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Update in my castle (05947 - 75033 - 26961 - 99537) Hoshido.

- Midori = Aptitude / Quixotic / Astra / Lethality / Hoshidan Unity
- Rinkah = Sol / Renewal / Counter / Luna / Death Blow
- Caeldori = Astra / Quixotic / Hoshidan Unity / Aptitude / Amaterasu
- Rhajat = Renewal / Aptitude / Tomefaire / Death Blow / Astra
- Selkie = Aptitude / Death Blow / Renewal / Lethality / Hoshidan Unity
- Jakob = Death Blow / Armored Blow / Luna / Astra / Shurikenfaire
- Kaze = Lethality / Shurikenfaire / Savage Blow / Death Blow / Seal Defence
- Sophie = Astra / Hoshidan Unity / Quixotic / Sol / Aptitude
- Oboro = Vantage / Astra / Rend Heaven / Quixotic / Lancefaire
- Hinoka = Astra / Luna / Replicate / Quixotic / Lancefaire

All unit on Hold!

Hafe fun! *-*

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Okay for anyone who wants a Scarlet with good skills, I have one. Scarlet is a master ninja with aptitude, vantage, vengeance, astra, and quixotic. If you want other skills like lethality and replicate simply use a partner seal and/or level her up. I got other skills for her too like miracle, bow breaker, death blow, aegis, and more just let me know what and I will update. P.S. Xander will attack but he is of a low level and will follow your units so seizing still should be easy.

My Castle Address: 11612-38215-76829-10791

Castle Name: Ultimate Scar

Region: NA

if none of these work or if my castle is different because I updated, let me know

Take note that if you cannot access my castle, it is because I am region locked.

Edited by onthebay

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Region: EU


All on hold

Hayato: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Sol, Trample, Astra
Kaden: Aptitude, Armored Blow, Astra, Counter, Certain Blow
Azama: Aptitude, Armored Blow, Counter, Certain Blow, Astra
Ryoma: Aptitude, Countermagic, Certain Blow, Armored Blow, Trample
Azura: Bowbreaker, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker
Kaze: Aptitude, Astra, Certain Blow, Armored Blow, Trample
Saizo: Aptitude, Sol, Astra, Certain Blow, Trample
Takumi: Aptitude, Death Blow, Astra, Sol, Trample
Selkie: Bowbreaker, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker
Hinata: Aptitude, Counter, Countermagic, Armored Blow, Lifetaker

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  • Castle Address: 05967-97220-04009-30313
  • Affinity: Revelation
  • Region: NA
  • Avatar Name: Arus
  • Castle Name: DERP Skittles
  • Food Resource: Fish and Wheat
  • Mineral Resource: Quartz and Ruby
  • Battle Level: Easy

Additional Notes

  • Hey guys, my castle has all units set to hold near the bottom for easy exp and support grinding, you can also just seize by going straight ahead from the bottom
  • Bond Unit Info: Dark Mage with Magic Boon and HP Bane and last equipped skill: Counter, please leave a Trainee Garb if you want to form some BUs!
  • I included all of the skills and characters I currently have up and can rotate in the link below (Google docs)
  • I excluded all naturally attainable skills for a specific character's main, secondary, and tertiary classes from the skills list.
  • Please PM me for any characters or skills that you would like to see up, and I'll do my best to respond and post them up ASAP. They will be up for half a day unless you specify otherwise.
  • If you liked my castle, please be sure to obtain my card, leave feedback and an accessory, and FIGHT ME! (Easy Seizes for everyone!) and I will endeavor to do the same. Thanks for stopping by!



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Update: 10/06/16
Next Update: --/--/--
"My Castle": Dragon's Song.

Castle Code: 11790-36593-56974-64210.

Avatar Name: Corrin.

Region: NA.

Battle Level: Easy.

Revelations playground, and Amiibo units. Recently update data. All units set to Hold and Resources available in the castle. I'm recruiting Bond units.

Edited by 路人L I F E

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-Friend Code and My Castle- (PM me if you did add me)

-Chosen Affinity-

-Avatar Name and Castle Name-
Luismi and Astral Equinox


-Food Resource-
Fish and Wheat

-Mineral Resource-
Ruby and Pearls

-Battle Level-
Hard (at the moment it will be changed to a skill castle later on)

Edited by Tactician Of Fates-Luismi

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Castle Address: 02907 - 87563 - 06633 - 26526

Region: EU

Chosen Affinity: Valla

Ores: Ruby & Lapis

Food: Wheat & Fish

Difficulty: Easy Seize.

I'm only about halfway done with the story, but these are the characters I have skills for at the moment. I'll update it as I go, but I'll be sure to keep rare/hard to obtain skills as best I can.

MU: Swordfaire, Dragon Fang, Swordbreaker, Renewal, Draconic Hex

Rinkah: Salvage Blow, Seal Defense, Seal Resistance, Axefaire, Renewal

Charlotte: Armored Blow, Death Blow, HP+5, Sol, Axefaire

Hisame: Locktouch, Vantage, Lancefaire, Swordfaire, Aptitude

Caeldori: Bowbreaker, Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Lancefaire, Aptitude

Selkie: Astra, Hoshidan Unity, Renewal, Foreign Princess, Aptitude

Rhajat: Renewal, Counter, Rend Heaven, Tomefaire, Aptitude

Beruka: Strength+2, Sol, Axefaire, Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker

Ignatius: Defense+2, Luna, Wary Fighter, Renewal, Aptitude

Sophie: Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Luna, Renewal, Aptitude

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Revelations Castle Code : 03688-44386-99129-74084

I have a lot of skills that are rather good for sale for the following characters : Avatar, Kaze, Selena, Hana, Oboro, Takumi, Felicia, Azura, Sakura

Region : Europe

Edited by Chloe-Sama

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Region : Europe

Felicia: Lancefaire, Bowfaire, Shurikenfaire, Swordfaire, Tomefaire
Arthur: Aptitude, Renewal, Astra, Certain Blow, Counter
Elise: Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Defense, Rally Resistance, Rally Speed
Avatar: Lancefaire, Bowfaire, Shurikenfaire, Swordfaire, Tomefaire
Silas: Lancefaire, Bowfaire, Shurikenfaire, Swordfaire, Axefaire
Nyx: Aptitude, Renewal, Counter, Countermagic, Astra
Niles: Aptitude, Renewal, Astra, Certain Blow, Counter
Effie: Aptitude, Renewal, Astra, Lancefaire, Counter
Odin: Aptitude, Renewal, Counter, Countermagic, Replicate
Azura: Aptitude, Renewal, Aegis, Pavise, Replicate


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CASTLE APTITUDE: Every Unit in this Castle has Aptitude (Feel free to Request!)


Ruby, Pearl, Cabbage, and Rice

CHARLOTTE: Aptitude, Grisly Wound, Renewal, Death Blow, Axefaire

BENNY: Aptitude, Sol, Mov +1, Pavise, Wary Fighter

RYOMA: Aptitude, Life and Death, Lifetaker, Rend Heaven, Swordfaire

HINOKA: Aptitude, Live to Serve, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Mov +1

ELISE: Aptitude, Dragon Fang, Tomefaire, Live to Serve, Amaterasu

TAKUMI: Aptitude, Life and Death, Quixotic, Death Blow, Astra

EFFIE: Aptitude, Renewal, Lifetaker, Mov +1, Pavise

CAMILLA: Aptitude, Poison Strike, Lifetaker, Renewal, Axefaire

MU (AVATAR): Aptitude, Lifetaker, Vantage, Certain Blow, Renewal

KANA: Life and Death, Rend Heaven, Replicate, Trample, Renewal

All units on Hold for your seizing convenience :)

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  • Castle Code: 11290-07137-54839-84654

  • Chosen affinity: Nohr

Avatar Name: Corrin. Fort name: Seize4Skills

Region: NA

Food Resources: Meat

Mineral Resources: Ruby

Battle Level: Easy. All on hold, just stay away from Lillith :3


- Avatar (Corrin): Lifetaker, Aptitude, Pavise, Aegis, Astra

- Azura: Movement +1, Aegis, Pavise, Aptitude, Luna

- Silas: Sol, Luna, Savage Blow, Renewal, Lethality

- Kaze: Shurikenfare, Poison Strike, Clarity, Aggressor, Lethality

- Niles: Aptitude, Movement +1, Shurikenbreaker, Rally Skill, Heartseeker

- Elise: Savage Blow, Rally Defense, Rally Resistance, Trample, Inspiration

- Effie: Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker, Luna, Pavise, Armored Blow

- Camilla: Swordbreaker, Bowbreaker, Rend Heaven, Savage Blow, Aptitude

- Xander: Shelter, Lifetaker, Luna, Aegis, Defender

- Benny: Pavise, Aegis, Luna, Aptitude, Defense +2

Note: still updating and collecting skills, esp aptitude so I will be switching out skills once in a while =)

Edited by ilyanairvine

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I'm looking for an MU/Corrin with axebreaker. that would be much appreciated!

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  • Castle Code: 11418-70786-85569-87048
  • Chosen affinity: Hoshido
  • Avatar Name: Michiyo Fort name: Seize easily
  • Region: EU
  • Food Resources: Daikon
  • Mineral Resources: Quartz
  • Battle Level: Easy. Everyone on hold - no notable skills yet though

I'm currently playing through Birthright and just started recently so I haven't worked on skills yet. It'd still be great to get some visitors :3.

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Does anyone have Kaden with Vantage? (NA version) I can't find anyone with it...

I got Vantage on him and other Kaden Skills too if you are interested in checking him out @ MyCastle.

Castle Name : Ff. Hilda

Castle Code (Hoshido) : 05545-16938-52643-47825

Avatar Name : Hilda (Hoshido)

Resource(s) : Jade Spring Lv.3 (Hoshido)

Accessories : All. Lv3 Shop.

[somewhat easy to Seize]

I have Decent Skills for:

MU Mozu

Kiragi Setsuna

Caeldori Kagero

Reina Midori

Azama Kaden

Edited by Hilda93

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Castle Name - Free Skills

Castle Code (Revelations) 15585-72512-36452-62674

Avatar name: Sean

Resources Meat and Fish for food, Topaz and Quartz for Gems

Good skills on all my units, all of them should be in hold.. if not, tell me and i'll fix it

Looking for all breakers on azura

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Looking for anyone with a Nina and Forrest with good skills I'm pretty desperate

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My Castle Code: 16436-29643-87292-33323


Avatar name: Nao

Region: EU

Food Resource: Meat & Daikon

Mineral Resource: Ruby & Quartz

Easy Seize for some skills;

Avatar (Nao): Dragon fang, Rend Heaven, Renewal, Astra, Nohrian Trust

Kaze: Renewal, Savage Blow, Lethality, Vantage, Rend Heaven

Xander: Swordfaire, Rend Heaven, Luna, Astra, Lifetaker

Ryoma: Vantage, Dualist's Blow, Astra, Swordfaire, Rend Heaven

Leo: Malefic Aura, Heartseeker, Vengeance, lifetaker, Astra
Takumi: Skill +2, Quick Draw, Certain Blow, Bowfaire, Rend Heaven

Camilla: Strenght +2, Lunge, Savage Blow, Trample, Rend Heaven

Saizo: Locktouch, Poison Strike, lethality, Shurikenfaire

Silas: Shelter, Elbow Room, Defender, Aegis

Jakob: Resistance +2, Gentilhomme, Live to Serve, Tomebreaker

Edited by YuukiKazuo

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  • 3DS Friend Code | and/or | My Castle Code=3ds:2294-7656-8606. My castle:01757-97018-95523-89625
  • Chosen affinity (Hoshido/Nohr/Revelations)-For Hoshido!
  • Avatar Name / Castle Name- Rick/SkillsfrYou
  • Region (NA/JP/etc)-NA
  • Food Resource-PEACHES
  • Mineral Resource-Quartz
  • Battle Level (Level of Ease, if your castle is designed for challenging battles or quick & easy seizes or wins). Just Easy/Hard will do-Pretty Easy. Around medium.
  • Additional Notes (Available units/skills, stuff design, special requests, etc)
  • Avatar:Rick (Swordmaster)-Leathality, Vantage, Replicate, Draconic Hex, Lifetaker
  • Azura (Pegasus Knight)-Darting blow, camaraderie inspiring song
  • Felicia (pegasus Knight)-Demoiselle. darting blow, Camaraderie, rally speed
  • Subaki (Master of Arms)-Camaraderie, duelist's blow, vantage, seal strength
  • Orochi(Witch)-Shadowgift, witch's brew, charm, future sight, magic +2
  • Kagero (Master of Arms)-Poison strike, locktouch, duelists blow
  • Ryoma (Swordmaster)-Vantage, duelists blow, astra, swordfaire, Profiteer
  • Silas (Vanguard)-axebreaker, air superiority, good fortune, strong riposte, sol
  • Saizo (Master ninja)-Locktouch, poison strike, lethality, shurikenfaire
  • Setsuna (Ninja)-skill +2, locktouch

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  • My Castle Code = 00462-97882-79869-60354

Chosen affinity - For Hoshido!

Avatar Name / Castle Name- Ted/Bowser Castle

Region (NA/JP/etc)-NA

Food Resource-Daikon (resistance booster)

Mineral Resource-Quartz

Difficulty - impossibly easy

***NOTE***: Aptitude on Corrin, Saizo, Takumi, Azura, Kaze, Kaden, Silas, Hayato, and Kagero

Approach from the right for an easy seize and easy aptitude!

Edited by Blue Ringed Snail

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  • Castle Code: 13175-42171-88593-10524
  • Luna: Astral Palace
  • Region: Europe
  • Revelations
  • Battle Level: Normal. Hold, Lillith & Underleveled Kana on throne

Notable Skills:

  • Kana (M): Astra, Lethality
  • Azura: Aptitude, Duplicate, Profiteer
  • Asugi: Aptitude
  • Caeldori: Hoshidan Unity, Dragon Fang, Aptitude, Luna

Working on leveling and I will update when I find more kids.

In the future I want to add Ophelia, Nina, Shigure, Forrest, Shiro and Siegbert.

Also looking for: Forrest with Quixotic,

Kana (M) with Aptitude,

Asugi with Hoshidan Unity & Luna and

Nina with Hoshidan Unity & Luna

Edited by cyanshadow30

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'Nother update!

  • Castle Code: 07470-98323-52239-26924
  • Chosen affinity: Revelations
  • Avatar Name: Zeron, Fort name: The Gray Wave
  • Region: NA
  • Food Resources: Berries, Fish
  • Mineral Resources: Crystal, Amber
  • Battle Level: Throne's open, son. Just mind the Lilith.


  • Zeron (avatar): Royalty, Dragon Fang, Aptitude, Dragonic Hex, Hoshidan Unity
  • Azura: Pavise, Inspiring Song, Amaterasu, Aptitude, Rend Heaven
  • Midori: Astra,Hoshidan Unity, Quick Salve, Aptitude, Profiteer
  • Caeldori: Darting Blow, Bow Breaker, Gamble, Aptitude, Lancefaire
  • Soleil: Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude, Astra, Sol, Aggresor
  • Nyx: Malefic Aura, Aptitude, Certain Blow, Warp, Vengeance
  • Laslow: Swordfaire, Good Fortune, Aptitude, Sol, Astra
  • Ignatius: Defense +2, Death Blow, Aptitude, Luna, Axefaire
  • Peri: Death Blow, Aptitude, Luna, HP + 5, Axefaire
  • Flora: Shurikenfaire, Live to Serve, Pavise, Luna, Tome Breaker

I'd still really appreciate if anyone who visits can exchange calling cards and lend me at least one accessory! I'm always looking to create bond units, but I've only got one so far. My secondary class is samurai, and the last skill I learned was Hoshidan Unity. Just let me know via PM if you're interested!

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3DS Friend Code


My Castle Code




Avatar Name


Castle Name

Anor Palace



Food Resources

Daikon and wheat (Lv.1)

Mineral Resources

Jade and topaz (Lv.1)

Battle Level


Edited by JezArtus

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