[FE7]Mounting And Dismounting Hack

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What is this?

This is an hack that allows unit to dismount, as pictured above

How can i set which class can dismount into which class?

Open Installer.event in a text file and go to the end. you should see something like this:

DismountMount(KnightLord, EliwoodLord)
DismountMount(Cavalier, Mercenary)
DismountMount(Nomad, Archer)
DismountMount(Nomad_F, Archer_F)
DismountMount(Paladin, Hero)

Simply Edit that table to add the classes you want, using The mounted class as the first argument, and the dismounted class as the second.

Planned Features:

-Make units scale properly by adding class bases over their classes.

Planned Bugfixes:

-Fix weapon ranks.

Download Link:

Here Ya go

EDIT: Added a README to explain stuff, Fixed some stuff in Installer.event, and added source.
EDIT2: Another Update. Mostly bugfixing and code optimizing.

Note: for anyone looking for an fe8 version, CrazyColorz made one and it can be downloaded here:

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