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Serenes Forest Scribbles Voting. MISC.

Scribbles 2016 Misc!  

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    • Amigurumi Sack Takumi
    • Embrace the Dark - Azura's Song
    • Ike Cosplay
    • Minecraft Guy
    • Nyx Mini Sculpture
    • Origami Birthright
    • Ragnell Replica

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Hey everyone, welcome to the Misc voting thread! Last year we did multiple rounds because the event was one big free for all, but this year we've split the categories up and will be offering prizes to the winner of each instead, so we'll only be doing a single round for each category.

Voting "rules" are going to be more or less the same as last year, except there will be much fewer because the last event went by without a hitch lol!

-  You'll be able to vote for as many submissions as you want; vote for what you like and would like to see win!

- Submission name changes will no longer be accepted.

- This voting phase will last until the 15th of April. Don't feel obligated to vote right away, if you need more time to check out the submissions.

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