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Critique my Portraits

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So I've recently joined the world of FE hacking and, as such, I've spliced a lot of portraits for my first project, Fire Emblem: Spreading Flames (yeah, the name is dumb).

I'm by no means a good spriter, so I'd like to get as much feedback and constructive criticism as possible on my work so I can improve.

The sprites:


This here is Leonidas, one of the main characters of my hack.


This one is Lucianna, I don't really like how this one turned out.


This is Lucio, Lucianna's brother.


This is Terra, another sprite I don't quite like how it turned out.


This is Borivoj Bloodsong. As you can see, he just looks like Bartre with a hat.


This guy is Percy, he's supposed to be a prince.


This one is King Minos, Prince Percy's older brother.


This is Marik, the Boss of the Prologue. He's an Assassin btw.

This is Sheeva, a Falco Knight boss.
This thing is Arda Adra, a Druid boss.
This is Jeremiah, a Paladin who commands a mercenary company.
This is Noah the Bishop, one of my favorite splices. I made two slightly different versions, but I'm not sure which I like best.
And this is Damian, the Chapter 1 Soldier boss.

There are a lot more mugs I made, but I'll just leave it at that for now.
Once again, any and all feedback would be appreciated.
Also, I know that none of the sprites have chibis.
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1. Shading (shadow of the face must be the same side of that of the body ; moar shading for easthetic pourpouses(?) )

2. Faces that "go" with the body

3. (For improvements) add tiny details. Don't overload it but try to experiment with the tiny details.

4. Mutation. Try blending in like some characters eye outlines with some others pupil. (Experiment with it)

Well that's 'bout it for me hon' g'luck with all the other stufz. Hope this helps.

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