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I've recently started a small patch for FE5. I have had success in getting the FE5 Character Editor Nightmare module to work, after reading this particular thread:

I simply added, then later subtracted 200h from the address provided with the FE5 Character Editor module, until I eventually was able to pull up familiar character growths and edit them without corrupting my SRAM. 

The problem I'm having now, is that I wanted to edit some of the FE5 character supports using the FE5 Supports Editor module provided in the FE5 Nightmare modules 'Character Editors' directory. Even after editing the FE5 Support Editor's address numerous times, I still can't get it to load any sensible information. I don't believe I can interpret, or understand what information it is giving me.

I've attached some sample output for the 0x402CD address within the spoiler tag below:



2017-05-09 (3).png

2017-05-09 (9).png

2017-05-09 (4).png

2017-05-09 (5).png

2017-05-09 (6).png

2017-05-09 (7).png

2017-05-09 (8).png


Have I loaded this module correctly? If not, how can I fix it?


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