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Lex-'s Sprite Thread

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I've been trying to make battle/map sprites for some of my favorite characters, so here's what I have so far.

Shadow Dragon Battle Sprites:


Credit to Bonzai for the sniper sprite used as a base for Jeorge: and for the sage sprite used for Linde, Tiki, Nagi, and Nyna: as well as the rogue sprite used for Xane:

Credit to Grim for the myrmidon sprite used as a base for Athena: and for the Lyon sprite used for Etzel: as well as the nomad sprite used for Wolf:
Credit to Grim and Bonzai for the hero sprites used as a base for Caesar, Horace, and Astram:
Falcon Knight sprites and female Bishop sprites used for Maria, Caeda, Palla, Catria, Est, Elice, and Nyna found at

Naga Map Sprites:


Pheros Map Sprites:


Layla Map Sprites:


Human Lilith Map Sprites:


Mikoto Class Change Sprites:


Arete Class Change Sprites:


Sumeragi Class Change Sprites:


I'm planning to probably make map sprites for human Anankos next, and then maybe battle sprites for characters from New Mystery, Gaiden, Genealogy and Thracia. Feel free to use any of them, just give credit if you do. Thanks for looking!

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Linde's reminds me of Megara from Hercules. They're all really nice! I like them.

Haha, she does look like Meg! And thank you!

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