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(Updated) My New and Improved Chapter Test!

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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, after a week of hard work, my test is done. This is just to see what I can do as a hacker, and how I can improve and learn from this. This is not my first test, but a very much improved one. Hope you enjoy it. I used some FE3 portraits to test if I can actually put them in, and I can! Here are some screenshots:Improved Chapter Test screenshot one.PNGImproved Chapter Test 2.PNG

Download .ups

Use NUPS to patch it in a clean Fire Emblem 7 rom.

Update: I improved the opening event script and the gameplay.

Another chapter will be added!

Christian values man.PNG

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Hi! Just got done playing the chapter test. It was a fun, silly chapter!

Here are some things I noticed:

Cecil's res stat was broken, instead of 0, or any number for that matter, it was the N/A dashes. Didn't really affect the hack though, since no mages.

The custom battle sprite pallets needed some work, mostly just polish. They could have easily been worse, and they were accurate to the original characters, as far as I could tell.

The map design was passable, but pretty bland and uninspired. However, that is expected of a test, and the map functioned perfectly as far as gameplay is concerned. 

The writing was good! Nothing had me roaring with laughter, but there were plenty of chuckles. I especially liked the armory dialogue.

All and all, not a bad first attempt at making a chapter! Hope and future efforts are successful! 

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Considering this was just a test chapter the only things that stand out to me are the pallets for the battle sprites and the portraits look like they have been cut off on the edges.

If this was a first attempt it was pretty good. :D:

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