Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

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Cleared infantry quest with Sanaki, Halloween Sakura, Olivia and the MVP, +Res/-HP Brave Ike.

i started with Brave Ike in the middle while Nekura baits mage at the bottom next to Sanaki's Hone Atk. I wanted to bait Berkut with Bike but completely forgot red mage could reach Ike!

Even though it was by accident, it worked out since Bike lived with 1HP!!! He then dealt with Berkut (defeated as Berkut did 0 damage), bow knight and red mage with Olivia support and Aether healing him back up. Nekura and Sanaki had no problem dealing with the bottom side except for tactically retreating when the axe cavalier came with a strategic Sanaki face tank thanks to Triangle Adept to charge her Iceberg.

 Doing the infantry quest is a bit trickier in my main account since I had none of those units except Olivia. Tried doing a double dancer with Arvis and Legion but Arvis takes too much Fury damage or not enough for Olivia's WoM 2 to activate. Then i forgot I had Axura so I'll try her instead of Ninian to partner with Arvis at the bottom when I have more stamina.

edit: Okay did it in my main account.

For infantry quest I used a 4 star Arthur with Lancebreaker, WoM Ruby Sword Olivia, Axura with Drive Res 2 and Joshua with Distant Def seal. Basically Joshua and Axura are at the bottom, Arthur in centre and Olivia on top. Joshua baits the mages/archer and Axura buffs him with her weapon- being on a defense tile means Joshua is untouchable with both Close and Distant Def.

Berkut and a green axe cavalier moves towards Olivia. Basically Arthur facetanks Berkuts and defeats him with the help of Olivia. (I tried Legion first but he takes too much damage from Fury). 

Joshua deals with red mage ASAP so it doesn't blow Axura up with her TA3. He is pretty much in charge of the bottom half of the map and when he is in low enough health Olivia flies over him with WoM and finishes one of the green mages adjacent to Joshua. 

All-in-all, I'm glad I worked this one out with the MVP Arthur. Emerald Lancebreaker is a wonderful thing.

As for the Berkut in Lunatic challenge, it was trickier since Berkut had no synergy with Arthur. Ended up replacing Arthur with Hector. Hector dealt enough damage to Berkut to leave enemy Berkut with 1 HP, perfect for my 4 star Berkut to deal the final blow (even though that quest has already been completed). Joshua + Axura core dealt with the bottom half again, but it was trickier with only 1 dancer so I had to be sure to bait the right units at the right time.

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It's that time again. It took me a few runs of moving my dancers' starting positions to see which one caused the AI to split in the most optimal manner. And then I realized I didn't need a lot of things, so I unequipped everything from my dancers other than Dance and Sing, and it still worked. Heck, Azura didn't even need Sing. She just needed to be there to make the red knight split to the south.

+10 Ninian [+Spd, -Res] (Dance)
+0 Olivia [+Spd, -Res] (Dance)
+0 Performing Arts Azura [+Spd, -Def] (Sing)
+10 Peri [+Atk, -Res] (Firesweep Lance+, Reposition, Draconic Aura, Life and Death 3, Drag Back, Threaten Def 3, Squad Ace E 1)

The usual imgur album with annotations:

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