getting bigger and bigger, but instead having a reduced squad sized now and then, and with new charactes, is pretty cool and interesting gameplay wise ! :) It can be frustrating sometimes though with inventory planning XD but that's okay ;).

Let's talk now about the things that COULD BE BETTER MAYBE in my opinion

- The Gameplay/difficulty

I did 14 chapters in just one day, starting from the afternoon. That's a bit too fast if I compare it to other rom/hacks or official games. I think that comes from the fact that some chapter maps are rather small, or maybe the way to the boss/objective is not so long. But I personally think it comes most from the difficulty of the game. I find it a little too easy overall (and I'm not a very good player, I alwayse make stupid mistakes or forget things,forget to check ennemies and so on...). If it's too easy for me, then I think it will be too easy for a lot of people around here. Try to make chapters a bit more difficult (not by adding crazy reinforcements on one turn that can attack immediatly, please no x) ). Whether by giving different weapons to ennemies, boosting their levels/stats, adding more ennemies closer to each other, make the win condition harder, etc. :) But that's just MY OPINION right ;), you don't have to change this f you like it the way it is.

But don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed playing this game all along from the very beginning to the end ! :)

- Convoy comes too late in the game

I was a lot of time in trouble and had to drop items to get new ones, it was rather difficult to manage inventory stuff, and it's even harder since you can't manage at the beginning of chapters. So yeah, maybe you can do something about that :)

And now I must talk about whas HAS to improved in my opinion again, but I think I won't be the only one to say that, so really take this

section into account

- The Story Skippings

Yeah I don't know how to call it. But my point is: you don't explain some things in the story at the time where it is very important. Let me explain it clearlier, the point of view in the game is only from whether the main character or Kormac. Whereas I think that in Fire Emblem, the player has to know what's going around or not. I'll illustrate my point with an example :

[spoiler='Enter title here']

in the chapter where a lot of our units seem to die, and in fact they don't, you didn't make any cutscene whatsover to show that they were rescued by someone, or that some others went elsewhere. You don't have to do it immediatly after, but learning that the whole squad is back by total surprise was rather strange for me. I was nearly planning to just completely change my experience sharing strategy in my "team".

So yeah gameplay wise, it's rather not a good idea too. The player has to know that he/she will still be able to play these units somehow.


And that's it ! That was my review. It's a lot to read I'm sorry ^^', but I hope you'll find this useful :).

Anyway, great job again man ! This fan project is just truely awesome. And I'm really looking foward to see it complete !! :)

Edited by Auduhlma

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Hey thanks for the review, I appreciate you spending your time playing! I will be using your comments to further improve BoE! Most of the things you mentioned Auduhlma is attributed to those chapters not having the final touches on them yet, such as the dialogue involving the story missing is because I haven't inputted them yet.

Now I'm going to be honest and say that version 1.23 is only suppose to be chapters prolg to 8, but there are versions out there that contain prolg to 15 or so. No one's fault but my own for not keeping track properly. But I'm mentioning this only to remind everyone that Book of Eden is constantly changing so it may or may not be completely different couple months from when you downloaded. I'm not sure which version you have exactly but anything after chapter 9 is expected to have bugs and errors so just keep that in mind. For those of you who do have some version that lets you play past chapter eight, you can tell how much work it takes to release a patch so I urge you to keep that in mind as well.

As for a progress report, I've been working with the team to update some of the existing mugs and more polish to the maps from chapter nine to twenty. There's not much to show but here's a couple portraits, some already done and inserted, others are still being completed.


I also want to thank Ghast and everyone else who took the time during FEE3 to take a look at Book of Eden. It's great to see interest slowly being generated. I know progress is slow at the moment, real life tends to do that, but rest assured, progress is still being made, however slow it is. Here's to a speedy next patch!

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ahhahaha wtf, I clicked "support" for Lee and Richard and suddenly two female characters started exchanging dialogue! I think one of them was named lyn but I was confused af

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